triple line


A recent Spell Book order I finished. It’s a large, 600-page book bound in what I believe is sheep skin. A gilded crescent moon shines on the front cover, surrounded by a triple-line border. 


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The amazing artist Natasha Kline not only storyboarded this EPIC section of episode 111 (directed by Amy Winfrey), as you’ll see above she also cleaned up her work for animation. She’s a triple threat! 

What? I only named two things? Oh, yeah, well she’s also a world class Line Dancer. TRIPLE THREAT!


triple railroad crossing by kazu saito

Singlehandedly; Seth Rollins

Prompt; #2; “I saved your ass, remember?” + #3 “Thank you for saving me.”

Seth Rollins x Reader

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           You’d been paired with Seth by the Authority to compete in a mixed tag team match with Seth’s career on the line. Triple H was angry with the fact that Seth hadn’t gone along with the plan he’d had to interfere with a match that Roman and Dean were competing in and because of that, Seth’s job was no one the line. They had you fighting against Cena and Nikki Bella and if they had won? Seth would lose his job and you wouldn’t see a championship match for a long long time.

           You were losing and you were exhausted but Seth refused to tap in, not wanting to play the game that Triple H was playing and he was leaving you out to dry. “Seth, come on,” you reached up after trying to reach for him but he jumped off the apron to the ground, shaking his head at you before you were picked up by Nikki who pulled another rack attack on you. You groaned out in pain, not sure how much you could take of this match, Nikki being so ruthless.

           You finally got pulled to a corner and as Nikki moved to the other corner to come back at you, you got up on your knees, giving yourself the biggest push and ran toward her, quickly spearing her to the ground and knocking the wind out of her. You pulled her up and hit a DDT, knocking her almost unconscious before hoping up to the top rope and looking to the crowd. If Seth wouldn’t give a show, you would. You hit a moonsault and pulled her leg up, the three count being made and you winning the match for the both of you. The referee pulled your arm up in victory but your body was exhausted. Seth threw his hands up in excited as you walked past him to the curtain.

           “What the hell is wrong with you?” you yelled at Seth as soon as he got backstage but he ignored you, walking straight past you. “Hey! I saved your ass, remember?”

           “Yeah you did, what took you so long though?” he asked harshly and your hand came up, instantly slapping him across his face in anger.

           “Who the fuck do you think you are? I just singlehandedly took a beating from both Nikki and John who AA’d me mind you! And you didn’t help one bit and you have the fuckin’ nerve to ask me what took so long? Go fuck yourself Seth,” you told him as you walked away from him and he sighed, moving to follow you and catch your arm.

           “Thank you for saving me, and my career,” he whispered, his eyes low in shame for being such an ass.

Postcard!!! YEY!

First Name: Danielle (Nicknamed Rei) 

URL: @imaginereiwrites

Country of Origin: United States 

A fun fact about you: I’m a cosplayer! 

Favourite FFXV Character: Prompto or Noctis FFXV Crush: Gladioooo 

If you could try one meal in the game, what would it be? Probably the same, triple truffle risotto. 

Favorite line in-game: “Think what you will, But  think your good enough for me." 

If you could give an offering to your favorite Astral (specify who), what/who would it be? And I would give Carbuncle a whole garden of flowers, not sure why, but I feel it appropriate.

there’s no such thing as a legitimately good corporation, especially in regards to large multinational entities

how to make your business look good/charitable is, in the US (or at least the college I attended and also the one I transferred to), a first year business major course oftentimes called ‘business ethics’ where you learn about the triple bottom line (focusing on controlling social, environmental, and financial aspects of business operations) and corporate social responsibility ideology which dictates how businesses can give back to keep the communities they operate in and take resources from to best keep them placated

there are corporations that are better than others but i assure you none of them are good.