what i want in a sinnoh remake: a very long list of unreasonable demands

- diamond and pearl opening- bring back being attacked by starly. c’mon. that as a fully animated cutscene would be a lot more impactful than platinum’s opening

- and while we’re at lake verity, throw in a mesprit sighting. links the player into the overarching plot much earlier on; when did we first hear about the lake spirits in the originals? celestic town? i cant remember it’s been too long

- speaking of surfing, for the love of Arceus please make surfing faster and reduce the encounter rate for water (and caves while we’re at it- mt. coronet without repels is more of a hell than the distortion world could ever hope to be)

- bidoof is every ride pokemon. need to fly somewhere? tie it to a drifblim. surf? tape it to a floatzel. fight me.

- also can we have a way to get through that snow faster like please. give us skis or something. i don’t want to deal with that every time i want to get a glaceon or some shit.

- can we have the option of wearing platinum clothes before we go up to snowpoint? think of poor dawn. she’s in a miniskirt. in a blizzard.

- please use the platinum regional dex oh my god if i have to use a rapidash again i might cry

- bring back mega evolutions- z moves are an alolan thing and we need a way to get more mega stones in gen 7 anyways

- put a key stone / z crystal port on the poketch bc otherwise we’ve got like three wrist things to wear

- more battles with dawn/lucas, tag battle or regular battle, i don’t care, include them more

- i’d suggest triple battles with dawn/lucas/barry but given that this would (hopefully) be on the sun and moon engine that would probably be slower than surfing in d/p/pt was

- cyrus had such a good backstory incorporate it into the main story please

- hey remember those walk cycles datamined from sun and moon? if they are only used in amity square im going to cut someone use them in the whole overworld you cowards

- fix the great marsh, and make it memorable- it’s the last safari zone we’re probably gonna see for a long time

- please don’t kill the game corner please don’t kill the game corner please dont kill the

- if you have to kill the game corner, keep the music and put it somewhere else

- spear pillar goes down exactly like dppt except, you guessed it, giratina shows up and drags everyone into the distortion world. if you really wanna make it about the mascot legendaries you could, like, make giratina unbattleable and have it holding the mascot hostage and you have to battle it to save it or whatever


- since pokemon bank is now a thing, the pal park will probably be obsolete- replace it with something really cool, don’t just leave it there and have it permanently closed or something

- opinion: don’t bring back the festival plaza. it made interacting with friends online way too complicated. the wifi plaza in the basement of the pokemon center could probably do a good job of replacing it

- battle frontier or riot

- give me a lillie cameo please please please

- arceus post story please

- incorporate the darkrai event- that was bomb af

okay that’s all i have thank u for reading

A list of Some of the Goddesses

Adraste - Goddess of Destiny

Amemet - Goddess of The Land of the West

Ana - Goddess of Plenty

Anapurna - Goddess of Plenty

Aphrodite - Goddess of Love and Beauty, But also of the Hunt

Aradia - Daughter of Diana, Goddess of the Full Moon

Ariadne - Goddess of Light

Arianrhod - Goddess of Fertility and Life Passage; Goddess of the Full Moon

Artemis - Huntress Goddess of Wildlife, Fertility, Children and Young Girls

Atremis of Ephesus - Goddess as the Great Mother

Astraea - Goddess of Justice

Asthoreth (Astarte) - Horned Goddess of Fertility and Love; Goddess of War

Bendis - Goddess of the Dark Moon, Wisdom, The Under-World and Witches

Brigit - Goddess of Fertility, Healing, Skills, and Poets

Cerridwen - Goddess of Magic, Wisdom and the Underworld

Danu - Mother Goddess, Goddess of Abundance

Demeter - Goddess of Fertility, Crops and Fruitfulness

Diana - Goddess of the Moon, Children, Wilderness and Witches

Diti - Goddess of Wishes Granted

Epona - Goddess of Horses and Abundance

Fortuna - Goddess of Fate and Chance

Freya - Goddess of Nature, Fertility, and Magic

Gaia - Goddess of the Earth, Earth Mother

Gerda - Goddess of Light

Harmonia - Goddess of Warrior Women

Hecate - Goddess of the Dark Moon, Magic, Wisdom and Witches

Hulda - Goddess of the Underworld

Inanna - Goddess of the Horned Moon, Goddess of Love

Isis - Great Goddess, Mother Goddess, and Goddess of Magic

Lakshmi - Goddess of Fortune

Lola - Goddess of Gambler’s Luck

Maat - Goddess of Truth and Balance

Minerva - Goddess of War, Wisdom, Crafts and Skills

Morrigan (The) - Triple Goddess of Battle, War and Plenty (Badb, Macha, Anu)

Nixes - Goddess of Water Spirits

Norns - Three Fates

Persephone - Goddess of Corn (Wheat) and of the Underworld

Ran - Sea Goddess

Rhea - Great Mother Goddess

Rhiannon - Goddess of the Underworld

Sarasvati - Goddess of Knowledge, Poetry, Music, and Patroness of Students

Selene - Goddess of the Full Moon and Magic Workers

Sin - Fairy Women with Magical Warriors

Skadia - Mountain Goddess

Tailtiu - Goddess of the Earth

Uma Parvati - Mother Goddess, Goddess of the Earth, Fertility

Uto - Snake Goddess of Regeneration and Fertility

Vesta - Goddess of the Hearth, Home and Herblore

places in rick riordan’s books
↳ triple g ranch (the battle of the labyrinth)

“’Red cattle,’ Annabeth said. ‘The cattle of the sun.’
‘What?’ I asked.
‘They’re sacred to Apollo.’
‘Holy cows?’

So on New Year’s Eve my brother challenged me to a triple rotation battle in ORAS. Now I had only just gotten the game on Christmas so I wasn’t anywhere close to beating the game and my pokemon were seriously under leveled. However since the pokemon are just automatically bumped to lvl 50 for the battle I figured, eh why not?


His legendary team completely destroyed my first 5 pokemon.

I was down to my very last pokemon, a Lombre I had named Skip.

I decided I was gonna lose anyway, but I wasn’t gonna go down without a fight.

So I used Teeter Dance, which is a move that confuses the opponent’s pokemon. Doesn’t do any damage tho.





Pokémon USUM: New Trailer August Leaks!!

Trainers, Mark your calendars for August 2017! USUM first AMAZE-Trailer is coming up! (Not Japan Shows First Looks and Not a Special Distribution Trailer)


There’s a Ultra Beast invasion in the story line!

Two mysterious new Ultra Beasts: UB-06 Particle, which looks like a giant atom, and UB-06 Virus, which looks like a mutant cell or bacteria.

  • Pokemon Ultra Sun new Ultra Beast!  UB-06 Particle
  • Pokemon Ultra Moon new Ultra Beast! UB-06 Virus

New form of Necrozma which looks even spikier than its regular form and has a lot of rainbow elements.

Triple battles return

“Wow they really removed triple battles in Sun Moon.”

Literally had no reason to remove it and could have left it post game for those who enjoyed it but nope.

New Pokemon Refresh mini-game

No details to what it is yet.

First 2 New Alola forms!

Alolan Sentret and Alolan Hoothoot

New Clothing: backpacks styled after multiple types of Poké Balls

Similar to this, In game-form:

Some roaming legendary Pokémon return.

Hmm…sounds like Entei.

Mimikyu new “Horror” form?!

After disguise activates on certain Mimikyu, their sheet falls off and shows a dark creature with a round head, 8 peircing red eyes, and 8 of it’s claws holding it up, along with a drooling mouth.

Salazzle “male” form!

Like this:

Only obtained while leveling up with the move Thief (bandit)

  • It’s ability is Prankster, and is Poison/Dark. 

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Quick After-Battle Triple Chocolate Cake, from Book of Enchantments by Patricia C. Wrede!

A reader suggested this recipe to me, and as soon as I read the entire recipe I went HAR and got to cooking immediately, because look at this bit here:

Bake next to fire while gathering loot. Give helmet back to sucker who let you mix cake in it; promise him first piece if he gets too mad. Eat warm while counting loot. Serves two.

[Thank you for all your support for my book!]

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hereandtherecrystaleevee  asked:

Aitan and Sundog for crack ship meme?

Novos is Fairy/Rock. They have tremendous HP, defense, and special defense, but not much in the way of attacking at all, and their moves mirror this. As such, they make a great shield in double and triple battles, and a useful wall when others on the team need healing. They’re kinda sensitive about it, though.

Correspondences for the Morrigan

Correspondences are believed by many to enhance the focus and effectiveness of spell work and ritual. The following correspondences can be used for any work calling upon the Morrigan, the Irish triple goddess of sovereignty, battle, and death, as a whole or particularly in her aspect as Morrigu,

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pokemon hcs pt. 2

boss’ memo : here’s part one ! i hope you enjoy ! :0

  • maria’s only pokemon happens to be a gardevoir ! her name is anna and she’s extremely protective of maria,, gardevoir are known for being prepared to give their lives for their trainers at a moment’s notice, and anna is constantly on edge due to her powerful need to protect maria,, she doesn’t talk, of course, but she does understand when maria talks to her. she’s very intelligent and adores maria with all her heart
    • maria works at the equivalent of old friends senior dogs sanctuary but for pokemon
    • anna is a contest champion! she’s adorned with many ribbons, and maria would actually like to become a pokemon coordinator someday, as she enjoys dressing her pokemon up and performing with them!
  • james (madison) owns several baby pokemon,, most predominantly is his poliwag, who he just calls “baby”! baby tends to follow james around, and isn’t particularly powerful (none of james’ pokemon really are),, james isn’t the most skilled at naming his pokemon
    • if you challenge james, he’ll likely get ready to fight you. like, with his actual hands. he doesn’t like seeing his pokemon get injured,, especially because they’re all so little
      • other than baby pokemon, james has a quite powerful luxray named arielle, which was given to him by thomas (if he has a non-baby pokemon, it’s likely that thomas gave them to him)
    • it’s rumored that he owns the hoothoot that follows alex around, but he’s never really mentioned them….
    • he owns an oddish, named greens! if any of james’ pokemon absolutely need to fight, it’s most likely going to be greens, as she knows moonblast and is unafraid to use it if she feels you’re a threat to james,, she enjoys long walks on the beach and digging in the dirt
    • james works at the pokemon daycare, and as you may have guessed, cares for the baby pokemon
  • thomas says he’s picky with the pokemon he chooses, but he actually isn’t. he often ends up catching and raising a pokemon to it’s highest evolution, and then will usually give it to james, as he knows james will take care of it. his first pokemon was a ninetails named ambroise,, ambroise is temperamental, and thomas adopted him from a shelter when he was a vulpix. they’re notoriously high-maintenance, but thomas was up for the challenge
    • while attempting to catch a jigglypuff, thomas ended up catching lou the zoroark, who happened to be disguised as a jigglypuff at the time,, he didn’t mind, really, as zoroarks are rarer, and lou seems to be the only thing capable of even remotely calming down ambroise,, they might be boyfriends? thomas is unsure
    • thomas also owns a lopunny named narcisse,, judging by the name, one can assume narcisse tends to act like a spoiled prince, and they would be correct. narcisse is known for “playfully” kicking anyone who upsets him, and enjoys collecting shiny things,, he is capable of mega evolution, and is highly dangerous during it
    • thomas loves pampering his pokemon and honestly doesn’t even mind one bit that they’re high-maintenance
  • angelica is a big fan of bug and fairy type pokemon–which are pokemon often looked down at. her primary pokemon is a very aggressive scoliopede named jelly. jelly enjoys winning above all, and is a horrifying force of nature on the battlefield, as she doesn’t give up until she’s sure her opponent is Finished. she’s been known to survive countless fire attacks, and sweep entire parties without an issue,, angelica could not be prouder.
    • she also owns a vespiquen named mary, who happens to be rather lazy in her behavior and used to being doted on,, though, she knows angelica isn’t going to baby her, so she tries to get this attention from her fellow pokemon (it sometimes works). mary pulls her own weight and has been responsible for many last minute victories or sweeps !! she always comes out last, so she can clean up whatever mess the pokemon prior to her have created using some combination of fury cutter, heal order, hone claws, and defend order !
      • generally angelica is not someone who is fun to battle due to this,,
    • angelica also owns a red florges that she caught as a flabebe with her siblings–her name is adenium, or addi, for short,, her use of wish makes her incredibly annoying to face off against, added in with the fact that angelica has gotten in the habit of occasionally teaching addi toxic (this is sometimes switched with protect, which is also frustrating),, addi is quite close to angelica, being the first one she caught
    • though, if you believed you’d be able to burn through angelica’s team, she’d likely give you a bit of pause with her primarina, marsha!! she’s the trump card, if you will !
    • angelica is the second-to-last member of the elite four that you would face!
    • whenever angelica defeats her opponents, she’ll often remark that they were beaten by a bug / fairy, and rather than feel ashamed, should feel honored
      • …. (she’s right)
    • she has a non-combative pokemon: a togekiss named lucas. he’s mostly there to look nice, and also for transport. he’s actually level 2. you’ll often find him out of his pokeball and hovering near to angelica, as he loves her!
  • eliza is rather unique in that she specializes in double or triple battles–whether she be working alone or with a partner. she owns a blue florges named aconitum, which happens to be the first pokemon she ever caught, which she did so with her siblings!! aconitum often ends up sweeping her foes, especially after being aided by helping hand (which most of her pokemon have)
    • she owns a cinccino named cappuccino, and he’s usually who she has out with aconitum ! true to how his species is, he’s quite organized !! he often helps eliza clean up after a long day, and he never minds it at all !
    • eliza also owns a charizard which she jokingly named angelica ii–so she just calls her angie. her charizard is her main mode of transportation, and is also quite tranquil. she is skilled at ending fights rather than starting them
    • eliza used to be a member of the elite four, but she’s currently adventuring with peggy
  • peggy is a pokemon ranger ! her partner pokemon is a mimikyu named ragdoll. she only owns two pokemon as of now. ragdoll is rather powerful, and he’s extremely close with peggy, and often found resting on her shoulder or hair
    • peggy’s nearly completed her training in the local ranger base as an intern, and will be transferred to almia, soon!
      • (she graduated the ranger school with honors)
    • ragdoll has several disguises, of which include :
      • standard pikachu
      • sylveon
      • whimsicott
      • pachirisu
      • minccino
    • peggy wants to catch a ditto before she gets transferred, and eliza wants to help her out with that–hence they travel together!
    • peggy also owns a yellow florges that she caught as a flabebe with her siblings–the florges is named laburnum, or labby for short ! she’s the more powerful pokemon between her and ragdoll, and peggy only uses her when she gets Serious

 Roman Reigns Imagine:

Word Count: 479

Prompt: “You’d better remember who’s in charge, ‘cause it’s not you.”

Summary: Roman Reigns battles Triple H for the entire company.

“Here with us today is the Women’s WWE champion, Cordy “ Jerry said into the headset.

“Hey! Thanks for having me down here today Jerry!” You responded, looking up into the ring where your on and off screen boyfriend stood. The lights dropped down to a complete darkness and Triple H’s music began to play. He paraded out  accompanied by Stephanie who had a mic in her left hand. As they approached the ring, Triple H stayed behind as only Stephanie entered the ring.

“Roman Roman Roman…. When are you gonna learn that you and that dumb skank of yours are nothing but stupid, powerless nobodys?” She spit into the microphone. He laughed walking away from her, towards the announce table where you were sitting. You turned around and grabbed a mic tossing it to him.

“First off, My beautifullllll girlfriend…..” He paused as the crowd erupted in cheers causing you to giggle.

“has more class than you could ever DREAM of having….. Second of all… This company should belong to the people!” He exclaims as the crowd goes wild. You stand up and walk over to the ring, climbing in and joining Roman. You grab the microphone from his hand.

“Third off, a stupid ass bitch whos daddy paved her whole career by the way,” you added sassily.

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The Springfield Region

Because I’m a weirdo, I made a Pokemon Region based on The Simpsons.

By which I mean I made the Gym Leaders and Elite Four based on name puns, the Elite Four being based on characters voiced by guest stars.


  1. Hans Moleman - Ground Type - Trains a Diglett, an Alolan Diglett, and his signature, Drilbur.
  2. Dr. Nick Riviera - Water Type - A Pokemon Battle with lots of water at a hospital? Sure! What could go wrong? - Trains a Chinchou, a Dewott, and his signature, Psyduck.
  3. Snake Jailbird - Flying Type - The Penitentiary is now home to some Bird trainers, including Sideshow Bob who uses two Murkrows (an attempted murder) and either a Dartrix, a Combusken, or a Prinplup, whichever has the advantage over your rival. As for Snake, he - Trains a Dunsparce (it isn’t Snake without a Snake, and it has wings so close enough.), a Fletchinder, and a Honchkrow, his signature.
  4. Seymour Skinner - Psychic Type - As a Principal, making people use their brains is part of the job, combine that with his name sounding like “See More” and Bingo Bongo! - He trains a Slowking (he seems like a Slowking trainer), an Alolan Raichu (Nibbles), a Metang (from his war days) and his signature, a Claydol that sees more!
  5. Jasper Beardley - Rock Type - What? Did you think I’d give it to Kent Brockman? Let’s give the old folks some action. - He trains an Onix and a Relicanth (known for their longevity), a Shuckle, and his signature, an Alolan Golem (because of the beard).
  6. Nelson Muntz - Fighting Type - The bullies and the nerds alike serve in his gym. Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney use all three Hitmons in a triple battle before you face Nelson. - Primeape, Toxicroak, Scrafty, and his main, a Haw-Hawlucha.
  7. Drederick Tatum - Dark Type - He might be a boxer, but his name almost has “Dread” in it. Springfield’s celebrities are the trainers in his gym, including Krusty the Klown with is Krafty Krustacean, Krawdaunt! Now with that senseless series of Ks over, Drederick’s team! - Hitmonchan (breaking protocol here, but he’s a boxer for pete’s sake!), Zoroark, Crawdaunt, Pangoro, and his main, Incineroar.
  8. Mr. Burns - Fire Type - The nuclear plant is the stage for the final badge, but the employees are the obstacles along the way, including Homer Simpson and his Pignite, Darmanitan, and Camerupt. Even the Inanimate Carbon Rod has a Pokemon for some reason, but nobody’s questioning the rod with a Chandelure. After dealing with waves of employees and released Houndours, it’s up against Smithers with his Flareon, Pyroar, Rapidash and Houndoom. After him… - Mr. Burns’ party consists of Heatmor (for it’s engine guts and head shape), Emboar (because of that oaf in sector 7G), Ninetails and Arcanine (canines), Torkoal (because tortoises can become very old, and it sets up sunny day for) his final Pokemon, a Mega Houndoom (the ultimate hound, and frankly the final gym leaders should have a Mega up their sleeves.)!


  • Hank Scorpio - Bug/Poison Type - The supervillain you wish was your boss brought an event-only legendary to the Elite Four! - Drapion, Salazzle, Genesect, Volcarona, Mega Beedrill.
  • Artie Ziff - Ice Type - His frivolous spending might have gotten his company under when the bubble burst, but he got some shinies out of it, including a shiny legend. - Shiny Cloyster, Crabominable, Vanilluxe (reminds him of Marge), Shiny Articuno, Shiny Mega Abomasnow.
  • Herb Powell - Grass Type - Homer’s half-brother. I try to retell his story with his Pokemon. - Gogoat (his car company), Exeggutor (Homer), Dhelmise (bankrupsy), Leavanny (The baby talk machine. It’s a stretch, I know.), Mega Sceptile (becoming rich again)
  • Elon Musk - Dragon Type - Because Elon sounds a bit like the Chinese word for Dragon. - Dragalge, Turtonator, Zweilous, Kommo-o, Mega Salamence.


Hello, Bart.

  • Bart Simpson - Varied, leaning towards Dark. - Your rival, the champ, America’s bad boy, it’s Bart. - Mightyena (Santa’s Little Helper) Mamoswine (because Donphan was too plain for Stampy), Hydreigon (underleveled, of course.), and the two of these that doesn’t match the first type of his starter: Greninja (Bart Jr. the frog), Serperior (Strangles the Snake), and Incineroar (Snowball II). Finally His Mega-Evolved Starter. Which has an advantage over yours.

And now, the post-champ pre-credits battle.

  • Kang and Kodos - Extraterrestrial Pokemon, mostly Psychics and Ultra Beasts - It’s a double battle to save the Earth. - Kang: Starmie, Xurkitree, Attack Deoxys. Kodos: Beheeyem, Celesteela, Defense Deoxys.

And that’s just about it. I have no ideas for the local legendaries or villain team. Take it away, shooshing lady!