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Prompt: This beautiful, stirring picture here. And the rain. I write so much when it rains and storms. Based on the question “do you think Mako has ever killed someone?”

Rating: T for themes and content. This does have more adult themes, so please don’t read if you’re not up for it.

Words: 406

A/N: It’s very short. And sad. Contains death, and images that are vague yet graphic. Don’t read this if you’re delicate. And I don’t mean that in a negative way. Either way, I hope you enjoy. As usual, I love comments/suggestions/pointers, etc.

Oh, and yes, the sentences are short like that for a reason. I kept a certain amount of brevity because it fits the mood. Just roll with it :)

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Continuing my last post

Maybe the reason why they were so hush-hush shush-shush about Mako and Bolin’s mother in book 3 is because maybe book 4 going to have some big plot twist about her being a triad at some point, trying to leave her past behind her and start a family(but she and her husband gets murdered, because in the triads once you get in you don’t get out, without getting killed) and/or maybe she took their money and ran(that would explain why they got mugged) but I don’t think lightning bolt zolt was the one to initiate it though (considering at that time he probably wasn’t the Dragon head (leader) yet, she could taken money from another triad.) also really because I’m tired of irredeemably evil uncles.

My headcanon: her triad name was Lady Lightning.

patronissimo replied to yourpost:

pulpo!!! (sorry im not sure how to refer to u…

f!makorra mad max au /leaves town

i literally rolled across my carpet with glee… an actual physical reaction of delight… come back to town

and i’d be LYING if i said i didn’t have an MMFR/LOK au planned out in my head already i’D BE A GODDAMN LIAR

  • mad mako, parents killed at a young age, separated from his brother, escapes the people who would’ve sold him into slavery and falls in w/ lightning bolt zolt and his triple threat triad in their nomadic metallic warrior caravan. basically desert scavengers with tricked-out cars. he’s even more Taciturn and Unimpressed than in canon and doesn’t use a car but rather a motorcycle
  • FAR AWAY IN THE CITADEL ON THE CLIFF AMON RULES THE DESERT WITH AN IRON FIST because honestly?? honestly??? no other villain compares. he was the best
  • and his imperator korra is the Actual Best. she was also taken from her home as a child and taught the arts of war. the desert is hot and sweltering. sunlight kisses her with sunburn and blisters but her memories are cold and her dreams are full of snow. one day she’ll go home, some day; and in the meantime she paints her forehead black and destroys every challenger. 
  • she drives the war rig. it has the name ‘naga’ painted in white across the side.
  • then you have the Savvy Asami who spends all of her time in the auto shop, fixing up cars and shit, pressured every day to come up with bigger, better, more dangerous, more lethal toys for Amon’s Equalists Warboys; for the most part she can live with it, she likes the tinkering, she’s left alone as long as she provides flame-throwing guitars and cars with spiked hoods
  • one day Imperator Korra discovers that Amon has kidnapped three children with strange spiritual powers from a relatively peaceful nomad clan that was passing through, and she’s like ‘i will not let this stand, they will not be his tools like i am’ and with the help of the eldest (Jinora) she hatches an escape plan, but she can’t do it without the Savvy Asami so she convinces her to help and they sneak the kids out onto the Naga war rig 
  • they flee, Amon pursues with his Warboys
  • Imperator Korra & Co encounter the Triple Threats out in the desert, somehow Mako ends up with them, they probably have a blow-out, Mad Mako finds a reason to keep on living and it’s helping these two splendid women help these kids get home safe and sound
  • Mad Mako/Imperator Korra starts happening
  • we wandered the desert in search of our better selves… and found each other
  • the Savvy Asami clambering all over the damn war rig with a wrench clenched between her teeth, grease smeared all over her face, Mad Mako in the look-out cab with a sniper rifle, Imperator Korra driving like a bat straight out of hell. Jinora and Ikki and Meelo warning them w/ their psychic powers that a Warboy is catching up to them
  • in his red and white muscle car named the Fire Ferret
  • surprise!
  • It’s Mad Mako’s long-lost brother Bolin. Korra almost kills him because fuck off, Warboy!! but Mako recognizes him at the last second and there is lots of sober, shaky crying (from Mako) and overwhelming enthusiasm and hugging (from Bolin) 
  • (are you real? holy shit you’re REAL, YOU’RE MY BROTHER, THAT’S MY BROTHER)
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THAT LONG-LOST REUNION SHIT
  • and off they go