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If Victor had choreographed Yuuri’s “Eros” routine to be a pair skate with him…..CAN YOU IMAGINE. I designed Victor his own Eros outfit and it’s similar to Yuuri’s but a little different.

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So, looked into dyscalculia more and holy shit?? It’s me. It’s always been me. And I brought it up on fb and an old friend is having a “there’s a name for what I struggle with” moment too.

Thank you guys, I mean it.

Double trouble, double fun

Original Imagine: Imagine Aiden and Ethan falling in love with you at the same time, Imagine having a threesome with the twins, Imagine having the twins share you because even thought Ethan is gay he is very attracted to you and imagine sucking them off both at the same time and Imagine Stiles and Scott being protective of you, but you still having hot threesomes with Aiden and Ethan.

Author: Anna

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1902

Warnings: I think I should warn for changing Ethan’s sexual orientation to bisexual, smut, anal sex and oral sex and I think that’s about it.

“Damn, I can’t believe she’s mine.” Aiden stared at you, his eyes watching how you were making homework, sitting in his bed room.
“Well….” Ethan blushed and scratched the back of his neck. He probably had never thought he could feel something like this for a girl, but it had happened and there was nothing he could do about her. “I want her to be mine too.” He turned his face towards his brother and for a moment they didn’t say anything. It was strange. Since they had been baby’s they had been sharing everything. They had been sharing toys, clothes, schoolbooks and even a bedroom, but they had never had to share their loves with each other. 

“Okay…” Aiden took a deep breath. “Let’s ask her, okay?” He shrugged his shoulders. A part of him was confident that you wouldn’t like him less, even if you would like his brother too, but a part of him knew all too well that Ethan was the softer twin, the more tender twin. He would be able to come up with a few reasons why anyone would pick his brother over him.
“Okay…” Ethan nodded, his arms crossed over his chest. He had always thought that he would only be happy with a guy, with a boy, but the jealousy he already felt because he was certain that you would not love him as much as you loved his brother proved him wrong.

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Translation: Joker Game Go For It!! 2nd Year D-Class, Sakuma-sensei!! part 2

So here is part 1.

I’m back from family trip and sick with the flu when I was translating this, so please forgive any spelling / grammar mistakes. OTL

Again, if you’re going to post this on other sites, please just link this post directly or give some credit. That would be very much appreciated.

Warning: 2593 words. Amari is an airhead. BUT I STILL LOVE HIM OKAY?!

Anyway! Enjoy the field trip with D-Class! w

Translation under the cut!

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Happy Holidays from Writing With Color!

Hi all,

We want to wish you all a merry cheery holiday season and fingers triple-crossed for a happy new year. WWC appreciates all your support throughout 2016 and since opening, really, and your patience with us as we work through our hefty piles of Asks.

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Octaazacubane? Sounds explosive in context, and the “az” in it reminds me of azide which makes me nervous. Does this thing have non-quadruple bond Nitrogen in it? *checks*


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Edit: I’m apparently bad at chemistry but I know enough that anything with Nitrogen is potentially a Very Bad Idea.

Just found this laying around on my computer and figured I might as well post it. Someone in the tag talked about mute!Jason some time back and this happened. 

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The coffee shop wasn’t a bad place to work in, but Nico hated being the cashier. He much preferred pretty much any other jobs, because there were less jerks to deal with. Nico was bad at smiling when people were being stupid or intentionally difficult, or at all after an hour or two. However, Drew was a natural at it, no matter how much she talked behind the customers’ backs. Nico didn’t particularly like her, and Drew practically hated him, but they worked well together, switching things around so Nico always did the drinks and the cleaning and Drew handled the customers, no matter what the actual schedule said.

However, the one type of customer Nico handled a lot better than Drew was the type that were difficult without meaning to be. People with loud children, or really old people confused by the coffee choices, or the occasional disabled person. Nico had barely restrained himself from shouting at her when she tried to throw out an obviously blind guy because he brought his guide dog into the shop.

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Oh, wonderful. A generous helping of glitter spills out of the document. You have been getting absolutely creamed with sparkly powder from eccentric alien broads lately. What’s up with that?

There are some other documents in here, and a photograph paperclipped to the folder. Looks like she is outlining a task for you to complete while you are in prison.

Wait. She wants you to do WHAT?

photograph / super serious cosplayer

Knee Deep Fall Over Juice Simtra, 11.25% abv Triple IPA

The sun is playing a particularly mischievous game of hide and seek with the help of a handful of cheeky clouds when I settled down to open this rather bland lookin’ bottle from a Californian brewery rarely seen on these shores. The name “Simtra” held a world of promise though. Simcoe and Citra. Hop elite (don’t tell the other hops I said that). The indicated figures then drew forth a crooked smile, the right side of 11% boozy bits by volume and 131 whole bitter points! If it really wanted to it could probl'y send off a coupon and claim a toaster or somethin’. 

I popped the cap and poured the gorgeous marshmallow topped rusty marmelade coloured liquid into my glass and took a great nose full. If you took a few oranges, a grapefruit, a whole pine bough, a carton of tropical fruit juice, and a splash of rum then blended it all together and snorted it through a straw (srsly good fun btw, y'all should try it) it may be similar to this. 

From the aroma (and the sometimes slightly confusing “Triple IPA” tag) I was expecting a bit of a hop bomb and it really didn’t disappoint. Imagine sticking your face over the business end of one of those comical gramophone barreled blunderbusses you see in old English period comedy flicks just as it goes off, thing is it’d been loaded with all kindsa lovely stuff instead of ball bearings and nails and fox poo. There’s orange flavoured toffee, peach and mango cobbler, candied citrus zest, and pine needles all blasting you in the face and it’s bloody marvelous! 

Some beers grouped as triple IPA’s come very close to American barley wine territory, but not this one, this is most definitely an IPA. The malt’s there don’t get me wrong, it’s caramel covered biscuit goodness offers support where it’s needed with depth and balance in the middle, but it’s those intense and oh so sexy hops that are the stars. They infuse a mouth coating, intensely fruity and resinous quality and leave their mark long after the beer’s gone down with a palate crushing bitterness. It’s full, chewy, and dry and dangerously easy to drink with that booze feeling far less than stated, at least ‘til you try to stand up after the first glass or attempt to post a pic of it to Instagram and realise your fingers have turned to rubber. I’m a big fan though I’ll readily admit it ain’t for everyone. If, however, you dream of hops and get all jittery without a regular lupulin fix, get some of this down your neck. Cheers!