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hi! i really love your blog and your scenarios! they're really great!!! i was wondering if you could do one with rfa + saeran where mc is feeling very insecure about her weight because she's gained some weight recently is a kinda chubby/curvy and they try to uplift mc and make her feel better and more confident~ i'm having a similar problem and would find this a little comforting~ ❤️

You never need to feel insecure about your shape! It’s your body and it’s perfect no matter what shape it is. Hopefully, these will help you to feel more confident, though! ~H x

RFA with an MC that’s insecure about her weight


-He noticed that you’d been standing in front of the mirror for quite a while, looking at your stomach
-“What’s wrong, MC?” he asked, noticing the frown on your face.
-“Yoosung, do you think I’m fat?” you asked.
-He was very startled
-“Of course not! Why would I think that?” he panicked, thinking it was something he’d done.
-You sighed
-“I’m sure I’ve put on weight. I’m getting chubby,” you explained.
-“You look perfect- you always do. It doesn’t matter to me if you maybe put on a bit of weight and I’m sure no-one else can tell either,” he consoled.
-You shrugged and released your top
-“I just feel disgusting,” you sighed.
-Yoosung knew how to fix that
-“Want to go and get some ice cream and play LOLOL?” he suggested.
-“Yeah,” you grinned, glad that at least your boyfriend didn’t think you being a bit curvier was an issue.


-You’d decided to go out with Zen less
-Because you were pretty sure you’d put on weight and didn’t want to ruin his image
-But Zen had realised you standing in front of the mirror
-And decided to subtly lift your spirits
-So he left post it notes round the house saying how beautiful you were
-Next time he suggested a run in the park and you rejected, he decided to talk to you
-“Why not, MC? You used to love going out,” he asked.
-“I’m getting fat,” you stated with a sigh.
-“Nonsense,” Zen declared, “You’re body’s perfect, ok? You can’t leave your boyfriend just because you think you aren’t as beautiful as you actually are.”
-“Sorry, Zen. I feel like I have to be perfect to be with you,” you sighed.
-“And you are,” Zen kissed your nose, “So will you come jogging with me? Please?”
-You smiled


-You were sure Jaehee was losing weight
-So the fact that you thought you’d put on a bit made you feel really fat compared to her
-Why would she stay with you when she could have someone with a figure like hers?
-Jaehee wasn’t blind and could tell you were feeling self-conscious about your weight
-Mainly from the figure hiding clothes you wore
-So she decided to constantly pay you compliments
-Because she wants you to know she thinks you’re beautiful
-Only you don’t take it that way
-And you think it’s because she thinks you’re getting fat
-So you ask her
-“Jaehee, do you think I’m fat?”
-“Of course I don’t! If I was concerned about your health, would I have given you a triple chocolate muffin yesterday?” Jaehee asked.
-“But do you think that I look horrible?” you sighed.
-“No!” Jaehee said, “You look beautiful. I promise that I’ll love you no matter what size you are. I’d rather you gained weight because then I’d know you’re eating well.”
-That made you feel a bit better
-But you were still going to try exercising if Jaehee kept feeding you cakes and cookies


-You first noticed that you’d gained a bit of weight when your custom made dress Jumin had bought you started to feel a bit tight
-But you didn’t want to let Jumin down
-And you squeezed into it
-Jumin could tell it was too tight, though
-“Princess, I could buy you a new dress if that one isn’t fitting too well,” he offered.
-“No, it’s fine. I’ll just have to lose a bit of weight,” you laughed it off.
-Did Jumin think you looked fat?
-“It’s too tight, my love. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable and I want you to stay the size you are. Please- let me buy you a new dress,” he begged.
-Wait- he wanted you to stay that size?
-“Don’t you think I’m getting a bit fat?” you asked.
-Jumin raised an eyebrow at you
-“Not at all. You look as beautiful as ever, my dear,” he responded.
-You sighed. Jumin would say that regardless
-“MC,” he said, taking your hands, “I can tell it’s bothering you, but I can tell you with certainty that you look just as perfect to me as you always do. I’m still in love with you and I always will be, no matter what shape you are. It’s your kind heart I fell for.”
-You couldn’t stop the tears
-You hugged Jumin tightly
-“Thank you,” you smiled.


-Apparently, a life of sitting around and doing nothing other than binge on Honey Buddha Chips was not good for you
-Your stomach started to reflect this
-And it made you pretty upset when you realised
-Seven noticed this and asked what was wrong
-“I’m getting fat,” you complained, “It’s from all the HBC.”
-“Ouch! How could you offend my children like that,” he mocked.
-Until you glared at him
-“Ok, ok, I don’t think you look fat at all, love,” he smiled, “Just squishy.”
-And he proceeded to hug you
-“Saeyoung!” you complained.
-“Sorry,” he grinned, “We could start exercising a bit. It would probably be a good idea.”
-You agreed
-So the two of you took up going for runs in the park
-Which usually turned into late night stargazing on a park bench
-The perfect date
-With the new exercise you two were getting, you didn’t feel as conscious about the Honey Buddha Chips
-And if you were ever feeling a bit squishy, you could count on Seven to cheer you up
-Because, hey, what’s a bit of cute chub if it means the best food on the planet?


-He noticed that you were getting a little chubbier
-And he loved it
-He would constantly be cuddling you or lying on your lab or finding some way to be squished up next to you
-But you just thought you were fat
-So you decided to ask Saeran what he thought
-“Saeran, am I getting really fat?” you asked.
-“No,” he said, “You’re just really nice to cuddle. Perfect.”
-That wasn’t exactly the answer you wanted
-But it still made you blush
-“So you don’t think I need to lose weight?” you checked.
-“Definitely not. You look great and you feel great,” Saeran informed you.
-At least he was honest
-After considering losing weight for a few days, you decided you could definitely get used to Saeran constantly cuddling you
-Maybe you weren’t fat after all
-You were just right for Saeran
-And he’s all that mattered to you


-No, you don’t look fat hun, I’m blind
-(That was a joke, he’s had surgery in this)
-He noticed your change in clothes first
-Suddenly you were wearing baggy things instead of the lovely tight-fitting outfits you used to wear
-But he didn’t mention anything- maybe you just wanted a style change
-Until you came to him
-“V, I’ve become really fat. What am I going to do,” you suddenly sobbed whilst you were sat on the couch together, watching TV.
-“No you’ve not,” V reasoned, “You’re absolutely fine at the weight you are. I’d tell you if I was concerned for your health.”
-“It’s not just that,” you sighed, “I look horrible.”
-V laughed slightly
-“MC, I don’t think you could look horrible if you tried. Your personality’s too nice and you’re beautiful anyway,” V said.
-You groaned. You just wanted to know if you were getting fat.
-“But I have put on weight, right?” you asked.
-“I wouldn’t have noticed,” V shrugged.
-He knew you were upset about the topic
-So he decided to comfort you
-“MC, no matter what shape or size you get, I will always love and support you. If you want to exercise more, I’ll join you. If you want to change our diet, I’d be happy to. You are just fine the way you are, though, so it depends what makes you happy because I’m happy to just have you,” he said.
-You almost cried
-“Thanks, V,” you smiled softly, hugging him close.

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Mama what kinds of muffins would the characters be? (I'm eating a blueberry muffin right not ^-^ )

Mikasa: White Chocolate Strawberry Muffin
Reiner: Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Chips Muffin
Bertholdt: PBJ Muffin
Annie: Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffin 
Eren: Apple Cinnamon Muffin
Jean: Poppy Seeds Muffin
Marco: Cinnamon Muffin
Sasha: Banana Muffin
Connie: S’more Muffin
Historia: Cranberry Muffin
Armin: Blueberry Muffin
Ymir: Buttermilk Maple French Toast Muffin
Levi: Vanilla Muffin
Hanji: Nutella Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Muffins
Erwin: Coffee Muffins
Nanaba: Buttermilk Muffins
Mike: Vanilla Smarties Muffin
Moblit: Eggnog Blueberry Muffins

“You bake when you’re stressed and sometimes you give me cookies, but recently you’re giving me whole baskets each day, now I’m not complaining but are you okay?” coldflash AU 

(from this post)

for @airydoorway

The smell is driving Barry nuts.

The day he moves in, he appreciates the homely undertones of vanilla in the air, and thinks that the previous owner of the tiny apartment must’ve been the type to collect those pricy, excessively scented candles. It’s not an unpleasant smell, per se, so he opens a window and doesn’t think twice about it.

The vanilla, however, persists for some time. When it finally goes away and Barry takes a deep, relieved breath, a hint of cinnamon tickles his nose. He spends two hours rooting through the apartment’s shelves and cabinets in search of the offending candle, but comes up empty-handed.

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- barista!yoongi scenario | tea and sympathy -

 what’s the best way to get over a bad break-up? ordering everything on the sweet menu at the nearest cafe, of course!  

A/N: this was requested by @justthewaymymindworks, but it somehow became a barista!au? I hope you don’t mind… :)
genre: fluff, mild angst
word count: 2.1k

Ten minutes and twenty-three seconds since the damage was done.

Now, you’re in the nearest café, ordering all the sweets you can afford, and swallowing tears.

The barista eyes you over the counter, eyebrows raising a millimetre with each dessert you order.

“… and a slice of Victoria sponge, and some of those macaroons, and a brownie, and a triple-chocolate muffin…”

His eyes shuffle over you, taking in the red nose, the tear-clumped eyelashes, the wobbling lips – all part of the barely functioning human that is you. He doesn’t comment, just asks: “Anything else?”

“A chamomile tea.” You avert your gaze, not wanting his judgement. It’s not his business what you order. Yeah, that’s right, Mr… (you glance at his name tag) … Mr Yoongi, it’s not your business. This is between me, and my stomach… and my ex-boyfriend who just left me standing in the street.

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Open starter (possible connections: boyfriend, fiance, housemate)

Kat knew that she had some annoying habits but this one was the worst of them all. Not being able to sleep had always led to her baking and now at 2 in the morning that was what she found herself doing. Triple chocolate muffins and homemade ice cream were what she was feeling and banging around the kitchen the way she was was what was going to get it for her. Looking up when she heard the other person clear their voice she smiled sheepishly, “I’m sorry, did I wake you?”

It’s just sex

Request: “I didn’t mean for it to go this far” with Ashton
Summary: it’s not just sex 


“What do you mean, Ashton asked you to go to the Christmas event with him?” 

You shrug, pretending it’s not a big deal.

“I don’t know, he just did. It doesn’t mean anything.”

“It doesn’t mean anything?” Your best friend gasps, shaking her head at you. “Honestly, at this point, you’re deluded.”

“I’m not deluded. It’s just sex.”

She sighs, taking a sip of her coffee.

“You’re both gonna end up with a broken heart.”

Setting your jaw, you pointedly refuse to answer and turn your attention back to your delicious triple chocolate muffin. It’s just a stupid event, it’s not like he got down on one knee and proposed.

He just asked you because he couldn’t think of anyone else and didn’t want to just go with his band for the third year in a row.

Thankfully your friend lets you change the subject to what she’s been up to in the past couple of weeks, but as she talks about the difference between Vogue photoshoots and other magazines she’s been on the cover of, you can’t help your mind drifting back to Ashton’s earnest eyes, the careless smile in the aftermath of your passion. His tan body lazily stretched on the white rumpled sheets, the drawl in his voice when he asked you out, as if it weren’t completely out of the blue, as if it were normal.

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I was gonna eat the triple chocolate muffins I bought yesterday, but I decided to be nice and offer everyone else one. 4 muffins, 5 people including me… everyone else said yes so I gave them all away and didn’t get one myself….. 

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I'm so happy you're taking prompts. I have an idea for a Narry one! A coffee shop AU where Harry works as a barista and every week he sees a pretty blonde boy sitting at the same table, always the same time of the day, for hours by himself.

Harry feels like he’s going a little bit cross-eyed but he can’t stop staring at this guy; Niall, if the name called each time for his drink is correct, or Sweet Flower Child with the Angel Eyes, if Drunk Harry has his way. Drunk Harry should never have his way. It’s just that, Harry says it once after a couple shots and then it’s all anyone wants to talk about. Harry would prefer not to talk about it, ever, but his friends are not that cool.

“You know,” Zayn prods at Harry’s elbow off the edge where he has them leaning on the counter top and Harry nearly face-plants into his dishrag because he hadn’t been expecting that. “It won’t kill you if you go talk to him.” Zayn offers, staying his ground even as Harry spins around to glare at him.

“You don’t know that.” Harry snaps before he twists back around, slowly so as not to draw attention to himself but the café is mostly empty, aside from a couple teens enjoying the summer, a spattering of old men, and Niall, of course, with his laptop and latte as he is wont to do lately. “You don’t know that.” Harry could very well die of embarrassment and then where would Zayn be.

See, Harry can still remember a time, when he didn’t know Niall’s name, but he used to show up with his arms loaded with textbooks and bags under his eyes, ordering the strongest drink on the menu just trying to stay awake. Harry would sneak him a muffin or something for free just trying to pull a smile from Niall’s face, and more often than not, it usually worked, small private things for Harry’s eyes only that said more than he could read.

Now though, Niall comes in with his laptop tucked under his arm and takes his regular table in the corner, and Harry kind of wants to give him those muffins just like old times, but there was a whole three month period wherein Niall didn’t show up at all, and Harry just hasn’t started up again. It would be awkward to do it again, Harry thinks, so he just won’t.

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Mothers Day


“Dad can we go wake Mom up yet?” Xavier asked as he help his younger sister Violet walk down the stairs. “Not yet buddy. I still have to finish making breakfast. Do you two want to come help me?” I asked while mixing the pancake batter. I set up some paper and crayons for the two kids to make cards so that I could finish up before Y/N wakes up. “Daddy?” I heard Violet say from behind me. “Yes baby” I asked while turning around to see her standing right behind me. “I help you?” She asked while hugging my leg. I nodded and picked her up as I cooked the pancakes. “How does that taste?” I asked as I gave her a bite of pancake and fruit. “Yummy!” Violet said as she took a strawberry from the pile. “Ok you two the food is done now lets make the plate look pretty so that we can bring it to Mommy.” I said as I put Violet down. Finally everything was done and we went into our bedroom to wake Y/N up. The kids of coarse ran and jumped onto the bed while giving her kisses before I placed the breakfast on the side table.

Ashton: “Chloe you are yelling. Please stop that and just play with your little brother nicely ok? Mommy is still trying to sleep.” I said as I put the fresh flower into a vase and set up the tray of food for Y/N. “Daddy when can we give Mommy her cards?” Logan asked as he sat in fron of the tv. “Really soon Logan just let Daddy finish everything up.” I said while putting the finishing touches on everything. “Alright you two lets go wake Mommy up nicely and calmly.” I said while carrying the tray and teddy bear to our bedroom. “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!” Chloe and Logan said as they climbed onto our bed and gave Y/N hugs and kisses. “Happy Mother’s Day baby!” I said while setting the tray down on her lap. “Awe thank you guys so much! I love you all very much now who made these cute cards?” Y/N said while holding onto the cards that the kids had made the night before. “We did Mommy!” the kids said with huge smiles on their faces. “Well thank you. I love them very much!”

Luke: Since Y/N is such an early riser we couldn’t pull off the whole breakfast in bed thing so instead we went out for brunch with both of our families. “Good choice on the restaurant Luke.” my mother in law Y/Moms/N said while playing with the kids. “Thank you! It great that we can spend this holiday all together as one big family. I’m sure the kids just love this right Isabella?” I ask the little girl who is sat on my lap. She just nods before playing with Y/N’s hand again. “Hey babe can you get me a muffin and some juice?” Y/N asks I nod and lift Isabella off of my lap before holding her hand and taking her over to the food. “Get that one Daddy!” she yells while pointing at the triple chocolate chip muffins. “We can share that ok baby? I think Mommy wants the blueberry muffin and a glass of orange juice. Can you hold our muffin?” I ask as I grab both muffins. She nods and takes hold of it before running back towards the table with me trailing slowly behind her. “Thanks babe.” Y/N said while giving me a kiss on the cheek. “No problem Y/N. I hope you’re enjoying the day so far.” I said while sitting Isabella on my lap again.

Michael: “Daddy?” I heard Makayla and Josiah say as I felt some tugging on my hair and hand. “Mhm?” I said still half asleep. “It’s time for breakfast Mommy told us to wake you up.” Makayla said while trying to open my eyes for me. “Wait what?” I shoot out of bed realizing that once again Y/N woke up before I could even surprise her with anything. “Not again!” I said while climbing out of bed with my kids and going down to the kitchen. “Babe I am so sorry that I didn’t get to surprise you again this year! I really don’t mean to sleep in this late every year it’s just that I’m a heavy sleeper.” I said while giving her hugs and kisses. “It’s ok Mikey you say this every year and it’s totally fine ok? I love you and I know that you want to every year but I’m just an early riser and you like to sleep in.” She said while hugging me back. “I swear I will get it done next year and if I don’t just wake me up and tell me to make you food ok? I will be your persona slave for the day this I can guarantee.