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  • Tony: So I'm -
  • Steve: Beautiful?
  • Bucky: Gorgeous?
  • T'Challa: Magnificent?
  • Tony: Pregnant
  • Steve, Bucky & T'Challa: ......huh??
  • Clint: Oooooooh...
  • Tony: You're all the fathers
  • Steve, Bucky & T'Challa: ......HUH??!!
  • Clint: Oooooooh, shit! Nat owes me 70 bucks!

why am I like this

Who posted this photo?

While I rewatched some episodes and saw the ending again, I began to wonder about this photo, what it’s about and why it’s there in-between all the selfies because it’s clearly different from the rest.

Let’s get over all the pictures in the ending first. We’ve got a picture of Chris, Michele and Sara, Phichit, JJ, then this one, Seung, Otabek, Guang-Hong, Yurio, Victor, Victor again, Yurio again, and a photo of Yuuri and Victor posted by the triplets.

Three things I noticed about the photos in the ending:

  • They were all posted by the skaters themselves, except for the last one of Yuuri and Victor that the triplets posted.
  • There is only one picture of each skater, except for Yurio and Victor but they are the main characters.
  • Yuuri didn’t post anything even though he is one of the main characters.

So, if we assume this photo is from one of the skaters who hasn’t posted any of the other photos, we’re left with:

Emil, Georgi, Leo, Minami and Yuuri (he’s in Victor’s and the triplets’ photos but he didn’t post anything himself)

It shouldn’t be Minami or Leo because whoever posted this was drinking alcohol. Legal drinking age in Japan is 20 and in the US it’s 21. So they both are too young to drink.

That leaves Emil, Georgi and Yuuri. So, next clue:

This doesn’t even come close to anyone’s name. If this photo was really posted by one of the skaters, why this weird username and not their own name? Emil is a very energetic and open person so I guess he would rather post selfies and use his real name, and I also don’t see a reason why Georgi wouldn’t just use his name to post stuff.

My idea: It’s a long shot, but what if PABarthezzz is Yuuri? While we saw him using social media time and time again, there was never a moment where we saw his username or a moment he posted something himself. And we know that he was socially awkward and had problems making friends. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched that he got an account with a fake name because the anonymity of the internet can help you with expressing yourself and getting in contact with others.

Edit after episode 11: Some of you had the idea that it could be Minako and it would have made some sense because of the alcohol in the photo and the word ‘bar’ in the username. It was a good guess but it’s not Minako either. We can see it here:

Fazbear Triplets and a doll
Fazbear Triplets and a doll

After looking at this little shortie by leeffi I wanted to do a voiceover for it, I did add some lines before the dialogue for this.  I hope you like it Lina.

Art and comic by Leeffi /Lrstudio

Fazbear Triplet voices by yours truly, Wonkywhomp

Thank You {Triplet!Ben x Reader}

A/N- Alright so I wrote this based off the Triplets AU and THIS post {the Ben part of it of course}  I actually originally sent this to @thirst-order-confessions as a short anon ask and the wonderful Mod Rose liked it and wanted me to continue it then she suggested I actually post it, so that’s what im doing! I also decided to make this take place during the Collage AU as well! [This is my first ever attempt at writing anything even vaguely smutty so dont judge!] Hope yall like it!

 Everyone knew of Ben Solo’s reputation. Dozens of women and men could validate that all of the rumors about “Man whore Ben” were true. “He sleeps with anyone he can get. Doesn’t matter who they are.” was one thing you had heard about him “There is no second chance. He fucks you once and leaves. Don’t expect to hear from him again.” was another. Ben was a hot gossip topic in your school. There always seemed to be someone whispering new secrets about him wherever you went.

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Yuuri better thank the triplets someday for posting the video. When you get down to it they’re posting the video is the catalyst for Viktor traveling to Japan to coach Yuuri.

Obviously, his eyes were on him long before that, at least a year before, but Yuuri had more or less disappeared from the scene.

When you’re getting married to your fabulous-o, Russian figure skating prince, Yuuri, just make sure you show some gratitude to the girls. They saved your life. 

More work doodles of Gravity Falls AUs!

1.) TAU. Imagine that there’s a brief but intense resurgence of the Wild West film genre at some point after Transcendence. Imagine Mabel throwing a hoedown-style dance party. Imagine her somehow coercing Dipper into learning period appropriate fiddle tunes and providing the music. Imagine all of them dancing around like the happy dorky family they are. :D

2.) TAU. Just epic twins back to back with weapons of choice. 

3.) Monster Falls. Deer take dirt baths. I can see Dipper giving this a try just once. I can also see Stan and Mabel saying “DIPPER NO” and hosing him down before he’s allowed back inside. Stan’s squirting a load of flea and tick shampoo onto an oversized scrub-brush of the sort you might use on a car. Deer take dirt baths to get rid of fleas and ticks, right? So he’s going to show Dipper that if this is the problem there are other, better solutions. Dipper is not amused.

4.) MONSTER FALLS AND TAU CROSSOVER JUST BECAUSE I COULD. Considered having Deerper meet Alcor but then my thoughts took a different track with the antlers. I have no idea how Henry is in this world (or how Deerper is in the other?) but it is indescribably weird for him to see a cervitaur version of his brother in law.