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  • Tony: So I'm -
  • Steve: Beautiful?
  • Bucky: Gorgeous?
  • T'Challa: Magnificent?
  • Tony: Pregnant
  • Steve, Bucky & T'Challa: ......huh??
  • Clint: Oooooooh...
  • Tony: You're all the fathers
  • Steve, Bucky & T'Challa: ......HUH??!!
  • Clint: Oooooooh, shit! Nat owes me 70 bucks!

Grimm Fancast: Monroe & Rosalee’s Triplets

We (Admin D and Admin Liza) decided to do a fancast of the triplets, since we never got to see them in the show. We also picked out names for them!

  • Top Left: Isabelle Fuhrman as Farrin
  • Top Right: Asher Monroe as Felix
  • Middle: Quinn Shephard as Fredericka (”Freddie” for short)
  • Bottom: Our beloved Monrosalee!

So what do you guys think? Who would you cast as the triplets?

h hey yall whats goin on in this thread

i finished the books in a week and a half flat like 2 weeks ago and its taken me until now to process everything that happened, so have this sloppy doodle of the quagmires as i imagine them and hope it motivates me to draw something with more time invested in it

(left to right, quigley, isadora, duncan; thats absolutely a commonplace book)

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Re: summer of mutual pining, my very favorite is thinking about their beach days. (And also poor Victor completely not used to the heat compared to St Petersburg summers.)

YES YES AND ALSO YES, this is why I always watch the ending credits every time. I think this is the one show where I really wanted more filler? I could have watched a double-length episode of two small children in love just splashing each other and also their dog.

And yessss Victor was definitely not prepared for the summer. He’s definitely been to Tokyo, and most likely Sapporo, but he probably hasn’t been as far south as Kyushu, and I doubt he was prepared for how summers in Japan can get.

- There is, by Victor’s calculation, a daily average of at least 1000% humidity. He never knew that his hair could floof that much. The literal only reason his humidity hair does not have its own Instagram tag is because Yuuri made the triplets promise not to post it.

- Though he got much more careful later, he kicked off the summer with a horrific sunburn. “You’re so white,” Yuuri somehow manages not to say as he carefully applies aloe vera.

- “Are parasols in fashion here?” Victor asks as a group of college-age women walk by.

“I guess,” Yuuri says. There’s a beat. “Did you want one?”

(Victor really wants one.)

- There’s a two week period where Victor conducts an informal poll throughout the town of Hasetsu, asking everyone how they stay cool. Top answers include: spicy food, scary stories, watermelon, and storing your pajamas in the freezer. He tries everything, to mixed results.

- The Katsukis take him to buy his first yukata, which Yuuri wraps him into with the focus of a brain surgeon. Victor holds onto the feeling of his fingers sliding under the folds of fabric and brushing against his shoulders.

- They spend a lot of time on porches, under overhangs, waiting for rain to pass. “I think it’ll be over soon,” Yuuri says. Victor is in no hurry.

Hi guys! Much like @mom-squad , the three of us have decided to make a blog for everyone’s favorite triplets: us! To kick off our blog, we’ve decided to create our very own birthday page! Yay!

How to join:

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What you’ll get:

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  • and you’ll have to endure our never ending shitposts (sorry not sorry)
Nightmare x Cross; awakening of the monsters 2

(Hello people!! How have you been? I hope fine! I just finished this and I hope you enjoy!!! Also there will be a timeskip in this where Nightmare and Cross’s kids are born! I hope you enjoy this, bye!!!)

Nightmare pov.
It was morning and I was still sleeping with Cross in my arms, I blocked the sun out with the curtain drapes, I just wanted to sleep….Then I felt Cross getting off the bed and I sat up to see him running into the bathroom and I followed after to see him throwing up and crying.“Nightmare…I….Feel so weird….” I sighed and rested on hand on his back and I kiss his cheek,“Its just the side effects of pregnancy, you just have to bare with it.”

Cross stared at me with his beautiful eyes, I blushed and then kissed him tenderly. He kissed back and they kissed over and over again.“You should get your rest love.” Nightmare whispered as Cross nodded and he fell asleep again on the bed as Nightmare smiled down at him,“I love you….”

Timeskip a month later….

Cross pov.
I’ve been noticing it was more of a challenge to get up now and Nightmare was always fussing over me whenever I tried to help around the castle, one time, I was helping Killer bring in some heavy boxes and Nightmare yelled at him, saying that I was pregnant and I needed to save my strength and he won’t let me on an missions and makes the other sanses do my missions.“Nightmare can I go on mission please?” “No.” “Pretty please?” “No.” “Pl-” “N-O spells no!” I growled in frustration as Nightmare was agonizing his office,“I can go to the store and buy chocolate and tacos for you, how about that?” “CHOCOLATE!!!!TACOS!!!!!!!” I then threw my sword at the wall and ran around screaming as Nightmare quickly left.

“Okay, now to go on a mission.” I said to myself as I left to the mission to find some jewel a year ago………

Normal pov.
Nightmare grabbed tacos and chocolate for his Cross and he just stole the whole supplies of chocolate and tacos, he quickly teleported home to find Cross gone,“Cross!?” Nightmare shouted, he ran all over the castle looking for him, but he couldn’t find him,“Have you seen Cross?” He asked everyone and they all replied with a no. “Cross, where are you!?” Nightmare then felt a wave of negative feelings coming from a far distance and he felt the presence of Cross.“Cross!?” He quickly teleported to only be thrown on a train, suddenly he remembered this place,“Oh god! Hey can you move this train faster!?” Nightmare realized that no one was on, except him.“Please be okay Cross.”

Cross felt a wave of emotions rushing to him as he breathed heavily,“REMEMBER ME, DON’T YOU KNOW ME, YOU LOVED ME, YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER ME CROSS, HOW CAN YOU FORGET GINGER?!” Cross screamed more as the voices screamed at him and he cried,‘who were they? What did they want from HIM? He doesn’t remember them!’ “Leave me alone!” He screamed and then he heard nothing, he only heard the wind and a train stopping, “Cross! Why did you leave!?” Cross felt himself being picked up by someone and that someone was Nightmare,“I TOLD YOU TO STAY HOME!!!” He yelled at Cross who just whimpered and he whispered,“Who is Ginger!?”

He felt Nightmare stiffened as he stared at him,“I don’t know…….Let’s get home……” Cross snuggled to Nightmare as they headed back on the train……..

????? Pov.
The darkness is our home, the only home we have, we can only watch as we slowly fade away in this place of forget and old o.c.s that will forever be forgotten by our ‘creators’ and they think they leave us to rot away? I don’t think so, I just watch as the triplets lay unconscious on the floor and I, the leader of this place will rule and destroy the things that the creators love and I’ll show them how much pain we have suffered.

Nightmare pov.
I brought Cross home and I layed him on our bed and checked his stomach and sighed in relief. “Nightmare, I’m sorry for running off…” I stared at him and he looked tired,“It’s alright, now get some sleep.” I climbed in after him and he smiled as he snuggled deeper into my chest,“I promise won’t let her touch you again, my love….”

Timeskip to 7 months…..
I began getting more worried for Cross, he was going to have our baby soon and I don’t want him pushing himself to his limits, just the other day, he was sparing with horror and he got sliced near the gut and I had to beat the crap out of Horror, he began getting picky about his food, and now he was a ticking bomb, ready to blow up at anyone.“Nightmare! I want chocolate!” I heard Cross scream, I sighed as I got his chocolate,“I love you, Cross.” “Me too Nightmare.” He said and I decided to take a walk.

Cross pov.
I feel so hungry and ate the chocolate and I still was hungry,“I’ll get more on food….” I made some toast and began eating and then I felt something, “hmmm? ” I felt it again only harder,“what is that?” Soon I felt pain in my stomach and I hissed as I fell down, screaming.“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, NIGHTMARE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

(Cliffhanger! I’m sorry, this is only one part of the story, my tablet earsed half the story and I had to rewrite it, I’ll update the second part tomorrow and I’ll also redit this too, for now enjoy!!!!!!!)

I refuse to believe that wash and york are friends tbh like wash shit talks york way too much and york is mean to wash so their relationship is more of a “we work together so being friendly is a thing we should do but I still hate you” relationship

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how about Supernatural in a Yuri!!! On Ice au? :D

YES EXCELLENT. (and this turned into destiel because oops)

  • cas is victor in this au. known as castiel krushnic, he’s russia’s top skater with five time gpf wins. he’s everyone’s favorite, practically unbeatable. during his latest skating year, he finds himself losing inspiration and desperately needs to get it back. 

  • dean is america’s top skater, but because of his intense lack of self worth he thinks he could easily be replaced with anyone (not to mention he’s older than a lot of the other skaters because he couldn’t begin skating competitively until after sam was in college.) he gets into an argument with john right before the free skate of the gpf, and that’s why he completely screws up and lands in last. he’s convinced it’s because he’s a crappy skater and not because he was emotionally distressed from the fight, and on top of it all his idol, castiel krushnic, doesn’t even seem to recognize him as a fellow skater when he sees him in the hall. he returns to america dejected and lost.

  • fast forward. dean’s unsure of if he should retire or not, so he decides to blow off some steam by skating cas’s routine from the current season. he’s amazing at it from having watched so many times, and unbeknown to him sam is secretly recording him while he skates the routine. sam posts it on youtube and it goes viral in a day. 

  • anna is the one who finds the routine online and links cas to it. he watches and immediately decides that this is it, this is the inspiration he needs. he flies to kansas and offers to be dean’s coach, and while he gets a little bit of snark from dean about it (which in reality is just his way of hiding how much he’s panicking over the castiel krushnic wanting to be his coach), he agrees. 

  • they clash a lot at first. dean doesn’t like change and cas is suggesting adding in jumps he’s never even fathomed before because he’s convinced he just can’t do them. cas argues back that if he can perform his winning free skate routine, he can afford to add in that quad flip he’s so afraid of. it’s during this time when cas realizes just how deep dean’s insecurities and self doubt runs, so he tries his best to encourage dean and push him whenever he can. 

  • when they begin competitive season, dean tries adding in the new jumps cas suggested. he lands the quad loop but still struggles on the flip. before his last gpf qualifying round before being named to the final, he has a heart to heart with dean about his potential and how he believes in him, sam believes in him, and of course, how if he truly is going to succeed, he needs to begin believing in himself. that day, dean lands his quad flip for the first time in competition. cas races out onto the ice afterwards and kisses him. 

  • dean makes it all the way to the grand prix final, to nobody’s surprise but his own. between the kiss and now, him and cas have been spending every waking moment together and he’s absolutely sure that despite all odds, he’s fallen hard for his coach. because of this, he tells cas that he’s going to retire after this season so he can return to competition, which cas does not take well at all. (imagine dean saying that he’ll say yes to michael in s5 and put that push up against the wall situation here but without the beating). cas is livid because he’s too talented to retire, not yet, and they argue for a long time before they agree to both make their decisions after the gpf is over. 

  • his short program has a few bobbles because he’s kinda stressed from fighting with cas. cas, noticing this, talks to him before he skates his free program and tells him that he’ll respect any decision dean makes and tells him to do his best. this helps dean a lot, but it also makes him realize that he doesn’t want it to end here. he loves the ice and he loves cas and he’s not about to give that up so easily, so he fights with everything he’s got. in the end he loses out to samadriel (seriously how can a kid that young skate that well?) but promises that he’ll come back and win gold next year. that’s when cas admits that he misses the ice too and they agree to compete together. 

  • and yes, they do pair skate during the exhibition to cas’s routine and it’s beautiful??? and pure???

  • other random things: gabriel is christophe, bobby is celestino, benny is phichit. sam is like the triplets (always posting dean’s performances on social media) while charlie is yuuko. jody can be minako! idk who would be yakov though. 

anyway, this is probably not what you were looking for at all but *gestures to it with a ‘i tried’ poster*

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it


4.28.17 // Onesie Party

Since tonight is Friday, I decided that we wear onesies and watch Disney’s movies and stay up late. The girls thought it was an awesome idea while Lance thought he was too cool but he did it for his little girls. We only watched three movies before all the kids fell asleep. Now Lance and I are watching his favorite carton movie which is Lion King. Good night guys<3

YURIO in Yuri on Ice Ep. 12 - Interpretation/Analysis

In my personal opinion, I believe Yuri on Ice made suggestions towards my Yurio crush theory (1, 2), but if you prefer to think of it as just admiration, that’s fine. Either way, it’s a beautiful turn of events. I’m going to take apart the scenes from Episode 12 and explain how I interpret them.

This episode really hit me in the feels and I loved it. So far I’ve seen a lot of positive responses to it, but I have also seen people who are unhappy with Yurio’s part in it. If you are one of those people, I’d suggest reading this post or my post about Yurio’s past, as I think they help people get a new perspective on him.


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Happy new year~^^ The hanbok has become much smaller…