triple chocolate chunk muffins

I was tagged by bestie @missmendelsohn thank you 

1. where is your cell phone? don’t have one
2. your hair? med/light brown 
3. your mom? in the same room as me
4. your other half? does BTS count lol
5. your favourite food? hamburgers 
6. your dream last night? nightmare I wish not to remember 
7. your favourite drink? Dr Pepper
8. fear? Losing my loved ones
9. your home away from home? i don’t have one 
10. where were you last night? At home?
11. something that you aren’t? good at anything pretty 
12. muffins? triple chocolate chunk! ;)
13. wish list item? anything BTS
14. where you grew up? Georgia 
15. last thing you did? DIED FROM THE BTS TEASER
16. what are you wearing now? black jeans and t shirt 
17. your TV? in front of me
18. your pets? none
19. friends? @missmendelsohn @idontknowibangtagon @actualsunshinejunghoseok
20. your life? needs to have some kind of meaning 
21. missing someone? don’t have anyone to miss