triple crown tattoo


Just a few more weeks until the lovely and talented Annie Alonzi joins us for a guest spot at Wonderland! She still has some availability August 3-5, so get at her while you can!

Contact her at if you want to get an awesome tattoo from a traveling artist, and feel free to share, Portlanders.


Some of Annie Alonzi’s tattoos from her guest spot here at Wonderland! Rose of no man’s land, mini wolf for our very own Will Kendall, traditional portrait of Little Kitty. Get in next time around! It was so awesome having her here!

Follow Annie’s tumblr here and find her on Instagram @a_alonzi. We can’t wait to see her again!


Exciting news! Annie Alonzi will be guesting here at Wonderland August 3-5th! She’ll be here just a short time all the way from Triple Crown Tattoo Parlour in Austin, Texas, and  you should get a tattoo from her! To schedule something, email her at