i’ve plastered it all over twitter, so might as well crosspost to tumblr since it seems some of y’all want to hear it!

DISCLAIMER: this is all meant in good fun. i know some people get super, super upset about traitor theories and while i actually do believe this is a viable path for bnha to take, i’m not trying to say my word is law or anything! if you dislike traitor theories, please stop reading and let me have my fun.

EVIDENCE I’VE SEEN IN MY REREAD (in no particular order)

  • so, to start where all the pieces clicked into place for me: the training camp. kiri was not caught up in the villain attack. which could be coincidence or very, very convenient, seeing as kiri and the villains might recognize each other and set off alarms in the heroes’ minds.
  • now to expand upon that: the kids who failed the end of term exam expected not to go to the lodge. who failed the practical and therefore the exam? you bet he did. easily could’ve been on purpose
  • also, with the addition of the light novels, we now know that kiri said his house wouldn’t be any good to go to to study. why’s that?? could be that his home gives him away as villain material
  • i don’t have the screencap now, but take a look at kiri’s face when aizawa tells them they’re all going to the lodge. it’s….strange. could be happy, could be dismayed
  • moving on, when they go shopping and shigaraki shows up, it was kirishima who suggested they all split up, allowing shigaraki to close in on midoriya and also keeping kirishima far from him
  • during the internship arc, kirishima chooses an agency focused on urban counter-villain tactics. very useful info to have if ur working with the villains that uh, live in the city
  • also sus: the night vision goggles he bought and acted like it was nothing. where’d he get the money from? i’d say his family but……
  • ……oh, right, we know NOTHING about kirishima’s background. out of all the main characters, he’s the only one we know nothing about. we’ve seen shots of the mains’ family lives (midoriya, bakugou, todoroki, iida, uraraka) and even insight into side characters like jirou, tsuyu, kouda, and aoyama. but nothing for kiri, so important that he ‘had to be the one who calls out to bakugou’? interesting. to go back to my original point, im sure he could’ve easily gotten money from the villain alliance
  • finally, in the most recent chapter, it seems we’re about to get kiri arc (FINALLY) alongside the eight precepts of death/villain arc, and if that ain’t one HELL of a coincidence

okay, so that’s the “evidence” i’ve compiled thus far. but to make sense of it, i have my own headcanons and some sort-of possibilities to explain kiri’s behavior.


  • he’s keeping all this on the way, way down-low. to the point that even his family doesn’t know. that would mean there’s nothing amiss at the family visitation, but why he wouldn’t want to show bakugou into his house. very, very unlikely imo
  • family is in on it. i don’t know. we have nothing to support this, but i wouldn’t be especially surprised. again, the above issues are taken care of, and also gives kirishima some motivation. could be either of his own volition that he’s a traitor or family pressure.
  • mind control. not far-fetched, given shinsou’s quirk exists, but seems cheap. again, gets around the issue of family and motivation if he has no control of the information he gives away. really hoping this isn’t the case.
  • he’s being threatened. his family is being held hostage, etc. would explain why he rescues bakugou but still acts as a traitor. would also mean that he’s trying to work against them while giving them information.
  • and then, there’s my extremely unlikely, but very hopeful theory


  • iiiiiii like to think all of kiri’s family is dead. i headcanon him with a big, loving family where he’s the eldest brother and has five younger siblings who adore him. i also hc all of them as dead
  • hori likes to play with heroes leading to villainy. shigaraki’s got some tragic past when his grandmother/possibly were all failed as heroes or by heroes. kouta’s parents were killed by a villain and he began to hate heroes and quirks. all might and midoriya constantly talk about the failings of heroes and who they weren’t able to save. so, i like to believe that kiri is a victim of similar circumstances
  • in my hc, his family were collateral in a fight between a hero and a villain. possibly that a hero failed to save them, but i don’t think he would blame them for that. but i could buy that a hero disregarded his dying family and turned him to villainy. more specifically, made him want to rip apart the system while becoming a better hero than the one who failed him. we never get to see his exact thoughts on stain, whose ideology would be similar, i think but we do get to see kaminari’s hmmmm
  • in any case, i think going to ua changes kirishima. i think he genuinely loves his classmates and especially, falls for bakugou. idrc if it’s romantic or not. bakugou has obviously had some major impact on him. so i could imagine kirishima agreeing to be the traitor as long as none of his friends, especially bakugou, get caught up in it…..
  • ……which is exactly why shigaraki wouldn’t have told him the genesis unit were pursuing bakugou. hence the many, MANY panels given to kirishima’s anguish that bakugou was being targeted during the arc. especially right after mandalay sends out her message, there’s that very memorable shot of him looking upset…but is it worry or guilt that bakugou is getting caught up in villain business??
  • and that guilt could easily lead to him wanting to get out there and stop them, knowing they have the means, and then, finally, betraying the villain alliance to save bakugou. which is ultimately, what i see him doing. becoming good for the sake of the friend who means the most to him.
  • however, next arc will probably either scrap traitor kiri theory or confirm it, so keep your eyes peeled!!!!

finally…….before i go………….i also want to let it be known that my actual traitor theory is both a traitor kiri AND traitor kami theory. to quickly summarize a few points, bc i know there was a forum that talked about traitor kami in great detail:

  • called stain “cool” then only retracted his statement once midoriya pointed out iida (could easily have the same backstory i constructed for kirishima)
  • we don’t have any idea what the fuck his backstory is
  • someone was jamming communication/alarms/sensors/etc and it was never confirmed who. as kaminari had the power to communicate with ua, he could have easily been jamming it himself
  • it’s been suspected that he’s lying about his stupid mode
  • another failure of the end of term exam
  • another not caught up in the villain attack at the training camp
  • also split up during the shopping trip

in short, i think they’re both traitors, but they don’t know about each other. also not sure if kaminari will redeem himself as i’m sure kirishima will. thanks for listening, and happy theorizing!

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hi!!! first i love your tumblr and second i really wanna know if you can explain all the markson story until now :))

Thank you! I am not too sure what you are looking for exactly but here is a general trajectory about Mark and Jackson knowing each other. I am going to emphasize pre-debut things since these might be tidbits that aren’t well known as their post-debut interactions 

  • Mark joined JYPE in 2010 as a trainee and Jackson joined JYPE in 2011
  • These were first impressions of each other – as mentioned in a  Japanese interview and on ASC Markson Show
  • Here are pre-debut photos of them (some of the photos in the second collage are post-debut)
  • There are a lot of quotes from all over the place of both of talking about being close pre-debut so here are just two examples that first come to mind:
  1. Mark said him and Jackson would share their concerns together and encourage each other since they were the only similar age trainees after JJ Project’s debut
  2. Jackson saying they have been close since trainee days and sharing that people say Mark is always next to Jackson and Jackson is always next to Mark
  • In 2012 both of them went on vacation together to Mark’s familys place in Taiwan and they went to Jackson’s familys place in Hong Kong
  •  If you scroll down the youtube comments on this fancam you can see translations of Mark and Jackson talking about the HK trip during the 2015 Showcase in Hong Kong (it is really cute) + interview trans about the HK trip
  • In 2013 they were on WIN: Who is Next along with Bambam and Yugyeom
  • In GOT7 the Fanclub series you could see them doing a trainee showcase together from 2012
  •  Here is a collection of their ‘matching’ instagram pre-debut photos
  • Then early 2014 they debut and a million things happened after this
Road Tripin or Chill Summer Playlist

*Gramatik - Muy Tranquilo

*Gramatik - Hit That Jive (original mix)

*Hot Natured - Reverse Skydiving

*Janelle Monae - Dance Apocalyptic

*Lenny Kravitz - Straight Cold Player

*Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)

*Miguel - simple things

*Ed Sheeran - Nina

*Pablo Alboran - Pasos de Cero

*The Avener - Fade out line (both original and remix)

*The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

*The Weekend - Often (Kygo Remix)

*Tom Odell - Another Love (Zwette Edit)

*Tracy Chapman - Give me one reason

*The Gypsy Kings - Una Rumba Por Aqui

*Vic Mensa - Down on my luck

*Aaron Smith - Dancin (Krono remix)

*Destiny’s Child - Say my name (Cryril Hahn remix)

*Ed Sheeran - I see Fire (Kygo remix)

*Erykah Badu - Appletree

*Erykah Badu - On & On

*You cant forget Lana Del Rey! Ultraviolence Album

Blast these out, you wont be disappointed.

hi yes i believe today is the day to talk about way-too-codependent jack and gabe and ignore everything canon says about how jack became a super soldier (inspired by the first couple pics on this post) 

so they meet shortly before undergoing the “soldier enhancement” (aka: we’re trying to make a captain america let’s see which of you survives lol of course your chances are high) program and are politely kind to each other. they’re sitting in the debriefing room, both way earlier than the other subjects and alone. they chat a bit, jack makes gabe laugh with a ‘jarhead’ joke, and eventually the other subjects trickle in. 

there’s a lot of them. at least a hundred. gabe and jack get separated as they’re given numbers— gabe is 91, jack is 76. they take fifteen at a time, and the room slowly empties over the course of the entire day. jack’s was the second to last group, gabe’s the last. 

there’s injections and probes and so many ethically questionable pills and drugs pumped into their systems. the ones that don’t get nosebleeds are dragged gracelessly out to fancy, soft, cozy, barracks 

like the blankets are the softest jack ever felt and the pillows are super fluffy. they drop him off on the bottom bunk closest to the door and he passes out, not even bothering to struggle under the blankets

he wakes up maybe two hours later because someone flops on top of him. he can barely move, like all of his limbs are full of sludge and muck. he groans questioningly and cracks his eyes open to see gabe curling into his side


he points in the general direction of the ceiling and/or the top bunk. “too many steps.” 

“nngh” he means that to be an acquiescing tone, but he doesn’t think the sentiment gets across. his head flops over to rest on top of gabe’s and they both pass out 

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Oh, no.

[Juicy B:]
Ya’ll know what it is
L lawliet
Juicy BB, aha.
Let’s rage

I knew you were
You were kira from the start
And here you are
Your handcuffed right next to me
‘Cause I, I’m capable of case
Of any lie and everything

I know when you are lying
Can’t you see im deciding
But please do make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy

So you wanna be God Light-kun
Light, you should know what you’re falling for
Light do you dare to do this?
Cause I’m coming at you like a drunk Matsuda
Are you ready for, ready for
The Kira Case, The Kira Case
Cause once you’re cuffed , once you’re cuffed
There’s no Writing Names

Mark my words
This façade will make you levitate
Like a boss
Like a boss without a name
But seek a mind
If you choose to Write my name , don’t write my name

It’s in the palm of your hand now baby
It’s a yes or no, no maybe
So just be sure before you Kill me
Kill me, And throw me all away

So you wanna be God Light-kun
Light, you should know what you’re falling for
Light do you dare to do this?
Cause I’m coming at you like a drunk Matsuda
Are you ready for, ready for
The Kira Case, The Kira Case
Cause once you’re cuffed , once you’re cuffed (kira Tripin ’)
There’s no writing names

[Juicy B- Rap Verse:]
He’s a beast
I call him Kira (come back)
he eats your heart out
Like BB Backup (woo)
Be careful
Try not to lead Him on
I’ve learned that the hard way
Cause his mind is so strong
You may fall in love
When you meet him
If you get the chane you better keep him
He’s sweet as pie but if you lie to him
He’ll turn to you faster than a second

That mind tricks he always playing can always find a way
He can be my Snow White
I’m gon’ kill him in a second
Damn I think I love him
Shorty so bad, I’m sprung and I don’t care
He shot me like a killing spree
Turned the bedroom into a crime (scene!)
His Mouth is like a drug
I was tryna hit it and quit it
But lil’ Wammy so dope
I messed around and got addicted

So you wanna be God Light-kun
Light , you should know what you’re falling for (you should know)
Light do you dare to do this?
Cause I’m coming at you like a drunk Matsuda (like a drunk Matsuda )
Are you ready for, ready for (ready for)
The Kira Case , the Kira Case (the Kira Case)
Cause once you’re cuffed , once you’re cuffed (cuffed )
There’s no writing Names
With the help of my friend quawapapwa
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A parody was birthed

I couldn’t get this post out of my head and then WORDS happened

scenes from a cross-country road trip

In Iowa, they stop for gas.

There’s a dog outside, tied with a heavy length of chain. When they pull up, it lunges to the very end of the chain and scrabbles at the snow, its bark high and panicked. Karen can count its ribs. From the seat just behind her, Max whines anxiously. He bumps Karen’s arm with his huge, blunt head.

“Hush, now,” Frank says absently. He reaches behind them and scratches Max behind one ear, but his eyes are still on the dog outside. Its scrawny ribs and ragged fur, the muddy ice and snow beneath its paws. It’s all raised hackles, bared teeth, and rolling white eyes. Karen knows fear when she sees it.

Frank does too. His expression, hardening the moment they rolled up, is now as craggy and remote as the exposed granite of the mountains back home.

Karen’s knuckles tighten on the gearshift. She says, “You’re not killing anyone.”

She doesn’t frame it as a question.

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