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  • Tony: So I'm -
  • Steve: Beautiful?
  • Bucky: Gorgeous?
  • T'Challa: Magnificent?
  • Tony: Pregnant
  • Steve, Bucky & T'Challa: ......huh??
  • Clint: Oooooooh...
  • Tony: You're all the fathers
  • Steve, Bucky & T'Challa: ......HUH??!!
  • Clint: Oooooooh, shit! Nat owes me 70 bucks!

Grimm Fancast: Monroe & Rosalee’s Triplets

We (Admin D and Admin Liza) decided to do a fancast of the triplets, since we never got to see them in the show. We also picked out names for them!

  • Top Left: Isabelle Fuhrman as Farrin
  • Top Right: Asher Monroe as Felix
  • Middle: Quinn Shephard as Fredericka (”Freddie” for short)
  • Bottom: Our beloved Monrosalee!

So what do you guys think? Who would you cast as the triplets?


And then he kissed her, before she could reply, or ask, or react, or whatever she could have felt like doing. Not that she wasn’t feeling that… 
He was kissing her, his lips pressed on hers as if that was everything that could ever express his emotions, the only explanation he could give and that she could understand. Cause he tried to find the words, he really did, but they just weren’t the right ones. He wasn’t great with words, but that was also why actions exist. He totally was more of the practical guy, and in that case, Brynn didn’t mind at all. 

She could feel his body pressed against hers, his hands looking for her hips, for her back, for her whole body, to bring Brynn even closer to him. Her stiff, tense posture melted with his touch, even if that was her first romantic contact with a boy, it just felt so right? After the first seconds of shock Brynn started feeling her heart pounding in her chest, so hard that she was sure not only that it wanted to escape from her chest but that Sebstian could feel it too. He stopped kissing her and looked at her, her cheeks bright red, her eyes still confused. He could do nothing but chuckle, and kissed her again.

h hey yall whats goin on in this thread

i finished the books in a week and a half flat like 2 weeks ago and its taken me until now to process everything that happened, so have this sloppy doodle of the quagmires as i imagine them and hope it motivates me to draw something with more time invested in it

(left to right, quigley, isadora, duncan; thats absolutely a commonplace book)

What to Expect Ch. 8


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12.23.17 // Off To New York

It’s finally my kids winter break which means, family time in New York. The girls really wanted to spend the holidays in New York where Lance family were so we decided why not? We’re staying in New York until January 8 so we get to really enjoy ourselves. We’re already here and we’re very jet lag.

Getting through the airport with these kids were pretty easy even though the airport was so pack. The airplane ride here was very calm also.

Tomorrow we are most likely going to play in the snow (that’s the main thing the kids going to do.) Just have wonderful family time.

P.S. you know about my last post about the homeless family? Well I found out that they actually found them a home and the girl’s classmate will be back at their school when they go back to school :)

I refuse to believe that wash and york are friends tbh like wash shit talks york way too much and york is mean to wash so their relationship is more of a “we work together so being friendly is a thing we should do but I still hate you” relationship