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Triple Drip Tones 💦💦💦 #ink #drip #trip

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Custom Sylveon case for the S7 with triple tone whip in opaque hot pink, opaque pastel pink, and glittery white! 💖 This case came out so adorable~♡

Should I add a FAQ to my piping videos? Some of them seem to get on the explore page and inquired under a lot.

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Okay but I had a dream and I really dont know how it happened but I was stabbed and as I was dying D/ark was holding me and crying and singing softly trying to sooth me and I woke up crying OOPS

yikes. I told you guys I’ve been feeling dark the last few days, right? I’m sorry about this. Warning for stabbing and blood

“No. Nonononono. NO. Not you. You can’t leave me, too. I-I fuck, I’m going to kill that glitchy bastard, I-I no. Everything’s going to be alright, please, please keep your eyes open, please.” Darks voice was triple toned as he spoke to you, his calm facade breaking as he panicked, his hands pressing down on the deep, gaping wound in your rib age. Blood seeped through his fingers as your hand scrabbled up to grip weakly onto his.
“Dark….’m cold..I-I’m not going to make it…god, it’s so cold. Please stay with me. Please. Wi-” you stopped and coughed, knowing that blood was speckling your lips now. “Will you sing to me? That….the song..”
Tears burned in his eyes as he looked at you with an expression that could only be read as love and adoration. He let out a shuddering breath and stroked your hair out of your face, thumb rubbing your forehead as he began to sing to you softly. It was an ancient song, one that not many knew of anymore, and some of the words were jumbled, he knew, but he did it to comfort you. He watched as your eyes fluttered shut and his chest constricted, choking back a sob as he continued singing to you.

You woke up with a shout and felt a cold sweat covering your body.
“Hey, hey. It’s okay. I’m here, princess. You’re okay.” Darks comforting multi-toned voice rang out next to you as he sat up and pulled you into his chest, your cheek brushing against the light dusting of hair there as he rocked you back and forth and spoke to you in one of his many ancient tongues.

right back where we started from (california here we come)

Because I am re-watching Season 1 of The O.C., and I realized that there were too many awesome ways to make these characters fit into that world to not write this.

Fandom: The 100 (TV)

Characters: Octavia Blake/Lincoln, Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin, Wells Jaha/Raven Reyes, Finn Collins, John Murphy, Jasper Jordan, Monty Green, Abby Griffin, Jake Griffin, Thelonious Jaha, Harper, probably a ton of others too

Rating: Teen

Additional Tags: Alternative Universe - The O.C., Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - High School, Romance, Fluff, Angst, Drama, Humor, classic WB/CW teen shenanigans

Warnings: n/a

Summary: When troubled teen Octavia Blake comes to live with the Griffin family, worlds collide as she and her street-smart brother Bellamy become entangled in the posh lifestyle of the Griffins and their friends and neighbors. Drama, romance, and more than a few laughs ensue as these teen delinquents try and find out just where they fit in the world. Or, The O.C. AU no one asked for.

Links: AO3 | FF

That is a really frickin’ big house was Octavia’s first thought upon the car pulling into the long, barely-lit driveway. If you could even call a palace like this a house. It was eight times the size of the rundown two-bedroom ranch her family had briefly lived in when she was seven, and ten times larger than the barely-affordable apartment her brother and she had been calling home. Well, it had been home up until last week when she had gotten arrested for using a fake ID at a club (goddamn Jasper and his supposed ‘top of the line’ forger). So, the fact that she’d spent the last six nights in a juvenile detention cell no bigger than the fancy black car she was sitting in, and now she was going to be staying in this place, well, that was unbelievable.

“Home sweet home,” her public defender said from the driver’s seat, turning off the engine and shifting to look at her. Octavia snapped her gaze from the villa-style mansion to Jake Griffin’s kind face. It was the same expression he had worn when he had sat across from the table in the juvenile detention center visitors’ room that morning. Wearing a presumably expensive, sleek black suit and an even sleeker smile, he had told her he could get her charges down to a misdemeanor, meaning a fine and probation instead of jail time. He didn’t stop there, though, no. He went through her grades (just above average) and her behavior record (not stellar), but he had smiled upon seeing her SAT scores, telling her that she had potential and how important it was to think about her future. I’m on your side, he had said.

Octavia had scoffed at that, and at his talk of college and big dreams. Where I’m from, having a dream doesn’t make you smart, she had said. Knowing it won’t come true, now, that does. Despite her conviction, she almost winced after saying it, because it would break her brother’s heart to hear those words on her lips, not when he had tried so hard the last few years to make Octavia believe they could make it out of Chino. Bellamy still believed, for her, but she had given up that dream years ago, right around the time her mother had started trading sex for favors from her brother’s probation officer. It hadn’t gotten any better when her mother had died last year, leaving Bell and her to fend for themselves. The dream of rising past their background was best left in her childhood, along with her fairy spells and jungle games.

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Things I love about #Bandcamp episode 8 part 2:

-Jeffrey and David love
-“Will, you’re really good at being asian.”
-Rebecca at the concert
-Gabe being fab
-Cole being adorable
-Dana’s face
-Marshmallow promises
-“I asked for a little brother and God gave me five”
-The boys being sexy during GTKY
-The Triple Tones’ faces when they lost
-Wilfred. Just. Wilfred.

Things I hate about #Bandcamp episode 8 part 2
-It’s fucking over

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🎻 (for the son)

Send me 🎻 for my muse’s reaction to yours peeping on them while they’re playing an instrument.


Seated on the steps before the house, the snow-haired boy carefully plucks a string, a keen ear tilted to it as nimble fingers tune the tone. So entranced is he in his work, he fails to notice a figure approach the home from his right. Once the pitch pleases his ears, he gives a small, contented smile and strums a chord with his bachi. A smooth triple-layered tone sings through the air. 

A hand sorts through unruly locks, dark eyes glancing back into the house as he hears footsteps. 

“Onīchan, is it ready?” 

“I think so. Do you want to -?”

The girl behind his gasps. “Aunty Rei!”

Jolting, Fugaku looks from Reika to the woman now standing a few feet before him. Color rushes into his cheeks. Had he really not noticed her…? “H…hello!” he manages to offer, feeling foolish. “…kāchan didn’t say you were coming!”

Reika giggles, running past him and hugging Rei’s middle. “Aunty’s here, aunty’s here!”

“Whoa, Rei’s here?” Plopping down on the stairs beside her brother, Mikoto leans against him, jostling his instrument. “Just in time for the concert, ne?”

The boy flushes darker. “I…didn’t think anyone was listening. Reika said she wanted to d-dance, so…”

“Come listen!” Reika chirps, tugging Rei by the hand. “Onīchan plays so pretty!”

Fugaku’s lip trembles in embarrassment. “U…uh…”