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Read More About Tripty and other iOS & Android Applications

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DAY 2865

Sandbanked, Middle of IO            Feb  4/5,  2016           Thu/Sat  12:50 am

Birthday - EF - Ramesh Kumar Churiwal , Tripti Srivastava , Valorie Lynne Adams

Friday, February 5, 2016

For all of you that inhabit this space, our wishes go out to you .. we are in prayer and wishes for the ultimate life I would wish for you to lead ..and so say the entire EF …

That sail in the distance .. that shadow of a setting sun .. the family by your side .. a gentle rocking of the waves on the Catamaran .. and chatter of life and days gone by ..

That is what unfolds .. at the moment ..

Its Abhishek’s birthday .. his 40 th .. and just the other day we had screamed in the corridors of the Breach Candy Hospital, trying to smoke a cigar, some champagne to the staff till late in the night .. when he was born !!

This formal tie suited image of some cover magazine had ever invited notice .. not from others on him, but on him to the others .. and this is the life he has desired and works for ..

Cannot imagine the passage of time when his strapping self sits by your side in conversation and laughter and music and gadgetry and information of all that stumbles along this very vast empire of cinema in India ..

For me it is still the two-finger-in- mouth idle, seated by the steps of the house, or playing field that remains in vivid memory of this my son .. and all the auspicious greetings that has come to him from the Ef is greatly appreciated and loved .. thank you ever so much …

The new destination grows on one not in any immediacy  .. it struggles with you .. and its demanding nature keeps pinning you down in the battle of the presence and game value .. but it is the divine experience that keeps running though the brain, and the lament of why not an earlier visit ..

Sound sounds different in the silence of an evening .. or in the rush of the morning .. but whatever its wealth, it is the strange feeling of being able to hear yourself breathe that truly describes what has been missed in life ..

And on the midnight of the 4th/5th a private celebration to bring in the birthday of our progeny .. the fire ‘happy birthday’ the exception …

Good night and wishes for a pleasant day ahead .. love to all 

Amitabh Bachchan


im so basic.. i use this filter way 2 much….. i sent these 2 jimin n he likes the dog filter so i’ll use it agin… ..

so ive been tagged by the cutest ppl evr !!! @violetjimin, @blondejeon, @tripty-chim, @angeljin, & @angels-bby 

im gonna tag my favs n some ppl i wnt to get to know better.. :^) (i apologize if i tagged u in this already i just lov u alot n want to see ur beautiful face…) 

@jtmin, @jiaebum, @jacksonwn, @firestan, @imjungkooksgf, @jnghoseok, @jiminscity, @boyfriendjimin, @adorablejungkook, @jungkookism, @chimin-ee, @kainks, @5yubble, @blesstae and @busanie but only if ya feel like it!!!