triplets dog

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Gabi wasn't in the fandom when the eleanor triplets theory was popular so she might not even know about it. Which goes to show that tinhat theories are all unoriginal bs rehashed again and again

It’s so uncanny how their ideas are just constant rehashes of old ones and how you can see their faulty logic just stuck on some loop.

Eleanor triplet theory = Freddie is 42 different babies who Larries are 100% sure look like dozens of different parents = Briana gets her entire face reconstructed every week everytime she puts on new gloss = STUNT DOGS

“Christmas ‘23.”

(Otherwise known as: That time Max 'hunted’ the Weis’ other ball and Herc made Chuck replace it.)

Secret Santa for gluethegrue, who wanted shenanigans, Jaeger bay hangouts, Weis and Max. (I’m sorry! My Hermann feels have been at an all time low lately and I don’t know why! I had a timeline thing planned out with him, but I kept getting art-blocked. Hope sassy Weis make up for it?)

Merry day-after-Weis’-birthday Christmas, gluethegrue!