“hey, everyone can see all this trippy magic stuff, right?” “Yeah.Why?” “I’m off my meds.” 😂😂Harley Quinn so funny😂😂

Wychwood of The Norns

sublime clemency alone
in a dream of hidden springs,
as if they echoed laughter
in the old fields and distant wychwood
bowers and arbors of
dryads interlaced fingertips
creating a thousand greening swards
sweet with dew encrusted flowers.
a balcony festooned with pinholes of gold
traveling through throngs of emerald earth
where the norns made mead under the laburnum roots of
the cosmic tree
and nestled soft against the cloudless pool is Huginn and Muninn
both thought and memory
constant vigil on the mountains
of shoulders broad
to the old church of norsemen,
eagle helmed
blue tunic cladded warrior king
armed with Brokks best work.
strong as the ocean in boundless storms
his one eye peering through the foliage
and the other glaring in the dark night skies of
Mimirs well of wisdom.
sublime clement stories
trying to explain the subtle laughter
in bubbling brooks and soft streams
of ancients.

I cannot stop thinking about ‘ex machina’ … and funnily enough, the movie 'her’ too. two v different stories true but wrapped around the same overall anxiety. it’s almost inevitable that we’ll achieve real a.i. at some point, possibly in this half century, and when that happens there’s every chance we’ll render ourselves obsolete by being, by design, unable to ever compete in any realm with our own creation. trippy, uh.