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2017 “Nova” Triple Horn

This is an experimental triple horn built by Silver and Brass in Carson City.  Most horns one sees are either single horns, pitched either in F or Bb, or double horns, which combine the two to allow for a better range.  The triple horn is a fairly recent invention, adding an alto F side to the horn, giving it more stability in the extreme upper range. Due to the fact that the instrument must be able to be halved in length, triple horns often cannot have a usual tuning slide like other brass instruments, instead relying on other, often complex, forms of tuning.

For several reasons, this horn is quite unique.  The main goal of the instrument was for it to have a main tuning slide, which was managed by having it jut out below the usual wrap of the instrument.  Unlike other triple horns, this horn does not use 3-layer rotary valves, instead using a separate set of valves for the F bass side of the horn.  This allows the horn to have multiple bore sizes, possibly improving its tone quality and feel.  However, this also means that one must move two valves rather than one with the finger keys, which could get tiring.  This horn has 10 valves in all (6 more than a normal horn), meaning that it is quite heavy, and also that rather than the 2-3 tuning slides on a standard double horn, it has 3 tuning slides and two “dump” slides specifically for removing condensation from the horn.

There has been a great deal of debate about whether or not this horn will actually be good or not.  The leadpipe and bell branch are from a Conn 8D, the F bass valve set is from Alexander with tubing from Yamaha, other parts are from F.E. Olds, Alexander, and other german manufacturers, and the build quality appears quite good, meaning that there should not be any quality issues with the instrument.  However, the fact that it is so complex and has so many valves, and is completely experimental, means that many are worried that it will have major intonation issues.  Also, as it has 10 valves, it is very heavy, meaning that it might be too much of a workout to play for extended periods.  

Earlier I made a post about about the differences between a record company, record label, imprint label and distribution deal (x). A lot of anons had a lot of questions, so rather than answer them individually, here is an FAQ re: the structure of the music industry. 

Why do we not know how Louis is releasing music yet?

Just Hold On was released jointly between Steve Aoki’s label (Utra Music) and Syco. Because it was not a traditional collaboration (Artist A feat. Artist B) and was instead a ‘duet’ (Artist A and Artist B), it doesn’t indicate how Louis will release solo music going forward. No announcement has been made, and we can speculate as to why, but any explanation is conjecture and not fact. 

Is it still possible that Louis also has a distribution deal?

Yes. I personally think it would be unlikely for an artist to have both an imprint and a distribution deal, but it is theoretically not impossible. Moreover, aside from the occasional murmurings from the girl band, Triple Strings hasn’t come to fruition in any meaningful way. If the imprint is abandoned, there’s every chance that he’ll have a distribution deal in the same way the other guys do. 

Is it a good thing that 3 of the 4 guys have distribution deals?

Yes. Distribution deals offer more freedom, control and most importantly, they usually don’t mandate how many albums the artist has to make in order to have fulfilled their contract. This makes it easier for the guys to stop making solo music and continue working as a band as and when they want to, and to then go back to making solo music as and when they want to. 

Can imprints have different owners to record labels?

Yes, as long as they have owners in common. Imprint is not a legal term, there isn’t a legal structure associated with it, so it can mean almost anything a label wants it to mean. Triple Strings is an imprint simply because it has been called an imprint and has been associated with Syco. 

What is an independent record label?

It’s a label of any size which isn’t owned by a record company. They’re sometimes called ‘indies’ and have a reputation for producing alternative music which isn’t as mainstream as that which comes out of the Big 3 (a name for the three record companies). They can sometimes be very mainstream though, Adele, for example, is signed to XL Recordings, which is an independent label. They historically do not have as much money to spend on music as labels which are owned by a record company. 

What do the percentages on the diagram mean?

They indicate what share of the market each record company has, and they’re rounded up to the nearest ten. 

This feels over-complicated, why does the industry work like this?

Because of capitalism and the free market. 

How do you know all of this?

Because I used to write about music, and even before then I’ve always been both a music enthusiast and someone who wants to know how everything works. All of this information is easily available online, it’s just often expressed in an unnecessarily dense way. 

You have nice handwriting. 

Thank you, I think so too. 

onlygeorgeshelley  asked:

I'm intrigued by your post about the "legalgrind" thing in the teasers, and I'm fully on board with the possibility (more probability in my head) that this song is a drag/shade on Simon/Syco/Sony/SJPR and anyone else who's fucked him over these last seven years. I even sent Amy an note about it on Friday (I told her she didn't need to reply, I was just venting). In any case, you seem to be alluding the possibility that this may mean something else. May I ask what you think it might be?

I made a reply but mobile Tumblr ate it… I’m sorry.

I think Louis knew that he couldn’t publicly acknowledge that BTY was from personal experience– and maybe even suspected that he would have to say so during promo.

He compensated by using the BTY teaser to outline his reality, and also to mention that his album was honest.

I realized, while listening today, how BTY was an inverse of Just Hold On. Where the promised reunion in JHO was reassuring and consoling (“You can be who you were, or who you’ll become”), in BTY, reunion is not healthy. It’s poisonous, disorienting, and almost done against one’s will. It’s Stockholm Syndrome– without the warm overtones. “You got me cornered and my hands are tied.”

The singer has lost a sense of who he is– “I don’t even know myself, I don’t own the way I feel.” He’s in pain. He’s forced to play wicked games. The laughter is not joyful but numbing. The “someone else” isn’t a romantic partner but a business partner.

I know you say you know me, know me well
But these days I don’t even know myself, no
I always thought I’d be with someone else
I thought I would own the way I felt, yeah

I call you but you never even answer
I tell myself I’m done with wicked games
But then I get so numb with all the laughter
That I forget about the pain

He keeps getting pulled back into situations that are stressful and emotionally damaging. His reputation gets dragged (“you drag me down,” perhaps a reference to MITAM), he can’t stop it (“I don’t know how to make it stop,” “I can’t take it”) but he keeps going back– signing with Syco, working with JGG/ SJPR/ being interviewed by Wootton.

Whoa, you stress me out, you kill me
You drag me down, you fuck me up
We’re on the ground, we’re screaming
I don’t know how to make it stop
I love it, I hate it
And I can’t take it
But I keep on coming back to you

And I guess you’ll never know
All the bullshit that you put me through
And I guess you never know, no
Yeah, so you can cut me up and kiss me harder
You can be the pill to ease the pain

Compare these lyrics from Zayn’s lUcOzAdE:

Seeing the pain side in this house of fear
Time heals pain and promotes self-soothing
I’m getting caught up in the feelings that they bring
A lack of sanity, losing touch with reality
I’m tryna fucking scream but the words won’t come out.

I see lUcOzAdE as a metaphor for things they do to mask the pain– literal things, like pills and sugary drinks– as well as metaphoric things, like songs and albums.

“Cut me up and kiss me harder” is a violent imagery– to show the supposedly good things done for Louis (Triple Strings, AGT, girl band, Eleanor) that are actually unwelcome, like a forced kiss. The song’s spareness is no mistake. Louis wanted every word to be heard. And he does have full creative control of his art.

i wish i had more followers so i could ask them to send me some kpop bops cause im putting music on my phone atm and im in desperate need for more 

anonymous asked:

Your explanation of Louis makes perfect sense, but is there anything we should be looking for in terms of Harry, Liam and/or Niall?

Well, for Liam to actually release his music would be excellent, but he seems to be caught up in something that’s not necessarily Syco related, so that doesn’t feel like an absolute ringer.

Niall seems to actually be doing what he wants, so I don’t know if we’ll see anything by his movements (though god, I’d still love it if he dumped Modest. I just don’t plan on seeing that for quite a while now).

And Harry… I don’t know what else we can see from him to show he’s out from under them. Outwardly he seems like he’s doing what he wants (except for the part where he can’t/won’t mention Louis by name).

So Louis is the one to watch. BG, the allegedly unnamed band, Triple Strings, the LA stunt house, and Ann Marie showing up there - all things that need to go away. Soon.

Airworthy B-17 Flying Fortresses, 2017

A quick guide to the survivors, and how to quickly identify them.

Sentimental Journey, 44-83514, CAF Arizona Wing

“Triangle U” fin flash, denoting the 457th Bomb Group, 1st Bomb Wing, 8th Air Force.  This aircraft served as a mothership during Operation Greenhouse, a series of atmospheric nuclear weapons tests in 1951.  She is based out of Mesa, Arizona.

Memphis Belle, 44-83546, Military Aircraft Restoration Corp.

Olive drab fuselage paint with yellow identification markings, lacks a fin flash for unit identification.  The aircraft is actually a B-17G modified to resemble the real Belle for the 1990 movie, and carries the markings of the original aircraft.  Note the flatter Sperry top turret (not visible in this picture), lack of a chin turret, and larger waist windows.  She is based out of Anaheim, California.

Miss Angela, 44-85778, Palm Springs Air Museum

Unpainted main fuselage, bright red forward fin, yellow ring around the nose compartment, the markings of the 34th Bomb Group, 4th Bomb Wing, 8th Air Force.  The aircraft was delivered to the 6th Air Force and served post-war in Brazil.  She is based out of Palm Springs, California.

Fuddy Duddy, 44-83563, Lyon Air Museum

“Square K” fin flash, denoting the 447th Bomb Group, 4th Air Wing, 8th Air Force.  Unpainted main fuselage, yellow fin and control surfaces, double green band on rear fuselage and fin.  This aircraft served as a VIP transport in the Pacific at the end of WWII.  She is based out of Santa Ana, California.

Nine-O-Nine, 44-83575, Collings Foundation

“Triangle A” fin flash, denoting the 91st Bomb Group, 1st Bomb Wing, 8th Air Force; olive drab fuselage, vertical red bar on fin, aircraft code OR-R, extensive mission markings for nose art.  The aircraft was subjected to three nuclear explosions in 1952 before being sold for scrap, then restored.  She is painted to resemble the original Nine-O-Nine and is based out of Stow, Massachusetts.

Yankee Lady, 44-85829, Yankee Air Museum

“Triangle L” fin flash, denoting the 381st Bomb Group, 1st Air Wing, 8th Air Force; unpainted main fuselage, red vertical band on the fin and red markings on the wingtips and horizontal stabilizers, aircraft code Y-GD.  The aircraft was transferred to the Coast Guard in 1946 where it was stripped and turned into an air-sea rescue plane.  She is based out of Belleville, Michigan.

Thunderbird, 44-85718, Lone Star Flight Museum

“Triangle C” fin flash, denoting the 303rd Bomb Group, 1st Air Wing, 8th Air Force; olive drab fuselage, large group markings on the fin and starboard upper wing surface, aircraft code U-BN.  The aircraft is painted to represent the original Thunderbird which flew 112 missions without a crew injury.  She is based out of Galveston, Texas.

Texas Raiders, 44-83872, CAF Gulf Coast Wing

“Triangle L” fin flash, denoting the 381st Bomb Group, 1st Air Wing, 8th Air Force; olive drab fuselage, red wingtips and horizontal stabilizers, group markings on the fin and starboard upper wing, aircraft code X-VP.  The aircraft served in the Navy as a PB-1W AWACS aircraft before being retired in 1955.  She is based out of Spring, Texas.

Madras Maiden, 44-8543, Erickson Aircraft Collection

“Triangle L” fin flash, denoting the 381st Bomb Group, 1st Bomb Wing, 8th Air Force; unpainted main fuselage, red wingtips and horizontal stabilizers, red band on the fin, black/red open band on the starboard upper wing, aircraft code F-JE.  The aircraft was converted into a Pathfinder with the H2X radar set before being retired in 1959.  She is based out of Madras, Oregon.

From 1979 until 2013 44-8543 wore the colors of Chuckie, “Square W” 486th Bomb Group, 4th Air Wing, 8th Air Force.  In these pictures she is painted with a yellow fin, triple yellow bands around the rear fuselage, yellow wingtips and yellow ring around the nose.  This is how the aircraft was displayed at my local air museum, and how it is most often pictured.

Aluminum Overcast, 44-85740, Experimental Aircraft Association

“Triangle W” fin flash, denoting the 398th Bomb Group, 1st Air Wing, 8th Air Force; silver main fuselage, red wingtips and horizontal stabilizers, red vertical band on fin, group markings on fin and starboard upper wing.  The aircraft was delivered too late to see service in Europe and was sold as surplus, entering the civilian market.  She is based out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Sally B,  44-85784, B-17 Preservation Ltd.

The aircraft carries identical markings to Memphis Belle, acquired during the filming of the 1990 movie.  Her #3 engine cowling (starboard inner) is painted with a yellow-black checkerboard pattery.  She is based out of Duxford, England, and is the only airworthy B-17 in Europe.

Several other B-17s are listed as airworthy, including The Pink Lady (44-8846, last flown 2010), Boeing Bee (42-29782, flown 2006 with no plans for further flights), and Shady Lady (44-83785, recently acquired by the Collings Foundation with plans to return to flight by 2017).  Several others are under restoration to airworthiness.

#12 “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”

[Prompt fill to continue this NonBinary Masc Hux pregnancy story - I Made Your Favourite. 3,829 words. Trigger for mpreg, alcohol, weight/food issues.]

It was all Mitaka’s fault.

Well, that probably wasn’t fair, but Hux was going to have to blame someone because accepting that he was being both irrational and a tad naive really wasn’t his style.

The problem had started a month ago, at that bloody conference. Hux had just given- in his not so humble opinion- the presentation of the day, if not the whole week. He’d secured £18 million in new business for the company and his proposals looked set to become the industry standard. He was riding high.

But he was also drenched in sweat. He, Phasma, and Mitaka had decided to take a well deserved coffee break, but it was too fucking hot outside to wear his suit jacket. So he’d just slung it over his shoulder like he had a million times before.

Except the posture pulled his shirt tight, and now there was more than his usual binder-smoothed lines on show. Kylo had bought him a new half length binder, and Hux had felt certain that he wasn’t showing yet, but…

Hux was staring wistfully into the confectionary cabinet while they stood in line at Costa when an overly familiar finger prodded at his middle.

“You might want to start laying off the donuts, boss. I know we said we’d fatten you up, but maybe go for a smoothie?” Mitaka said with a laugh, his finger still poking gently at what he thought was fat.

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anonymous asked:

1) It warms my heart to see Louis speaking proudly about Harry. But I'm also cynical-- this is promo even while the genuine sentiment and pride is real. UO: I think namedropping Harry Styles is for raising Louis' profile in the general public because Harry is now one of the most recognized names in the world between music & movies. He's in a different celebrity stratosphere at the moment & it gives Louis a larger audience in the media by associating himself in a positive manner

2) by publicly praising Harry. In a roundabout way, it’s keeping Larry in the media while also pushing the platonic friends angle. What I want to know is why Harry has NEVER mentioned Louis’ name in any of his 2017 interviews? The closest he came was the mariachi band tweet with Roman camp. Even then he did not see Louis’ name, he just alluded to the tweet. Even in the Sweet Creature interview with Cooper Lawrence, Harry never said Louis’ name.
3) And we all know how intensely uncomfortable Harry’s stuttering response was. If anyone knows of an interview where Harry actually spoke Louis’ name, please let me know. If it’s true that Harry has said Niall, Liam and even Zayn’s names in his interviews, why not say Louis’ name out loud too??? Why not mention Louis projects? Harry has been extremely open during Dunkirk because he’s not promoting himself, there’s no personal aspect to be interpreted. His song lyrics make him more guarded.
4) I’ve been mulling over all the puzzling details & we only know part of the story with Harry and Louis. Harry has every right to share what he is comfortable with the public. And I don’t think Louis is a part to share. And my opinion, it’s because something was fractured between them, hence the silence about Louis from Harry. I hope this 4-part ask gets through! I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this. Thanks for always being so kind to your Anons, Sea!///

Thank you for this message.

I agree, without seeing them together, there’s no evidence that they’re together or even on good terms. We only have circumstantial evidence, such as the many clues we have from Louis that he didn’t choose his situation (Eleanor, Syco, BG, Triple Strings, girl band). Still, that says nothing about their relationship.

Personally I feel that Louis’ wearing T-shirts with roses on them, Harry wearing his three rings in sequence, and Harry’s bee tattoo, are signs that they support each other still – all circumstantial, but that is a BIG ASS DEMON BEE.

Here’s a funny thought I had today. After seeing Dunkirk, I realized that the soldiers’ haircuts (short sides and back, long on top) is not a style common on guys right now. Louis just got a variation of this cut. Coincidence? Perhaps. But Louis has never had a cut like this, I don’t think? It’s just funny that he would get it cut one week after Dunkirk comes out. Head canon, I know.

I also think that Harry has avoided saying Louis’ name either because 1. he cannot say it platonically (as shown by his Cooper Lawrence attempt to answer SC), or 2. no matter how he says it, it’ll be interpreted weirdly because people do not ask about Louis innocently. Everyone knows about Larry rumors, especially in the U.K.

I also think Louis is much better at dealing with these questions than Harry is. In the old 1D interviews, it was always Louis who handled this question. Harry always looked paralyzed with nerves. This is where we get “genuinely, seriously, obviously, honestly.”

Think how easy-going, charming, suave, freaking smug Harry was during Dunkirk promo, and then compare that to any other time he was asked about the subject of SC. Even when Nick Grimshaw teased him about it being about Taylor, he was like a child caught doing something naughty, flustered, wanting to disappear into the furniture, losing it big time (“Help me, Jeffrey.”).

I agree that Louis’ talking about Harry brings a degree of professionalism toward their relationship – expressing good wishes from one colleague to another. That would work fine if Louis didn’t give it away that he’s been watching all the Dunkirk promo interviews. Like? Do you not have a girlfriend, a son, and a single to promote? Funny that you would have time to watch Harry tell random knock knock jokes to Fionn Whitehead.

I don’t think Louis sounds like there’s a fractured relationship with Harry. Gemma and Lottie also interact regularly on SM. In Steve’s video, Harry was in a circle of Niall, Lou Teasdale, Tommy (Lottie’s boyfriend). All Louis’ inner circle. He looked comfortable there. So my bias would be to say there’s no bad relationship between them.