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The Lord of the Wedding Rings: The Return of the King - iguana’s 2017 HELLsinki Worlds recap

This is it guys, the last big competition before the Olympics. So much potential for great skates, great disasters and great distress; this competition did not fail to deliver. Nor did the announcers, who were screaming out names and scores as if it were a wrestling match. And it was, in one way or another. Albeit a sparklier one. For a brief couple of days, we thought Javier Fernandez was gonna win his 3rd consecutive World title and I almost had those memes ready but at the same time I knew coming from behind like a wrecking ball was Yuzuru Hanyu’s specialty. To nobody’s surprise Evgenia Medvedeva broke a record; to everyone’s surprise, she only broke it in the long program. Meanwhile, Wenjing Sui and Cong Han’s blues for koolk brought the pairs crown back to China and Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir purple rained on Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron’s parade. Let’s start the recap!

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Kohei Uchimura x Vaults

no offense but the 2000 Russian Team Final floor lineup is iconic af

(not including Anna Chepeleva because her score didn’t count since this was still 6-5-4 and i honestly have only ever seen her routine once and like… let’s be real. The 2000 Russian Olympic team may have had six members, but only four of them mattered.)

Up first, Yekaterina Lobaznyuk, scoring a 9.750. One of my all-time favorite floor routines and in my opinion, the best choreographed floor routine to Hava Nagila ever. I still cry regularly about what her career could have been had she not had that knee injury.

Next, Zamo, scoring a 9.775. Opening up with a double-double followed up by a 3/2 into 3/1 twist and dismounting with a full-in. Insanely difficult tumbling for the time, and even now gymnasts rarely have three tumbling lines as difficult in one floor routine (obviously there are many exceptions I am just talking generally).

Oh, Produnova. 9.725, but she only started from a 9.9 I believe. Her iconic double front tumbling in combination and like, the most dramatic routine ever. The shaved eyebrow. The gold hair glitter. Your fav could NEVER.

And anchoring the team, Sveta. 9.787. Probably her best choreographed floor routine (but performed slightly better during the AA) and one of my all time favs ever. I mean… the one armed salute? The triple twist in time with the music? The kiss to the crowd at the end? Iconic.

enjoy kids


The winning beam routine from National Games. The leaps and jumps are better than they used to be (switch half still needs work but the rest are fine), she got rid of the wonky split jump ½, crisp connections, good rhythm, and beautiful, stuck triple twist dismount. 


2002-born Beijing babie Du Siyu scored 54.40 on her debut competition this year!!!  (even with stereotypical Chinese judging, lol)

Our princess Siyu became the centre of the Anta cup competition when she showcased upgrades on all 4 events despite a swollen ankle. Her coach has advised her to withdraw from the competition but she insisted on joining. 


Siyu debuted her DTY in the competition. It is abit low due to her ankle but she still managed to land it decently. She scored 5.4+8.45-0.1 = 13.75 on the event


Bars has been Siyu’s forte. This time she surprised us with a new combination of Maloney+Giant 1/1+Tkatchev. She also has an Ono which is really rare among even the Chinese nowadays! She is actually capable of much more than the current routine but Coach He told her to go easy :). She scored 6.0+8.05 = 14.05


Siyu had a shaky beam year in 2016, but she underwent a complete transformation this year! She rocked beam with a BHS+Loso+Loso, switch+switch ½+Korbut and a new mount~ She wrote on social media afterwards that she’s shaking allover beam during the competition but it turns out fine! She scored 5.8+7.65 = 13.45. Again, she’s capable of even more difficulty, so stay tuned :).


Siyu can barely do a double tuck on floor last year due to a injury the year before, but she pulled off something amazing this year! Her routine consists of 2 and ½ twists into full twist, and the very typical triple twist into punch front for Chinese girls~ She scored 5.4+7.75 = 13.15 on this event. Together, she scored a 54.40 which is really good for a junior!

Beyond gymnastics, Siyu also stood out from others as she simply exudes so much happiness! She is an extremely popular girl who likes social media and interaction, and is the mirror image of the stereotypical Chinese gymnast who tends to be more reserved. Another rare quality she has is the fact that she trains gymnastics out of pure passion. While the gymnastic landscape in China is changing, it is still rare for children from well-off families to train gymnastics, as it is often considered too hard on children. Siyu, however, is one such girl. While she come from a really well-off family in Beijing, she is deeply passionate about gymnastics and is one of the most diligent gymnasts in the team. Her upgrades on all four events this year is the best testimonial to that. 


the triple twist no one is talking about


Results from today

Positive highlights

  • Luo Huan hit everything and made 3 finals and is first AA.
  • Songsong has a LOSO mount
  • Tingting hit a really pretty floor routine and completed both her double L turn and Memmel on floor.
  • Jingxing hit a good non Chinese bar routine with a piked jaegar, church, pak, shaposh + tkatchev
  • Juniors looking really good: Du Siyu (on bars), Li Qi (on beam and floor. her beam d score is crazy even after breaking connections and she has some intereresting choreo on floor), Chen Yile (on beam and she managed to outscore tingting on bars. She has a triple twist dismount and is doing tingting’s old floor routine.) They are alll born in 2002.
  • Zhu Xiaofang really pretty beam and bars.
  • Fan Yilin did well enough to make beam and bar finals
  • They are using spieth equipment for national games.
  • Ye Zhennan said they are sending Li Qi, Chen yile, Guo fangting and Liu Jieyu to Asian Juniors in Thailand. I think we can expect a A team for seniors too.

Others news:

  • Tingting fell on beam and had a pause on bars thus losing both EF spot.
  • Shang fell on bars (e pirouette) and her vault was downgraded to 3.5 difficulty
  • Mao Yi did a 3.5 on floor but fell on her 2.5 to front pike half.
  • Lots of downgrade: Beijing did not use their fancy mounts and dty, Guangdong did not use their dtys, Wang Cenyu did not do her layout jaegar

Crazy Skills & Combos Gymnasts Have Only Shown in Training (so far) Part 1/: Simone Biles

(L-R): 2 ½ Twist + Front Full + Straddle Jump (FX), Double Twisting Double Layout (Moors, FX), Biles + Punch Front (FX), Triple Twisting Yurchenko (VT), Triple Tuck (TumblTrak), Triple Twisting Double Tuck (TumblTrak), Double Arabian Full Out (TumblTrak), 1 ½ Twisting Double Tuck (Mustafina, UB), Standing Arabian + BHS (BB), Piked Double Arabian (Dos Santos I, TumblTrak), Double Twisting Double Tuck (Fabrichnova, UB), Double Layout + LOSO (TumblTrak), BHS Step-out + BHS Step-out + Triple Twist (BB), Yurchenko Double Tuck (VT), BHS + BHS + Double Twisting Double Tuck (BB), Standing Double Tuck, Full Twisting Double Layout (UB), LOSO + Back Tuck (BB)

Nikita's ridiculous floor

Triple back (H)
2.5 twisting double back (F)
Front 2/1 + double front ½ (D+E) cv= 0.2
2.5 + double front (D+D) cv= 0.2
Triple Russians ©
Splits to Japanese handstand ©
Double double (E)
Triple twist (D)
H+F+E+E+D+D+D+D+C+C= 4.6
0.4+4.6+2.0= 7.0