triple fighter

I’m pretty sure this is the first actual mod-related thing I’ve posted here. I have a lot of videos on my YouTube channel, plus an astronomical amount of unlisted videos, but this is the first public video that I’ve released since making this account, I think.

To start with, here’s something really simple – Kirby Fighters Deluxe’s unlockable alternate hats in Triple Deluxe! The physics are even included for Sword Kirby, and there’s proper scaling for when Kirby floats.They’re pretty nice!

The 27 Tritypes from Wiki
Tritype Archetype

125, 251, 512 The Mentor: Triple details (2 is people details)
126, 261, 612 The Supporter: Triple duty, compliant helper
127, 271, 712 The Teacher: Triple people focused, correcting or enjoying 
135, 351, 513 The Technical: Expert Triple precise or exacting
136, 361, 613 The Taskmaster: Triple doing, responsible, Industrious 
137, 371, 713 The Systems Builder: Triple perfectionistic, developing.
145, 451, 514 The Researcher: Triple analytical
146, 416, 614 The Philosopher: Triple critical of self and others.
147, 417, 714 The Visionary: Triple vision, ideas
258, 582, 825 The Strategist: Triple rejection oriented
259, 592, 925 The Problem Solver: Triple conflict avoiding 
268, 682, 826 The Rescuer: Triple protector, people focus active, hero
269, 692, 926 The Good Samaritan: Triple people focus passive, helpers also
278, 782, 827: The Free Spirit ,Triple manipulating, Libertine 
279, 792, 927 The Peacemaker: Triple Upbeat ok-ness 
358, 583, 835 The Solution Master: triple strategic
359, 593, 935 The Thinker: Triple hiders of true self, Camouflagers 
368, 683, 836 The Justice Fighter: Triple Confronters, Challenger
369, 639, 936 The Mediator: Adapters, triple shape changes to get along
378, 738, 837 The Mover and Shaker: Triple assertive
379, 739, 937 The Ambassador: Triple positive, happy, Goodwill
458, 548, 845 The Scholar: Triple independent thinkers 
459, 549, 945 The Contemplative: Triple withdrawn
468, 648, 846 The Truth Teller: Triple reactive, emotional
469, 649, 946 The Seeker: Triple doubting
478, 748, 847 The Messenger: Triple creative and original
479, 749, 947 The Gentle Spirit: Triple imaginative and magical


Danganwrestling 5: Special Edition is now up on YouTube!

Revisit the story of WWE x Danganronpa in this full remake of Danganwrestling: Episode 5, which features completely redone graphics, new story scenes, and full voice acting!

Click here for the full voice cast.

Episode Summary:

The long-awaited class trial. The anime-wrestling crew is put to the ultimate test in crowning the Danganwrestling champion, the title given to blackened murderer of Junko Enoshima. Guest lawyer Athena Cykes has her work cut out for her as Kirigiri lays on a relentless assault against Athena’s client, Goldust. Was it really Goldust? Maybe Triple H? Did John Cena’s love of anime morph into murderous hate? Also, a stunning revelation has the Danganwrestling crew cornered in despair. Luckily someone is coming…someone is coming to SAVE US.

And with that, my Danganwrestling journey has come to an end. I learned so much working on this series, and I hope you all enjoyed it! If you did, please share it with your friends! Post about it wherever you can. Let everyone know about the epic tale of Danganwrestling, shattering the barrier between anime and pro wrestling! Maybe one day this will beat out my Wrestling is Strange video in popularity. :P

I want to thank everyone that has supported this project over the past year: my friends, my fans, and my voice artists. It was an incredible ride.

I may revisit this concept in the future, since it was so fun and absurd, but now it’s time to move on to other projects. If you’d like to see what I’ll be up to next, just follow my personal tumblr!