First Real Autumn by CeJae B.
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Took this on the last day SLFG2014 (hosted by the lovely Valerie Kasinski) after pretty much everyone had already left and we were getting ready to leave the cottage. My lovely Emma Johnson was the best human tripod ever. I can’t tell you how much I miss the Northeast and the chill autumn air and my new friends, but I can guarantee that I’ll be back one day. I haven’t felt this inspired to create new work in a very very long time, and I can’t wait to share some new work finally! For the first time ever, I was disappointed to be coming back to California after a meeup. I would have given up my new comfy mattress and suffered through the back pain over and over again to be back in rural New York where fall actually feels like…fall.

The Primordial Landscape

The last time Lisabet and I went to Skye, some two years ago, the weather was unseasonably clear and hot. This time round we’ve experienced what I would call more authentic Skye weather: stormy winds, lashing rain, and epic light. After a gentle morning strolling around Glendale, we went to Sligachan (again) to see the conditions were like around the Black Cuillins. We were greeted with powerful winds that wrestled with your steps, and intermittent passing squalls. Proper Skye conditions. A hike up the Allt Dearg Mòr river gave us these powerful waterfalls and cascades, with the horns of the Black Cuillins tussling with the storm. Epic scenes and totally exhilarating. =)

Sligachan, Isle of Skye, Highlands, Scotland.

ISO100, f/22, 0.4sec at 12mm (18mm full-frame equiv.) using a circular polariser on my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens attached to a Nikon D7000. With the storm’s winds pounding into me and my tripod, I quickly realised there was no way I’d be able to fiddle with additional filters. I stuck with my trusty polariser on my lens to reduce glare from the water, and closed the aperture right down to f/22, so I could get as slow a shutter speed as possible without camera shake from the wind. Doing so meant that I was able to render the movement of the water and the rustling of all the foliage around as the wind ruffled through everything. Processed in Capture One, edited in Photoshop.

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Hectic life of a nurse by night, recording adventures her by day.

Coral Cove, Florida

Took this photo 4 hours ago. It was a perfect evening to shoot. Loved the rock formations on the shore and the powerful waves that accompanied it. The moon rising after sunset was a pleasant surprise to top it all off!

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil