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Crazy Skills & Combos Gymnasts Have Only Shown in Training (so far) Part 4/: Mai Murakami

(L-R): Quadruple Turn, Triple Twisting Double Tuck, Double Twisting Double Layout (Moors), Triple Twisting Double Layout, Rudi, Triple Front ½ Out

Why are double and triple wolf turns so highly rated when virtually everyone can do one? Like half of the USA Jesolo team is doing one or both, and none of them have ever been particularly great at turns? Even ASHTON learned one in a few months? A double should be a C and a triple a D. Also we need harsher deductions for crazy arms on wolf turns.

The Monday Night RAW after WrestleMania opened with an emotionally resounding Undertaker chant that echoed throughout the Amway center for nearly five straight minutes before Roman Reigns music brilliantly hit and gained The Big Dog nuclear heat from the raucous WWE crowd.

As Roman entered the ring, the notoriously vocal crowd showered Roman with chants of Roman Sucks, Just Go Away and other expletives that we probably shouldn’t print here. Any time Reigns brought the mic to this face, the vile chants began again. It was literally 10-12 minutes into RAW before a single word was said from the man who just last night retired the Undertaker.

Finally, Roman broke through the noise to simply say “this is my yard now” and drop the mic.

While the crowd of “smark” fans may have thought they got the best of the altercation, I guarantee you all Vince McMahon saw was his top star printing money. It’s these types of reactions that will likely assure that the WWE will never give Roman Reigns a full heel turn. As Triple H said last week, they don’t have to. If he was to get a more obvious turn, these same fans would start to cheer him.

Roman completely owned the crowd by letting them do his job for him. He didn’t have to say a word to get a reaction or to let the WWE Universe know that he was the one who put down the Deadman. The RAW crowd’s vitriol handled all that for him. All Roman needed to do was smirk and it was game over.” (x)


pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

request:  Would you be able to do a Seth imagine? Where he saves you from being beaten up by the authority and gets really angry at them? And this carries on where you help each other out and yeah I don’t mind how you end it xx

warnings: strong language

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Thank you so much to askespio and drunk-shadow for collaborating with me! 

The results look so amazing, from start to finish they all look so spectacular! This was really fun to do and the final outcome paid off, just look at ‘em! I’m glad I got to do another one of these with another set of really skilled artists!

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Words with Mom & Boyfriend.

Dean only started playing Words with Friends because it was something familiar to his Mom. His father, when he was drunk, used to lament about how they played scrabble at home instead of going out for date nights. So Dean downloaded the game on his phone and asked his mom to do the same. Since then, they have been playing the game everyday.

Everything was going great until he had the bright idea to invite Cas to play as well. He absolutely did not miss the angel. No, he just thought that it would be a nice distraction when he was traveling with Crowley. Cas was always complaining about the demon whenever they spoke on the phone. And naturally, their game turned from Words with Friends to Dirty Words with Boyfriend.

Dean was having a relaxing day at the bunker with a beer in one hand, a large, loaded pizza on his lap and watching Dr Sexy on Netflix. He was also playing the game with both his mom and Cas toggling between screens. Just as he was about to take a bite of his pizza, his phone pinged. He checked it to find two notifications from the game, from his mother and Cas.

“Cas, you dirty bastard.” Cas had just spelled the word Blowjob for 50 points. Cas was increasingly spelling filthier words. He had previously spelled Teabagging and Fisting and that had put him in the lead. Dean would not allow it.

“Aha!” Dean thought to himself. He had the perfect word for his turn with triple bonus points. He quickly typed in “Dildo” and opened the message tab to write “I want you to fuck me with the pink one when you get home. 😈 .”  Just as he was about to press send, his brother was calling him, causing the phone to vibrate. And before he could pick up, the phone stopped ringing.

Irritated, Dean was about to call his brother back when he realised that he has sent that word and the message to his mom. Dean stared at his phone screen in horror. He had sexted his mom. His newly alive mom who probably didn’t even know about sexting or that he was bi or that he was in a relationship with an Angel of the Lord who was a man. 

“Fuck!” The last thing he wanted was for his mom to picture him getting fucked by a pink dildo. “Fuck… Shit…Oh my God!” He quickly typed “SORRY. Wrong person.” 

Panic. He was experiencing pure panic AND he was dying of crippling shame and embarrassment. His heart started racing as he clutched his phone waiting for his mom to text back. Waiting for a response was a torture. His mind was imagining scenarios after scenarios each one more dire than the last. He didn’t know what his mom’s reaction would be.  

Eventually, his mom replied “It’s alright, honey. But if you think you can get away with not telling me who you are seeing, then you are wrong. Talk to you later.”

Dean lets out the breath he didn’t realise he was holding in. Thank god. But he definitely won’t be able look his mother in the eye the next time they meet. But at least she sounded ok.


Sam returned to the bunker after his run, all sweaty and stinky.

“Dude, you look gross. Yuck.” Dean said from his comfortable sofa.

But Sam just shook his head on the way to the kitchen and said, “Whatever dude, you sexted Mom.”

Dean flushed red, covering his face to hide his humiliation. He heard Sam laughing from the kitchen. Oh no. He was never going to living this down.

The Dances of Middle Earth

Legolas x Reader

You laugh as Pippin and Merry prance at the center of the dance floor, clapping and skipping in a dance you recognize from the Shire. With a second’s hesitation, you navigate the other, human dancers till you reach the two hobbits and began dancing along with them. They give you baffled looks before grinning and speeding up the dance. You speed up along with them, spinning and clapping to the beat. After many more twists and turns, the song ends and the hobbits stop their dance.

“I had no idea you knew the Bywater Jig!” Pippin exclaims as he and Merry accompany you to the edge of the dance floor.

You laugh, “I used to travel a lot before the shadow returned. I learned quite a few dances of the Shire among other things. Still, I believe the dance has changed a bit. An extra step has been added after the triple turn, if I’m correct.”

“What, this?” Pippin does a light kick with his heel.

“Yes. Though now that I know that, I’ll be prepared next time the Bywater Jig comes my way.”

“Do you also know the Hobbiton Festival Trot?” Merry cocks his head.

“Yes, I believe so.”

“Then we’ll have to dance that next!” Pippin grins heartily.

To the side, someone coughs, “Excuse me, but I was wondering if the elvish maiden would care for a dance?”

You turn in surprise to see one of the knights of Gondor looking down shyly. “I would be delighted. Sorry Pippin, I think the Hobbiton Festival Trot will have to wait.”

“Ah! It’s no matter at all! I was going to get another drink or two for myself anyway. Come on Merry!”

As the two hobbits dart off, you join the knight on the dance floor. You smile as the music begins and you begin the dance. Unlike the earlier hobbit dance, which carried a sense of wind through daisies, rushing water, and sweet meadow grass, this dance is more noble, carrying the regality of the white tree and power of the the Horn of Gondor. You spin and sidestep till the song ends. Then before you know it, you’re swept into another dance by one of the rohirrim. This dance is of a stronger beat and feels like the golden plains and the thunder of hoofbeats. The turns are the song and rhythm of war as well as the clash of swords. When it’s over, you join Merry and Pippin at one of the tables around the room. There they’re laughing and swapping stories with Gimli and Gandalf.

“Ay! (y/n)! Seems the dance floor’s been keeping you occupied enough.” Merry takes a swig from his cup.

“Yes, indeed. The shadow over middle earth has been lifted and we have much to celebrate. I’m glad my days of learning dance have finally come of use here. It’s dreadful not being able to partake in enjoyment,” you smile.

Across the table, Gimli puts down his mug, “You may know the dances of the Hobbits, Rohan, and Gondor, but what would be most impressive is if you knew the dances of the dwarves.”

Your eyes light mischievously, “Name one and see, Master Dwarf!”

Gimli ponders for a second, “The March of the Lonely Mountain?”

“Ah yes, always a pleasure to dance, though I personally prefer the Ered Luin variant. It’s a bit more lively.”

Gimli frowns, “You’re bluffing.”

“Would you like to put me to the test?” You laugh, standing up. “This song has the beat for it.”

Gimli laughs and drains the rest of his mug. Then he slams it down on the table and stands, “Aye it does.”

Merry and Pippin watch with wide eyes as you and the dwarf begin to dance. This dance is very different from the others. You stomp the floor and beat your hands together, sidestepping and swinging back and forth. As you dance, you feel a clear sense of the sturdiness of the mountain and the strikes of a smith’s hammer. The dance is rough like the untamed mountainside yet as clear cut as a polished adamant. You spin and weave, pounding the floor and raising your arms. Finally the dance subsides and you’re left flushed and breathless.

Gimli shakes his head in wonder as the pair of you walk back to the table, “As I said, I am truly impressed. Where, by chance, did you learn our dances?”

You breath deeply, “An expedition a few hundred years ago, where a band of my people and yours found they were traveling along the same road. Despite the usual animosity between us, our kin decided to reach out in friendship. My brothers conversed mostly of smithing, but I yearned knowledge of a different sort. I haven’t had a chance to practice since then, so I fear I lagged through some parts.”

“Nonsense! My people couldn’t have chosen a better recipient for that knowledge. Just don’t go spreading it too carelessly.”

“Not to fear, Master Dwarf, I made a promise not to do that long ago.”

Gimli nods in satisfaction before setting off to refill his mug.

Alone at the side of the dance floor, you look around. Pippin and Merry have run off to the other side of the room and are dancing the Bywater Jig again, this time joined by Frodo and Sam. Eowyn and Faramir dance nearby the halflings and Gandalf has disappeared. Finally your gaze rests on Legolas, sitting alone and watching the dance floor thoughtfully.

You walk lightly across the floor and slide into the seat next to him, placing your arm on the table, “Where wanders the Prince of Mirkwood? His physical presence is here, but his mind is not.”

Legolas shakes himself from his thoughts and turns toward you, “My thoughts are on the journey ahead. To Fangorn, the glittering caves, and eventually home.”

“I see, but those thoughts can be put for another time, can they not? Tonight is of celebration. I’ve yet to see you take the dance floor.”

Legolas smiles and his startling blue eyes look back at the dancers, “True, but the night is young yet.”

“Yes, though I’ve never known a Mirkwood elf to wait so long for a dance. Or do you mean to tell me you didn’t often enjoy dancing under the trees?”

“I did, but I’m afraid here I’d be put to shame after your fair dancing.”

You feel a slight blush creep to your cheeks as you realize he’d been watching you. Suddenly you feel glad for the dim lighting. “You flatter me, but come now. These halls have seen the dances of men, hobbits, and even of dwarves. Let us show them the dances of the elves. Or we can wait for Arwen and Aragorn to steal that thunder.” You nod toward the recently crowned king and queen at the head of the festivities. “Choose a dance, I know many of Mirkwood.”

Legolas shifts in surprise and looks thoughtful, “In contrary, the dances of Lothlorien fascinate me. Please tell me which dance you love the most and perhaps it will be my turn to amaze you.”

You blink in surprise and your eyes widen. Few have ever asked you to choose the dance before. “I- I enjoy the Dance of Falling Gold,” You said after a moment of silence.

“Really? That’s always been my favorite as well,” Legolas stands and offers you his arm.

You accept and he leads you onto the dance floor.

The dance begins immediately and you feel a thrill as your feet fly through the familiar steps. This dance is like falling water and autumn leaves. As you twirl, you see the wind playfully rustling the golden mallorn leaves before the leaves fall and new green ones take their place. When Legolas drops you into a dip, you see the leaves unfolding and the tiny golden flowers bursting forth. When he spins you, it’s the running of the Gladden River and the strength of the silver mallorn trunks. You feel your heart race with the beat and your eyes remain locked with his. When the dance ends, your breath is fast and shallow and your cheeks are once again flushed. Legolas bows deeply before offering his arm again and leading you from the dance floor.

You sit down feeling breathless, barely noticing Legolas still holding your hand, “Thank you. I forgot just how much I loved that dance.”

“It was my pleasure, my lady. And I believe I ought to be thanking you for getting me to dance in the first place.”

“Oy! (y/n)!” Pippin calls as he dodges toward the side of the room. “Are you ready for the Festival Trot yet? Sam doesn’t believe me that you said you can do it!”

Legolas quickly releases your hand as if he just barely noticed he’d been holding it. Sam blusters after Pippin, calling correction. “It appears our hobbit friends are wanting your attention.”

You laugh, “Seems they are. I’ll be right there Pippin!” You stand and take a step forward. “Don’t think you’ve gotten out of anything though,” you say, glancing over your shoulder to stare once more in Legolas’s peircing eyes. “I’ll be back for that dance from Mirkwood.”

With that you step through the crowd to join the hobbits, not waiting for a response. As you step away, the butterflies swarming your stomach finally settle down, though you hadn’t even realized they were there. The hobbits around you begin dancing and you fall in step with them, losing yourself to the music, though you still catch sight of Legolas through the crowd once or twice. Each time he is wearing a shy smile and looks away quickly when your eyes meet.

And from the bottom of her soul she said
Leave him to me I can’t stand him anymore
But it was enough so she played rough
And said…you are not the one you used to be 

anonymous asked:

Are there any triple-changing Transformers that possess both a beast mode and a vehicle mode?

Sure! There’s the G1 Horrocons, Apeface and Snapdragon, who each turned into a jet and a creature (an ape and a dragon, respectively, surprising nobody):

You might also count Scorponok, who had a scorpion mode and a city mode, but then a city isn’t a vehicle, so!

There’s BWII Galvatron, who turns into a dragon and a drill tank:

Just recently, there’s Titans Return Alpha Trion, a spacecraft and a lion!

Or how about the unproduced G1 Triple-Changer that turns into a jet and a horse, who was later brought to life in the Armada comic as “Dropshot”:

Going beyond three modes, there’s always G1 Sixshot, who has a wolf mode buried amongst his many vehicles, or Quickswitch, who had a puma mode. RiD Megatron has ten modes, half of which are beasts: a dragon, a gargoyle, a mammoth, a pteranodon, and a griffin-thingie.

I’m sure there are more!

Kevin is Bugheads biggest shipper

I literally just thought about this when I saw Kevin’s reaction to Betty singing happy birthday and how Jughead mentions Kevin saying that Betty was upset. Can you guys imagine Bughead shipper Kevin and Juggie and Kevin friendship

-Kevin is happy to see returning Betty’s feelings.

-Kevin is always there to give the two of them advice .

- Kevin plans out double dates with him and Joaquin.

-said double dates turn into triple dates after Archie and Veronica get together

- Kevin giving Jughead tips when it comes to getting ready for dates. Like where to go.

- Jughead and Kevin becoming closer friends because of Betty.

-The two of them sharing the same taste in movies and even music.

-Kevin keeps Jughead up with news about his dad from what he heard from Joaquin.

-Kevin literally fangirling when Jughead is ready to propose after they graduate college.

-Kevin practically plans the proposal along side Jughead

-“you may be her boyfriend but I’m her best friend.”

-Kevin turns out to be right and Betty says yes.

- Jughead makes Kevin Co-best man with Archie.

Blank Space (Triple Layered)
Taylor Swift
Blank Space (Triple Layered)

Blank Space by taylorswift layered three times.

Begins in left ear, then right, and finally both.

Headphones strongly recommended


Ich mache mir jetzt mal die Mühe, und entwerfe selber einiges, das ich gerne gefragt werden würde. Wer das rebloggen will, muss mindestens 1 selber fragen!

1. Geschlecht

2. Alter

3. Hast du einen crush?

4. Sexualität

5. Heute schon Sex gehabt?

6. Mit wie vielen schon Sex gehabt?

7. Irgendwelche Fetische?

8. Wie sieht für Dich die perfekte Frau aus?

9. Einen Schwanz lutschen oder eine Pussy lecken?

10. Beim Sex aktiver Part oder passiv; übernimmst du die Kontrolle im Bett?

11. Bestes Sex-Erlebnis?

12. Schlechtestes Sex-Erlebnis?

13. Wie oft onanierst Du (Tag / Woche)?

14. Lieber einen Dreier oder eine ganze Orgie?

15. Stehst Du auf dirty talk?

16. Sado/Maso turn on/off; welcher Part?

17. Was mach guten Sex aus?

18. Krallst Du Dich in den Rücken?

19. Hat dein Partner nach dem Sex Bissspuren von Dir?

20. Erzähle ein Klassenfahrt-Erlebnis

21. Hast Du schon mal nudes von Dir gemacht?

22. Hast Du einen (geheimen) porn-blog?

23. Hast Du schon mal Strip-Poker gespielt?; verloren?

24. Details über Deinen ersten Kuss

25. Details über Dein erstes Mal Sex

26. Gibt es die perfekte Penislänge?

27. Welche Intimfrisur muss Dein Partner haben?

28. Sind Rothaarige besser im Bett?

29. Schaust Du regelmäßig Pornos?

30. Woran denkst Du bei der Selbstbefriedigung?

31. Sexspielzeug ja/nein

32. Was machst Du beim Sex so besonders gut, dass es jeder mal mit dir treiben will?

33. Hart anpacken oder Softcore?

34. Kommst Du lieber in das Gesicht, auf die Brüste, in den Mund, in die Vagina, in den Po, auf den Po oder auf den Körper der Frau bzw. wohin willst du am liebsten, dass Dein Partner spritzt (falls Du weiblich bist)

35. Schlucken oder Spucken?

36. Welche Musik sollte im Hintergrund laufen?

36.1 Hast Du eine Sex-Playlist?

37. Könntest Du ohne Sex leben?

37.1 Was ist Dein längster Rekord ohne Sex oder SB?

38. Beschreibe Dein Sexleben mit einem Filmtitel

39. Beschreibe Dich im Bett mit einer Pokémon-Attacke

40. a) Während dein Partner sich mit etwas anderem beschäftigt Sex haben (z.B. er/sie spielt währenddessen am Gameboy oder liest tumblr) geht/geht gar nicht?

40 b) Lass Deinen Partner mal machen, während Du tumblr liest?

41. Deinem Partner beim Selbstbefiredigen zuschauen als Vorspiel zum Vorspiel?

42. Mit dem Partner zusammen Pornos gucken vorm/beim Sex?

43. Hast Du eine verbotene Fantasie?; welche?

44. Sex im Freien?

45. Fummeln (auch in der Öffentlichkeit) um einander heiß zu machen. turn on/ turn off?

46. Hentai geil/pfui?

47. Magst Du den Geschmack von Sperma im allgemeinen;

47.1a) … von deinem eigenen Sperma

47.1b) … von deinem aktuellen Partner

48. Double- / Triple- Pentration? (turn on / turn off)

49. Wie viel älter / jünger sollte Dein Partner sein?

50. *Stelle Deine eigene Frage*, frag alles was dich sonst noch so interessiert. Z.b. Beschnitten, Schambehaarubg etc. Oder auch Fetisch turn on/ turn Off. Gerne auch date/no Date

101 Intro to Figure Skating (Part Two!)

Now that we know a little about how ice skates work let´s head to the fun part, the Jumps!

The six most common jumps in competitive figure skating can be divided into two categories: Toe Jumps (the Toe Loop, the Flip, and the Lutz) and Edge Jumps (the Salchow, Loop, and the Axel). The cool names like Salchow, Lutz, and Axel came from the skaters who invented them. 

What´s the difference between a toe jump and an edge jump?  In toe jumps, the skater plants the toe-pick (we explained what a toe pick is in the post below, go check it!) of his free leg and uses it to help launch him into the air. In edge jumps, the skater essentially just uses a knee bend to launch. The takeaway here is that you can start to tell the jumps apart by looking how the skater is taking off. Are they using a pick or an edge? By determining what they’re doing (using the toe-pick vs. the knee bend), you can use the process of elimination to narrow down the kind of jump it might be.

So… right, there are two types of jumps. And we have some idea of what an edge is (Wait, what the hell is an edge?! Hurry up and check the post below!) so we can tell them apart. The final component to the jumps and what differentiates a Salchow from a loop is the take off and landing. All jumps end with a skater landing on a back outside edge (in skating right-handed skaters usually land on their right foot, jump and spin counter-clockwise, while left-handed skaters land on their left and so on). What sets these jumps apart from one another is how they start. That being said, let´s start with the Toe Jumps!


This toe-pick assisted jump starts from the back outside edge and lands on the back outside edge of the same foot (if you’re right handed, this is taking off from the right foot and landing your right foot). If the skater turns only one time while he/she is up in the air is a Toe Loop, two turns transform it into a Double Toe Loop, and three turns into a Triple Toe Loop.


The flip like the toe-loop, is a pick-assisted jump. The difference between the flip, the toe-loop, and the Lutz is that the take off begins from the back inside edge and is landed with the opposite foot. Again, and like the toe loop, one turn in the air it´s a Flip, two turns a Double Flip, and three turns a Triple Flip.


The only difference between a Lutz and a flip is the edge the skater is taking off from. Some skaters “cheat” and take off from the wrong edge when attempting to do  a Lutz, which calls for takeoff from the back outside edge and landing on the opposite foot. What also makes the Lutz difficult is that it’s counter-rotated, meaning that the rotation of the jump is the opposite of its entry. One turn in the air is a Lutz, two turns a Double Lutz, and three turns a Triple Lutz.

Now that we have an idea of the Toe Jumps, let´s head to the Edge Jumps!


If you look at the Salchow and scroll up to see the Toe Loop, you can see the massive difference between an edge jump and a toe jump. The Salchow starts from the back inside edge (if you were standing straight up, the edges that face each other) and lands on the back outside edge of the opposite foot (if you were right-handed, you’d take off from your left and land on your right). Just like the Toe Jumps, if the skater performs one turn while on air is a Salchow, two turns in the air turn it into a Double Salchow and three turns up in the air into a Triple Salchow.


The loop is another edge jump, where the jumper takes off from his back outside edge and lands on the back outside edge of the same leg. An easy way to remember this jump is that it’s basically a toe loop without the assist of the toe pick. One turn up in the air Loop, two turns Double Loop, three turns Triple Loop.   


The Axel is the easiest jump to tell apart from the other because of its entry — it looks particularly cool because the skater is taking this jump head-on. The Axel is also the hardest jump. What you’ll notice is that the jump is actually three-and-a-half rotations. The axel is a particularly treacherous jump because it’s the only one with a forward takeoff, which adds an extra half turn to the jump, that makes it more difficult, and worth more points. What you’ll also notice it´s the feet— taking off with her forward outside edge and landing on the opposite foot, want a close up? Sure!

If the skaters performs one turn and a half is an Axel, two turns and a half make it a Double Axel, and three and a half turns make it a Triple Axel.

Me: Aaaand that´s all! Class is dismissed! = ^^ =

Tumblr: Chotto Matte kurasai!! What about the quads and combinations?!

Me: Woops, souka!

So!, figure skating Jump Combinations are two or more jumps in a row. An example of a jump combination is a triple Lutz, triple loop, double toe loop. No turns, connecting steps, or foot changes are permitted in jump combinations.  

A Quad Jump is a jump in which the skater performs FOUR turns or spins while up in the air, be it a Toe Jump or an Edge Jump, but so far no Quad Axel has ever been ratified. In almost every case, the skaters that performs quad jumps are males, the ONLY exception to this rule was Miki Ando, the one and only woman who has landed a ratified quadruple jump, it was a Salchow Quad at the 2002 Grand Prix Finals  (Sugooooi desu-ne?!!) Before we part ways, let´s watch her practicing one!

And that´s all my folks!! See you again soon, hope you´ve enjoyed it! If you liked this post tell me or share it with your mutuals! It took a hell-of-a-lot-to-make-it, that´s why messages, likes and reblogs are beyond welcome! Remember, my ask box is always open ^^

Bye Bye!