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Whatever The Hell We Want : A Bradbury Blake Playlist

Who We Are And Who We Need To Be : A Bellamy Blake Playlist

We’ve Been At War Since We Landed : A Boris Blake Playlist

Whether or not you want it, here’s my contribution to the Blake Triplets ridiculousness. Check it out on 8tracks (links on the playlist titles)! Hope you guys like it!

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what in the world is your blog playlist playing? all i hear is kids crying.

Clips from The Return of Superman (Superman is Back), Song Triplets edition. You probably ended up with a clip of them crying about something lmao. Seriously tho, watch this show- especially watch the Song Triplet episodes. (Sad that they aren’t on there anymore, but their Instagram is just as adorable)

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This one is the cutest angel ever. His face is so round I can’t even. :3

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This one acted in his dad’s historical drama along with his brothers, costume and all. And he’s my overall fave of the three. (He’s actually acting in the gif.) 

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And the one hugging is my first favorite.  I just chose gifs where it looks like they might fit in the Hwarang universe, but I think their clothes are too modern for the time period.

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And who can forget their equally adorable and talented dad.

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He acted as the main character in the historical drama Jang Yeongsil (the one his son was also in)

The mom is also just as adorable. (She’s a high court judge so her entire face couldn’t really be found.) I could only find a clip of her where half her face is seen and it kinda made me cry because it was the Triplet’s last episode. 

I’m sorry, this post suddenly became a Song Triplets family appreciation. They’re so goddamn adorable. :3 


Time flies so fast

I was checking out the captions and tags on their IG posts in the  ED song and well, I just came to realize that the one who had posted the last photo were the triplets.

These sneaky little brats, I love them. Let’s face it, if it weren’t for these three, Victor wouldn’t have been able to see Yuri skate and there would be no fated Onsen scene. I could imagine these wee munchkins documenting Yuri and Victor (GIF above being exhibit A) moments.And their reason?

All the skater otaku will love it.

Just look at Yuri and Victor’s faces on the second gif. They don’t seem to be even aware that someone had taken a photo of them. I mean just look at Victor’s face. He’s so focused on brushing Yuri’s hair. He’s not looking anywhere else. It’s just him and Yuri and this moment and this friggin brush and his fingers on Yuri’s dam silky soft hair. And Yuri? Yeah, dam Victor’s fingers feel good I need to close my eyes to just immerse myself in the feel of it. They sure look like they’re enjoying each other even in such a simple action.

And oh hey here comes the triplets, visiting I dunno Yu-topia Akatsuki for the onsens and oh look it’s Victor and Yuri shhh let’s take a picture of them and hmm I dunno upload to the net and feed it to all the skater otaku!

Right? Right? Yeah, right.

And can I just say I love the way Victor looks at Yuri on his IG post? It’s such a soft and tender look that just says: “I’m happy”, “I’m glad I met you”, “You’ve grown so much”, “I’m proud of you”, “I’m grateful I was given the chance to see it with my own eyes”, “I love youall in one look.

And just how perfect was it that they lyrics layered atop that particular shot was: “C’mon and take my breath away”.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think that’s a coincidence. (˵ ✩꒳✩ ˵)


Newt: Hey, (y/n). I was just wondering…Why did you change your status to ‘in a relationship with Newt’ on Facebook? 

(y/n): …wha- I never– STUART!

*Thanks for requesting!*

Late Night Talks  Robert Small/Dadsona

              You were stretched out on the couch, eyes closed, while Tiny House Hunting Amish Triplets: Extreme Edition played in the background. You felt yourself about to drift off to sleep when suddenly you heard your phone ping. It then pinged several more times, prompting a loud groan and causing you to sit up from your reclined position, reaching for it.

“Mmm…” you mumbled out, eyes squinted at the screen.

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