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Someone literally ask me “Are you ever gonna get tired of watching wrestling? Like you know it’s fake right?”

I laughed.

Yes, I know its fake. It ENTERTAINMENT. Hence World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT. The realest things are the injuries they sustain by, oh I don’t know something like, THROWING THEMSELVES OFF REALLY HIGH SHIT! (I’m looking at you Rollins and that damn Titantron and balcony)

They are sports entertainers making a living for their families. They risk life and limb 300 out of 365 days a YEAR, dealing with very hectic schedules (which are physically, emotionally and psychologically pressuring), interviews after interviews, prepping up for PPVs and Wrestlemania and yet they get disrespected.

Non wrestling fans (and some fans) need to remember that they play characters. It’s all kayfabe.Their characters are nothing (or sometimes) like the real person. For example, Bray Wyatt (real name: Windham Rotunda) isn’t a creepy guy who loves to play mind games. He is a man with a wife and children. His dad was the IRS and his brother is Taylor (Bo Dallas). 

You also have to remember that they can’t break kayfabe and yet they do sometimes when they’re in matches. They ask each other if they’re ok (ie: Dean Ambrose asking Seth Rollins if he was ok after a bump in the ring at SummerSlam 2014). They last thing you want to do is botch a match and truly and accidentally injure your opponent.

Like I said earlier, they play characters. They ACT. It’s all fake. Yet, people get so hung up on the character they end up hating the REAL person. For example: Seth Rollins (real name: Colby Lopez). People hate Colby because of his persona Seth Rollins. Colby Lopez is not Seth Rollins. Colby Lopez is Colby Lopez. Colby Lopez did things in real life, not Seth Rollins.

There’s also, Renee Young and Dean Ambrose (real names: Renee Paquette and Jonathan Good). People hate on Renee because she’s dating “Dean Ambrose”. Again, Dean Ambrose and Renee Young are characters. Renee Paquette is dating Jonathan Good. That is a real life relationship. It is NOT a WWE kayfabe one. People need to realize that. Hating on Renee is honestly pointless because she’s not dating Dean, she’s dating Jon.

I honestly love the WWE romantic kayfabe relationships. Just because they can sometimes end up becoming real life ones. For example: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon (real names: Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon). Those two are one of my favorite WWE relationships because I grew up watching them go from kayfabe to real. There was also Miss Elizabeth and Macho Man (rest his soul). They were WWE’s favorite couple. The way Macho treated Miss Elizabeth (until Sensational Sherri came) was pure love.

So I’m done with this really random rant that went from me saying that I laughed when someone ask me that question to me just going on a rant about it. I really wasn’t planning on writing one but oops. Oh well. Don’t care.

Enjoy…? I guess….

Inbox me your comments I guess


Hung out with the squat rack and caught up on the training plan and did some squats, good mornings, and calf raises with the bar. I worked up to 90lbs with the squats. They definitely felt heavy near the last few reps but still felt good. The triple digits are back in my future!! I borrowed Kevy’s knee sleeves cause I was too lazy to put on my patella bands tonight. It’s hot in the garage but the bonus is that I work up a sweat super fast.

Now I’m about to head to meet Sarah to do the last workout for us and that way tomorrow will be all about that rest.

I’ve done really good with bringing my lunch all week, eating good dinners post workout, and not eating tons of unhealthy snacks. It’s also been a full week since I’ve had fruit snacks so that’s a mini victory for me too!

I have been listening to Sam Hunt on Spotify all day. It’s country music season for me!!

Hope you all have had a lovely day!

🌌Okay, guys. Tonight has been one heck of a night. First, Sky thinks loveandpeace255 and kittyjayjay15 are ice creams. Then, she brings them to a freezing chamber to freeze them. Next, they attack Sky. After that, Sky calls in Triple Threat. Sanctum guards Brian, while Steel guards JayJay. Later, JayJay becomes frozen. Sanc freezes Brian, but he breaks free, and burns Sanc to ashes. Even later, Scourge runs towards Brian, but Brian makes him pass out for about 2 or 3 days. Then, Steel is about to attack Brian, but Sky doesn’t want him to. He says he has to, kisses her, tells her he loves her, and goes off to attack. Brian makes him look to see Sky crying so he can put Steel in a dazed state. Sky then gets so angry, she goes Dark. She about kills Briqn, but then Brian puts her under a spell-rubs her under her chin and behind her ear.

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Hey TBell has hella awesome vegetarian option. Black Bean Burrito for life

Oh dude the black bean burrito is so good. I personally really like the triple layer nacho too. Good for them for having at least some vegetarian options

omg i got tagged by spongeson bless

1. On here Yucky, irl its Becca or Rebe
2. really super dark brown 
3. dark brown/black
4. Im 5ft tall
5. I like green enough to cosplay pickle man
6. Mexico
7. murdoc niccals (but rlly nicki minaj)
8. murdoc niccals (but rlly tigers)
9. triple tie between Feel good inc- Gorillaz / Punching in a Dream - the Naked and Famous / and Human - The Killers
10.  Bleachy-Haired Honky Bitch: Tales from a Bad Neighborhood by Hollis Gillespie

im kinda too nervous to tag ppl, but i really wanna see more of my mutuals do it!!

😍 Yes, yes, yes. These are SO good that they almost didn’t receive their time in front of the camera 😳 That GOOD.

- Triple Peanut Butter Vegan Ice Cream Bites 🙌

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