Your Onii-chan’s Favorite Mashups graces your bedroom once again, with over 20 ultra-kawaii mashups and remixes~!

Download it here or listen to it on YouTube!


  1. PONPON and Slam
  2. Bad Friday!!
  3. Deus Ex Gon’ Give It to Ya
  4. iDOL Your Voodoo, Bitch!!
  5. Niggas in Oath Sign
  6. Escape From The Sengen
  7. Get Row(zen Maiden)
  8. 99 Conkers
  9. Orgy and I Know It
  10. Super Minaj 3D Land
  11. Crawling! Sailor Fuku
  12. Soulja iro Days
  13. Bowser Jr.’s Teenage Dream
  14. One Dream, One Neck, One Back
  15. We Found Fruit
  16. Naisonic Hanashi
  17. Damn It Feels Good to Be a Cripple
  18. Winter Mash Up
  19. Rebirth in the Deep
  20. Mangler Beam!!

Ruined Forever is back!

Download it here, or listen to it on Youtube!


  1. En-Gee-Neer
  2. Kirby’s Low-Land
  3. She Flies High (Ballin’)
  4. It’s Gonna Touch the Sky, Right? Right?
  5. A Young Boy’s Nut Reception 
  6. My Little Sister Just Wants To Play Video Games
  7. Hinawa Want Me (Calle Mariachi) 
  8. Laddiescrump
  9. Sakura Droppin’ at da Holidae In
  10. A Drug That Makes You Like a G6
  11. Goron’s LoveGame
  12. Humoresque of a Little Dogg
  13. The Best of Both Angel’s Theses
  14. Suteki da Club
  15. Connect Haters To Da Movies