triple ear piercings

wonderlife974  asked:

What kind of pricings would the 2ps have?

***Piercings LOL

((I keep thinking of this as a punk rock AU ohmygod…,,

links are to images btw))

2P!America: snake bites, eyebrow piercing, double ear piercing, tongue piercing, back dimples piercing, hip piercings

2P!China: spider bites, ears pierced

2P!England: no piercings

2P!France: shark bites, triple ear piercing

2P!Russia: no piercings

2P!Italy: cheekbone piercing, triple ear piercing, chest piercing

2P!Germany: eyebrow piercings, left ear piercing

2P!Japan: double ear piercings

2P!Canada: no piercings

2P!Romano: belly button piercing, double ear piercing, nose piercing

2P!Austria: vampire bite piercing, triple ear piercings

2P!Prussia: no piercings

The lovely Abbey stopped by to upgrade some of her jewellery in her healed Tragus and Triple Conch piercings before her travels across the globe, safe travels !

Blue Opal for Abbey’s Tragus and a Bezel-Set CZ for her Centre conch, these have been healed a few years. The Upper and Lower conch are around a Year and a half healed also.