Polish sayings  sound weird as fuck in english

to promise pears on a willow

to run where pepper grows/the devil says goodnight

to rush to the sun with a hoe

bread and butter 

to sit through a Turkish homily 

to put on a good face to a bad game

once in a Russian year

boring as tripe in oil 

to be made into a horse

don’t call the wolf from the forest


objects from the harry potter series → 1/50: bertie bott’s every flavour beans

A bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. “You want to be careful with those,” Ron warned Harry. “When they say every flavor, they mean every flavor - you know, you get all the ordinary ones like chocolate and peppermint and marmalade, but then you can get spinach and liver and tripe. George reckons he had a booger-flavored one once.