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Salts - Magikal Properties

Whether it is black salt, sea salt, pink salt or just plain old. Salt has a long history of use in rituals, purification, blessings and magical protection. Salt is created and thrives in the Ocean  (or the Womb of the Goddess) It is the taste of Earth in the waters of life. salt is a amazing and versatile natural source for cleansing, and  is a must have for anyone.

Regular Sea Salt - sea salt is overall very common, easy to obtain and affordable. It can be bought in either course chunks or fine like sand. White salt is associated with purification, purity, protection and blessings. 


  • Used in consecration
  • Placed in water to cleanse it
  • Purification, cleansing and removal or negative energies,
  • Can be placed around areas to protect them
  • Commonly used in circles
  • Used in Curses
  • Can be made into salt scrubs 

Celtic Sea Salt- is a “moist” unrefined sea salt that is usually found on the coastal areas of France. It has a gorgeous light grey, almost light purple color; it is harvested from the clay found in salt flats. This salt has similar properties to regular sea salt however because it is a much more natural and pure salt its properties are enhanced especially protective and cleansing. It also tastes amazing and is filled with vital minerals, I also find that since it is moist it clumps together nicely making it easy to work with and shape.

  • Used in consecration
  • Purification, cleansing and removal of negative energies,
  • protective spells 
  • blessings
  • curses
  • soothing
  • great for cooking 
  • medicinal 
  • perfect in bath scrubs 

Black Salt- black salt is as the title says black or very dark in color. It is commonly available at magic shops, and is also very easy to make. Not to be confused with black lava salt or kala namak salts used in fine cuisine.RITUAL BLACK SALT IS NOT FOR CONSUMPTION!!!. This salt is easily the most protective of the four as it is great at Nullifying or returning negative energy.

  • protective
  • Banishing
  • fire energy,
  • can be used for darker earthly Elementals & Deities,
  • the Crone or Triple Goddesses
  • working  with the dark moon
  • Warding, uncrossings, and binding work
  • can be spread around doorways & windows to keep out evil

Himalayan Pink Salt- is a pure, hand mined salt that is from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.  It is harvested from ancient sea salt deposits, it thought to be one of the highest quality and purest salts available. The salt ranges in hues from white to various shades of pink,  and even deep reds; this is the result of the salts high iron and mineralcontent. This salt has the most soothing and loving energizes of the salts and can be used for bringing about love. 

  • promoting love and friendship
  • promoting positive energizes 
  • Healing
  • cleansing 
  • spell bags 
  • baths or scrubs 

If working with salt keep in mind that it is a natural dessicating agent meaning it sucks all the water so if your working with it outside and are sprinkling it on the ground it will kill your grass and destroy the surrounding soil making it inhabitable for plants and such. 

Mickey Milkovich in The Casanova Catering Conflict.

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So I was clicking around on youtube and decided to hate watch a video where anthony f*ntano ranks radioheads albums worst to best and I got ~40 seconds in when he slammed TKOL down as their worst record and I immediately noped out. How can someone be so wrong about something. Why do i care. I don’t know but I am INFURIATED and hate him even more now.

mornings with cbx

min: what do you guys want for breakfast 

baek: bagels 

jd: bagels are weak, they’re just bread 

baek: what the **** did you just say to me 

jd: what separates a bagel from any other kind of bread 

baek: its distinctive ring shape you uncultured swine 

jd: then what separates a bagel from a donut 

baek: *sputtering* a bagel is made from bread and a donut is made from cake!

jd: then what separates a donut from a bundt cake 

jd: also what your saying is that bagels are just bread 


min: *3 pages deep into his contract termination paperwork* sorry what did you say?

Kirby Lore: Queen Sectonia

A hero is nothing without a good villain to oppose them, and it’s all the better when an entire rouge’s gallery is at odds with the protagonist. Kirby has encountered a host of rivals throughout his career, from a disgruntled penguin or distressed mother eagle, to planet-destroying dark matter and physical incarnations of nightmares. One of the more unique villains Kirby has battled in Queen Sectonia, matriarch of Floralia. Though she is seen as an egomaniacal despot, there are hints strewn about Triple Deluxe and later Kirby material that hint to a tragic fall from grace. Buckle yourself in, because this is a long one.

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AU that I want someone to write:
Lucy grows up as Rittenhouse royalty and is sent to take care of Garcia Flynn who has been causing them problems. When they meet, he makes her realize the horrors of Rittenhouse and she teaches him how to destroy it without destroying history.


Someday we’ll look back on this and laugh a lot, I promise.