triple crossover

So I had this weird dream where I was siblings with Morro. I was a spirit, like the ones from BotW, for some reason… Anyways, we were playing World of Warcraft until we got sucked into the computer. Then we rode on the Iron Skyweaver, which is my mount in the game. Morro, ironically, was super scared, even though he can control the air.


Triple DireSherlockHannibal Crossover

***Brothers AU. Thought I should bring the characters of Mads & Lars together and give them an onscreen baby brother. *goes into hiding* Please don’t hurt me.

On the subject of dumb crossovers: Seven, Saeran and Nana as Triple-H. Title is “Triple Choi”, or perhaps “I can’t draw guys: exhibit 1 - good thing these two aren’t buff“. Also, that’s a nice foot you got there, Nana, good for you. Too bad I didn’t realize the originals don’t have high heels. Whatever. To be colored sometime this century.

Triple H has such a manly umbrella. Adopt them old man!

Part 2 of We Bare Bears and the Shield… I’mma call it “We Wrestle Wrassle”. :p

Thank you for everyone who noticed my first WBB/Shield pic! It gave me the confidence to post this one too! This was an old doodle I wasn’t going to post, but the world need more of “We Wrestle Wrassle”! 

Hehee, I will definitely draw more in the future! :)