tripp palin

Bristol Palin

Every single person who talks badly about Sarah Palin’s daughter should sit back and watch a few episodes of Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp. This woman is so strong and she actually has a good head on her shoulders, which isn’t too common with teen mothers as you can tell by MTV. She has morals and loves god. She has strong beliefs in politics and loves her family. I honestly think the only reason people don’t like Bristol is because they’re liberals and hate her mother, so they use the excuse that she got pregnant at a young age and target her just for another reason to diss Sarah. NEWSFLASH: it’s very rare that people nowadays wait until they’re married to have sex. Most people lose their virginity when they’re teenagers. And you know what? If Bristol got an abortion and no one knew about it she wouldn’t be getting all of this crap from everyone. But like a woman with a soul she gave birth to Tripp and took the right road and she gets called a slut and a whore. She’s not either of those things. She had sex as a teen, and so did 99% of the human population. Maybe she got caught in the moment and forgot about protection or forgot to take her pill. The only difference between her and the other millions of teens who have sex is an accident happened. She’s a single mother who’s hustled it out to make enough money to give her son a stable life and already has enough money for his college saved. Her “baby daddy” is never around and her boyfriend is pretty much Tripp’s father model. She had to raise her kid on her own, with no support of Tripp’s biological dad, just her family. Bristol had a tough road but she’s such a grateful and genuine woman. She had the courage and heart to keep that baby and not give it up.  And for that I have the most utter respect for her, far above all the teen mothers shown on television. She deserve a ton more credit than she gets.