triple goodness

kids won on the doodle comic poll but I wanted to doodle these two together anyway because I’m not the boss of me

morally dubious sass pals judge locals while sharing latest gossip on hexes

Magical Associations of Cats
  • Black: witchcraft, power, protection, deep magic, wisdom, discernment, removing negative energy
  • Red/ginger/orange: male power, the power of the sun, Yang energy, harvest moon, wealth, money, focus
  • Blue/grey/smoke: love, happiness, peace, good luck, emotional stability
  • White: lunar magic, healing, recharging, beauty, invoking admiration, relieving stress, considered a good omen in America
  • Colorpoint/Siamese: the royal color, fame, success, purity, longevity, solar magic, Yang energy
  • Calico/tri-colored: associated with the triple goddess, good luck, protection, happiness, prosperity
  • Two-tone: wisdom, understanding, common sense, friendliness
  • Tortoiseshell: Yin energy (this color pattern is inherited only by females), children, pure magic, clairvoyance, healing
  • Gold/golden brown: revered temple cat, wisdom, grace, solar magic, playfulness
  • Tabby/striped: good luck, light, humor, energy
  • source: with some edits by me <3