a giveaway graphics for @hermeskey who asked for Wanda surrounded by different types of magic.

i wanted to include more, but it started to look messy, so i chose wicca triqueta sign, some runes, moon glyphs and a shaman exorcism sign.

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In the mood for fluff! What kind of engagement ring would the RFA + V and Saeran pick out for their MC? Pics don't have to be included but would be awesome! :)

We love these so much!!! Rina did Zen, Jumin and V. MP did Seven and Yoosung. And Destin did Jaehee and Saeran


  • Flashy and elegant are just a couple things to describe Zen and he would want a ring for MC that would show that
  • The ring would be perfect and flawless
  • But this is just how he sees himself this is really how he sees MC
  • MC is the most perfect and most beautiful thing in his whole life
  • He wants MC’s ring to show that


I like to think Yoosung would choose a nice and simple, yet unique ring. I love this one because it’s elegant but simple and the rose gold is something you don’t see often. The band is also gorgeous and I just imagine Yoosung seeing this one and falling in love, knowing he had to give it to MC. I also imagine that maybe, JUST MAYBE, V would have helped him.


  • I could see Jaehee getting her MC something simple but elegant and classic
  • She’d get them something classy with white gold or platinum with a single, bright diamond.
  • It is classic and sensible, like her, but it still shows that she cares for them with getting their names engraved on the inside of the band.
  • It’s a hidden lil cuteness but Jaehee is good with those.


  • He would go for the most expensive ring he could find
  • He only wants the best for MC
  • But at the same time he isn’t the flashiest person in the world
  • So the ring would be very simple for an expensive ring
  • He only wants the best for MC so he would most likely get it custom made
  • Like he would have it made by the best people he knows and make sure it was perfect
  • He has it remade like 4 times


So I went with a ruby because I can totally see Seven cheekily getting one (and it fits his color scheme–red and gold.) Now, I firmly believe that there is some Celtic blood in this boy (you can’t look like that and not be Irish, okay) so I decided to go with a trinity knot engagement ring. (Since I’m Irish this means a lot to me because it’s just?? really cool?) The Triqueta (otherwise known as the trinity) represents three things– it’s usually the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but to me, it represents past, present and future. For Seven, I thought it could represent the three people he thought he was– Seven, Saeyoung, and Luciel– all coming together to be one person. (wow i went overbOARD AND GOT SAPPPYYY)


  • V is a simple man
  • So honestly he would just have MC pick out their own ring
  • MC would pick this ring because it reminded them of V
  • He was so dark and mysterious looking
  • But he was also so beautiful and elegant looking
  • So they get this one because it represents the love of their life in the best kind of way


  • Saeran would get his MC a ring that says he’ll be there for them forever
  • I know promise rings are generally pre-engagement rings but Saeran is a shy bb
  • But he wants MC to know that they mean the world to them
  • He would want to keep it simple, nothing too crazy, but he would also do something that shows how important MC is to him.

My first tattoo, on Alicante (Spain). The triqueta is a talisman of celtic origin that symbolizes life, death and rebirth. Alludes to the three dimensions of the sacred feminine: maiden, mother and crone. It also represents equality, eternity and indivisibility. Also plasma Celtic philosophy that the All has three levels: physical, mental and spiritual.