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Vault || 4.36 || Round-off, flic-flac on -stretched salto bwd with 3/1 twist off || 6.20

Had a little bit of fun with this one. Just like it took Hong 4 years to show this vault, it took me 4 years to finally make a good edit of this vault. Not bad right!

SIDE NOTE: I’ll be taking what do you guys want to see next? or do you guys want me to stop? I’m open to any suggestions 

DISCLAIMER: This vault is currently not listed in the 2017 - 2020 Code of Points so all of the written information (Vault Number, Description, Start Value, and Short -Hand Character) was made up by me 

Overwatch: Festive

Because @overblotch said I should so you damn right I’m gonna fuckin do it. 

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Also in honor of all the gays that died after the highlight intro was released. 

RIP us. 

“Oh wow…I’ve never snowfall in London before…it’s quite romantic”

“Yes, quite. Are we done here?” Pharah grumbled lightly, making quick strides past the doctor in a sad attempt to keep herself warm. Sandstorms and temperatures reaching triple digits were easy, but her suit was not built for the cold let alone snow and neither was she.

Mercy pouted, just for a moment but followed her regardless. They had to catch up to Tracer who was far too excited to be home and during her favorite time of year. Running down the street with her arms outstretched, giggling and eyes twinkling like a child.

The mission was simple, transport some supplies, a few Talon enemies that attempted to intercept but didn’t stand a single chance and it was over before they knew it. Most assignments in London usually went this way, Tracer had an extreme home field advantage, knowing the layout like the back of her hand and the obscene need to make her country proud in wrecking the bad guys on her home turf.

“Isn’t this great!? Can we stick around now that we’re done!? We can visit the pub and and-”

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The president of ABC was asked about the future of the show and said - “Look, we are incredibly encouraged. Season 4 has been creatively the best we’ve had yet. The episodes get better and stronger. And that’s another show for us that we moved from 9pm to 10pm and the live-same-day has remained the same. The show regularly goes up triple digits over the seven day period, anywhere from 100 to 110 percent. We absolutely see more ‘Agents of Shield’ on ABC”!


Note - Okay I’m gonna admit I’m a massive newbie when it comes to Fire Emblem, only jumping in at Awakening and not playing anything before then. I eventually plan on playing FE 7 and 8 on the Virtual Console one I have money but those will probs be the only old one I play since my laptop is a pile of crap and can’t emulate and no, the Tellius games and no game in general is worth triple digit money prices.

That being said, I am super hype for Fire Emblem Gaiden remake and OH GOD Celica’s design for it ticked so many of my character design boxes so I obviously had to draw her asap!


💕 luciper week 💕 day three –
↪ prompt: supernatural au 🌟 brujo gabriel reyes x vampire lúcio correia dos santos.

“c'mon, old man. i know you can do better than that.”

 “oh, i’m the old man? aren’t you the one whose age is in triple digits?”

 “hey, hey now,” lúcio said with a wicked grin, baring his bloodied fangs and unintentionally managing to make every single hair on gabriel’s body stand on end, “age ain’t nothin’ but a number, baby.”

Topi’s Daily Card #907:  Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper

In the fate reforged storyline, it’s Ikra who betrays Tasigur to Silumgar, leading to that nice necklace that the dragonlord gains later on.  As a commander, she’s a nice evasive creature with a huge toughness for her CMC, leading to her second ability allowing for huge point swings in life total.  Personally if I was running Ikra, I’d partner her with Sidar Kondo due to that high toughness he also has, and then you can build a low power high toughness deck on par with decks like Doran the Siege Tower.  Pair her with evasion equipment as well for guaranteed life swings that are sure to put your life total into the triple digits if she’s allowed to keep swinging along with other creatures.  She may not seem like too much at first glance, but I feel like this is one of the partners who could stand on her own the best.

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Jack wanted me to draw a robotic hotboy because he likes my sexy robot skills

This robot built himself out of spare parts and duct tape, but somehow he keeps it together long enough to pose in what he hopes is a casual manner. “It’s candid,” he says, when showing the picture to his friends. “You’re literally floating in a sunset, looking at the camera and making a peace sign.” they tell him. He refuses to listen to them. They’re just haters, he tells himself.

Why do I give my one-off drawings backstory

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