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Listen/purchase: Night Channels by Foxing

We danced naked outside of your bathroom
until our bare feet sweat tracks on the tile
as you came you moaned about loving them
such convenience in regret after the fact
while our hitch breaths trip on false moves
we both know we’ll be right here again
so by now I know where the door is
I’ll wait outside until you call me back in
future love, don’t fall apart
we purged on the milk of new treason
as we clung to our warp weighted loom
by the time we were done we were woven in
such constriction from a self made trap
and on these antlers dry-rot cracks through
I left myself too open for you
so by now I know what decay is
I’ll lay on waves until the night channels end
future love, don’t fall apart


Finally in my hands. 

Record of the day… Brand New - Déjà Entendu

Breathe, Desperately
  • Breathe, Desperately
  • From Indian Lakes
  • Absent Sounds

Have I become the man that I hated once,
Or have my thoughts become clouded
by things I used to fear the most?
And is my heart full of the ashes I heard about?
Have I become the missing person
I’ve been trying to get you all to forget?