tris the stiff

Tension(Jhope AMBW Smut)

I wrote this for mainly two people @silhouetted-beauty and my best friend Ti. But I hope that I make a lot of girls happy with this one<3 

“I hate him so much!” You complained flopping down on your back, your sheets ruffling and flaring up around your body some corners draping on your limbs as you looked up at the ceiling frowning.

“No, you don’t, you secretly wish he’d come in there and whisper to you in his deep voice.” Your friend Destiny teased you with a small snicker she could just imagine how red your face was getting from becoming flustered by the male.

“HEY! Whose side are you on?!?” You whined softly as you shut your eyes slamming one of your fists down on the bed.

“I’m on your side! Unless Hoseok puts you there first.” She was howling in laughter at how you sputtered on the phone, trying to find words but coming up short of them.

“I’m hanging up.” You sighed softly rolling your eyes.

“Listen, hey y/n it’s not that bad. I know that you two have your run ins but I’m pretty sure that you are going to be okay once you actually take initiative to talk to him.” Destiny advised and you rolled your eyes.

“Talk to him? This is the same man that has random girls in his room! And loud music all the time! He always people over! And he is so arrogant like he all fine when he really isn’t!” You almost screamed throwing a tantrum in your bed. Not knowing you were screaming that loud you heard a knock on your door. You frowned wondering who was pounding on your door. You got up slowly after telling Destiny to hold on, opening the door you see him. The devil himself, Jung Hoseok. He leaned against your door with his hand eyeing you slowly.

“What the fuck do you want?” You snarled glaring at him. He gave a little smirk as he pointed towards his door which was two doors over from across your room.

“Me and my girl are trying to get busy and we can’t fuck if you’re being loud.” Hoseok muttered as he pushed himself off your door.

“You know what, fuck you. You don’t consider my feelings and I won’t consider yours asshole.” You moved to slam the door in his face locking it and walking back towards your bed laying on your stomach.

Hoseok couldn’t believe it. He could hear some of the guys passing by laughing at him. He was so pissed off at how you treated him. Like he was nothing when most of the girls were not hesitant to hop on his dick at all. He could feel his face heating up, he was pissed and he would make you pay oh yes. He stormed back towards his room shutting the door behind him taking off his hoody to reveal his perfectly toned abs. He had heard you by pure luck, you weren’t even that loud he just wanted to fuck with you a bit. He wouldn’t have missed out on a chance at seeing your curvy body and smooth skin. You were so beautiful, a brown cutie with brown eyes. He and his friends always thought you stood out because you had melanin in you and he, himself wanted to be down with the swirl but approaching you had never been easy. You were cocky for no reason, sure you got good grades and perfect attendance. Sure, you could sing and dance without a problem but no one ever got you, you turned everyone down and he didn’t get why you felt you were above everyone else. You had a smart mouth and he wanted to put it to work on his dick, the way you walked he could tell not many got a chance to even press up against you. You made him sexually frustrated and pissed off at the same time, treating him like he was beneath you.

“Are you going to just stand there or are you going to come fuck me?” His ‘date’ for the evening asked. He came back to his senses smiling at her as he unzipped his pants.

“Get on all fours baby and take your hair down from that ponytail.” Hoseok commanded as he strolled to her but he was imagining it was you. He wanted you to be on your knees for him, hands gripping the sheets as he slammed into your tight wet pussy over and over again. He wanted to hear you cry out his name as he fucked you raw and hard, making your knees dig into his sheets. He wanted to pull your hair and slap your ass. He wanted to make you call him daddy and beg for him to hit that same spot. He wanted to make you cum and be a complete shaking mess under him right now just how he had this random girl. But alas, tonight he couldn’t have you so he would just imagine until he got you.

That night you lounged around your bed, going between being pissed and stunned with what Hoseok said to you. How dare he come talk to you like that and demand that you be quiet? Who did he think he was? It was infuriating how some men worked and he was no better. You hated whoever thought Co-Ed dorms were a great idea. But this was also Jung Hoseok and no matter what he probably would still end up in the same building as you. Why did you hate him? A few reasons. The main was because he was a fuckboy. He put his dick in any and everything. You didn’t like the fact that everyone talked about him like he was so great and amazing because he wasn’t anything. And you hated him for more reasons, the way he rapped how he sang, how he walked around like he owned the damn place and everyone. You had seen him a few times with a tank or just plain shirtless playing soccer and he was fine. You were attracted to his intellect, his personality, and his body.  It was so bad that you couldn’t explain how quick your fingers found your pussy or how you longed to feel him finger fucking you ruthlessly against the bed instead of it being yourself. Your muffled moans into the sheets as you bit onto the soft fabric making a drool spot form from your lips. You were fed up with yourself, in no time you were releasing calling out his name as your slick fingers drove against your spot, your back arched and body locking up from the sweet sensation that crawled through your bones. Sighing loudly, you slumped against the bed as your hips snapped against your fingers calming down your high and instead replaced you feeling empty and even more bitter to him now than you did.

The next few weeks went the same way, you saw him in class and around lunch times and when you went back to your room. It was hell, it seemed you were becoming much more frustrated with him now then what you were doing the past few weeks. It was hard to ignore him when all you wanted to do was to go up to him and demand that he fuck you, but for numerous of reasons nothing could happen between you two. You knew Destiny would have a field day and scream I told you so. You couldn’t let that happen.

Going to the gym always seemed to calm you down. You stepped on the treadmill pulling down the soft cotton fabric of your tight leggings that rested against your knees. You moved your tank around before placing the beat earbuds in your ears turning the music up loud. You started to slowly jog on the treadmill until you were able to increase the speed bit by bit. You didn’t hear the door open, nor did you feel the gaze on you until it was too late. Hoseok moved to stand on the treadmill beside you, looking you up and down and staring at you so much you couldn’t help but feel it. Turning to look at him, you growled rolling your eyes at him before facing forward again increasing your speed until the jog was a bit faster. Hoseok, not liking that you were ignoring him set the treadmill to match your speed running alongside of you. It pissed you off that he was trying to keep up with you, so you started to go faster. And from there it started a race on who could run faster, and you couldn’t believe you were doing this. Breaking out into a full sprint, your hands had to hold onto the treadmill to keep you from falling, you took deep heavy breaths and your legs were turning into jelly as you tried to keep up with Hoseok’s pace. You ticked up the speed until you were hitting a five flat and tiring yourself out quickly. Hoseok chuckled because the pace wasn’t that hard for him, but he listened to yours grunts and groans, you loud cry of pain as your legs almost gave out. You turned the speed down until you were at a walking speed, your hands pressing down on a bar as you tried to walk out the stiffness in your legs everything burned. Sweat pooled on your forehead, it moved down your face as your clothes clung to you. You didn’t know if you’d be able to walk to your room but thankfully after you cooled down you stepped down on the treadmill looking over as Hoseok used his headband to pull his hair back from his face. You studied him, seeing the sweat drift down from his face to his neck, his bronze skin. His plump lips that were becoming chapped. His shirt was clinging to his body, his biceps popping out as he pressed his feet down against the treadmill. You watched behind him, looking at his toned legs, his firm ass that you would grab and hold as he pounded into you. You had to tell yourself to leave before he caught you staring at him and you didn’t want to hear the end of this. Sighing you went back to your room and showered for the night falling asleep with your fingers buried in your heat like any other night.

A month had passed but you hadn’t been seeing Hoseok as much and you guessed it had to do with the fact that the semester was winding down and he was about to graduate college. You were about to be a senior, so you should have been happy that you wouldn’t have to see him next semester but instead it was replaced with sadness and you couldn’t believe that you wouldn’t have his presence around. On top of that, your exams were ruthless and the study guides were even worse. Someone also had filled all the washers with clothes meaning you had to stay up late and wait for the openings. But after twenty more minutes after waiting for a full hour you got tired of it and decided to move the clothes yourself. Placing them in the dryer you smiled in triumph, setting your clothes in and moving the settings to what you wanted it to be. The door opened to the room as you were grabbing your wash basket and in walked the person you had been having conflicts in your head with.  

“Where. Are my clothes?” Hoseok asked shutting the shut behind him. You froze before you straightened up leaning against the dryer.

“You didn’t come get your shit, be grateful I even put it in the dryer.” You snapped at him grabbing your things once again to take it out of the washroom. Hoseok growled and snatched your basket from you placing it up above your head and eventually setting it on a high shelf that only he had an advantage of reaching comfortably.”

“Well well little miss perfect thinks she can just move my shit without asking? Sorry princess but life doesn’t work like that.” He spat at you, and you hated it more that he was so much taller than you because you felt as if he was scolding you for committing some act of treason.

“Excuse me!! You should have come and got your shit! It’s been here for an hour and twenty minutes now!! Not my fucking fault you can’t stop shoving your dicks in everything and take care of responsibility.” You spat back at him feeling your anger rise so much that your fingers were starting to dig into your clammy palms as your hands became fist.

“Maybe you should try having a dick shoved in you. Maybe you wouldn’t be such a stuck-up bitch.” Hoseok insulted you to your face. The words he uttered to you stung and they hurt, without thinking you raised your hand up ready to slap him, but to your dismay it didn’t work like that at all. Hoseok grabbed your left wrist as you brought your hand up and spun you around until your front was pressing against the dryer that you had thrown all his clothes in. He gripped at both of your wrist pinning them behind you with one hand letting the other grip your chin and force you to look at him.

“Who do you think you are? Like you could really fucking reach me.” He kept insulting you, his brown eyes bearing into yours with anger and something else you wished you weren’t seeing.

“You can go choke on a dick. Because I’m pretty sure somebody loves making you their bitch.” You snarled in a sweet voice. Hoseok looked as if he was ready to commit a murder. His pupils dilated and his nose flared as he dug his nails into your hips.

“Oh yeah?” He asked moving his hand from your wrist to grip at your hair pushing your head against the dryer. His other large hand moved from yours hips to rub your ass before he gave it two slaps on your right cheek through your pajama bottoms. “Well guess whose bitch you’re about to become.” Hoseok taunted as he slapped your ass again watching your body wiggle and your skin heat as you tried to move from him. “That’s right baby by all means fight me.” He groaned pressing against you. “Because the harder you fight.. The. Harder. I. Fuck.” He snapped his hips against yours with every word he spoke making your clothed ass bounce back against his hips lightly. He pulled back to look down at your body, seeing his half erect member poking through your plump ass cheeks he shook his head. “You need to be punished for being so damn fine. Let’s see if you can be a good girl for me.” Hoseok smiled grabbing at the hems of your shorts.

You were going between wanting him and not wanting him, you didn’t know which side was winning. But saying he didn’t turn you on was a big ass lie because you knew he did without a doubt, but you were in public and anyone could come in at any time to wash and you would be screwed.

“We are in public!” You reminded him as he yanked your pj bottoms down as well as your panties to your knees. You gasped as he exposed your skin, he smirked when he saw the blooming red hand print that was forming on your right cheek from his hit.

“Someone scared of a little danger? I guess you will have to keep quiet then if you don’t want anyone to know that prime fuck daddy is making you cum.” He leaned down biting into your left ass cheek causing you to jump and your hips to bite into the dryer. You pushed your hips back thrashing wildly, trying to slap the fuck out of him because of what he was saying and how he was acting.

“I don’t want you Hoseok! Let me go- “You choked back a gasp as you felt his slender finger into you. You paused, your mouth hanging open as he buried his finger to the knuckle and then deeper than that.

“Hmm?” Hoseok teased. “You were saying what?” He asked you circling his finger around inside of your wet pussy. He was amazed at how wet you were but he was far from complaining. He knew you had checked him out and it was confirmed by his friends as well that you looked him up and down but to be in this moment and finally have something he wanted, oh yes, he was going to milk you and make sure you never forgot who he was. “I said speak!” He ordered taking his long slender finger out of you to slap across your right ass cheek on the same spot to make the place sore and red again. “So, now you can’t speak?” He asked you as he rubbed your wet juices around your left ass cheek. He gave you four licks watching as your plump ass cheek jiggled from how he hit you with such force seeing the skin slowly turn red.

“I hate you.” You said slowly through clenched teeth, your knees lightly trembled and your hands pressed against the top of the dryer as you willed yourself to be defiant and not to give in to him though you wanted him so bad.

“Yes y/n by all means hate me baby girl.” He teased with a throaty laugh. His finger escaping inside of your wet pussy again feeling the warmth suck up his finger as he curved it slightly watching your hips lightly jerk. He moved it slowly in and out of you seeing the dryer move the upper part of your body slightly because of the vibrations. “That’s right I want you to hate me. Because this pussy is so wet and ready based off your hatred. I want to hear you say it.” He teased adding another finger inside of you laughing to himself as you shut your legs, your supple thighs becoming appealing and something he wanted to mark. Your ass looking like two round globes that he wanted to fuck into as well as your pussy that was looking so pretty and so wet pressed together. Your heat becoming inviting to him as he stretched you out hearing the wet lewd sounds of his fingers moving in and out of you.

“S-say what?” You asked continuing to hold your moans, but pants were in the wake as you tried to clear your throat and listen to him over the sound of your heart beating into your ears. He was stretching you out and it had been a while since you had fucked anyone but he was doing a damn good job. Curving his fingers and stroking your walls searching for the spot that would end all your bullshit with him. You wanted more, you wanted him to tear it up already but you weren’t going to beg him. As if he could read an ounce of your thoughts his thumb brushed against your clit causing you to release a slight whimper before your teeth clamped down on your plump bottom lip.

“That’s it.. I want you to tell me that I don’t make you wet. Tell me you don’t want me. Tell me I’m not the reason this pretty pussy is gushing with juices. Tell me that it’s not me causing all this water to fall down your legs. Tell me I’m not the reason your panties are so wet. Tell me that you haven’t been finger fucking yourself wishing that it was me.” When Hoseok said the last part, you froze and your mind went on high alert. Once he saw that he had you he gave a proud smirk to himself speeding up his fingers to thrust into different angles until he was hitting against your spot and he knew it was your spot because you brought a hand up to your mouth to cover your cries as your pussy sucked on his fingers. Hoseok leaned down pressing wet kisses up your spine moaning softly at how smooth your brown skin was against his lips. He kissed on your shoulder through your shirt before he leaned over you with his chest flush against your back releasing your hair he let his hand moved in front of you to grab at your hips and push you back against him, his lips against your ear as he exhaled a few breaths allowing his warm breath to fan across your heated skin.

“You think that you’re always quiet but I got news for you. If you time it just right and wait for maybe three to four in the morning when you think everyone is asleep. If I press my ear against your door. I can hear those faint whispers of my name. Hoseok don’t stop please.” He mimicked in your voice whispering your dirty secrets to you. “And do you know what that does to me?” Hoseok asked as he thrusted his fingers faster inside of you pulling and pushing them deep into your walls causing your legs to shake as your eyes rolled back. “Do you know how hard it is to not moan your name when I’m fucking someone else wishing it was you?” He asked biting down on your earlobe causing you to release a yelp of pleasure as your hips pushed down against his fingers in a needy manner. “I have wanted to tear this pussy up since the moment I first ever got to know all about you.” Hoseok admitted licking the shell of your ear. “So, don’t mistake this and think it’s just one night oh no baby. I’m going to make you and your sweet pretty pussy remember how it felt to have daddy stroking inside of you until this pussy cat was purring.”

Your whole body jolted form his words, you knew for sure you would cum. Your toes curled in your socks and you could feel the coil in your stomach as your mind blanked out and was only replaced with his name. But Hoseok was not satisfied with you yet, as if he wanted you to get caught he pulled his fingers from you causing you to whine and gasp as your hips jerked against air fucking nothing. Only the dryer was able to hold up your shaking legs as your high was so close to being there and you could feel only the trickle of your orgasm starting to hit you. Hoseok was satisfied with you, but you weren’t you looked back at him feeling your mouth dry at the sight. Through his sweats, you could see his bulge imprint against his leg, and his shirt was sleeveless and had the sides cut down the middle revealing his toned tan body. His brown hair was pushed back to reveal his forehead. You wanted him, and you were feeling your pride eat away at you but he was just standing there looking at you. Slowly he lifted his fingers to his mouth sucking off your juices moaning as he purposefully brought his tongue out to roll against his digits.

“Hoseok.” You started biting on your lip, you were nervous and you didn’t want to do this, but you knew your own fingers weren’t going to get you off. You were going to need him to finish the ache that was between your legs and he seemed ready to pounce whenever you said the word. When he didn’t answer you, your eyes drifted shut before you fisted at the hems of your shirt. “Please.” You stated slightly and he brought his fingers from his plump lips.

“Please?” He questioned eyeing you as if to tell you to go on.

“Please. Look. You know what I want. And I don’t want anyone walking in on us. Let’s go back to my room. I won’t fight you anymore. Just not here.” You tried to reason with him. He seemed unsatisfied with your answer. “Whatever you want Hoseok. Even if it’s to go to your room.” You pleaded covering your quivering heat as he seemed to eye that the most, his eyes rising slowly over your figure until he locked eyes with you, the air around you becoming thick to slice.

“Whatever I want.” He repeated as you nodded your head. “I want you to get on your knees and use your mouth.” Hoseok stated knocking your hopeful smile to a frown.

“Excuse the hell out of me?” You questioned him.

“You heard me right. On your knees, taking my dick between those plump lips and showing me that it’s worth more than shit talking.” Hoseok stated leaning against a table that was used for folding clothes.

“Please you got me fucked up.” You rolled your eyes and he shrugged watching you.

“Fine then have fun getting yourself off.” He called out pulling out his phone to find some porn and finish his job, it was going to suck but he knew how to control himself and he wanted to control you.

“Are you serious?!” You stomped your foot, watching him for a second. “What if-“

“Someone comes in?” He asked again rolling his eyes. “I knew you were dull at moments but I never thought it would be this bad. You keep wasting all this time talking about what if this and that but if you did what I ask or simply not played hard to get we probably would be in my bedroom right now fucking. So, the choice is yours, either you do or don’t.” Hoseok made it plain and simple. You were appalled. Staring at him for a second you weighed your options but what did you really have to lose? A reputation yes but so did he so it wasn’t as if you were in this long. And you knew that people washed late but they all stopped at a certain time so now it was just a matter of you being able to keep quiet. Seeing him there though you didn’t know when you’d get another chance. Swallowing a lump in your throat you reached for your pajama bottoms about to pull them up when he stopped you.

“Keep those bottoms right where they are unless you’re leaving. In that case have a good night.” He chirped in with a sweet eye smile in your direction. You couldn’t stand him; how could something be so cute and so fucking ready to make you choke in .03 seconds? Sighing, you walked forward until you were closing the distance getting on your knees. Hoseok had to admit he didn’t expect you to stay but seeing you on your knees in front of him, licking the outline of his dick was enough to have it twitching in the confines of his boxers. He could feel his breath hitch but he told himself to hold it in and not to break yet. You flicked your tongue at him, grabbing at the hems of his sweats your placed your cool finger tips against his skin, grabbing his boxers as well and you pushed them down to the floor in one go. His dick stood proud and tall, his tip pink and angry slight precum leaking from the head.

Your mouth watered at the size, he was big and had a thick girth but you could handle it. Bracing your hands on his thighs you licked around his tip capturing his attention. Hoseok acted as if he was bored on his phone, but he was secretly taking pictures of you teasing his tip. Flicking your tongue up and down his slit, nibbling on his head and opening your mouth to let him pass through your pink lips slowly. Once he got enough pictures he waited until you started to bob your head with just half of his length entering in your mouth to record a video. You were playing with him, only sucking half of him and hollowing your cheeks. He reached a hand down grabbing at your hair threading his fingers through it to feel your strands of hair on his fingertips. You were comforted by this but all too soon he changed the pace of things shoving your head down further on his shaft making you take more of him in. He groaned as you choked once, he could feel himself reaching the back of your throat as you choked. Catching the moment on camera was all he needed before he was ending the video and throwing the phone down on the table beside him. He spread his legs a little wider looking down at you with his mouth opening into a ‘o’ form he controlled your head making you move at a face pace and take him as deep as you could. He rutted his hips forward letting his balls slap against your chin and get wet from the spit that was falling past your lips down your chin.

“Mmm do you like that you pretty little thing? Do you like tasting daddy’s dick? You take it so well. I just love hearing you choke on it. Fuck look at that pretty mouth, I could fuck it all day until it was sore and you were hoarse. But I’d only switch over to pounding into your pussy next.” Hoseok teased, he rolled his hips holding your head down making you swallow around his shaft or he was changing the pace. He loved watching your face turn red, the way your eyes watered up as it got too much to handle. How your hands pushed at his legs sometimes or your nails dug into his thighs. Your little gag sounds mixed in with slight moans. You looked so beautiful to him always but seeing the innocent cocky girl on her knees just did something to him and he couldn’t explain it. Feeling your tongue roll under his shaft and press against his sensitive veins was like heaven.

You tried to please him as much as you could. Yes, he pressed his hips harshly against your mouth, your jaw was slack with how you had to relax for him. But you could see yourself doing this for him again if he ever asked. The sex faces he made was satisfying, how he grumbled in a deep voice and said vulgar things to you. How the sweat started to form around his forehead as his eyebrows knitted together and he took in the scene before you. You were happy that you got him of his phone and paying attention to you and all that you could offer him. Your hand went up cupping his balls and playing with the sack as he face fucked you. That’s when Hoseok knew he had to stop you, it was like you were picking him apart when he should have been doing that to you. Hoseok pulled your head off his wet dick slowly, he was so hard and he needed you but he wasn’t done with foreplay yet and he had to get you back worked up.

“Stand up.” He commanded in a deep voice thick with lust. You heard voices that were faint and grew louder as people from the outside passed and either went to their room from somewhere or vice versa. Regardless it caused you both to pause and Hoseok was more than ready to defend you but luckily the fun wasn’t ruined yet.

He pushed you back against the dryer that was about to approach having less that fifteen minutes left before his clothes were done. Hoseok got on his knees taking your left foot out of your bottoms lifting it up and throwing it over his shoulder. “I want you to take your breast out of your bra and touch them for me. Play with yourself like I know you can.” He winked at you kissing up your thigh slowly. You hesitated but it seemed the more time he spent kissing on your body the less you could really think about as he approached your heat. Hoseok let his lips pucker up and blow air against your clit, darting his tongue out to press soft kisses against your lips as he watched you pull down your shirt and bra grabbing your breast and folding them for him. Your lip bit making his dick jump once again as your fingers roamed over your hardened nipples. “Spit on them.” Hoseok commanded licking up and down your lips slowly nibbling on your flesh. You obeyed, spitting on your breast though it was embarrassing. You did it until your nipples were wet enough that you could play with them for him, rubbing the spit in. Hoseok smirked latching his lips onto your clit sucking on it. His tongue pressed against the bud flicking it as he watched you pleasure yourself from above. He gripped at your ass cheeks pressing your hips close to his face moaning as his tongue went wild flicking up and down your clit at a rapid pace and soon he was teasing your entrance rolling his tongue around you steadily. He moaned against your heat shaking his head side to side eating you to the point you were sure people outside would hear what was going on from the sheer sound alone.

He slipped his muscle inside of you the wet long pink muscle tongue fucking you as he held your hips flush against his face. Your head rolled back as his hair tickled the top of your pussy and the lower part of your stomach. Your toes curled in your socks as your hips tried to jerk forward. You could feel the curving of his tongue as he explored your warmth claiming it for himself. Your hands gave up playing with your breast and you went to pull at his hair instead, the silk strands feeling good to touch as your nails grazed at his scalp. Your chest rose and fell from how much he pleased you, your mouth hung open but you willed yourself only to give silent cries, laying back against the vibrating dryer you focused on how it felt to have him flicking his tongue rapidly against your spot circling and flattening his tongue. Hoseok could eat you out all day he was sure of it, though his face was becoming wet with your juices he didn’t mind having to clean it up later at all. As long as he got to taste the sweetness and pull this reaction from you he would always try to get you to come undone under him. He pulled back slowly licking up your slit again, your fingers were locked in his hair but you slowly let it go so that you could look at him. Hoseok’s face was glistening with your juices that he drank up and he stood up slowly looking down at you before he wiped off his mouth. He turned you around and you went willingly pressing your hands back against the dryer. Hoseok heard the dryer shut off, but he only started it back up pulling your hips from the machine a bit so that he could angle you.

He lifted one of your legs up, letting the inside of his arm hold you under the back of your knee. He made you bend your leg, his free hand pressing his dick flush against your slit causing his hips to brush his member against your clit and back down. You concentrated harder on not moaning, he was teasing you again, the wetness from you given him heard was starting to dry up but your pussy did the trick of getting him wet enough to slide into you. He moved to position himself at your entrance and slowly he sunk himself inside of your pussy. Burying himself to the hilt, he watched as you leaned forward trying to adjust. He didn’t want to hurt you but he didn’t want you to have too much of a pause especially since you weren’t exactly safe from the outside world. Anyone could open the door at any time and you would both be screwed. Hoseok pulled out all the way before he slammed back inside of you, starting off a rhythm of going between slow grinding and quick body rolls. Your head swam with all thoughts of him and your heart seemed to stop every time he surged his hips forward. One of his hands resting on your hips he pulled you back to him seeing how your plump ass meet his flesh time and time again. He loved it, he just couldn’t hear anything from you and he didn’t like that. “Moan or I’ll stop.” He warned but of course you were too stubborn to listen so you didn’t do anything. Hoseok slowed all the way down barely moving inside of you.

“I find it extremely funny that you have become putty in my hands yet you refuse to moan for me as if you’re not enjoying this.” He commented with a scoff rolling his hips deep against yours causing his shaft to lightly graze your spot.

“Well I guess that I’m not putty, then am I?” You asked rhetorically giving him a reason to growl at you and not care about if you limped the next day or not.

Hoseok started to slam into you, bringing your hips back harder against his, he was thrusting into you so hard that he had to press your body against the dryer in fear that he would hurt you or cause you to bruise your hips from hitting the dryer every time he lurched forward. Hoseok smirked and switched the angle of his hips searching for your spot and when he found it he drilled it, his thick dick pounding into your wet greedy walls that was sucking him in and wrapping snuggly around him. He had no mercy on you, it felt so good but it stung as well. At how fast he was moving his hips against yours, you wanted him to slow down because you were going to start screaming if he kept fucking you like that. Your hand reached out to grab at him but you only ended up fisting at his shirt trying to push him back. Hoseok grinned at you doing an aegyo voice as he slipped his finger down to rub at your clit.

“Do you like that? Does it feel good to have daddy’s long fingers playing with this puffy clit as he fucks this pussy nice and deep? Look at how stretched out I made you baby girl. How good you swallow daddy in, I can just see how I’m slipping inside of this pretty pink pussy and it feel so amazing. Look at you so fucked and ruined against this dryer. What if someone comes in and sees you like this. Daddy’s fucking toy. Do you like being that?” Hoseok asked you rolling his fingers against your clit. You weren’t going to answer him but your mouth uttered the words and your brain just seemed to go with it.

“God yes.” You moaned out softly looking up in his eyes and he gave you a crooked smirk.

“Yes what baby doll?” He asked pinching on your clit causing you to yelp as your hips pushed back against his to some extent.

“Yes daddy! Yes, I love it when you fuck me. I love being your fucktoy.” You mouthed out as he watched you leaning forward to press his forehead against yours.

“Mmm fuck yeah baby. Do you like how daddy stretches you up?” He questioned and you nodded your head again answering.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this daddy. To have your thick dick inside of me, fucking my wet pussy and making me behave like a good girl. I love feeling your hips push against mine daddy. I love it when you treat me like this.” You whimpered, your bottom lip quivering as your stomach tightened up again.

“Yeah? You tried to disobey but you’re my fucking good girl. Who do you belong to? Say it!” Hoseok commanded harshly. His free hand reached up and he slapped the left side of your cheek slightly before he was choking you, pushing his hips harder against you winding in different directions and letting his body roll against yours. He bit on your bottom lip, your breath was mixing in as you moaned out for him a bit louder, his name falling from your lips in almost a silent plea and it released a growl from his lips. He kept up his ruthless speed though his hips were hurting and his legs were tired, he couldn’t rest until he got you off.

“Please let me come daddy. Please Hoseok. Please!” You begged him with what voice you did have left feeling your breast bounce up and down the vibrations shooting through your nipples and down to yours stomach.

“Tell me who you belong to.” He repeated once again allowing you to remember that you never answered him the first time. Your mouth dropped open as you started to approach your high, your insides starting to churn as your limbs were staring to tingle.

“You! I belong to you Hoseok!” You were pretty sure if anyone lived close to the room they heard you. Hoseok smirked proudly nodding his head as his fingers tapped against your pussy.

“Come for daddy then baby.” Hoseok pressed his lips against yours, initiating a makeout session that was slow and deep despite how he was pounding into your heat without mercy. The juices from your pussy was starting to drop down on your pajamas and the floor as your eyes drifted shut. He gave you a few more thrusts and you were cumming on his dick, moaning against his mouth as he sucked on your tongue and squeezed a little tighter on your neck. Feeling you grip him like a vice and make such needy sounds only helped Hoseok to reach his end faster. His balls tightened up as his orgasm approached him. His thrusts were becoming erratic and untimed as he kept searching for the high. He shoved his tongue into your mouth tracing everything as he buried his load inside of you, he made sure you took it all giving a few lazy thrusts to ride out your orgasms together. When he was done, he broke the kiss and let you go slowly allowing your body to once again shake against the dryer machine as you caught your breath. He sat there for a second before he started to dress himself back up and you seeing this did the same thing. Not a single word was uttered for a bit but you felt as if a weight had been lifted off your shoulder and you could go back to using only your fingers but not forgetting how he felt.

“So, I want you to take out my clothes fold them and bring them into my room after you put yours in the dryer.” Hoseok said casually getting a piece of paper towel and cleaning himself off as you laughed at him. He frowned looking at you watching as you looked back at him.

“You’re really funny.” You admitted stretching out.

“Who.. Said this was a joke?” Hoseok asked tilting his head.

“Well…” You thought about it for a second your old self coming back to view as the horny side of you had been satisfies. “We are not dating, we aren’t even friends so how can you make me do something like that when I don’t have a reason for it? You can go back to ignoring me and vice versa.” You pointed out to him. Hoseok gave a loud laugh as he got back on his phone causing you to frown.

“Y/n. I meant what I said when I said that tonight wouldn’t be the only night I fuck you- or quite frankly own you. You may not think it but we are friends. And you’re going to be my personal little chore doer and you’re going to get daddy off when he needs it.” He said patting his dick biting his lips as he reached forward to cup your breast causing you to slap his hand and push him as he walked towards the door.

“If I don’t agree??” You asked skeptical folding your hands over your chest as he opened the door.

“Then, everyone will know what happens when good girls finally give into fuck boys. And not to mention the great video deal a lot of people would want. I’m sure you’d make some guys rub ones out.” You frowned about to ask him what he meant but then he turned his phone towards you showing the video of you choking on his dick, the obvious sounds and insults being heard as he face fucked you. Your skin burned red from embarrassment as you wished sudden death upon the male. “Don’t be late baby. I don’t take too kindly to waiting.” Hoseok said wiggling his fingers at you as he shut the door and disappeared to his room leaving you to throw a tantrum kicking at the dryer and the washer.

bitty being nervous about nhl scouts part 2

read part 1

The television was black and blank. Only faint static filled the room. But then an ESPN logo animation and a few bars of a nighttime show jingle brought it awake.

Four men behind an odd futuristic desk began talking.

A man spit toothpaste into a sink, opened a door, and stepped into the room, facing the screen with his whole body.

“–and as for our moresurprising prospects leading into the summer, we have some really non-traditional hockey markets, you could say, showing up–”

“Really, there isn’t a nontraditional hockey market anymore–”

“What we’re talking about is–”

“Well look. Look. All I’m saying is,” One of the men piped up, spreading his hands, “Is Eric Bittle worth a look because he played with Jack Zimmermann, the Falconers’ leading scorer, who snagged a nearly-unprecedented A on his sweater in his first NHL season? Do the teams courting him think they’re getting a version of that?”

“I’d say no, Chris. Everything about this kid is different. His play is less polished and less physical. And yes, I know he’s still going to grow into his man body. He has a completely different relationship to the game. What they are probably looking for is a forward who has detail with the puck.”

“Then they’d be better off with Mike Rooney or, heck, Danniel Carson. People who can help a team right now, who have more under their belts. A Frozen Four win is great but–”

“We need to bring up his height. Maybe being under six feet tall in the NCAA works differently. You can’t teach height–”

“As a former short hockey player,” the third man to the left said, “no, you can’t teach height, but you shouldn’t need to. And yes, he might play a less physical game, he might only work in Samwell’s unique system of defensemen and linemates–but he has come this far after a concussion as a freshman. And then there’s the story. He’s from Georgia, if an American team winds up with him–there’s your angle. His dad’s a noted football coach. This kid is on Twitter all hours of the day and night–this is PR a team will love–he has a baking vlog, for Christ’s sake. This is the new NHL, walking and talking, and there are so many fans he can reach. possibly new players who didn’t think there was a place for them in sports even if they are talented.”

“I forgot that–his concussion kept him out of play for a bit.”

“You can’t teach bouncing back from an injury like that, either.”

Bitty turned off the TV and watched the bright bouncing dots vanish. Then he lay flat on his back on the bed. The moment he hit the pillow he was out. It felt like a moment later that he was awake again. Except he wasn’t in a bed, he was in a room, and his mother and father were seated next to him. And everything was bright for a moment, and in a loudspeaker a voice called out words that he couldn’t understand very well–and then he was on a stage, and a red cap and a jersey was given to him–

and the words formed themselves again as he tried again to understand them–

“…ick of the 2017 NHL Draft, the Montreal Canadiens select Eric Bittle.”

Bitty stared at a camera he didn’t own and tried to push the stiff cap down on his head. Tried to make it feel attached and close like his helmet did. Because it felt like it was barely perched there and could fall off at any moment

and be an omen.

Your parents let me in and I-shit! (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could you write one where Peter accidentally walks on the reader changing? Like he gets all flustered and begins to stutter because the reader is only in her underwear. And it’s all awkward until the reader comes up with suggestions and seduces Peter, and boy he gets even more flustered 😂 sorry if this doesn’t make sense :(:

After finally finishing your exams, your best friend Peter had offered to take you to the movies to celebrate. He had offered to pick you up at 8pm, saying that Tony Stark would lend him a car. Deciding it was time to get ready -it was 7pm, you got up from bed and did your make up. You were in front of your wardrobe, just in your underwear, deciding what to wear. You were dancing to some music you had on, looking through your closet.
‘Hey! I’m early for once! Your parents let me in and I-shit!’ a voice said. You jumped at the sound, and turning around, you saw Peter standing in your doorway, his face completely red and his eyes looking at a point in the wall behind you. You hadn’t heard him arrive due to the music, and you didn’t really understand why he was so flustered until you realized you were only in your underwear. You had seen him in his underwear multiple times when he came to your window the nights he had been extremely beaten up and needed healing, but he hadn’t seen you. Sure, maybe when you two were young, but that had been years ago.
You didn’t really care about the fact that he had seen you -you two went to the swimming pool together every summer, and you always wore bikinis; but Peter was extremely innocent, and he was ashamed to have caught you in that moment.
‘Pete, you have seen me wearing a bikini before’ you said before turning again to keep looking for something to wear.
‘Yeah, but that’s different’ he said, still not looking at you.
‘How is that so? And please, will you come in and close the door? I don’t really need my parents catching us in this situation’ you said, smirking at him.
‘I-I don’t know. I am invading your privacy. I can wait in the living room if you want-you know what, I’ll do that. Come out when you are ready’ he said, turning around, his cheeks still red.
‘Pete! Come on, don’t be stupid. Sit here’ you said, pointing to the bed. ‘Why are you so flustered anyway?’ you asked, a smirk still on your face. He softly closed the door and looked back at you, his cheeks even more red than before. You found it funny, and taking the chance, you decided to tease him a little, since you had had a crush on him for months. ‘Am I really that ugly?’ you said, trying to sound sad. 
‘No! It’s not that! You are-you are extremely sexy! I mean, beautiful! Extremely beautiful! Oh my God, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have said that’ he was very nervous, trying not to look at you walking up to him. You saw him swallowing, nervous, and looking down, you could see he was getting excited. You tried to stiff a laugh, and you walked even closer to him, until there was almost no space between you.
‘You know, Peter, for being so intelligent, sometimes you look completely stupid. I mean, you go into your best friend’s room, who is wearing only her underwear, she lets you in, jokes a little, and you still don’t get it, don’t you?’ you asked.
‘W-what?’ he stammered. He finally looked at you, his eyes locking with yours.
‘Be thankful I love you’ you said laughing before kissing him. You had waited to do that for so long, and when he put his hands on your bare waist, you swore you could hear him groan, making you smirk.
‘I love you too, you know. I had never thought you would want me in the same way I wanted you’ he whispered, his forehead against yours. He was smiling, and that made you smile as well.
‘Well, you have been oblivious to the fact that I’ve been flirting with you for months, so it doesn’t surprise me’ you said, laughing a little. ‘And now, will you let go of my waist and let me get dressed?’
‘Oh, yeah, I-I’m sorry’ he said, stammering again. With a small laugh, you gave him a quick kiss and turned around to finally choose what to wear, his eyes not leaving your body.

Gardevoir Family Headcanons

(The second part of my request from @m3xkeleton. Hope you like!)

  • Ralts are always blind, so must navigate by way of psychic power, which they use to map out and gather information from their surroundings. As all of their subsequent forms have working vision, most ralts go through a sight adjustment period following their evolution into kirlias - they will stare for hours at objects, scenery and, more than anything, their trainer, coming to terms with experiencing the world in a new way. At this early stage, kirlias should not be exposed to bright, flashing lights or anything that could disorientate them - they are always prone to fits and nausea in the first few weeks. 
  • Even as they evolve, they never lose their ability to navigate without sight. This understanding makes gardevoirs good companions to the blind.
  • There is a a traditional Hoann dance (known as サンダンス, or sandansu) that is inspired by the movements of kirlias. It involves a combination of slow and skipping steps, straight legs and still arms, sometimes calling the performer to go on pointe. There is dispute as to whether ballet developed from sandansu or vice versa, although some argue that the two could’ve emerged independently.
  • Although gardevoirs are thought of as intrinsically feminine, contest stars generally favour male ones. Male gardevoirs are taller, with longer arms and legs, and so often look more graceful in their movements.  
  • It is not fully understood why male kirlias have two evolutionary paths but female ones do not. Genetics seem to be the most influential factor: in certain sub-species, male kirlias will only evolve into gallades; in others, all kirlias, regardless of sex, will evolve into gardevoirs. Some believe that cross-breeding between sub-species has muddled the gene pool, meaning that most male ralts are born with a predisposition to either evolutionary path. That said, environmental factors - such as adaptive purposes and personality - also appear to play a role.
  • Gardevoirs, kirlias and ralts must have their hair trimmed as humans do, although not nearly so often. Their hair grows ten times slower than human hair does and is notoriously stiff and heavy, but will become unkempt if left unattended for years. Wild gardevoirs are usually told from domesticated ones by their longer, wilder hair.          

anonymous asked:

a post-ep fic with Sanvers cuddling in bed and Maggie notices a cut or bruise on Alex and has to kiss it all better. ;)

When they get home from Kara’s – it’s almost sunup, now, and the only reason they come back to Alex’s is precisely because Kara has no bathtub and Alex is stiff as all get out from falling asleep at such an awkward angle, cuddling both her little sister and her girlfriend – Maggie draws her a bath while she brews her a strong coffee.

“Maggie, you don’t have to do that,” Alex’s voice is soft as she tries to work out the stiffness in her own torso at the same time as she sends a text to James and Winn to please be there with Kara when she wakes up.

“Don’t have to do what, dote on my beautiful arm candy who almost got flung across the galaxy after single-handedly infiltrating and exploding a genocidal hotspot last night?”

Alex quirks her lips to the side and shakes her head.

“When you insist on putting it that way – “

“I do, Danvers. Come here.”

She leads her to the bathroom, where bubbles are nearly overflowing the bath, and candles are glowing softly on the sink.

“Maggie,” Alex breathes.

“Take your time, sweetie. I’ll be here when you get out.”

But Alex grabs her hand.


Maggie’s heart trembles with gratitude, because god, she hadn’t wanted to let Alex out of her sight for more than a second, but she also hadn’t wanted to overwhelm her.

“Of course.” She puts the toilet seat down and sits, fiddling with her phone until she finds some soft jazz. She watches without comment as Alex strips slowly, painfully, and she mentally catalogues every new bruise, every new gash.

When Alex slips out of the bath a full hour later, Maggie wraps her in a towel and leads her to bed, shrugging out of her own clothes and cuddling up close to her.

Her fingers trace soft patterns on Alex’s arms, her torso, her face, and every time she comes upon a fresh injury, she stops.

“Can I kiss it better, Danvers?” she’ll always ask, and always, Alex will swoon.

Always, Alex will say yes.

Her lips always flutter around the injury first, tracing its limits and its boundaries, as though delineating them and mandating that the bruise will spread no further than the border she’s marked with her mouth. And then slowly, gently, so softly Alex can sometimes barely feel it, Maggie presses her lips to each bruise, to each cut, to each scrape, to each soon-to-be scar.

She says something different each time.

“You’re perfect, Alex.”

“You are so fucking brave, Danvers.”

“Do you want me to take care of whoever did this to you? Because I’m just saying, if you let me borrow that gun again, or just give me that grenade, I’m down. Hell, I’m down without them, too.”

“You are so goddamn precious, Ally.”

“I’m yours, you know. And you’re never gonna lose me.”

Alex leans up on her elbows at that.

“You’re never going to lose me, either.”

Maggie trembles, her bravado, her care-taking, gone, transforming in an instant to let Alex see the pure terror, the rage, the pain, the agony, of coming so close to losing her forever.

“You’re never going to lose me, babe.”

She gathers Maggie into her arms and presses soft kisses to the back of her neck while Maggie cries, while Maggie trembles, while Maggie grabs at her hands and holds them tight.

“I’m here, I’m here, I’m here.”

“Don’t leave,” Maggie whispers raggedly, and Alex nods away her own tears.

“I won’t, babe. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t.”

And she doesn’t.

Rafael Barba | Beloved Bewilderment

Originally posted by all-things-raul-esparza

She could have just advised if she wasn’t interested anymore.
Then, at least, he wouldn’t be here worrying like he was.

Of course, Rafael contemplated, they hadn’t really been seeing each other too terribly long. Two months tops, honestly; and considering both of their insanely packed schedules- with him busy in the court room and her busy… elsewhere, he wasn’t quite certain where she disappeared to so often… they really only found the opportunity to get together maybe twice a week.

But, despite the minimal face to face: they typically still stayed in contact. He could text her, she’d respond eventually. She’d message him, and he’d reply as soon as he could. Or one of them would call, they’d have a sweet conversation, and make plans. She’d say how she looked forward to seeing him, he’d be thankful she couldn’t see him blush…

In fact, he had switched the little notification sound that came from his cell when it was her calling or sending a message. The difference was subtle, more of a ’ZING’ than a ’DING’, most people probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Rafael could, though, of course.
The ’DING’ meant someone wanted something from him.
The ’ZING’ meant; Genevieve.

Yet, unfortunately, it’s been about a week and a half of ’DING’s… and no ’ZING’s… Despite his many rings and ’ZING’s sent her way.

She could have told him she wasn’t interested, or at least that she was alright. It felt cheap, to have grown so attached over such little time and so few times seeing her face- just to have it all disappear so suddenly.

But, if there was one thing Rafael wasn’t, it was a quitter.
And so, after getting out of the office late one evening, he decided to take that extra turn, and to go towards the apartment he’d picked her up from a few times before- yet had never been welcomed into.

This wouldn’t be weird, right? To check in?
He hoped not… because he definitely was about to do just that.

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RebelCaptain Fan Fiction Recs!

I know everyone and their father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate has done a Fan Fiction rec, but I wanted to get some of my favorites out there! This is going to be a long post, so bear with me. (I tried to find as many of the author’s Tumblrs if I can, but sometimes I couldn’t! Let me know if I missed them!)

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His Favorite Scent

This is also posted on Fanfiction.Net and AO3.

Pairing: RoyxRiza
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Humor.
Word Count: 1207
Written for the prompt: “You smell nice.”
Summary: Roy gets hurt on a mission and Riza carries him to safety, but he says something that throws her off and makes her wonder about the meaning behind his words.


The mission wasn’t supposed to go this way. He wasn’t supposed to get hurt.

Hawkeye grit her teeth and trudged forward, Mustang’s body heavy on her back. The warmth of his blood seeping into her clothes spread like a fractal spiderweb across her shoulder blades. He was losing too much blood too fast and, if his unconscious state was any indication, he needed medical attention soon or he wouldn’t be coming back from this. He had only been shot in the shoulder, but the bullet must have hit some sort of vital judging by the amount of blood pumping out of his wound and into her uniform.

The thought of losing him drove Riza forward, pushing through the pain from her own wounds, spiking up her side whenever she stepped too hard on her right leg. She was concentrating so hard on moving him to safety as fast as possible that she barely noticed when he moved a bit, his eyes cracking open ever so slightly. He moved his face to bury it into the fabric at her neck and nuzzled her, inhaling deeply. Riza definitely felt that and faltered in her step.

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warning signs // pcy

Originally posted by foreverxoxoexo

→ mafia!park chanyeol
→ in which two respectively fucked up people found a way to love each other despite the warning signs.
→ word count: 2k
pt 1 // pt 2 // pt 3 // pt 4 // pt 5 // pt 6 // pt 7 // pt 8 //
→ song of the chapter: junk of the heart (happy) by the kooks
→ *ooo i wanna know are yall on team kjd or pcy 😪 so let me know

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Originally posted by lovelytheo

REQUEST: Hi I was wondering if I could request something about the reader knowing Four before Dauntless and they both go to Dauntless and become friends through training. Then when Tris comes she’s put off by our friendship? Or somethings along those lines??

FANDOM: Tobias Eaton [Divergent]


TAGS: none

I always did my chores as if it was a no brainer. The next thing I knew I would be doing everyone else’s work along with the help of Tobias. That’s the thing about Abnegation and I’m glad I didn’t have to wear those dull, grey uniforms no more. 

Yes, Tobias Eaton and I used to be Abnegation. We used to be the bottom of the popularity scale while Candor and Dauntless stepped over us like doormats. Yet here we are, intimidating the hell out of initiates who would cry for their mommies.

On a sunny morning of an unknown month we couldn’t keep track off, I sat by myself in the big, rusty training room. Everyone was eating their breakfast- it was 8:00 AM. I already sneaked in the kitchen to fetch me a sandwich and a bottled water and an extra sandwich and bottle for no other but Tobias- who is still not here yet. Where was he?

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Dauntless  (Part 2)

Eric x OC 

Warnings : Language 

“You call that throwing?” I bellowed. “Again! You’ll be throwing these knives until your fingers are bleeding, do you understand!?”

The initiate cowered, bobbing her head, her fingers slipping on the hilt of the knife.

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TalesFromYourServer: Got stiffed...or so they thought

Kinda funny thing happened to me tonight, so I’d thought I’d share

So a three top comes in fairly late. I go to greet them and they all 3 blurt out their drinks and orders at once. “Woah, woah…one at time please” I said. They didn’t like that and refused to speak to me the rest of the meal. I get them what they needed and tried to get them out quickly.

When I drop off the check they pay with gift cards. The first gift card covered all but 10 dollars of it. The second covered the rest. They couldn’t understand that the 10 dollars they were seeing on the receipt wasn’t what they still owed, but what the second card covered.

They go up front to complain. The host didn’t really understand what they were saying, so they couldn’t really help. They left saying “ If that server wonders why he didn’t get a tip, it’s cause he was an ass!”

I go to pick up the check and what do I find? A 10 dollar bill. They tried to stiff me but ended up leaving me ten bucks on 35 dollar ticket.

By: civycajun

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your embroidery work of the beetles on the collar of that shirt. Any advice for embroidering collars?? I can't figure it out and would love to add some color to some of my collared shirts!!

Hey, thank you so much!! 

When I embroider collars I usually use a 3inch flexi-hoop. This is how I do it, there may be better ways but this works for me.

These kinda keep everything tight when working on tricky areas, such as a collar. You could use just a generic wooden one but it might not be as easy.

✂️Ok, now on to the little tutorial~

1. Choose the collar you want to embroider. I have only ever embroidered on soft collars, like cotton. The one in the photo is actually a cotton mix that just looks like denim. I haven’t tried using a stiff collar, like on a formal shirt, the hoop might deform the interface so maybe try and stick to softer collars.

2. Unfold the collar like so.

3. Put the embroidery hoop as close to the edge as you like. This helps keep the tension so your work stays flat when you take the hoop away. 

Now you’re ready to start embroidering. (is that even a word?) 

If you want to embroider closer to the edge you can do this:

It keeps the collar workable but the tension isn’t the same. So I would recommend using shorter stitches so they don’t have a chance to pull the fabric. 

I hope this makes sense and helps you out a little bit.

Have fun customising your collars!!✨

Bodyswap (Closed RP with Shxrpshootxr)


Something didn’t feel right, his covers felt strange against his skin and he had the mother of all headaches as he tried to banish the stiffness and lethargy from his body. The universe may feel as though it was out of allignment and there was only one cure he knew for that…Routine.

Slipping his legs from under the covers he made his bed, crisp sheets and even crisper corners before he pilled on a pair of what passed for Altean sweatpants in preperation for a few basic core exercises. However the garment sat loose at his hips…. This wasn’t right.

//What the hell??// He mused as he pulled the strings a little tighter so they hugged his slender tanned hips…..




The black paladins body went cold when he raised his arms, both arms were made of flesh and blood, his skin was a light golden brown with a smattering with freckles, there was no Galra tech arm just the slender less beefy forearms that though familiar did not belong to him. He had a sinking feeling about this, he’d already figured out why he felt so strange but surely that was the type of thing that happened in really crappy old sci-fi or saturday morning cartoons? Right.

Slender fingertips brushed his face, the jawline was slimmer and less blocky than his own and the skin was baby soft to the touch. A texture he was also familiar with given his closeness with a certain blue paladin.

Tentatively he padded nervously over to the mirror and no matter how much he knew whos body he was in nothing prepared him for Lances face staring back at him but with his own mannerisms. It was unsettling.

So if he was in Lance’s body then that would mean Lance was most likely in his, for now he’d hold off on his panic until ensuring that Lance and by extension his body were okay.


After a slight run in withHunk who had asked him why he was wearing Shiro’s pants, shiro had found out that he and the blue paladin had been carried to the infirmary from the training room after falling unconscious after using the mind bonding equipment…. So the cause of the swap seemed to be that, or highly likely at the very least. But how did that explain how he got to his own room? did he walk but not remember? He did feel as though he were hungover so maybe he just had no memory…After hurriedly saying a strangled sounding ‘see ya’ in his best Lance impersonation he hurried in the direction of the blue paladins room.


For: Two Anons

Imagine: Being caught accidently cuddling with Eric.

Part two to this imagine: x

Tris’ POV

“Zeke, I don’t think we should be doing this,” I say as Zeke goes to open Eric and Y/N’s door. Poor Y/N was forced to share a room with Eric, the two of them hate each other and he probably made the girl sleep on the floor.

“Quit being so stiff Tris,” Shauna giggles, “We just want to make sure Y/N’s okay.”

“Four isn’t even as uptight as you,” Zeke adds, and Tobias rolls his eyes.

“Fine,” I groan.

Zeke slowly opens the door and tiptoes in, Shauna follows after him. They look confused for a moment, but the confusion is soon followed by utter shock. Tobias and I exchange a worried glance and push past Zeke and Shauna, as soon as I see what they others had seen my jaw drops in shock.


You sigh, trying to force yourself to wake up, but you’re so damn comfortable and warm. You snuggle closer to whatever is beside you, wait a second, what happened last night?! You quickly open your eyes and see a man’s chest, right next to your face; you tilt your head up and Eric’s Godly jaw-line. You try to scoot away but his muscular arm is holding you down and close to him, and frankly, you don’t really want to move away. Your legs are tangled around each other’s and the blanket has slightly slid off, leaving you in one of the most comfortable sleeping positions.

You look back up at Eric’s face and smile, he looks so peaceful. He yawns, and slightly opens his eyes, he’s so cute, Wait what the fuck am I saying?! He finally opens his eyes fully and looks at you, his face is overcome with confusion for a moment, but then he just goes with it, pulling you closer and smiling, “Good morning muffin.”

For some reason, the nickname doesn’t actually bother you for once and you smile back, “Morning.”  

That’s when you hear a burst of laughter coming from the doorway, you and Eric both turn around and see Zeke, red-faced and crying from laughter. Shauna is laugh along, and Four and Tris stand there is shock and confusion. Eric curses under his breath and quickly gets out of bed, “Get out.”

“Eric’s going soft!” Shauna mocks, and Zeke laughs harder.

Eric narrows his eyes, “Get the fuck out.”

You’re surprised that Eric has lost his shit yet, you on the other hand want to curl up into a little ball and disappear, Zeke and Shauna will never let you live this down.

“Alright, alright, we’re leaving, bye muffin,” Zeke teases, making kissing noises, before leaving. The others follow him, before leaving, Tris gives you one last disturbed look, and then they’re gone. Eric turns back to you; all signs of peacefulness are gone.

“Alright, you get out too!” Eric tries to keep up his usual hateful act, but for some reason, now it seems like nothing but an act. Maybe Eric isn’t that bad.

Part 3

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A Court of Hearts and Darkness Chapter Two

It’s been over a century since the epic and bloody war against Hybern, but a new, unprecedented horror lies in wait to threaten everything the Inner Circle holds dear.

At a mere 17, it seems that the only one who can save them is the Heir to the Night Court, Feyre and Rhysand’s daughter Eleana, but as a creature so vile promises to kill everyone she loves, she must combat the urge to succumb to the darkness herself. The key to success lies hidden within her mate, the bastard born Kaden, who is as oblivious to the bond as her Court is oblivious to the war on the horizon.

With the help of her cousin and warrior Felix, the son of the famed Nesta and Cassian, they will try to save everything they hold dear, hopefully before the darkness takes them all.

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-Chapter Two-

Eleana had no idea what to do.

It wasn’t as easy as simply telling Kaden that he was her mate, she had no idea how he would react to the news. She had only known this golden boy for minutes and already she could tell that every decision that had ever been made for him hadn’t been his. What if he didn’t want a mate? It was rare that something like that happened but it had happened.

Did she want a mate?

The answer was obvious, of course.

Eleana had prayed to the cauldron every day as a child that she would find the kind of love that her parents had. She was somewhat of a hopeless romantic, and she blames this entirely on the romance novels she’s read over the years and the fact that she has always been surrounded by loving relationships, whether it was her parents overwhelming love or the quiet yet potent love that her Uncle Azriel and Aunty Mor shared.

She wanted that, and she knew that if this male was her mate then she could have that with him.

And she knew he was. It sang through every fibre of her being that the Illyrian in front her of was everything that she dreamed of, every wish come true, every hope incarnate.

“Lady Eleana, do you want me to take you home?” He was still holding her, and she was still baffled into pure silence. “If you need me to escort you somewhere I would be more than happy, milady.”

At that she broke their eye contact, as confused as she was sure he was as well.

At that, he seemed to finally realise that he was still holding her and let her go.

She felt cold where he had touched her, it was like his hands had left ice prints behind, and she was still struggling to come up with words.

“I- um,” was all she could say. She stuttered it over and over again and his worry became more palpable.

Cauldron, she was a woman he had just met and his concern showed such kindness in him, such tenderness.

Eleana felt the overwhelming desire to touch him, not in a sensual sense, but just to be closer to him.

“Could you take me home?” She finally whispered.

I’m going into shock, she thought, that’s what this is.

“Can you walk?” He was speaking as soothingly as he could, as if she were a feral animal that he needed to care for.

She tried to move her stiff legs, but they seemed to be as heavy as stone. “I don’t think so,” Her voice was so quiet she was surprised her could hear her. She could see that her whole body had paled, and when she shivered it wasn’t because of the bitter weather.

Without second guessing himself, Kaden swept her up in his arms, holding her legs in one and wrapping his other around her torso.

“I think I know where the High Lady’s cottage is, are you happy for me to take you there? I might need a nudge in the right direction.” He was smiling at her now, still trying to calm her down.

She decided that his smile was her favourite thing about him.

He started walking before she could answer his question, when it quickly became evident that she could not go home.

Mainly this was because she could by no means face her mother while she was in this state. It would lead to endless – loving, but endless all the same – questions about what was the matter. It wouldn’t surprise her if her father then dropped everything to come make sure she was okay as well and although on any other day she would appreciate the support she was not ready to tell either of her parents about her discovery.

She was shaking head to toe, Kaden’s grip on her was tight and steady as a consequence, and without really thinking about it she nestled into him, stealing his warmth.

“Do you know where Felix lives?”

He nodded.

“Could you please take me there?”

He changed the direction he was walking towards the other side of the camp. Felix’s cabin was rather far away, and Eleana was thinking maybe she should tell him to leave her and go find her cousin when he spread his wings and shot into the air.  

She let out a surprised but delighted shriek as they cleaved through the air. Flying like this, it would only take minutes for them to get to Felix’s.

Kaden’s wings were magnificent. They were black with gold weaving through them, and large enough that Eleana wondered about the size of other things. She was tempted to touch them, but knew that it would be a major overstepping of boundaries.

The way that Kaden became radiant in the air showed Eleana that he must love flying as much as she did.

Flying was Eleana’s absolute favourite thing to do, and she thanked the Mother every day that she had been given the gift of wings. When she was a toddler and just learning how to use her wings, her and her father would practise for hours upon hours until she would fall asleep in his arms and he would have to carry her home. When she was even younger, less than a year old and barely able to fly, her father would stand at one side of the room and one of her uncles at the other, and they would let her glide between them, catching her and giving her treats and kisses, only for her to flap her little wings and try to get back to the other one again.

They flew high over the cabins of the camp, the wind racing around them. Eleana could tell from the chill in the air and the encroaching darkness that there would be a storm tonight, a big one. Another thing that Eleana loved. Kaden’s smile, a genuine, happy one this time, grew at her excitement, and shook out his hair in the wind.

“Your ears!” Eleana exclaimed.

His hair was long enough so that when they were on the ground she could not see any peculiarities about them, but now that his hair was whipping around his face she could see that they were pointed like hers.

So one of his parents was a High Fae then.

He laughed lightly at her surprise and she could feel his chest rumbling as he held her. Before she knew it he was quickly but steadily landing them in the court yard in front of Felix’s house.

Felix’s house was as unexpected as Kaden’s ears.

Because of, and Eleana hated to admit it, his brilliant leadership skills and power Felix very quickly climbed ranks and earned himself a rather large house because of it. Single storey, but with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, Felix had decided that the generic brown bricks they used to build it were rather drab, and with the help of Eleana’s mother, painted the whole exterior a bright obnoxious yellow. Why he chose yellow she had no idea, but Felix loved it. And not only did he have a yellow house but their aunt Elain had helped him plant a vegetable garden that wrapped around the veranda. The blue veranda. The garden was infused with Elain’s magic, so it grew and prospered no matter the weather. That was perhaps Felix’s favourite part. He often picked the fruit and made small treats to give to his friends and family, as well as gift to his best soldiers. The soldiers pretended that they didn’t care about Felix’s home-made baked goods, but every time he mentioned that the winner of this or the best in that got some  as a prize they all worked noticeably better and harder and got a hell of a lot more competitive with each other.

Kaden stood Eleana upright but kept one hand braced on her shoulder and one on her waist, lest she fall.

“Thank you, Kaden.” Eleana expressed, and she genuinely meant it. Even if this male wasn’t her mate, she was sure that she would want to spend more time with him anyway.

It was a little known fact due to her subtlety, but Eleana had been with a few men over the past few years, never a real relationship, just dalliances. Her first was when she was fifteen and her body started changing in a way that made her attracted to basically any male that was attractive and polite. Of course she didn’t just sleep with anyone, only a select few, and it was always very secretive.

Kaden was the kind of male she wouldn’t be ashamed to introduce to her father.

Kaden was also the kind of male her male relatives wouldn’t lynch for touching her. 

Her Aunt Amren would probably hurt him in unspeakable ways, but that’s just who Amren is as a person and it doesn’t reflect on Kaden at all really.

“Will that be all, Lady Eleana?” Kaden was still gazing at her with those depthless onyx eyes, and it snapped Eleana back to reality. She didn’t know why she was thinking of all these things when she didn’t even know if Kaden was interested in her.

For fuck’s sake what person would be attracted to someone they had to fly across an Illyrian camp because they went into shock.

“Would you like to come to in?” She questioned hastily.

His smile – his smile – dimmed slightly.

“I don’t think I can today, Milady, but perhaps another time.” He responded.

His hands slid down her arms, calluses tickling her slightly, to rest at his side.

He then walked up the three steps to the front door (the purple front door) of Felix’s home and opened it for her.

Grateful, she walked until she was beside him.

“Are you sure? I think I see some of Felix’s fruit tarts on his bench. You’re welcome to have some.”

Kaden raised his eyebrows and peered into the house to see that there were indeed fruit tarts on the kitchen counter. “I guess I can come in for a few moments.” He agreed.


Eleana hadn’t quite gotten over her shock, she was still slightly shaking and it was evident as soon as Kaden passed her a cup of tea he had made and some spilled over the top and onto her lap.

“I will confess, Lady Eleana, I am rather worried. What happened? I would feel much more comfortable if you had a healer, or even a friend, here with you. It would take me less than a minute to summon either.” He sat down next to her on the couch and handed her a handkerchief to wipe up the tea she spilt.

“Did you not hear me tell Felix before? You are my friend now, Kaden.”

He snorted at her words but conceded.

“Well what would a friend normally do in this situation, because I am more than lost on how to help you.” Eleana could tell he meant it, the wanting to help her.

It just kept hitting her how considerate and attentive he was being even though he barely knew her. Maybe that was the bond working for him? But what was more probable was that he was simply a nice person, with good intentions. Not like Eleana, who observing the way the muscles in his arms moved as he fussed for her, had to keep dragging her thoughts out of the gutter.

“Tell me a story - your story. Distract me.”

He said he would, but before he did he scrounged up a blanket to wrap her in, in an effort to stop her shakes.

“I’m twenty years old-”

“Really? You seem older.” Eleana interrupted.

He laughed in return, some of the spark from earlier returning to his features. “I feel older. I feel… heavier than my twenty years.” He bent his knees so that he was sitting cross-legged on the couch, and spread out his wings in a more comfortable position. “I was born to a Lord in a camp across the Steppes. My mother was a High Fae who reigned from Hewn City-”

“What.” Eleana couldn’t help but register her shock at his words. At least that explains who he inherited his fae ears from.

“That’s how most faeries react when I tell them. My parents met on Starfall when the monsters under that mountain came out to enjoy the spectacle. My father happened to be patrolling that night and he and his squadron decided to join in the festivities. It was a one night thing, what my mother and father had. Or at least that’s what he told me, I can’t remember a thing about my mother, all I know is that she must have had amazing hair.” He snickered and lightly bumped Eleana with his shoulder to let her know he was joking.

“So after you were born you went to live with him?”

“Yep. From what I can gather I was still a suckling when my mother gave me to him and refused to see me again. I was raised by him with my brothers.” His voice caught on the words brothers, showing Eleana that there was much more to that story. “I came to live here last month when things became… strenuous between us. I was here for a day when Felix noticed me and ordered me to join his legion and report to him the next morning before dawn.”

“You must have impressed him.” Eleana herself was impressed. The men that Felix led were the strongest and most up and coming soldiers they had. For Felix to want him after seeing him training for only a day was nothing short of a feat.

“At first I thought he was either joking or trying to seduce me. He brought me to this utterly ridiculous yellow house before the sun had even risen and sat me down with tea and raison biscuits to tell me his expectations of me and what I would have to do to earn my place here. He was just being a nice lad, but it was so different from everything I had ever seen that it threw me a bit. His ways of promoting loyalty are unconventional but undoubtedly effective. I have never seen a group of people so devoted to their leader before. It’s nice, actually.”  

“I hope you like it here,” Eleana expressed, “Illyrian camps can be brutal but I like to think that if you surround yourself with the right people then they can at least be bearable, enjoyable even. I give Felix a lot of shit but he’s actually my best friend, and if you stick with him then you’ll be fine. I think I would’ve hated it here if it weren’t for him.”

“Do you not like it here, Lady Eleana?” He quizzed.

“It less that I don’t like it and more that I love my home, Velaris. Growing up there with the kind of family I have is a child’s dream come true. See those figurines?” Eleana pointed to a set of wooden dragons that Felix kept on a stool near his fireplace. “My Uncle Azriel-”

“The shadowsinger?” This time it was Kaden’s turn to interrupt.

“Yes, the shadowsinger. He made them for Kaden when he was a babe. For me he made a butterfly wind chime that sings in the best wind, so I know when the best time to go flying is. My Uncle Cassian taught me how to fight so that I never had to rely on my magic. My Aunt Nesta loves me as fiercely as she loves her own children, my Aunt Elain the exact same. Even my Uncle Lucien, who has always been at odds with my father, has loved and supported me unconditionally. My Aunt Mor taught me how to dance, a skill that despite my best efforts is something I am honestly terrible at. My father,” Eleana paused, “My father is the best man I know, and best father anyone could hope for. When my parents decided to have me follow the path Felix did and train in an Illyrian camp it wasn’t possible for both the High Lady and High Lord to leave Velaris, so they compromised and that is why I live with only my mother. I don’t see him nearly as much as I wish I could, and I miss him dearly. I grew up chasing a rainbow only to be stuck in this colourless place once I turned ten.”

Tears lined her eyes at the thought of how much she missed her family.

Kaden, seeing her tears, gingerly entwined their fingers and held her hand. “I’m sorry, milady.” he said.


“Yes, Lady Eleana?”

“Please stop referring to me so formally. I wasn’t kidding when I said I want to be your friend. That is if you’ll have me despite being a tad more than strange.” She giggled lightly.

Eleana missed the way his eyes sparkled at hearing such a lovely sound, and little did she know he was as entranced by her as she was by him.

“I guess I can manage that La- I guess I can manage that Eleana.”

She took a sip of her tea and rested it on the table in front of her. When she turned to him she was startled by how close they were sitting together. Arms touching, faces only inches from each other.

Kaden realised this to, his expression changing into something unreadable.

As she leaned up, he leant down, and when their lips were nothing but a breath away from each other-

“What are you two doing in my house?”

The two Fae-Illyrians sprang apart at the voice of Felix, who was standing arms crossed, eyebrows raised, drenched in rain and leaning on the frame of his front door.

Both stared at him in horror and didn’t say a word.

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