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My brother jackson was telling me about an AU where Bakugou goes hard of hearing because of his quirk, and I absolutely fell in love with the idea. I want a 50k novel about this please somebody write it.

Criminal Danny

Criminal Danny is a mix of chaotic good and neutral. He steals for the fun of it. He takes from those he feels can afford it. The loot itself is only a trophy. The real prize is the knowledge that he stole it.

Jewels, valuable metals and famous paintings vanish, only to be found in odd places. As soon as the owner is willing to offer a prize to those with information, he “returns” it. So far, 3 homeless shelters, 8 children’s hospitals, 5 cancer research facilities, and several charities have found some priceless object or artifact in their lobbies. Most received a large donation from the pieces grateful owner, or said item was stolen again.

The Phantom Bandit, as he was called, made his point clear. “You want this?” He seemed to taunt, “Then you’re going to help these people.”

It was understood around the 15th heist. When a frivolous young billionaire donated several million to a local school, instead of funding the search for her grandmother’s ring. Sure enough, it was in its place the next morning.

Now, donations by the upper classes have tripled. They hope to appease the apparition.

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art by mallaydraws

art by saawek

art by sketchydean

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other by tugophelly

Let me hold you, my sweetheart by reaperlove77

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The Ark by pimentogirl
The Ark, a triple class interstellar craft, offering the opportunity to travel between colonies regardless of Tier Status…
…and the last place left to look…

bonus: art!

Batman & Mcdonalds Makes for a Perfect Love Story by smack-that-assbutt
“Hmm. Well, I suppose if you’re looking forward to a little more, we can always make a second date for next week,” Castiel’s eyes are bright and hopeful as he looks up to smile at Dean, who bites his lips and leans closer as Castiel speaks. Their hands brush on the hood of the Impala. “And then, hopefully,” he whispers, leaning in closer and letting his warm breaths tickle Dean’s neck, “a third date after that, and a fourth, and a fifth…”“Woah, Cas, you gonna start planning our wedding next?”

In which Dean and Castiel share their first date on Valentine’s Day, and Castiel has some strong opinions about The LEGO Batman Movie.

By Any Other Name by edgarallanrose
“What?” Dean asked.
“You just called Cas sweetheart,” Sam said, a grin spreading across his face.
“No I –“ Dean looked at Cas, who nodded solemnly in confirmation. “Shit I – I didn’t mean to!”
“What would we call that? A Freudian slip?” Sam asked, now openly snickering. Dean felt all his blood rush to his face.
“Shut up, Sammy,” he mumbled. “Sorry, Cas.”
“I really don’t –“ he began, then, thinking better of it, “it’s fine. You’re welcome, regardless.”
Dean couldn’t look at him the rest of the day.


Speak Again, Bright Angel by edgarallanrose
As Dean waited in line he glanced around. There were pink and red paper hearts dangling from the ceiling and taped to the windows. There was a little rack by the door displaying Teddy Bears with chocolate boxes attached to their arms. Dean frowned. He checked the date on his phone.
“Shit,” he swore under his breath.

Don’t Call Her Sweetheart by dudewhatswiththeshorts | T, 6.2k
Kelly Kline dies and the nephilim child has nowhere to go. Well, that’s not completely true. She could go to the bunker with the Winchesters. Dean’s not too keen on that idea, but Sam and Castiel don’t care. Nephilim or not, she’s still a baby and therefore needs a family. Luckily Dean finds his inner mother and learns to love the baby. Although his constant nurturing, well… it’s kind of interfering with his relationship with Cas.
AKA a fic where Dean stops coming to bed so he can watch over a baby and also Cas gets jealous.

Do You Remember? by sixxstiel
Dean recalls a few key moments in his and Cas’ relationship
[warning: major character death]

First Impressions by oceanbluecas
Meeting at the altar, two strangers are joined in marriage. Castiel didn’t expect the sweet smile, the bright eyes, or the fierce protective offer. He didn’t expect Dean.


Second Chances by oceanbluecas
Four days into their honeymoon, Castiel and Dean were absolutely miserable.

First Impressions by profound-boning
So what if the customer was super pissed for no good reason? Dude was hot. Dean could appreciate that.

Good-bye my sweetheart by lgoodrowblog

Grocery Store Valentine by crossroadsangelcastiel
Dean and Castiel go grocery shopping. Valentine’s Day fluff ensues.

Hallmark Holidays by winvhesters
it’s a certain couple’s first valentine’s day as a normal human people, and dean always likes to go all out with romantic gestures. castiel has a different opinion, about everything as far as the holiday goes. also, there’s a surprise! (it’s a good one i promise!)

Hello, Sweetheart by ripuptheending
In which Dean and Castiel argue over blow jobs and Dean has a serious Han Solo fetish.

just to hear your voice by pomegranatedaffodil
Captured by the British Men of Letters and cut off from his Grace, Castiel assumes that it won’t be long before Sam and Dean arrive to rescue him. But as the days pass with no sign of the Winchesters, he begins to realize that he will have to be the one to secure his own freedom, with his love for Dean to guide him home.

Left-handed Sweetheart by Hatsonhamburgers
It’s Valentine’s Day at Lawrence High, and a Cas is salty about the whole thing. Until he gets a carnation from a secret admirer, that is.
Will Cas find out who it is? Will he quit being bitter about love?? Will it be Dean Winchester??? Will there be hot sexual situations????All the answers to these questions (plus ones you didn’t even ask) and more!

The Life I Want by areiton
It’s ordinary, the hunt and everything in the aftermath. It’s what they’ve done a thousand times—but it’s not all he wants.

Lyft Me, Sweetheart by taymeelove
Castiel’s car broke again. He calls in a Lyft to bring him to work, who he got and what he got out of it was more than Castiel could have hoped for.

Nothing ever smells of roses by alxdiamond
It’s going well, until it isn’t. Dean knows how addiction works, how addicts work, but he still somehow expects it to be different with Cas.

(Not So) Fallen Angel by deannathegeek
A different kind of hunt.

Of Coffee and Courtships by GeekPrincess
This is the story of Dean and Castiel and falling in love; one coffee at a time.

Oh, Sweetheart by just-another-busy-fangirl
Castiel is upset, and Dean has to figure out why.

Piece By Piece by DeadlyKittenKay
There has been a death in the family. One that while doesn’t surprise, doesn’t hurt. How will Castiel come to terms with his conflicted heart?

Scarlet by fpwoper
Castiel finds Dean in coma in a hospital. Will he be able to save his love?

still our hands match by teacass
Castiel suspects Dean has been hunting alone more often now that both Castiel and Sam have left the bunker, but he rarely allows himself to think about that. There’s nothing he can do about it now — Dean had said as much, right to his face, the bitter ‘yeah, it’s over’ still ringing in his ears even months after that night.

Sugar and Salt by hautesauce
Dean thoughtlessly calls Castiel a pet name one too many times. Two can play at that game.
Salty!Cas and Oblivious!Dean star in the Deancas-Sweetheart Challenge!

Sweeten My Heart by breathingdestiel
Cas is in love with his best friend who is straight and could never love him back. But why is Dean all of a sudden calling him sweetheart, sunshine, and other pet names? Is it possible that Cas’ love isn’t unrequited after all?

The Troubles by taymeelove
In the little town of Haven, Maine, things are not what they seem. People can do things that shouldn’t be physically possible. This is the story of two of them.

There’s something about Misha by kitsunelovescas
Dean spends his evening with his hot new neighbor, helping him replace the front door to his apartment and generally being a nice guy, but there’s just something weird going on with Castiel’s cat, Misha.

Untitled by caslikescoffeeandfreckles
1k, au, meet cute

What humans do for fun by noxsoulmate
The best way to spend a day between hunts is relaxing – or with a snowball fight for the whole family.

The world is not beautiful, therefore it is by randomdestielfangirl
Cas tries (and fails) to have the perfect Valentine’s day date with his boyfriend.  

Intro to Upper Class Culture, Part 2: Equestrian Sports

Ahh, equestrianism. It’s a topic I reluctantly know more about than I ever cared to because my boyfriend is obsessed with horses. He owns seven of them now: two Thoroughbreds, two Arabians, one Andalusian, one Appaloosa, and one Quarter Horse. They’re all fairly versatile breeds and pretty popular breeds, often used in equestrian sports. If you’re like me you’ll probably think “A horse is a horse, does it matter?” and the answer is that it matters greatly as horses come in varying sizes, shapes and have different talents specific to their breed.

Although horses have been used in everything from plowing fields to herding cattle (and still are!) I include equestrianism in “Upper Class Culture” because horses are a very expensive investment. I asked D how much it would cost at the very minimum to take care of a horse per year and he estimated at the very least three or four thousand dollars. I asked him how much he spent per horse every year and he laughed and declined to comment, but when I asked if it was more than ten thousand he laughed and said, “A lot more”. I did a little research online and found some sources saying 15K was a decent chunk of change to spend on a horse, so I’ll assume D is spending more since spendthrift isn’t one of his many good qualities. Let’s estimate he spends 20K/year on each horse. That’s $140,000 per year on a hobby. When is the last time you dropped over a hundred grand on a hobby?

So, now that we’ve established how grossly expensive this is, it’s time to learn what people do with these walking money pits! I’m going to focus on a few different activities you can do with horses that are particularly “upper crust” and there are a lot more but as it is this is going to be a pretty lengthy post. The horse industry in the US alone is a $102 billion+ industry so there’s just a lot of facets, and if I don’t cover one you’re interested in message me and maybe I’ll do a “Equestrian Sports Part 2”.

Horse Racing

The one that’s on everyone’s mind right now! For the first time in 36 years we have a Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah, the beautiful thoroughbred who beat the odds and won it all. Horse racing is a massive industry, mainly because of the gambling that goes along with it, and is probably America’s favorite equestrian sport. There are thousands upon thousands of horse races across the US per year but they vary from very seedy to very classy, and I’ll assume if you’re reading this you’re going to the latter.

Horse racing is pretty straight forward. The gates open and horses, ridden by a jockey, run for a certain distance. Races are generally limited to one different breed of horse (or a couple types) because otherwise there would be unfair advantages between breeds. The most common types of race horses are Thoroughbreds, Arabians and Quarter Horses. The Triple Crown, a set of three races that begins with the Kentucky Derby, then goes to the Preakness and finally Belmont Stakes, is for Thoroughbred horses.

Now, if you’re attending a big fancy horse racing event such as a leg of the Triple Crown, you’re free to dress up like you’d imagine people do. Colorful Lilly Pulitzer sundresses and over the top hats are completely acceptable. For men, tailored suits, bow ties and flower lapels are always classic. If you’re with someone who is upper class, generally you won’t be sitting in the stands but will be seated somewhere more comfortable, so although everyone will be cheering at the end of the race, don’t get too rowdy lest you scare the bourgeois.


Nothing says preppy quite like Polo. It evokes images of men on horseback, bright grassy fields, and, if you’re like me, Ralph Lauren. Polo originated in Persia and was brought to India where it was eventually taught to British military officers and brought back to the UK and via the UK much of the rest of the world. It’s most popular today in Argentina, the US and the UK. Polo is played on horseback with a small, solid plastic ball on the ground that is hit by riders armed with wooden mallets who try to shoot the ball into (weirdly large) goals. There are four players on each team (3 in arena). The riders ride “Polo Ponies” who are frequently rotated out and look absurdly small to be carrying full grown adults. It’s more fun to watch than you’d assume, and actually really fun and a little bit scary to play (10/10 would recommend).

Event Dress: Dress nicely, but don’t look too fancy. A nice sundress, trousers and a good blouse, something flowy, light and summery is all good. Keep it classy, preppy is always a good option. And for all that is good and decent in this world do not come dressed as stereotypically western or British-no top hats or cowgirl boots. No. A word about heels: don’t wear stilettos. Wear wedges. Why? You’ve all seen “Pretty Woman”, don’t feign naivety with me. During the halftime and at the end of the game, it’s tradition for the public to be called onto the field to help fill in the holes left by the horse hooves. If you’re in stilettos you’re going to make walking in the grass harder on yourself, one, and two, make the grass even worse, and three, not be able to participate in the fun part of the game for the spectators. Also, no big crazy hats. I saw some American women do this on a British reality show and cringed. Don’t be those women. Keep things simple and classy, fashion wise.

I’m going to limit this post to those two things because I think those are the most important to touch on. If you’re ever being brought to another equestrian event (dressage, eventing, show jumping, etc.) then you can never go wrong with a nice tight pair of jeans, riding boots and a good cashmere sweater. If you get invited to go riding with someone, do take the opportunity because it’s a lot of fun and less scary the more you do it. Horses are wonderful, very loving and intelligent animals so it’s easy to see how people get roped into pouring their hard earned cash into them.

A little vocab and then we’ll almost be done

Foal: A baby horse

Filly: A female baby horse

Colt: A male baby horse

Suckling: A baby horse still nursing

Mare: A female adult horse

Stallion: A male adult horse that isn’t castrated

Gelding: A male adult horse that is castrated

Game idea: triple-class. It’s a team game where two teams of 1-6 people compete in short matches of simple games like soccer, king of the hill, etc. Each round takes 3 minutes top.

The thing is, every player has three different classes they can switch at will and each class has special abilities. One could teleport, another is really fast, another has a gravitational pull that attracts other players to it, another can shove other players really far.

The goal of the two teams is to use their combined abilities to make combos and come up with creative strategies to win the game. But with a lot of powers and players, the matches can quickly devolve into chaos.

krazybomb  asked:

Hi! I'm looking to gm a game for my friends who are kinda tired of dnd- specifically looking for something that has diverse character options and isn't fantasy. I've been a dm in dnd 5e for a few months and I've played multiple rpgs like call of cthulu, eclipse phase, the official star wars rpg (original) and dnd 5e. Any suggestions​ that we could jump into?

Depends on what you mean by “isn’t fantasy”.

If it’s specifically bog-standard Tolkien-derived fantasy you’re looking to avoid, you might have a look at Tenra Bansho Zero. It’s a localised Japanese title that brings a very different set of influences to the table from what you get in Western fantasy media, and a cast of playable characters that includes cyborgs, spirit-summoners, cursed samurai, Shinto MiBs, and Robocop.

(Well, not exactly Robocop, but you can do a reasonable facsimile thereof.)

If you mean no fantasy at all, you might have a look at any of the following:

  • Conspiracy X is a game where the player characters run their own little X-Files type conspiracy. It’s a bit of an odd choice when you’re asking for “diverse character options”, since all player characters are regular humans with no weird powers; the variety comes in the form of a very fine-grained system for defining what resources each character brings to the conspiracy. One might have the ability to push front-page news stories; another, access to surveillance satellites; and still another, the authority to falsify Presidential orders.

  • Danger Patrol is a narratively driven pulp sci-fi game with a novel twist on character creation: each “race” and “class” is also half of a pre-filled character sheet. You cut them out, and deal each player one template from each pile; each player tapes their two halves together, and that’s their character. You might end up with a party consisting of, say, an Atomic Professor, a Ghost Detective, and Robot Commando.

  • Double Cross is another localised Japanese game, this one drawing from a blend of JRPGs and superhero comics. Picture Persona 3 meets Prototype and you’ll be in the right ballpark. The core rulebook includes twelve different character classes, with dual and even triple classing encouraged for starting characters, so the number of possible starting builds is very, very large.

  • Sufficiently Advanced is a transhuman sci-fi game that accommodates characters ranging all the way from baseline humans to sapient cities (both of which are valid starting character concepts), using a set of narrative templates that trade raw capability for player-facing plot manipulation powers to ensure that lower-tech characters don’t get crowded out of the spotlight. The game’s default setting positions the player characters as agents of an interstellar patent office in a post-scarcity future where only ideas have value, but several other options are included.
Sick Day - Ashton Irwin

A/N: I’m so sorry for my inactivity I’ve been really busy with school and work and although I wrote like five different ones I just couldn’t get them to work but I’ll revisit them later in the mean time here’s a little cliché for you all. It’s so bad but i feel so terrible for not updating so *throws this rubbish at you* please don’t give up on me. All my love and please don’t hate me!

Shivering violently you hurried down the hallway to your lecture room. Running late due to your physical inability to move any faster was not how you’d seen your week heading and frankly you couldn’t afford the time for the sickness plaguing your body but nevertheless here you were. Your head was pounding, your body thermostat fucked majorly and your usual tiredness had turned to extreme fatigue. The result of extreme levels of stress induced by your striving for the highest grades and overloading yourself with work and study.

You couldn’t afford to miss this lecture though and so you were suffering in silence. You had sculled a triple shot latté before class knowing it wouldn’t help your headache but would give you enough of a buzz to make it through the two hour lecture.

Your boyfriend had left home well before you were awake despite your early lecture. He had been heading off to the studio for the day, his band mates picking him up so you could have the car for the drive instead of having to take the bus. Although you could afford to have two cars, you didn’t need more than one. You could catch the bus when Ashton needed the car and when he was touring you could have the car whenever you needed it.

Your caring boyfriend had left you a little note reminding you to stay home and rest if you needed it. You’d barely comprehended it on your hurry out of the house, skipping breakfast in favour of coffee and not being ridiculously late.

The night before you’d been up until two finishing work off, the fourth consecutive night of this and Ashton was terribly worried for you and your health. He had made you tea but hadn’t pushed you to stop knowing you would just ignore him and his requests anyway. Last night you’d had a headache from the stress and lack of sleep and it just hadn’t gone away, in fact it had just gotten worse since then.

You sit down at the back of the lecture hall discretely because despite your best efforts your still a little tardy. As you begin taking out your notebook and pens your phone lights up with a message from Ashton, accompanied very shortly by a Snapchat just for you, not one you’d been included in with the fan base. Your worried boyfriend was making sure you were okay. You send him a snap of you without looking at it with a message a little after when you get no response telling him you’re fine, still a little headache but nothing bad. You don’t want to worry him anymore than he is, he’s recording for the new album and while it’s not so complicated as it is for vocals it’s still stressful and full on. He doesn’t need to be worrying about you.

I was sitting in the studio listening to Calum and Luke singing away with Michael as we put the finishing touches on one of the new songs when I decided I couldn’t wait to see Y/N when I got home to see if she was okay. The unknowing was driving me insane. She was worrying me so much lately, she was exhausted and stressed so often. I had sent her the snap hoping she might send one of her.

When I receive it I stand suddenly, swearing loudly causing Mike to look up at me startled. ‘Mate can you drive me to the uni, I need to go get y/n, she looks shit, I fucking told her to not work so hard.’

That was all I needed to say and the Mike had dropped me off in record time wishing me luck and making sure I would message them all how she is. A loved member of the little family everyone was understandably worried for her.

I stand it the car park finding our car and ringing until she answers me. It takes three consecutive calls but she does eventually answers me.

Ashton had called you without a break three times even when he knew you were at uni and you were beginning to worry for him. You’d grabbed your bag and hastily but quietly stuffed it with your unwritten in book and slid out of the door silently careful not to disturb the lecture. You’d missed his third call but he was ringing again with in a matter of seconds. This time you answer breathlessly. The effort of putting your things away and leaving the room exhausting you. 'Ash baby what’s wrong are you okay?’ You ask flustered. He barks your name out very un-Ashton-like, 'I’m at the car at uni don’t you dare walk back into that lecture hall Madame, or so god help me I will drag you out.’ He says throwing you off. You mutter an apology telling him you’re coming to the car now. With your thick scarf wrapped around your shoulders you stumble to the car in the freezing air. It’s not worth arguing, you know Ash would tear the whole uni apart to find you and make sure you’re okay.

You trudge along in the cool air cautiously and slowly. You hear running footsteps before you see anything, your head tucked against your chest wrapped up and attempting warmth your shivering still persistent.

Ashton skids to a halt in front of you breaking your stride as he crashes into you engulfing you in a massive hug, he kisses your forehead but pulls away abruptly. 'You’re burning up Y/N! Give me that backpack now! And we are going straight home!’ He orders as you shrug off your bag painstakingly slowly trying to limit the pain in your head. 'Babe why didn’t you stay home I would have come straight away and looked after you.’ Ash asks and you shake your head slowly causing you to cringe at the pain. 'I need to stay on top of everything.’ You mutter barely above a whisper for fear of the stabbing pain to your head. Ash tuts sliding your hand into his warm calloused one leading you along to the car slowly and with such care. 'Babe you need to slow down take care of yourself I should have made you stop yesterday, it’s too much you’ve got to ease up you’re worrying me.’ Ashton looks down at you with weary concern and a sort of guilt that he doesn’t deserve to have. 'Let’s get you home and rested and then tomorrow you’re having another day off and I will make you. I love you too much to let you wear yourself out Y/N.’ he says sternly but without malice. You mumble incoherently in protest and he shushes you. 'I’m not backing down, I’m not letting you get any sicker!’ You know he won’t let you out of his sight for the next at least 48 hours so there is absolutely no hope of protest now.

You reach the car and he sticks the hand that isn’t holding yours in front of you, demanding the keys. You take a deep breath bracing yourself for the pain as you move to rummage through your coat pocket. But Ashton being the helpful man that he is gently whisks your hand away and fossicks for the keys with a caution that makes you want to cry. 'Got 'em’ he says winking at you and unlocking the car. 'Don’t you dare move I’m putting your bag in the back and then I’m helping you in.’ He warns and you don’t have the energy to resist so you stand shivering as he puts your bag in the back and opens the door for you guiding you in letting you lean on him as you get in. He shuts the door as gently as he can and then runs around and gets in himself. He turns the air on to warm and comfortable. But you still shiver uncontrollably. 'Baby I’m so worried about you, do you need a doctor or something this isn’t good at all.’ He states and you feel terrible that he’s so worried when he has so many other things to be doing. 'I’m fine just drop me home and go back to the studio. Really Ash. Don’t worry about me.’ You say unconvincingly and he just gives you a look that assures you he will not be going back for he studio today and probably tomorrow too. You sigh and rest you read against the window with your scarf acting as a pillow. Ashton’s smooth driving lulling you into sleep.

You hear the car stop and open you eyes despite the splitting headache that hadn’t lessened any. You’re in the driveway of your house and Ashton is sprinting around the car to open your door and as you start to move he shakes his head sternly at you. Mother hen that he is. He opens the door and you start shivering again. 'Here let me help you. I would love to carry you in but I’m one hundred percent sure you wouldn’t let me do that so I’ll settle for just helping you walk.’ He says knowing you so well.

With Ashton’s help you do make it into the house having a little break in the kitchen before continuing upstairs to your bedroom. Ash sits you down on the bed unfurling your scarf from around your neck, then gently taking off your jacket. Finally he helps you remove your shirt and jeans, leaving you in just your underwear. 'Here I’ll grab you a shirt baby.’ He reaches under your pillow and locates the shirt of his you sleep in. 'Bra off babe everything off before this goes on, I’m not having you wear a bra to bed that’s no fun for anyone.’ He helps you unclasp your bra and slide you underwear off before slipping the soft cotton shirt over your head gently. He kisses your forehead a look of concern washing over his features. 'Go to bed I’ll put all this in the wash and then make you some tea and soup if you’re feeling up to it.’ He runs a gentle hand down your leg as he stoops to pick up your discarded clothes before leaving the room. As you fall asleep all you can think of is how lucky your are to have given your heart to the man you have, someone who cares so well for you physically surely is a perfect candidate for the holder of your heart.

I’d helped her get into bed showing just how sick she really was. After putting her clothes in the wash and then starting to make her some tea and soup I’d wandered up to our room to check on her with the food. I’d made enough that if she was asleep or didn’t want any I could have this lot that was warm. I enter the room to see her cuddled up to her pillow asleep soundly and finally with a look of peace on her face. I slip into bed gently and sip some soup. Tomorrow she is staying here and I am going to make sure she has everything she needs. It’s the least I can do for the beautiful sleeping girl who stole my heart and has cared for it so well.

anonymous asked:

If you're still doing recommendations, do you know of any tabletop rpgs with systems similar to the job systems featured in the final fantasy in that it has a lot of variety in classes that you can sort of mix and match?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. Final Fantasy’s job system is explicitly based on Dungeons & Dragons’ class system, so that’s never a bad place to start. D&D 4th Edition in particular basically plays like a tabletop implementation of Final Fantasy Tactics, and while the rigid standardisation of its class framework has drawn a bit of criticism from old-school D&D fans, it does have the benefit of making it really, really easy to play mix-and-match with class powers. Plus, it has about a billion classes if you’re willing to splurge for the right sourcebooks.

The downside, of course, it’s that it’s a fairly crunchy game, even as versions of D&D go. It’s not the crunchiest by any means (I’d argue that Pathfinder clocks in a bit higher, f’rex), but it’s up here. If you’re in the market for something lighter that still has a variety of strongly defined class archetypes and a similar pick-and-mix approach to class powers, you’ve got a few options:

  • Dungeon World - Basically D&D aesthetics bolted onto a high-concept indie game framework. Not quite the same variety of classes as D&D proper, but more than enough when you’re starting out. If you’re interested in giving the whole indie “players as co-authors of the world fiction” thing a spin, it’s a very approachable place to start.

  • Anima Prime - If you prefer the magipunk aesthetic of more recent Final Fantasy games, Anima Prime’s definitely a good way to go. Strictly speaking it’s not a game with class-based character creation, but it’s got a very good mix-and-match power system that doesn’t require you to do any complicated math or point-counting, plus a set of class-like standard packages to get you started. The way it handles conflict resolution is quite different if you’re accustomed to traditional tabletop games; I go over it in a bit of detail here. There’s a free no-art version available (check the right-hand sidebar of the linked site), so there’s little harm in checking it out.

On the flip side, if complicated rules don’t bother you, but you’d prefer something further away from the elves-and-hobbits milieu of traditional fantasy gaming, the localised Japanese RPG Double Cross might be your speed. The core book alone contains twelve character classes, with dual- and even triple-classing heavily encouraged for starting characters, and the class power lists are as long as your arm. In terms of media inspirations, picture Persona meets Prototype - i.e., gnarly mutant teenagers kicking each other’s asses all over Tokyo, plus bonus existential angst.


Up Close And Personal With A Maersk Triple-E

Bloomberg’s Copenhagen-based photographer Freya Ingrid Morales had to get her sea legs fast to photograph the arrival of the world’s largest container ship, the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller, on Monday, July 28, at the Danish port of Aarhus.

A very early morning reveille was required to board the pilot vessel Hermes which supervised the skilled operation necessary to guide A.P. Moeller-Maersk A/S’s giant vessel to its moorings.

Too large for any port in the Americas or the Panama Canal, Maersk’s Triple-E is a class of vessel designed for “efficiency, economy of scale, and the environment,” according to the company’s website.

The ship is made of 98% steel. That’s enough to build 185,489 Harley- Davidson Inc. Fat Boy motorcycles…in case you were wondering!

Photographer: Freya Ingrid Morales/Bloomberg

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Hey Taylor it’s Nicole!! I have some huge news to tell you! So in my home state of Minnesota, they give out a bunch of academic awards. One of the awards is called the “Triple A” award. This award goes out to 1 girl, and 1 boy of the senior class. The Triple A is given to those seniors for excellence in academics, athletics, and arts (the arts would be band and choir not like actual art classes). Today during school I was called down to my Athletic Director’s office. She told me that I am the girl nominated for our school! I am so excited to be nominated! The reason I am telling you this is because of you, I have kept pushing myself to be a better person in all three of these areas. You have taught me to let the haters hate and to just be myself! So thank you for being an amazing person, and I can’t wait for Reputation❤️ @taylorswift

~ @av3ngersassvmble / from [here]

So, she was being a little naughty with her outfit. Okay, incredibly naughty. Especially since she was sitting in the front row of her class, where Professor Levesque taught, legs wide open for him to see. She had always hoped that he was attracted to her because boy was she attracted to him, and she only hoped that today could help her find evidence figuring him out. “Yes, professor?” She asks, tongue darting out to lick her lips as she leans against his desk, heart racing.

strong willed, eyebrows furrowing and clenched teeth. desperate for some sort of release but never willing to let go. long, hard runs that leave you gasping for breath and covered in sweat. tight, french braids. whipped cream vodka. staring contests.

ripped, loose jeans. boiling water at midnight and quick, affectionate hugs. long fingers and twitching muscles. speeding tickets. going bird watching, counting to infinity.

setting boundaries and breaking promises, but meaning no harm. night skies blanketed with clouds and high winds that kick up leaves against your legs. tickle fights, shrill screams.

a strong grip. taking care of people. pounding nails into the side of a house. beehives…sweet, sweet honey. laziness with a purpose. long camping trips where your hair gets dirty and your skin becomes oily but your head is finally clear.

brightest smiles, terrible jokes. the stray hair you find on your clothes. sitting down after a long day. strong muscles that pull hard. hot espresso that boils blisters on your tongue and leaves you jittery and wild.

the smell of cotton sheets, a clean room. chocolate cake with pink frosting. a firecracker that explodes in your hands. trips to the hospital. swimming two miles, exhausting yourself.

history classes. triple A batteries, frayed string. the smell of nail polish remover. the nights that you toss and turn for hours before finally falling asleep. soft edges, sharp angles. older boys.

raven black hair. the feeling of coming home after buying new things. exploring a new place. riding in a convertible and feeling your hair curl and twist behind you. pursed lips and red cheeks.

opening presents on christmas morning. the smell of pancakes. the feeling of falling when you first begin to fall asleep. relapsing. huge clothes that make you seem small. sheer black tights and small knuckles. loud music.

the week between winter and spring when the leaves are budding but there’s still snow on the ground. eating out at fancy restaurants. deep bass notes. buildings with high ceilings and beautiful architecture. 2 a.m. talks with your friends.

aromatherapy…the smell of patchouli. huge tapestries that cover your whole wall. visiting art museums. snowball fights. the crunch of celery between your teeth. sliding over a wood floor with socks on. outfits that show a lot of skin.


holding your breath. button down shirts. pulling your hair out. bright screens. black pen ink that stains your favorite shirt. bright silver jewelry. breaking into buildings. kisses.