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Triple Barred Cross Earring

Dylan’s left ear was pierced, and he usually wore a “triple cross” earring. A friend of Dylan’s in 2002 said that it was homemade, but it has also been heard that it was made in Shop class at school or that it was specially ordered from a company. He drew the triple cross numerous times, repeating the same design over and over in his writings and doodles.


To Dylan, the triple barred cross symbolically represented the Ever-lasting Contrast - signifying the eternal battle of good and bad within himself, humanity and the world. The upright cross, the traditional christian style crucifix, representing the good, the pure, the light - adjoined to the inverted cross - representing the mirror opposite - the bad, the tainted, the dark. The union of polar opposites, the intersection of creative force and destructive force, positive and negative, joined as one. Dylan, himself, is represented as the large slashed bar that “cuts” across the middle of the two opposing crosses in constant internal conflict. The struggle of duality, of dark and light within himself, resonated deeply with Dylan.

I think Dylan was originally attracted by the two barred “Cross of Lorraine”. The symbol that was originally adopted by the Knights Templar and it’s form mirrors the teachings of Hermeticism and it’s occult axiom “As Above, So Below”. Marilyn Manson utilized the two barred symbol for his band post Columbine. I suspect that in the midst of a late night cutting session, Dylan discovered his own unique symbol from the original double barred cross. He cut a slash down the midsection of the double cross. You can see where he says “cut here” in his journal drawings and refers to the midsection as “me”. The symbol that Dylan arrived at on his own is actually known as a Salem’s Cross. I believe the earring was custom made to his exact specifications. It was the only earring he ever wore and religiously. It was so special to his being that he made sure to remove the earring, along with other personal items of significance, placing them in a small pile, before committing suicide.

” favorite contrasting symbol because it is so true & means so much.”

”..good things turn bad and bad things become good.”

witchy starbucks orders

i present to you my list of my starbucks coffee properties for the witch on the run! as a coffee addict i do brew lots at home, but i am a sucker for the fancier starbucks orders. enjoy!

*i drink/order all my coffees with almond milk for the property of luck, and my local starbucks has shakers of cinnamon and nutmeg along with chocolate and vanilla - see if yours does too! and of course, you can further personalize this to your needs in the case of an intolerance or allergies*

1. pumpkin spice latte, cinnamon, nutmeg: 
i am a big believer in the psl! as a clairvoyant, pumpkin spice with extras helps strengthen my gift because of its properties. I have taken to drinking this when working on my grimoire! 
ORDER: pumpkin spice latte, almond milk. at the sweetener bar, add a dash of nutmeg and two of cinnamon. if iced, no whip. 
PROPERTIES: espresso - clarity and focus; pumpkin spice (pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove) - luck, abundance; cinnamon - psychic awareness, energy, strength; nutmeg - clairvoyance, clarity

2. triple shot cafe latte, one pump vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg: 
i love espresso. if you prefer sweeter/milder coffees, one shot will get you started. if iced, no whip. 
ORDER: cafe latte, almond milk. a single shot vanilla syrup and triple espresso shot. at bar add two shakes nutmeg and three cinnamon. 
PROPERTIES: espresso - see 1; vanilla syrup - peaceful mind, luck; cinnamon, nutmeg - see 1 

3. caramel macchiato: 
a very simple order you can get in the drive through! caramel is one of my very favorite flavors in the world. those who prefer more sweetness, you’re in luck - this one is with extra from its original recipe!
ORDER: caramel macchiato, almond milk. two pumps sweetener (or more if you prefer).
PROPERTIES: espresso - see 1; as caramel is simply boiled sugar, i focus my energy on its properties. sugar - love, positivity, and of course, sweetness! this is beneficial if you need your mind lifted re: love, especially negativity in a love situation

4. peppermint mocha
a wonderful holiday order, both with the flavor alone but also its properties - plus it is drive through friendly as well! the properties are very appropriate for the holiday season when there may be family stress, and also is positive for the love that comes with the season. order hot with whip.
ORDER: peppermint mocha, almond milk.
PROPERTIES: espresso - see 1; peppermint - abundance in the home, soothing, cooling (emotionally), relaxing mental tension; chocolate - love and friendship; dark chocolate - grounding, passion in love, prosperity 

5. crème brûlée latte 
another drive through order and an option for those who prefer more sweetness! this is a VERY sugary order for those who enjoy such. order hot with whip. 
ORDER: crème brûlée latte, whip 
PROPERTIES: espresso - see 1; sugar - see 3; crème brûlée syrup - i have never found a specific established property list for crème brûlée itself, so i can only share my personal experience with its use. lifting energy, emotional richness, strengthening relationships of all forms

6. salted caramel mocha 
a personal favorite of mine! and as this one is the simplest along with 4 and 5, it is my choice for the witch in a rush. order hot with whip.
ORDER: salted caramel mocha, almond milk. 
PROPERTIES: espresso - see 1; caramel - see 3; sea salt - protection, purification, cleansing 

anonymous asked:

There was a fellowship called Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth (TOPY), founded in 1981, that uses Dylan's same exact tri tier cross as their symbol. They call it Thee Psychick Cross. Idk much about TOPY, but apparently people that are attracted to it tend to feel rejected from society's conditioning of normalcy and wish to break free from its chains. It's just interesting how Dylan's cross can be found in so many places. So I'm wondering, have you discovered anything that uses Dylan's cross too?

The Evolution of The Everlasting Contrast Triple-Barred Cross (of Salem)

No, sorry to say, the TOPY Thee Psychick Cross is not like Dylan’s. In fact, it is the exact opposite of the everlasting-contrast triple barred cross as the bars are reversed.

Detail below of Dylan’s shift in focus from the Cross of Lorraine’s two bar design to the Cross of Salem with three bars.  The ‘Cut Here’ is the larger slash across the middle representing himself in ‘Me’.

Imagine taking Dean to your high school reunion

Summary: Dean talks you into going to your ten year high school reunion

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,000

Warnings: self doubt/self esteem issues

A/N: sorry I’ve been so absent lately… between school and being sick and writer’s block, writing has been tough lately. Enjoy Dean fluff! I have a serious thing for scruffy Dean… (not my pic, found it on google images)

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Old friends (Dylan)

Words: 1933

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of Columbine

Request: Ok i hve a request! Can you make one after 4/20 where you were dylan’s gf and you’ve been so depressed after the massacre so one night while home you see dylan and he’s like i have one night to spend time with you and you guys talk & kiss & stuff SORRY THIS IS A MESS BUT LOVE U


Half of the people who came over kept saying that it would be a quick recovery, the other half kept saying that she was bad for getting hung up over it.

“Oh he killed people! He killed your friends, how are you sad?”

“He’s a monster, why do you miss him? Are you crazy too?”

Internally, (Y/N) wanted to get over it, be able to stand up proudly and talk about who he really was, but every time his face came to her mind, she would choke on her breath, beginning to sob into her sweater again. She was angry at him, she was so mad, but not for the reasons she should have been. She was mad that he had left her all alone, with everybody upset with her for something she didn’t do. She was mad that he didn’t think to warn her, he didn’t have a way to tell her that things weren’t okay with him.

And then she was sad, sad that this was the end for him, that he wasn’t going to do all the stuff that he talked about. When he talked about it, he spoke with a dreamy sense, as if his future was going to be the most ethereal experience that anybody had ever experienced.

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Dylan’s Mandala

 The Sanskrit meaning of mandala means “circle”. The circle is a symbol of perfection, eternity, unity and completeness/wholeness. It is a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds. Mandalas are incredibly versatile and can personify any number of meanings for the viewer. The meaning each mandala holds is limited only by the creator and the observer. Mandalas are circular designs symbolizing the notion that life is never ending. Many mandalas have spiritual significance to an individual or group of individuals.

 Merged Symbolism:

 Foundation 1

Polarity & Conflict  ~ The Everlasting Contrast triple-barred cross


 Center Layer 2

Fate ~ The Barbed Wheel of Fate


 Top Layer 3

Endless journey  ~ The Downward Spiral of infinincy or ‘DS’


So, I wanted to write something without kids…here we go.  Bucky and Sam.  Bro-nemies shenanigans after Darcy and Steve’s first date…

“Well well well, look who is doing the walk of shame.”

Steve furrowed his brow at Sam’s very loud announcement as he walked into the gym.  He didn’t quite understand that and shared a look with Bucky, who was standing next to Sam’s weight bench.  He had been heckling Sam as the man attempted to max out his bench press when Steve had walked in.  And he may have had a pinky on the left side of the bar, keeping Sam from reaching his goals.

But Bucky didn’t understand the phrase out of Parakeet Pant’s mouth either.  But a lifetime of being cool gave Bucky the good sense not to look perplexed.  Instead he plastered on that smirk that they had dug out of the recesses of his brain in Wakanda and nodded at Steve knowingly.

“I’m not—ashamed?” Steve shrugged his shoulders, dumping his gym bag on the bench and digging through it for his workout clothing.

“Berky over here said the reason you didn’t come down to the gym with him is because you didn’t come home last night,” Sam explained with a roll of his eyes as he got up from the bench.

Bucky simply started stacking his own weights on the bar, nearly tripling Sam’s maximum effort for his own warm up.  He had purposely kept Sam in the dark about the particulars about Steve’s date.  It had been with Pepper Potts’ right hand gal, one buxom and beautiful Darcy Lewis.  Steve was madly in love with her, had been for years now.  

And Bucky had strong armed the fool into finally asking her out.  And he’d spent the night with her on the first try.  

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Harquebusier’s Armor of Pedro II, King of Portugal (reigned 1683–1706)

This armor can be identified by its decoration as having belonged to Pedro II (reigned 1683–1706). The decoration includes the crowned monogram PR for Pedro Rex (Pedro the King) and the cross of the commander of the Order of Christ, a hereditary office held by the kings of Portugal.

Harquebusiers were armored cavalrymen generally equipped with a carbine (known as a harquebus) carried at the right side on a shoulder belt, a pair of pistols holstered at the front of the saddle, and a sword. This form of armor, consisting of a triple-barred helmet, a cuirass with a bulletproof reinforcing breastplate, and an elbow gauntlet, was commonplace in England up to about 1645. The armor of King Pedro is significant not only as a very late example of this type but also as the probable work of the London armorer Richard Holden. A very similar armor made by Holden in 1686 for James II of England (reigned 1685–88) is in the Royal Armouries in the Tower of London. 

The armor is shown with an associated buff coat (acc. no. 29.158.885). This sturdy leather defense, which provided effective protection against sword cuts, was worn throughout the seventeenth century, first in conjunction with armor and later alone.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

anonymous asked:

This is probably a stupid question, but I have been wondering for a long time now. Do you think the evelasting contrast symbol drawn inside a heart could be somehow inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins heart logo? They kinda resemble.

Dylan’s unusual heart shape was most probably inspired by the look of the The Smashing Pumpkins heart logo

Here is Dylan’s distinct basic heart shape.. two divided heart halves mimicking  The Smashing Pumpkins logo.

He evolved the motif a step bit further by modifying the center and adding in the Everlasting Contrast symbol.

Depending on what Dylan was writing about in his journal, usually when he ws ruminating on His Love, the heart occasionally progressed into his adding two bars on either side of the E-C triple barred cross, morphing it into the middle line markings of the Lost Highway road leading up to the Halcyons..  The road ascending up to the Halcyons.

Variation on a theme: In this lyrical rendering, Dylan has the E-C cross in the middle of the heart and the road is at the bottom ascending up into the Halcyons. The two lines on the side (which he normally has on the sides of the E-C in his heart, are on the side of the highway.  The highway has two signs - one sign, is the Everlasting Contrast symbol, the other, his number 5.  The infinity symbol (figure 8) is below and it appears to be a body of water.


Milo was a hot tamale today! He was really towing me to the jumps and wanting to go forward which is something that would bother me with most horses but since he can be a weenie, I was actually pretty happy with how forward he was today (especially with the triple bar) and he actually came back to me when I was asked (other than when he needed to flounce around like a kangaroo for his victory dance). He’s doing the hunters next Sunday 😂 we will add some excitement, that’s for sure. It’ll be good for him since he doesn’t have much experience jumping hunter jumps.

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