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Care For You (1)

Slight!Steve x Reader, Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: Every time he takes care of her, she runs away.

WARNINGS: swearing, throwing up, nightmares, underage drinking, swearing, drunkenness, that’s it i think lol

Word Count: 3.3k+

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It all started when she dozed off in her College Algebra class. She hadn’t been getting a decent night’s sleep since the fiasco with the Demodogs and Will Byers. She had gotten wrapped up in the situation since the group of tweens—and Steve—asked for her help. They trusted Steve with their lives, but they also trusted Y/n and she was perhaps more than willing to help. She loved the kids, so she dropped everything to help save their friend.

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“Here you are, lady!” said the friendly Italian waitress and brought Niu a parfait with 4 lactose free fruit ice cream balls and 10 different fruits & berries. <3 


Because Ardyn Izunia’s sexy voice deserved a backing track

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The track this is set to is by The Shanghai Restoration Project, who you should totally check out


Joon and Jimin talked about their upcoming US schedules. Jimin asked if Joon is nervous bcoz he’s gonna be the one answering questions and all. Joon said he is nervous and pressured but that it’s ok that it’s only him that’s like that. He’ll handle all the pressure bcoz he just wants the members to have fun and be their usual adorable selves ^_^ as expected of our joon!