Quirks: The idiosyncrasies of DBK

Triple Barred Cross Earring

Dylan’s left ear was pierced, and he usually wore a “triple cross” earring. A friend of Dylan’s in 2002 said that it was homemade, but it has also been heard that it was made in Shop class at school or that it was specially ordered from a company. He drew the triple cross numerous times, repeating the same design over and over in his writings and doodles.


To Dylan, the triple barred cross symbolically represented the Ever-lasting Contrast - signifying the eternal battle of good and bad within himself, humanity and the world. The upright cross, the traditional christian style crucifix, representing the good, the pure, the light - adjoined to the inverted cross - representing the mirror opposite - the bad, the tainted, the dark. The union of polar opposites, the intersection of creative force and destructive force, positive and negative, joined as one. Dylan, himself, is represented as the large slashed bar that “cuts” across the middle of the two opposing crosses in constant internal conflict. The struggle of duality, of dark and light within himself, resonated deeply with Dylan.

I think Dylan was originally attracted by the two barred “Cross of Lorraine”. The symbol that was originally adopted by the Knights Templar and it’s form mirrors the teachings of Hermeticism and it’s occult axiom “As Above, So Below”. Marilyn Manson utilized the two barred symbol for his band post Columbine. I suspect that in the midst of a late night cutting session, Dylan discovered his own unique symbol from the original double barred cross. He cut a slash down the midsection of the double cross. You can see where he says “cut here” in his journal drawings and refers to the midsection as “me”. The symbol that Dylan arrived at on his own is actually known as a Salem’s Cross. I believe the earring was custom made to his exact specifications. It was the only earring he ever wore and religiously. It was so special to his being that he made sure to remove the earring, along with other personal items of significance, placing them in a small pile, before committing suicide.

” favorite contrasting symbol because it is so true & means so much.”

”..good things turn bad and bad things become good.”