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ocha-no-jikan  asked:

Dear Psychara, what would you wear on a prom? My prom is in a few month, my style is alternative, I never wear dresses but I want to (just for the prom). Maybe you can inspire me :D ♥


Niceee, I never went to a prom, simply because it’s not that populair here in the Netherlands and the schools I went to didn’t do proms :3 I hope you have lots of fun!

I’ll post some of my fanciest outfits down below! I hope it could inspire you!

^ Dress is Petal dress by Hell Bunny, shoes were a gift so idk! Hair is by Triplesix hair designs, called krinklepuff-hairfalls!

^ Dress was from h&m, necklace from ebay!

^ Shirt by Kreepsville 666, skirt of h&m, socks from the vampirefreaks store, shoes are creepers I found cheap on! 

^ Dress was actually a gift from a fan! Brand is Gothic Lolita Punk or something. Necklace  and eyeball sticks from Kreepsville666

^ Skirt from h&m

^ Dress from Primark

^ Dress, hat and cardigan from h&m, shoes are by Demonia

^ Dress by Hell Bunny, shoes by Demonia

^ Primark dress again, cardigan also from Primark

make-up ^

anonymous asked:

I am 109% sure you have answered this before but I can't find it on your blog anywhere so I am sorry buuuut where can you buy/ where do you specifically buy dreads. Do you know of someone who custom makes them (for a decent price)? Also that ships to the US? Sorry to bother you but I really trust your judgement regarding dreads.

That’s okay, I own from several dreadmakers! :D Link + photo:

Darcrainbow Creations ^

Imp and Petal ^

Erindasdreads (the lilac one’s) ^

Batty Dread Creations

and krinklepuffs by Triplesix Hair Designs ^

Besides Erindasdreads, they’re all located in the USA and aren’t that expensive for the amount of work they put in them! All last very long and every dreadmaker has it’s own unique style!