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Katy Perry Songs based on Black Butler Characters

Ciel Phantomhive: Rise
Sebastian Michaelis: E.T.
Mey-Rin: Teenage Dream
Finny: Wide Awake
Baldroy: Part Of Me
Lizzie Midford: Roar
Madame Red: Dark Horse
Nina Hopkins (Manga): I Kissed a Girl
Lau: Spiritual
Ran-Mao: Birthday
Soma: Firework
Agni: Unconditionally
Alois Trancy: T.G.I.F (Last Friday Night)
Claude Faustus: Circle The Drain
Hannah Annafellows: Part Of Me
The Triplets: Hot N Cold
Grell Sutcliffe: California Gurls
William T. Spears: Chained To The Rhythm
Ronald Knox: This Is How We Do
The Undertaker: The One That Got Away
Queen Victoria: Thinking Of You

Actual thing that happened to me today

Okay so I was mini golfing with my brother and grandmother and there’s this girl and her friend/sister/girlfriend/whatever in front of us. We finished the hole we were on and we were waiting for the two girls to move to the next hole. The friend/sister/girlfriend/ect just says, “I don’t really like dogs.” I don’t know if that had anything to do with what they were just talking about or if it did, I wasn’t really listening. Then the other girl just says, “woof.”

Seeing a probably coincidental reference, I look at the girl and sneer, “Phantomhive.”

She looked at me, fake GAGGED & SAID “TRANCY TRASH”

Everybody say something, keep it going, souls, blood and  grits, SAUSAGE!

Elizabeth: I like cute things but I still take SAUSAGE!

Madam Red: I might be married but I still like the SAUSAGE!

Baldroy: I blow up things trying to cook a frigging SAUSAGE!

Finnian: I’m really confused but I guess I’ll just shout SAUSAGE!

Meyrin: From a mile away I can see everyone’s SAUSAGE!

Tanaka: Ho Ho Ho SAUSAGE!

Snake: Emily says that her favorite meal is SAUSAGE!

Ash/Angela: Might be impure but we’re all out on the SAUSAGE!

The Triplets: We heard that Claude really wants Ciel’s SAUSAGE!

Alois: Only cause I’m young doesn’t mean I can’t like SAUSAGE!

Hannah: Even though my left eye’s gone I still want some SAUSAGE!

Claude: I want Ciel Phantomhive’s soul and maybe his SAUSAGE!

Undertaker: The joke the butler told had something to do with SAUSAGE!

Grell: I’m no slut but I want Sebby’s and Will’s SAUSAGE!

Ronald: I’m a fun ripper so of course I like SAUSAGE!

William: You should all be working, but fine. SAUSAGE!

Sebastian: I’m one hell of a butler and yes I like SAUSAGE!


Ciel: I hate all of you but I still want some sausage.