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Katy Perry Songs based on Black Butler Characters

Ciel Phantomhive: Rise
Sebastian Michaelis: E.T.
Mey-Rin: Teenage Dream
Finny: Wide Awake
Baldroy: Part Of Me
Lizzie Midford: Roar
Madame Red: Dark Horse
Nina Hopkins (Manga): I Kissed a Girl
Lau: Spiritual
Ran-Mao: Birthday
Soma: Firework
Agni: Unconditionally
Alois Trancy: T.G.I.F (Last Friday Night)
Claude Faustus: Circle The Drain
Hannah Annafellows: Part Of Me
The Triplets: Hot N Cold
Grell Sutcliffe: California Gurls
William T. Spears: Chained To The Rhythm
Ronald Knox: This Is How We Do
The Undertaker: The One That Got Away
Queen Victoria: Thinking Of You

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Hello, could you please write some relationship headcanons for the Trancy house hold(you can choose​ who you do and don't do)

I’ll see who I can do X3


  • very needy with an inclination to show it to everyone
  • hangs onto your words more than onto anyone elses, so don’t be surprised when he wants you to decide something for him, you have to remind him it’s his decision
  • everyone recognizes you as the one couple with too much pda
  • he snogs you in public, it doesn’t matter who’s watching
  • and if you don’t give him enough attention, he starts getting sexual, kissing your neck
  • lives for long hugs, once you hug him, he’s not letting go
  • always look at you like :3
  • doesn’t know how to get past “I love you” in words so he gives you gifts in hope of you appreaciating it and him
  • scared of you leaving, so he overanalyzes everything


  • he is very interested in making food from different places and experimenting around with them, someimes creating obscure things
  • but he doesn’t need to eat himself so he just watches your facial expressions to see what he should do and what he shouldn’t
  • often clueless as to what you want if you don’t express yourself cleanly and is horrible with picking up puns
  • the things he says can often be taken very dirty, but he doesn’t realize
  • if you want something, he gets it, no matter the trouble he has to go through (at least you managed to convince him not to have sex with women to get to it)
  • more concerned about you getting sick than he is


  • a second mother, basically
  • a hot mother
  • she makes you eat and drink not matter if you already did, so it makes sense for you to not make yourself food, she does it anyways
  • if somethings off about your hair/ make up, she’s immeadiatly fixes it
  • gotta be pretty
  • good at hairstyling and knowing what will look good on you
  • knows some obstruse places everywhere, and will show them to you
  • probably knows magic idk she looks magical to me


  • you’d think there would be fighting, but there isn’t
  • they’re chill with everything and everyone and don’t see a reason for fighting
  • and they make sure they get their fair share of you
  • they are all very warm, so it’s its own kind of hell to sleep with them on summer nights
  • once they get close to someone, they open up and voice their thoughts
  • things do get done more quickly with 3 boyfriends
  • when they are feeling silly, they do ring around the rosie around you in perfect synchronity and it’s creepy
Actual thing that happened to me today

Okay so I was mini golfing with my brother and grandmother and there’s this girl and her friend/sister/girlfriend/whatever in front of us. We finished the hole we were on and we were waiting for the two girls to move to the next hole. The friend/sister/girlfriend/ect just says, “I don’t really like dogs.” I don’t know if that had anything to do with what they were just talking about or if it did, I wasn’t really listening. Then the other girl just says, “woof.”

Seeing a probably coincidental reference, I look at the girl and sneer, “Phantomhive.”

She looked at me, fake GAGGED & SAID “TRANCY TRASH”

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As demons, do you suppose that Sebastian, Claude, Hannah, and the demon triplets feel the same emotions as human beings do? like joy, sorrow, anger/rage, fear, love/lust, and jealousy?

I think they generally feel more emotions than they can admit… even to themselves. Hannah has become more in-tune with her emotions since devouring Luka’s soul….

Kuorshitsuji Characters Cooking:

so, i saw this post

and naturally, i was able to pair each of those gifs up with a kuro character– so here we go!

alois and claude:










the triplets:


and of course…


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Moving onward, here we go: What would be the guilty pleasure song from each of the demons & reapers ((have fun with it cuz I know I have a ton of songs I know I wish I didn't like but I do haha))

Grim Reapers.

  • Undertaker: Fall away by The Fray or Haven’t had enough by Marianas Trench.
  • William T. Spears: Now you’re gone by BassHunter.
  • Ronald Knox: Cross my heart by Marianas Trench.
  • Grell Sutcliff: All you had to do was stay by Taylor Swift.


  • Sebastian Michaelis: SexyBack by Justin Timberlake.
  • Claude Faustus: Dance with the devil by Breaking Benjamin. 
  • Hannah AnnaFellows: She’s a rebel by Green day.
  • CanterBury: Nobody’s listening by Linkin Park.
  • Thompson: Hell of a ride by Bo BurnHam. 
  • Timber: Novacaine by Fall Out Boy.