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It’s just Beca…

Chloe repeated Stacie’s words in her head a few times before realising that they were actually just making her anxiety level skyrocket.  She glanced at her phone, five more minutes.  Ugh, the time was dragging.  Chloe decided to ass the last few minutes by going downstairs and making sure Emily at a full meal, since she was going to be left with Stacie, Fat Amy and CR for the evening.  Because, let’s face it, all three of those girls were more likely to encourage the freshman to binge drink on an empty stomach, than help her cook a decent meal. Chloe pulled the door open, yelling in fright when she saw Beca with her hand lifted to knock.  She watched Beca drop her hand and take a step back, “Sorry, I was just going to make sure the girls feed Emily properly…”

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Road Trip AU.