It’s that time of the month again…well, not that time of the month…that’d just be widely inappropriate to announce…

Anyway, June BOTM! Yay!!


❂ Mbf Kelly and Chelsea
❂ Check out our May BOTM!
❂ Reblog this post until May 31st (you can like for bookmarking but it won’t count as an entry)
❂ Must reach 30 notes or we cry. Please don’t make us cry. 

What we're looking for

❂ Must be a fandom blog that posts some Marvel
❂ Tagging system would be most welcome

Winner will receive

+f from both of us, if not already
❂ A spot on our updates tabs for the month of June
❂ Solo promos whenever you’d like from either of us
❂ A pet bunny*

3 runners up will receive

+f from both of us, if not already
❂ A spot on our updates tabs for the month of June
❂ Two group promos throughout the month
❂ An 8" X 10" photo of the pet bunny the winner receives

Extra Stuff

❂ Winners will be announced June 1st
❂ Contact Kelly or Chelsea with any questions

*Kelly and Chelsea cannot be held responsible for unfortunate shipping mishaps in regards to pet bunny transport


“The main reason I did Captain America was because I wanted to get out of my own head and stop taking my work so seriously. I’d had enough. I was like, ‘I want to train! I want to be a supergirl! I want a machine gun! I want to look fabulous and be surrounded by hunky bare-chested men! I want to make a movie that people come away from feeling amazing and invincible! I want to be Wonder Woman!’ Actually, seriously, I really do want to be Wonder Woman one day…” - Hayley Atwell

So to celebrate me reaching 2,000 followers, I figured I’d do another follow forever! Thank you to everyone who decided to put up with me, I couldn’t have done it without you! ^.^

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