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Sanders Sides Villain Wrangler AU Part 4

I finally did it!

Word Count: 1409 (it’s long I don’t care)

Warnings: torture mention, murder mention, kidnapping, slight threatening/blackmail, if there’s anything else, let me know.

Summary: Patton gets kidnapped due to the events of Part 3, we meet his brother, and self-proclaimed anti-hero The Brain.

Author’s note: I’m terrible at coming up with last names for the sides in AUs, so forgive me for them being random.

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Patton sat at his desk after the encounter. He had double and triple-checked the calendar. The Prince was not supposed to have been there. He sighed, feeling defeated. He knew that this would not reflect well on the Foundation. Would they lose funding? He hoped not. Less funding meant that less kids could have their wishes fulfilled.

He was interrupted from his reverie when a small paper fluttered onto his desk. He picked it up. It was Maddie’s star. He’d left it with the Vigilante, what was it doing here? He turned it over. Written in a scrawled handwriting, but no less clear than the little girl’s on the other side:

You lied to me, Patton.

Before Patton could even think, something cold grabbed his ankle underneath his desk and everything went black.

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anonymous asked:

Since your writing these Izuocha drabbles, how about one where there in a Scary situation like a Pregnancy scare??? How would they react?

(huh, I am doing a lot of these aren’t I? I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this many asks in so little time)

Anyway, to answer that, I’m not really sure?

Well, I think the both of them would want to have kids, but I also think they would be very careful about when.

Ochako would probably hold off on having kids since she knows first hand how hard it is to raise a child from what happened with her parent’s construction company. So I think she would only really…work on that once she’s certain she can actually support a child, financially speaking, to a reasonable degree before she had any.

Deku would be really, really nervous about having a kid. Since he didn’t have a father figure in his life (before All Might that is) he would doubt if he could raise a child regardless of how much money he has. He afraid he doesn’t have the skill for it, not the courage or the patience. The thought of screwing up some kid’s life because he had no idea how to dad is more then a little scary.

So, the two of them would be very careful about their bedroom activities. Condoms, birth control, watching out for Ochako’s safe days, the whole nine yards. 

But, for the sake of the ask, despite all this, one day, Ochako’s period is late.

One week goes by, then two, on the third she rushes off in the middle of the night to buy a test.


The both of them just kinda sit on the bedroom floor for a few minutes, shocked beyond belief. After that passes, they panic.

They check the condoms to see if they were expired, Ochako checks her birth control to see if she actually took it, they triple check the calendar before Ochako just tears it to pieces in a fit of desperation.

Ochako starts crying, “This is wrong, I can’t be a mother, not yet, not yet!” She promised herself she would never make her kids go through what she did, having to worry between living her own life or helping her family make ends meet. She just cries because she feels so disappointed in herself for not being careful enough, and now she has a kid she isn’t sure she can even take care of properly.

Izuku would be at a complete loss, his mind racing with all sorts of dead end ideas about what happened, he pushes back his own panic at the situation and tries to rationalize it to calm Ochako down, “It could still be a false positive!” He doesn’t believe himself when he says it, and Ochako doesn’t buy it either, so he just hugs her until she calms down.

When she does they discuss their options. Neither of them have the stomach to even bring up abortion, so they only two option they have is to either keep it or…

“Adoption,” Ochako says grimly, eyes red, “We wouldn’t be able to take care of it, it’s the only responsible thing to do….”

Izuku’s heart clenches, a part of him wanting to argue, but a bigger part of him agrees with her, he can’t see himself taking proper care of a child, “Right….”

They tell their friends and family about it the very next day, knowing they wouldn’t be able to hide it for long anyway, and when they mention that they plan to give the child away, just about all of them try and talk them out of it, but the two won’t have any of it.

The thought of giving their child away does hurt them, but they think its the best option for the kid.

That’s when Inko sits them down and talks to them. She tells them that no one is ever ready to raise a child until they actually have one, tells Izuku that despite all his fear, he is one of the kindest, most compassionate people she knows, she tells him he would be a wonderful father.

She tells Ochako that her reason for holding off on having kids is well meaning…but a bit naive, “Raising a child is expensive yes, but you can never know how expensive it will be.” She tells Ochako she understands her fear, especially as a mother, back when she had Izuku she spent the first few months of his life worried if she could even feed him, if she would have enough money to send him to a good school, or nice cloths, or support his hobbies as he grew up. 

She tells her that it is alright to be worried about such things, that it is a sign of how much she cares and how much love she can have for a child she hasn’t even met yet, that it means she will be a great mother, “But you two seem to forget that you aren’t alone in this. You have friends and family who will lend you a hand no matter what.”

The both of them start crying, and she just smiles, “Still, this is your life,” She says a bit sadly, but understanding, “In the end it needs to be your choice, and no matter what you chose, we will all support you through it.” She looks the both of them in the eye, “But you need to be sure of it, decisions you make while you’re afraid don’t usually turn out well…”

The both of them cry in earnest, Izuku hugging Ochako tightly while she wraps her arms around her stomach.

In the middle of her sobs, Ochako chokes something out, “T-Tsuru…”

Izuku blinks at her through his own tears, “W-What?”

“If its a girl, I want to call her Tsuru…” She looks up at him with a big wet smile ,”Is…is that name okay?”

Izuku looks at her for a moment before grinning, “Yeah! It’s a great name!” He hugs her tighter, burying his nose in her hair, “I love it…”

Inko smiles softly at them pair, both happy she was able to sort out this drama, and confident that she just secured her spot as best future grandma ever…when something occurs to her, “….did you two see a doctor about this? Those tests can be really finicky….”

That’s when the two of them realize that because of their panic, they indeed forgot to do that, “Oops…”

Option 1: They go to a doctor and it turns out that, yes, Ochako is pregnant. They get nervous for a moment before they squeeze each other’s hand and get their courage back, more determined to be the best parents ever.

Option 2: They go to a doctor, and it turns out to be a false positive and that Ochako is just really late for whatever reason (nothing serious of course….hopefully, I’m not that knowledgeable on the subject). The two of them are at once embarrassed over their responses to the the situation…and a little disappointed. At the very least they leave the doctor’s office with a new sense of perspective, and a promise to themselves that they would be a bit more…open minded regarding having children in the future.

And the next time Ochako gets a positive, all they do is smile and cheer.

…..this got really long and dramatic on me, who are you calling a drabble?