O Morrigan, we call your name
Across the dusty years.
You speak to us, of blood and lust. 

date a girl who can potentially deal the most damage in one single attack through the use of numerous stat boosters; by using Helping Hand by two different Pokémon in a Triple battle, holding a Metronome, Power Trick, a Skill Swap to Pure Power or Huge Power, 6 Attack boosts, and a Mimiced Me First used on a slower Pokemon using the Defense Curl/Rollout combo. Also, her partner must have the ability Flower Gift and the weather must be sunny. On the 15th turn of using Rollout consecutively without any misses, if used against a level 1 Ledyba, Yanma or Combee with minimum Defense stats, that have been hit with negative Defense modifiers (such as Screech), she can deal 481,266,036 damage with a critical hit

The translation of this says:“All secret bases are in the Secret Meadow area, all are triple battles (for efficiency, but healing wish won’t work), all Blisseys hold toxic orb.Max Attack, Min HP and Def to make swagger strats easier.” These bases will be very useful for when you need to grind for exp, all you need to do is scan them using your Super-Secret Base PC, and the bases will show up. You’ll need to wait until the next day to battle them and capture their flag because QR-scanned bases need to wait until the midnight after you first visit them to be useable, so it’s best to add and visit them as soon as possible! The bases were created by twitter user gonzarez1938 and the translation was thanks to DragonWhale in this Smogon thread


WELL it’s been 3 years and 2 games (1 of which I’ve played three times) but this generation of Pokemon has definitely been my single greatest. 

For those who don’t know, those pillars are given to you in the Battle Maison once you rack up a streak of 50 or more in the Super variants of each battle class (Singles, Doubles, Triples, Rotation, and Multi). The teams I used for each category are below the trainer images, with each row corresponding to a format in the same order as I just listed (there are more than the allowed number of Pokemon in some rows because I wanted to give credit to everyone I used on a successful run through). 

Also, for no real reason i decided to use a very specific set of rules. First, for each trainer, I had to use the starters of a single type on all teams. So all my Alpha Sapphire teams had a Fire starter, the female Y playthrough’s all had a Water one, and the male Y playthrough’s all had a Grass one. Since there’s only 5 formats and 6 starts in each Gen, the remaining starters appear in other teams. Second, I did not allow there to be any overlap among the Pokemon I used in this entire challenge. The exceptions are the two Charizard and two Venusaur; however the two Charizard had different Mega stones and one Venusaur was Mega while the other was not, so I allow that on a technicality. 

Sooo… yeah! This took up the better part of the past few summers, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t glad it’s over, but I’m gonna miss it nonetheless. I look forward to whatever thematically appropriate battle institution awaits us in Gen 7! And I hope that they cheat a little less

So, This morning I was bored in bed so I decided to have some battles and I picked my sturdy Shedinja team, however, when I saw my opponent’s team I was like, damn he’s got a Talonflame and Mega Kangaskhan, everything has been ruined, so I just let my team came out randomly, I was planning on forfeit the match, but, for some reason I kept fighting, you know, for fun… The very fucker had a Smeargle with transfrom, which transformed into Mega Kangaskhan and that’s when I was like, OH HELL NO, let me tell you a thing, My Reuniclus has Skill Swap and my Audino has Entrainment, your Mega Kangaskhan ain’t Parental Bond anymore, Oh, Gale Wings Talonflame? Nope, no more gale wings, let me use Entrainment on it too :D

I didn’t make the sturdy Shedinja but Shedinja managed to kill Talonflame and Greninja thanks to Trick Room, he never died and I won.


TIP: When doing the Shedinja thingy, have a Pokemon with Frisk so you can see if your opponent has a Pokemon holding the Rocky Helmet, then you can kill it with other Pokémon or let it die with Toxic or something so Shedinja don’t have to deal with it. In my case I use Dusknoir because of Will-o-Wisp and its Bulk.

I call hax

(Hmmm… This could be done with any electric type that has magnet rise. Or Spiritomb or Sableye or something.)


First of all you would want to max out their speed EV’s and probably get them with 31 speed IV’s as well. Give Audino a Choice Scarf for sure since it’s just using Entrainment. Shedinja gets a Focus Sash so it can survive one hit in case the opponent has something super effective against it (it just needs to get that mimic in). Audino is a little bit bulky so it should survive at least one move (you will propably want to invest some EV’s in Def. and SP. Def.). Maybe instead of Magnet rise that turn for Elektross, protect might be a better option. (if you use Spiritomb or Saybleye you avoid the whole magnet rise problem all together)

With it’s Choice Scarf and it’s new ability Wonder Guard, Audino should manage to get it’s second Entratainment in. Electross can just use protect again and hope for hax so that it can stall until it has wonder guard. Of course now it doesn’t have levitate anymore, so you should probably get magnet rise in soon, perhaps give it a Shuca berry as well. Idk, there’re a lot of items that would benefit Electross in this strategy. Probably give Electross Dragon Claw for coverage and then some other good attack, there’re a lot of choices.

Some people have mentioned that they would destroy us with toxic. That’s why every other party member should be support members. Providing Aromatherapy, Safeguard, and Healing support.

Of course this strategy could easily fall apart if your opponent has the right Pokemon at the right time, but in any case this is fun to try out and to ponder.


The above video is of the Nintendo Direct that took place on February 13th for those that didn’t see it.  Here are the highlights: (Dates are for NA unless specified)

  • Little Mac is a playable character in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.  Game is reconfirmed for 2014
  • Mario Golf: World Tour - New Castle Club mode allows you to play as your Mii.  Releasing on May 2nd
  • Kirby Triple Deluxe will be released on May 2nd
  • Yoshi’s New Island allows Yoshi to transform into a Submarine and Jackhammer.  Super Yoshi can run fast and get wings with the Flapper Wings.  Releasing on March 14th
  • Steel Diver: Sub Wars has a free and paid version on the eshop allowing your to take down enemy subs and ships. Releasing later today
  • Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball is a free baseball minigame collection due out in April.
  • Pokemon Battle Trozei due out on 3DS eShop on March 20th
  • Last Guild 01 game Weapon Shop de Omasse will be released on February 20th.
  • Inazuma Eleven hitting the 3DS today
  • NES Remix 2 with new NES games including Super Mario Bros. 3, Metroid, Kirby’s Adventure and Zelda II will release on April 25th.
  • Child of Light hits Wii U on April 30th
  • GBA games hitting the Wii U Virtual Console including Metroid Fusion and Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
  • Mario Kart 8 will feature the Koopalings as 7 new playable characters and will release on May 30th
  • X was shown off showing the battle system based on Xenoblad Chronicles but with more polish
  • Bayonetta 2 is still on track for 2014

So there you have it, all of the wonderful information that came out of the Nintendo Direct.

It feels so so good when you beat Japanese Players with really good teams and high points in rated triple battles :’) I just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH Porygon2, YOU NEVER DISSAPOINT ME and that’s why I think you’re one of the best normal types ever!

A+ for the Dual Screens Klefki, you’re very helpful.

Anyways, here’s the code: APJW-WWWW-WWW6-CXNP

My brain was going to explode trying to figure out a different strategy since two of his Pokémon had intimidate as ability and all my Pokémon are physicall attackers except Porygon2 and since I didn’t have a chance to make the startegy I always use, I had to do something different but succesful :)

MY TEAM: Klefki, Porygon2, Klefable, Talonflame, Garchomp, Excadrill.

OPPONENT’S: Rotom-W, Tyranitar, Charizard Y, Hitmontop, Landorus, Gardevoir.

I love Pory2.


This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the history of pokemon.

My life is almost complete