triple self portrait


Mod: No, there isn’t a reason. There are LOTS OF reasons! Because:

  1. I draw much faster by hand.
  2. I want to push my skill at making pictures on paper to its artistic limits.
  3. It’s a great way to keep artist’s block at bay.
  4. I like to experiment as I work in various media.
  5. When one medium fails in the creative process, another succeeds.
  6. It’s never a good idea to be too dependent on technology. Speaking of which…
  7. My graphics tablet won’t cooperate sometimes.
  8. I like to brush up on my painting (Pun intended).
  9. I’m inspired by great art (and animation) that’s been created without using computers.
  10. I’m not being paid to create content for my blog, so anything goes!
  11. My blog is still trying to find a niche for itself art-wise.
  12. I like to keep my followers guessing.
  13. I got a stockpile of art materials and I aim to use it!
  14. I love the smell of crayons in the morning.
  15. I’ve never used art programs early in life–or a computer, for that matter.
  16. I enjoy multitasking as I switch between a pencil and the Pencil Tool.
  17. It’s the best way to emulate certain, non-digital art styles (like the one posted above).
  18. It’s how I avoid being put into a trance by the monitor screen while I’m basking in the PC’s warm glowing warming glow using the computer. 
  19. Practice makes perfect! After all, I still have a lot to learn.
  20. I’m old-school like that.

I hope this answers your question, ALOS!

Last night, we welcome our full moon.
This months moon is in Virgo (head/logical realm) as we are also in Pisces (heart/feelings realm) season.
Virgo is the realm of logic, precision & details. Pisces on the other hand cares a lot less about the details & loves swimming in a ton of feelings & letting her creative energy flow. Though these signs are polar opposites, they ultimately need each other to balance out. The energy of this Full moon is going to captivate the full essence of both signs & push us to find the right balance in our own lives. The energy will demand discipline from us and focus to access and understand the visions & feelings arising within us.
It’s always a great time to allow your senses to feel aware & clear our mind. Be mindful of the energies around you & allow for growth in life 🙏


Blood Piece says to paint with your blood.  ‘Keep painting until you die.’ Not paint to live.  Not paint to keep.  Out, out, out, get it out.

This is despair.

Blood Piece was created in the spring of 1960.  She spent her time passionately doing art that was supposed to change the world, but no one much cared.

In 1960, Norman Rockwell completed Triple Self Portrait.  You could buy a print of it today for 9.99 at Kohl’s.  Blood Piece is not listed for sale anywhere.

In 1962, Yoko Ono got committed to a mental institution.”

Lisa Carver/ Reconsidering Yoko Ono.

Today I went to the Crocker Art Museum and saw a Norman Rockwell exhibit. I’d never really been a huge fan before, but I was really impressed when I saw his stuff in person! Texture from brush strokes is really hard to capture in photos, but his technique and style are pretty incredible in person. He has a terrific way of making it very realistic and stylized at the same time. If you get the chance to see some of his stuff in person, I recommend it! He did some pretty meaningful/political stuff too, so if you’re interested in art history you might want to check him out.

(pictured above: Triple Self Portrait)