triple moisture

I have a small obsession with bath & body work’s lotions. Not that I would ever finish using them but they make a nice collection against my wall. So I recently got 15 new ones (I'm in love with the style of their new bottles- always nice to have a new look to things).  

Anyways, here are my fav:

Warm vanilla sugar: there’s a reason why I have three bottles. Not that I have finished my old bottle, but why note stock up ;) Vanilla as always been on typical scent that guys love! It’s sweet and has a euphoric effect that creates a sensual and soft mood.

 White Citrus: I recently finished one of my favorite perfume: Happy by Clinique, as sad as I was, discovering the white citrus totally made up for it! This was one of the lighter smelling scents at Bath & Body Works (no more cucumber melon- idek why they would discontinue that scent). Perfect to put on right after the shower, its citrus notes with a hint of floral- it’s the perfect scent to bring summer back even in this -40 degree weather. I also got the triple moisture body cream substitute as my everyday moisturizer when I get out of the shower (that’s when lotion is best absorbed) 

Paris (for men): Well I don’t know about you, but I have a thing for the smell of cologne and musk. What I adore about Paris is that it’s very icy crisp fresh and clean musk- it’s not too strong that people will question why I smell like a men, but instead it’s more aquatic nuances simple. 

Ocean (for men): My second favorite of the men collection. This one is also similar to Paris, its very vetiver, cool and fresh. It’s a bit more masculine than Paris. This scent has a lighter musk than the other one, it more of a light blue sky over the deep blue ocean with a bit of green- a very woody and earthy sweet smell.

Sea Island Cotton: My mom is in love with this scent, it’s powdery, floral and musky with a hint of fresh and marine. This is a really good signature day scent, a crispy cotton/aquatic smell, it’s a cozy smell perfect touch for a comfy day in. The sandalwood gives it warmth, flower provides the freshness and the much and powder adds on to a cozy touch.

Sweet Pea & Paris Amour: I categorize these two together because they aren't particular my most favorite but I have my days when I’m in a floral, fruity and flirty mood. The Paris is fruity (mix of strawberries and peach with an undertone of vanilla) while sweet pea is more floral dominate, it’s sort of sweet in a candy way. These are both perfect scent for a daytime causal outings, but I can never put too much on, they are both too sweet and too much just leads to a whole new level of smell.

What’s you favourite B&BW scent? xo 



a personal shoutout to Benefit’s triple performing facial emulsion moisturizer which has first of all never done me dirty by breaking me out and secondly, i’ve had that bottle for almost a year and a half and i use it almost everyday and it’s still not out