So, This morning I was bored in bed so I decided to have some battles and I picked my sturdy Shedinja team, however, when I saw my opponent’s team I was like, damn he’s got a Talonflame and Mega Kangaskhan, everything has been ruined, so I just let my team came out randomly, I was planning on forfeit the match, but, for some reason I kept fighting, you know, for fun… The very fucker had a Smeargle with transfrom, which transformed into Mega Kangaskhan and that’s when I was like, OH HELL NO, let me tell you a thing, My Reuniclus has Skill Swap and my Audino has Entrainment, your Mega Kangaskhan ain’t Parental Bond anymore, Oh, Gale Wings Talonflame? Nope, no more gale wings, let me use Entrainment on it too :D

I didn’t make the sturdy Shedinja but Shedinja managed to kill Talonflame and Greninja thanks to Trick Room, he never died and I won.


TIP: When doing the Shedinja thingy, have a Pokemon with Frisk so you can see if your opponent has a Pokemon holding the Rocky Helmet, then you can kill it with other Pokémon or let it die with Toxic or something so Shedinja don’t have to deal with it. In my case I use Dusknoir because of Will-o-Wisp and its Bulk.

I call hax

(Hmmm… This could be done with any electric type that has magnet rise. Or Spiritomb or Sableye or something.)


First of all you would want to max out their speed EV’s and probably get them with 31 speed IV’s as well. Give Audino a Choice Scarf for sure since it’s just using Entrainment. Shedinja gets a Focus Sash so it can survive one hit in case the opponent has something super effective against it (it just needs to get that mimic in). Audino is a little bit bulky so it should survive at least one move (you will propably want to invest some EV’s in Def. and SP. Def.). Maybe instead of Magnet rise that turn for Elektross, protect might be a better option. (if you use Spiritomb or Saybleye you avoid the whole magnet rise problem all together)

With it’s Choice Scarf and it’s new ability Wonder Guard, Audino should manage to get it’s second Entratainment in. Electross can just use protect again and hope for hax so that it can stall until it has wonder guard. Of course now it doesn’t have levitate anymore, so you should probably get magnet rise in soon, perhaps give it a Shuca berry as well. Idk, there’re a lot of items that would benefit Electross in this strategy. Probably give Electross Dragon Claw for coverage and then some other good attack, there’re a lot of choices.

Some people have mentioned that they would destroy us with toxic. That’s why every other party member should be support members. Providing Aromatherapy, Safeguard, and Healing support.

Of course this strategy could easily fall apart if your opponent has the right Pokemon at the right time, but in any case this is fun to try out and to ponder.


This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the history of pokemon.

My life is almost complete


Pokemon Battle Spot Live - Triples #01 - THIS BATTLE IS INSANE!

Triples are back on the channel and we’re kicking things off with our trick room Rampardos team! Today we’re going up against someone with a trick room/eruption team that proves to be quite the challenge. This battle gets crazy close and I hope you enjoy it!

It feels so so good when you beat Japanese Players with really good teams and high points in rated triple battles :’) I just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH Porygon2, YOU NEVER DISSAPOINT ME and that’s why I think you’re one of the best normal types ever!

A+ for the Dual Screens Klefki, you’re very helpful.

Anyways, here’s the code: APJW-WWWW-WWW6-CXNP

My brain was going to explode trying to figure out a different strategy since two of his Pokémon had intimidate as ability and all my Pokémon are physicall attackers except Porygon2 and since I didn’t have a chance to make the startegy I always use, I had to do something different but succesful :)

MY TEAM: Klefki, Porygon2, Klefable, Talonflame, Garchomp, Excadrill.

OPPONENT’S: Rotom-W, Tyranitar, Charizard Y, Hitmontop, Landorus, Gardevoir.

I love Pory2.

BATTLE #1: So since I changed my friend code, everything in my Global Link Account was erased, So now I have to start my battles all over again. Even my friend code is different now… Anyway I went to the battle spot to have some triple battles and Garchomp made a party!

MY TEAM: Garchomp, Swampert, Ambipom, Klefki, Sableye and Talonflame.

OPPONENT’S TEAM: Trevenant, Gastrodon, Goodra, Florges, Mawile (Mega) and Ambipom.


*Challenge Me!


REMINDER: All my old battles don’t exist anymore because I formatted my 3DS and I got a new friend code, sorry about that.


Wailord Triple Metronome Battle


Hey there friends! Today I’m here with a triples teambuilder around the requested Rampardos, featuring the Merica Bird from last night :) 

I’m looking forward to using this one battle spot and I hope this helps for those who want to get into triples!

LMAO my mum just texted me asking me why i was screaming and yelling

Answer: my friend Kira just whooped my ass in a fucking triple pokemon battle and i didnt stand a fucking chance, so all you could hear was me yelling things like 


Here is the video of my Triple Battle where i used Hypno with Trick room and his little helpers - Aromatisse and Reinculus. Terribly sorry for weird “air noise” in this video. I have no idea how to remove this or how to make videos without it. If anyone can recommend me how - i will edit/re-record it and reupload.

But anyways! So…this is how usually my wall pokemon getting used in trick room based team. Alco check that Hypno out…he was able to survive till the very end and set up Trick Room twice! Even Hyper Beam Onix didn’t killed him.

At the very end when only Charizard with half HP left, the opposing trainer escaped the battle, but that doesn’t matter because it’s clearly visible what was going to happen next turn.

The greatest mistake i did - i forgot that my Calm Mind Aromatisse can OHKO MegaMewtwo because of mewtwo’s Fighting type.


Btw it’s funny that not so many people think that Hypno can be strong. This why they keep ignoring him and trying to attack Reinculus (which is here just for distracting). Which is their biggest mistake. As soon as Hypno will set up the Trick Room, the nightmare will begin. Not to mention that it’s a tricky situation because even if you will try to waste all turns for killing hypno, you will have your team poisoned and face Calm Mind Aromatisse and Reinculus.

(i have mega Blaziken in my team just for covering but i never had a chance of using him)