What upsets me. Is that in a few years Ali will upload a haul video. And we’ll see a new ring on her finger. And hear high pitched screams of children and Chico running around. Equally, Charles will slowly introduce us, the ctfxc, to a new girlfriend, who will become his fiancé. Then bride. Who will take care of him as he continues to kick the tumours ass, and Zoey and Marley run about.

We will know, as will they. That as perfect and as happy as they are. And we are happy for them. That they’re happy. We will know that those two seperate families. Were once, and always will be; the true Ctfxc

Thank you soo much charlestrippy i love you guys soo much you’re a true inspiration. I literally started crying when it came in the mail. you guys have made the last 4 years of my life so happy. i know you’ll beat this thing stay strong♥