triple axle

an au where -

lance is a professional skater but no one knows, that is until keith, the broody boy who loves hockey, finds him at the frozen lake doing some awesome ass jumps

a spread eagle to a triple axle, triple toe loop, all of that

and keith is practically swooning because this nameless cuban boy looks absolutely beautiful on the ice and he’s already smitten

so keith sneaks over to watch from afar every time lance skates

lol but what he doesn’t know is that lance has had the biggest crush on him for forever and always attends his games. lance likes to drool over keith when he plays

anyway they keep doing this until one day lance catches keith beside the lake and nearly falls from trying a quad

he blushes red and sputters, but it’s just as bad for keith who realizes that he’s been caught

then lance shyly asks keith if he wants to skate with him and keith is all “u-uh, okay???” but inside he’s squealing and fist pumping the air

keith ties on his skates and goes over to lance, but then lance grabs his hands - rip keith - and starts gliding them over the ice

keith’s face is burning but lance is laughing so hey this is all good, that is until their skates trip over some of the indents on the ice that were left behind by previous skaters

they trip and keith sputters as he tries to apologize cause he’s on top of lance (holy shit) but lance just grins and tugs him down by the neck and they kiss

fast forwarding into the future: the whole school is shocked when they watch a game but then this pretty boy with dark brown hair skates over to keith, the star player, and excitedly wraps his arms around him

but keith didn’t push him off instead he just laughs and they look at each other tenderly

and then they kiss

the crowd explodes

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tell us more about pregnant yuuri

i have to go out in a bit but yeah ok, let’s do this anon

  • ok so when yuuri starts showing, it’s a quiet morning and yuuri’s just going through his usual morning routine and he catches sight of the slight bump on his belly and just starts tearing up because it’s real; there’s a person growing in there
    • it’s how viktor finds him and there’s a bunch of gentle kisses and soulfully looking into each other’s eyes
  • right after the doctor clears him to skate (”But no jumps or spins, Mr. Katsuki-Nikiforov, I’ve seen your programs.”) he stubbornly follows Viktor to the rink where he’s coaching Yurio
    • viktor tries to say no, but he’s obviously no match to a pregnant yuuri
    • needless to say, there’s a slight panic because EVERYONE thinks yuuri shouldn’t skate
    • except yakov who gruffly tells yuuri to stay on his side of the rink while yelling for the others to get back to training
    • yurio only goes back to training when yuuri starts sassing that he can do a cleaner triple axle and “I have a person growing inside me, Yurio.”

Jongdae isn’t much. He’s an average university student, trying to keep up, failing, and getting back up. Together with his three friends he tries to make the best of it. They sing, every saturday night, at the cafe where he works. The cafe of the ice skating rink. The ice skating rink where he used to skate when he was younger. The ice skating rink where you skate. You and your twin brother Jongin. World renowned figure skating couple, young twins, children of three time olympic champions. It’s in your genes they say, and in your brother’s. The way you seamlessly glide over the ice together, and how he steadily catches you every single time. The two of you are on your way to the olympics yourself, following in the footsteps of your parents. And you are a university student yourself, part time. Every free evening you can spare you come to the cafe after practice to study, and you always order green tea. There is graciousness in your every move, strength in your every step. A true figure skater. 
No, compared to you, he isn’t much.

He watched you on the screen in the cafe, meanwhile trying not to let the drinks drop from his tray. It was busy, people from all over town came over to watch you and Jongin in the pre-rounds to the olympics. But Jongdae saw something nobody else saw. 
The lack of spark in your eye, the small wavers in your hand, the slight dip of your ankle as you did the triple axle. You weren’t on your best game, and he saw it in your every move. Your mind wasn’t there. It was painful to watch, and he tried not to, because like this you might not make it there. Soon you would be flying through the air in the last throw jump, and land to glide to the end pose. 
He couldn’t watch and turned his head away from the screen, putting the drinks of the guests table. 
Suddenly everyone gasped, and when he looked back at the screen, there was blood everywhere. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 coming soon!

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Axl Appreciation Post

I just wanna say that I’m extremely proud of Axl. Despite what everyone said he’s put on amazing shows (both with ACDC and GnR), he hasn’t gone on any long rants or gotten pissed, he hasn’t canceled any shows or been late. He’s going to rehearsal and preparing.

He’s clearly grown up and I think he’s gotten the help he needed to truly be happy. You can see how happy he is in photos. He’s glowing, his smile is genuine, and I think he’s happier than he’s ever been.

So how bout instead of looking for things to complain about we give him credit. I’m sick of people looking for something to complain about and tear him apart for.

Axl Rose will never see this; but I am so fucking proud of you and happy for you baby. And you’re doing fucking amazing. ❤️❤️❤️

Five Time Gold Medalist

Written for @rollertoasteroflife <3 I know it’s not your birthday where you live anymore, but I’m still counting it as such. Happy Birthday!!!

1. When Viktor turns six, everything changes.

He receives his first pair of skates, leather soft and blades slightly dull from their previous owner, but they are magical and lovely and unequivocally his

There, while sliding on the rink, fumbling for hand rails and tending to bruises, the ice seems to caress him like an old friend, welcoming him with each turn and and flick of his blades, simply overjoyed at his arrival.

Where have you been, it seems to say. I’ve been waiting for you for so long. Viktor breathes in the cool air and lets it’s icy presence settle deep into his lungs.

It spreads into his soul, settling a dissonance he wasn’t even aware of. 

The ice, his first and most formative friend, provides him a path to a new life.

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skk hc where chuuya lives

LOL anon u make me laugh 

but fine chuuya lives 

sorry this took 1000 years 

Excitement filled Dazai’s system, or well, as much excitement he could muster without breaking the mask he always kept on at work. The amount of energy he currently had make him feel like he could actually do the paperwork Kunikida was always yelling at hime for.

What an odd turn of events.

The brunet’s excitement stemmed from the promise he had made Chuuya a couple weeks ago during one of their many arguments. This time, it was over who was the better ice skater between the two. Of course, being the fiery tempered person he was, Chuuya instantly agreed.

Dazai smirked at the thought of seeing Chuuya fall onto the ice, face flushed bright red and brows knit in concentration. He may have slightly cheated in dragging every single one of the agency members, on different days, of course to accompany him on his quest to stand upright on the ice without falling over for more than 0.2 seconds.

His persistence eventually paid off even if he did feel like his whole body was just a giant bruise. He was willing to endure a bit of pain if it meant being able to tease Chuuya in return.

Meeting the redhead at the entrance of the skating rink, Dazai happily called out to him, and the two fell back into a familiar routine, exchanging insults with Chuuya throwing death threats every ten minutes.

The brunet hummed to himself in anticipation over seeing Chuuya’s shocked face once they entered the vast rink of ice. Chuuya had already gone ahead into the rink without a word. The strange behavior could only be explained by Chuuya’s desire to try and get a feel for the ice before Dazai entered as well and began his relentless teasing.

Smiling at the prospect of poking fun at his favorite hat rack, Dazai peeked into the rink through the clear wall, hoping to catch a glimpse of the executive falling over.

Instead, the sight that greeted his amber eyes was Chuuya jumping and landing a perfect triple axle.

What in the actual fuck.

Hi, my beautiful followers

sorry about the inactivity, I’ve been extremely busy with school and relationships these days.

I can’t imagine that in the future I’ll be as nearly as active as I used to, but I’ll try to stick around at least a bit. 

so, last year, I complied a list of all the things I know about Axl Rose. I still have it right now, so I thought i would share it with you guys to see what you think. I couldn’t possibly state every single one of my sources, since I got these facts from so many videos, interiviews, magazines, webistes, etc., but the real reasons I want to post this is to a) teach some new GN’R fans about the amazing lead singer, b) hopefully give you all something interesting to post on your dash and c) maybe receive some constructive feedback in case I’ve mixed a few things up or had an innocent misunderstanding or two.

Anyways, here it is:

Everything I Know About…
Axl Rose

Name(s): William Bruce Rose, Jr., William “Bill” Bruce Bailey (Bill Bailey), W. Axl Rose, Axl Rose
Birthdate: February 6th, 1962
Age: 54
Nationality: American
Talents: Singing, songwriting, piano, guitar, synthesizer, production

- He was born in Lafayette, Indiana
- His parents were 16-year-old Sharon Rose (nee. Lintner) and 20-year-old William Bruce Rose
- Axl’s mother often neglected him, choosing her partner over him
- His biological father abducted and sexually abused him at age 2
- His stepfather, L. Stephen Bailey, physically and psychologically abused him, and sexually abused Axl’s sister, Amy
- He also has a half-brother named Stuart - His family was extremely religious—he wasn’t allowed to listen to music (except for old Elvis Presley and gospel records) or watch television, and was told that women were evil
- Axl suffered from a lot of nightmares as a kid
- Axl watched his mother and stepfather not get along and it instilled long-lasting impressions in him about how to treat women and what was normal in a relationship
- His grandmother had issues with men, which he said later affected his masculinity
- Axl’s family made it very clear that nobody was to bring up Axl’s biological father
- He and rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin were best friends throughout their childhood
- Izzy first heard Axl being chased down the school hallway by teachers and they ended up in the same driver’s ed class
- Axl was very influenced by Elton John and first became inspired through his song, “Benny and the Jets” and “D’yer Maker” by Led Zeppelin
- He took piano lessons and learned all of Elton John’s sheet music (and tended to cheat his way through the songs)
- The first record he ever bought was Queen’s “A Night at the Opera”
- Axl has stated that Freddie Mercury was a major influence on him and in terms of music, was the greatest teacher he ever had
- He sang in the Bailey Trio with his siblings and was on bass vocals
- Axl was a jock in high school
- He was in jail 20 times when he was innocent for 15
- At age 16, he was kicked out of his house for not cutting his hair
- His first concert was Roadmaster, but he barely remembers it, since he was too drunk, getting into fights and being chased by cops
- He hitchhiked around America trying to find a place to work on a band (Huntington Beach, San Francisco, Fullerton, Rhode Island, Florida, back to Indiana, and eventually Los Angeles)
- He found out about his birthname and biological father at 17 when going through insurance papers and found his mother’s diploma
- Around the same time, he landed himself in St. Louis, Missouri, he was raped by an air-conditioning man in his hotel room
- The first band he was in was Rapidfire during the early 80s
- He was in a relationship with Indiana native, Gina Siler and they allegedly got engaged
- After Rapidfire, he was in L.A. Guns with Tracii Guns and Hollywood Rose with Izzy Stradlin
- He and the rest of the band were banned from the Troubadour for smashing a beer bottle against the wall
- Axl, Izzy and Tracii formed Guns N’ Roses (of their last names)
- Axl started writing “November Rain” around this time
- He got a tattoo of a girl that he and Izzy used to like
- He was once climbing a fence and by accident, got the top of his middle finger sliced off
- Izzy and Axl started writing “Don’t Cry” around this time
- The famed lineup of Guns N’ Roses was formed in March 1985
- They dominated the L.A. club circuit (the Roxy, the Whiskey A-Go-Go, the Troubadour, the Cathouse)
- Axl and Slash were once charged with felony rape and hid from the cops in Vicky Hamilton’s apartment (which was consequently trashed)
- Axl met Erin Everly in 1986 and started dating her
Guns N’ Roses were signed to Geffen Records in 1986
- Axl had sex with drummer Steve Adler’s girlfriend, Adriana Smith for the production of “Rocket Queen”
-  In 1987, he overdosed on valiums and landed himself in a coma for two weeks

- Guns N’ Roses released “Appetite for Destruction” on July 21st, 1987
- The music video for “It’s So Easy” was banned from MTV due to the BDSM scenes of Axl and Erin
- When they played the music video for “Welcome to the Jungle”  on MTV at 1am in New York, there were surplus demands for it to be played more
- They toured relentlessly to help the album sales
- During the Monsters of Rock Festival in 1988, in Donnington, UK, Axl had to address the audience since two fans were trampled to death
- They eventually racked up enough album sales to be certified triple platinum
- Axl gained a bad reputation for alleged racism and homophobia, due to the song “One in a Million” on the “GN’R Lies” EP
- He met his longtime best friend Sebastian Bach, lead singer of Skid Row, in 1989 when both Skid Row and Guns N’ Roses were opening up for Aerosmith at the LA Forum. Axl found Sebastian in his hotel room and he asked for the lyrics to “Train Kept a-Rollin’”
- He had two Maltese dogs named Torque and Geneva
- At the 1989 AMAs, Axl challenged Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe to a fight after he went on Izzy for making passes at his wife
- He performed “Salt of the Earth" with the Rolling Stones on December 17th, 1989
- On that same day, Axl went on an infamous rant about how some members of Guns N’ Roses would be fired if they didn’t stop “dancing with Mr. Brownstone”
- Erin saved him from killing himself via shotgun. She wrestled a gun away from him
- Axl and Erin got married on April 27th, 1990, at Cupids’ Inn in Las Vegas and filed for divorce a month later
- They eventually got back together and were expecting a child later in the year, but Erin had a miscarriage
- Axl was arrested and taken into court in late 1990 after assaulting his neighbour with a broken wine bottle (this incident sparked the inspiration for the chrosu to the song “Right Next Door to Hell” on Use Your Illusion I)
- Axl and Erin’s marriage was officially over (annulled) in early 1991
- The song “Estranged” was strongly influenced by their volatile relationship
- Axl loved rap music (N.W.A., Ghetto Boyz, Ice-T, Public Enemy)
- Axl was highly disliked by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, who would take any chance at badmouthing him and Guns N’ Roses
- On July 2nd, 1991, during a concert in St. Louis, Missouri, Axl had a brawl with a fan who smuggled in a video camera into the venue. He left the stage in fury while the band was playing “Rocket Queen”, but Slash officially called it quits. This resulted in a riot causing injuries and thousands of dollars worth of damage to equipment. (This incident is sometimes referred to as the “Riverport Riot”)
- “Use Your Illusion I” and “Use Your Illusion II” were released simultaneously at midnight of September 17th, 1991 and had officially gone gold at 5AM
- Axl said that he released “Use Your Illusion” as two separate records because young fans would not have the money to buy both as one $30 set
- He started dating model Stephanie Seymour in late 1991
- In an interview in November/December 1991, Axl stated that his father is thought to be dead somewhere because of “a bad deal he made”, since his body was nowhere to be found
- Before Izzy left Guns N’ Roses, Axl would call him on the phone crying, begging him to stay
- He underwent heavy-duty psychotherapy to uncover memories of abuse during his toddlerhood
- Axl’s regression therapy helped him uncover memories all way back to the point of conception (therefore, he was conscious of events that occurred while his mom was still pregnant)
- In 1992, Guns N’ Roses and Metallica went on tour, only to end in disaster
- The music video for “November Rain” was filmed and released in June 1992
- Axl’s relationship with Erin strongly influenced the short story “Without You” by Axl’s best friend, writer Del James
- At the 1992 VMAs, Axl and Kurt Cobain finally met each other, but Kurt, and eventually, the rest of the band, were mocking him the whole time (“Axl! Do you want to be the godfather of our child? (Frances Bean Cobain)”)
- Axl hated the fact that Kurt’s wife, Courtney Love, did drugs while she was pregnant
- Axl was strongly opposed to child abuse
- The only action he ever took against Kurt was burning the Nirvana hat from the “Don’t Cry” music video
- He collected crucifixes
- He proposed to Stephanie in a very grandiose way but they broke up shortly after
- In 1994, he went into court for domestic abuse charges from Gina, Erin and Stephanie
- He went on hiatus in the late 90s
- In 2002, a new incarnation of Guns N’ Roses resurfaced with a new lineup and tour dates
- In 2006, Axl got into a fight with Tommy Hilfiger in a club

- That same year, he and Sebastian Bach also reunited and performed together in New York
- He dated a model named Sasha around that time
- Video footage exists of Axl fighting off fans at LAX in 2010
- Axl holds Halloween parties. He puts up a Halloween tree and gives gifts to all the kids that go to his place. In evenings, it becomes more adult-oriented
- He dressed up as a head a corn for one Halloween party
- Axl once said that girl-watching was something he enjoyed.
- He has three cats named Dijon, Dexter and Whiskey
- His manager, Beta Leibis, is the closest he’s ever had to a mother
- Izzy thinks he’s a horrible driver
- Throughout the 2000s and part of the 2010s, the members of GN’R badmouthed each other on multiple occasions (Duff is “spineless” and Slash is a “cancer”; on the question of a possible reunion in 2012, Axl said, “Not in this lifetime!”)
- Axl became friends with Slash again in 2015
- It was announced in 2016 that Guns N’ Roses would do a reunion tour
- Axl broke his foot during the reunion tour

- Axl became the new lead singer of AC/DC after Brain Johnson resigned due to hearing problems)

(There’s a very good chance I will update on this, too)

dwstrome  asked:

Okay so i was talking to a friend last night after she yelled about me for writing the Deaf!Jack thing and she was like well at least it wasn't bitty but like imagine deaf bitty - like I'm just thinking a figure skating accident (like ice castles style) which leaves him deaf and then because he cant hear the music anymore so he cant figure skate so he joins that co ed hockey team and its all great and lovely

(continued) and then he goes to samwell and everything is still great and the team are great and they are learning ASL so they can talk to him and then in like the 5th practice he gets checked and suddenly he is flashing back to that botched triple axle and ugh, give me all the figure skating bitty who am i kidding

I am going to be totally honest, I took forever to respond to this because I had to go watch Ice Castles. And I am so onboard with this, it’s not even funny. 

Because deaf Bitty plays hockey as his backup. He can’t leave the ice, not when it’s the only thing that keeps him calm when all he hears is static silence. But figure skating just reminds him that he can’t go back to what he had. So hockey it is. And it works well, the local co-ed hockey team (since few play hockey down in Georgia) doesn’t allow checking, and Bitty gets really good at it. He was already a natural on the ice, and now he just has to focus while he’s on the ice. He just has a hard time passing the puck, since he can never hear which of his teammates are open. But he sees and that is good enough. 

Then he goes to Samwell, and his new team is great, if not a little hard to understand. Shitty does an amazing job of translating a lot of stuff for Bitty, since he is the only one on the team who knows ASL for the first practice. 

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//So I’ve been really into Undertale lately, and asked my mom if she’d be interested in playing along with me. There were several golden moments. THIS, HOWEVER. threw me for a dang tRiPle aXLE

//this is like 50x as funny to me because when I was younger, my mom was a radically different person and used to forbid animes like Sailor Moon and Pokemon because she feared they would lead me into witchcraft and devil worship.

so obviously, i channel my inner “hyena-squeaky-toy”

SnowBaz Headcanons Part 2

Since my last post just hit 50 notes I thought I’d make another one!

-Simon worrying about Baz getting cold in the winter and wrapping his wings around Baz

-“Snow, I’m dead, it’s impossible for me to be cold”

“Shut up Basilton”

-Baz only calls his boyfriend Simon when he is angry or scared

-Simon having nothing to do all day and so he takes up knitting

-Simon knitting every day for a year and making Baz so many scarves and sweaters and they’re all so ugly but Baz loves them anyway

-Baz talking to his coworkers about Simon constantly but then when Simon comes to visit him he vehemently denies saying anything at all

-Their cat (cherry snow-grimm-pitch) playing around with all the yarn Simon leaves around from his knitting projects

-Baz and Simon going ice skating and Baz is able to do triple axles and Simon can’t even stand up

-Baz is a really good cook but all Simon can make is Easy Mac and cheese

-Simon trying to put together a romantic dinner for him and Baz and the vampire comes home to a burnt pot roast and a bowl of lettuce on the table, but Simon is grinning wider than Baz has seen in months and so he eats it all anyways

-They don’t have any *ahem* intimate moments for months into their relationship because Baz is scared of accidentally biting Simon

-Simon calls Baz “numpty” and “spork” all the time

-Baz gives Simon tons of cushy pet names like “Love” and “sweetheart”

-Baz gives gently pecks and Simon is a super sloppy wet kisser

-Baz pretends to hate it but secretly finds it endearing (like most everything Simon does)

-Their entire flat always smells like scones because Penny bakes them almost every day and Simon devours them just as fast

-Simon discovers Costco butter and things will never be the same

I have tons more so list 3 should be up sometime!

Part 1:

Yuuri Katsuki wiped the sweat from his brow and leaned against the side of the rink while Yuri took his turn on the ice. It was almost like training in Detroit with Phichit, except he felt entirely out of his league. Yuri and Victor were on a level all their own and watching them every day here in Russia had made that abundantly clear. 

He was going to have to work harder if he wanted to compete with them on equal footing. Harder than that if he wanted any chance of beating them. 

Victor sidled up behind him, arms sliding around his chest and clung to him from the other side of the wall. He rested his chin on Katsuki’s shoulder and leaned his head gently against the other’s. “He’s amazing, isn’t he?”  

Katsuki nodded. “Don’t laugh, but it’s like watching an angel. He’s so graceful.” He sighed wistfully. If only he had half the grace Yuri had… 

Victor pressed a kiss to Katsuki’s cheek. “You’re not the only one jealous of his wings.”

“Really? You?

“Of course. Look how lightly he lands… look at the lines on his spins. Maybe I could move like that once, but not anymore. I’ve had to adapt, and he will too someday. He won’t be 16 forever, and he knows it.” Victor tetched softly. “He’s already ahead of where I was at his age.”


He knows it.” Victor replied and, with one more soft kiss to Katsuki’s cheek, pulled away. The serenity of the moment had been broken with a shout from Yakov and a retaliatory string of inappropriate Russian from Yuri.

YUuuuuRA!! Don’t argue with Yakov.”


“You’ll make him loose what’s left of his hair.”  Victor smiled mischievously as he took to the ice, gliding over the surface like he’d been born with skates on. He always made it look so effortless.

Katsuki rested a hand against the place where Victor’s lips had been only a moment ago. How much did he have yet to learn about the man he’d exchanged rings with? Apparently, he mused, quite a lot.

The exchange solidified something for Katsuki, though. He’d been thinking of asking, but the idea of approaching Yuri again for a favor like what he was going to ask had felt… well it had felt like it might be exploitive. If he wanted to impress Victor and show much he cared then …

Well then he’d just have to ask.

The worst that could happen was that Yuri would say no. Maybe punch him in the face… 

The arguing had continued on ahead of him. The constant bickering had already started to become white-noise in the short weeks he’d been there. The three were always at each other’s throats. At first it had distressed him. He worried that they were falling apart or that something terrible was going to happen. The first week at the rink had been a test of the strength of his heart – but he’d learned that it was just their way of communicating with one another.

It made him uncomfortable but it didn’t worry him so much anymore.

The scratch of skates on the ice and the sting of snow against his leg pulled him out of his thoughts. Yuri had found a spot beside him, but couldn’t do it without at least a little attitude. It was Victor’s turn on the ice and in true Victor Fashion, he’d started off with a flawless spread eagle to triple axle – which only seemed to make Yakov even angrier.


Katsuki chewed his lip a moment, nodded to himself. It was now or it was going to have to wait – Victor was busy with his routine and he had a rare moment alone with Yuri.

“Hey… Yuri? Can I ask you something?”

agentpaxieamor  asked:

Hey Sam! I took my little sister, who only eats Pepperoni Pizza with the Pepperoni picked off and thus by your own admission will forever be Izzy to you, ice skating yesterday. It was the first time for both of us and it got me wondering if Izzy went ice skating and what that was like. Just an idea if you're ever high on whatever again :D Happy Holidays!

Oh god, this is not the fanfic I intended to write at the outset. Unfortunately I am dreadful at ice skating, so this became more about Steve and Izzy hanging out not-ice-skating which then became something about relationships, I don’t even know, Paxie. 

Title: Captain Nanny
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The Avengers take Izzy skating. Izzy decides the best part about skating is snacks.


For the papparazzi, who had caught onto Clint’s tiny, photogenic offspring only a few months before, Izzy Barton was still clickbait the winter after she turned seven. The press was more or less positive, since Steve Rogers had put the fear of God and Captain America into them about mistreating the little girl under his protection, but it was also semi-constant. Soon the gossip sites had photos of everything from Clint taking her shopping for new shoes to James Barnes taking her and Natasha Romanoff to lunch at the local Russian tea room. (The brand of shoes Izzy eventually selected sold out within a week.)

Tony, immune to press coverage from long exposure, collected the best clippings of her debuts, informing Clint that “I was doing the Tonight Show when I was her age, and I turned out fine” which was not as reassuring as he intended. Probably. It was hard to know with Tony where genuine enthusiasm ended and faked enthusiasm to maintain a sense of normality began. 

Tony’s favorite clipping, which hung for years in a makeshift plexi-and-gaff-tape frame in the kitchen, was the one taken just after Christmas, at the skating rink at Rockefeller Center.

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The Icefeld

While gliding through an icy forest one cold afternoon, Jerry learns that a terrible Satyr, Newman, has kidnapped his box of cereal. To the tune of melodramatic orchestration (albeit prerecorded), Jerry engages in a number of fantastic stunts, prancing like an antelope of the ice. Elaine soon enters the rink but, completely lacking any semblance of fine motor control, mostly spins around, limbs splayed over the ice. A smattering of applause is drowned out by wild cheers as Kramer performs a stunning triple-axle while bursting through Jerry’s apartment door. George, meanwhile, is left to be the lowliest figure skater, donning a giant mascot head as part of the pageantry. Even though the production is schmaltzy, the sound quality terrible, and the story impenetrable, the audience finds themselves giving a standing ovation by the end of the production. “What a bunch of schmucks,” Jerry says out of the corner of his mouth. “Them? Or us?” George mutters.

Two different sides of the ice // Ice/College! au// CLOSED

Jo put her skates on and took a deep breath, centering herself on the ice. She waited for the music to start. As soon as it did, her routine started, making sure to get all the moves right. Her hands pointed elegantly as she skated across the ice, trying her hardest to get the routine right.

Jo was in the middle of the triple axle when she saw a male from her college slide onto the ice. She yelled for the music to stop and smiled at him, taking a deep breath and making her way over to him.

“Are you skating too? As far as I knew, it was my scheduled hour…” She muttered, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Did I get the wrong time?”