triple team


The heart and soul this man has for this title he is willing to put his whole entire body at risk, for this title and that is the one thing I love about him, he carries Smackdown being its Champ but in a way that Shane and Daniel have total complete faith in this man. Everyone Should. He pulled it off.

What you know about standing under three different canopies on a jungle gym pacing back and forth to get them kilometers up to register as walking for incubating them eggs? Triple teaming gyms to get them experience points up? I felt way more secure being with two other people walking round in the dead of the night playing this game. Not for fear of something happening to me (which I probably should be) but due to Ian being the more social one of us, thereby making him the buffer for when strangers start engaging with us. We saw kid siblings run under the awning and ask what we’ve caught. Other groups of friends would come up as well. The awkward, “Hey are you guys playing Pokémon Go?” question gets thrown out the window quick — when you see a group of people hanging on a random corner, it’s safe to assume they’re playing Pokémon Go. The funniest thing about Pokémon Go is the amount of walking it has you undergo which in turn had us checking out sights of New York we hadn’t seen up close before.