I could really use some help:

This is donation post and the following paragraphs are basically about how everything is going wrong for me because the universe hates fun. If that’s all you need to know to reblog or help, feel free to skip down to the bold/email. Otherwise, enjoy the lengthy tale of my misery…

As some of you may know, I went on an excursion of sorts lately abroad in Europe. I was not entirely capable of being able to afford it when I left, but my friend agreed to pay for roughly 85% of my costs for the trip I had a regular gig lined up where I could pay anything else it cost me after paying with credit. For a poor black girl, going abroad seemed like the chance of a lifetime, and I couldn’t afford it but I needed to have a positive event in my life.**

Anyhow, long story short, a bunch of unexpected bullshit happened during the trip in Europe and at home, resulting in the trip costing nearly if not actually twice as much. Staying there for the duration of our trip for the scheduled flights was cheaper than it would have been coming home right away.

It also turns out that the job I had lined up is possibly lost, thanks to a miscommunication with the people I was working for about my availability. So now I have no current income, potentially no future income and so much to pay for, including my rent, phone, other debt bills, and now what the trip cost me. I was expecting a sum of money around $1000 from what my mom said about my tax return based on some factors, and it turns out I’m only getting $350, which isn’t even my rent. Most other jobs I can easily secure are in retail, but I have plantar fasciitis so I can’t even stand at work unless I want to have chronic pain in my foot and be bed ridden when not working lmao.

While we were away, we trusted a “friend” to watch our dogs. He fucked up big time, barely coming over (except to have a photo shoot with some random woman in our home without asking) and our subletting guy told us that the dogs were shitting everywhere. We got calls from our neighbor AND our landlord who didn’t even know we were gone, about constant barking because the dogs weren’t attended to and were out all the time and barking at the door.

We had to contact and promise money to friends and family for our dogs to be taken care of, since the asshole we depended on couldn’t do the job. When the dogs came back while we were home, the landlord expressed that he thought we’d gotten rid of them, and made it very clear they need to be quiet from now on. That, among almost always being behind on rent is one of many reasons that our situation living here is precarious and we have to move… which we also cannot afford.

Last but certainly not least, when we returned home after a long emotionally and financially taxing trip, we faced more financial and emotional devastation in learned that the “friend” we trusted with watching the dogs not only didn’t do that, but also robbed us blind, taking the subletter’s two laptops and some money of his, my roommate’s as well as my own harddrive, and my Canon EOS 40D with two of the lenses I had. You know, that camera that I took over 80% of my more elaborate photos with and has been a pivotal tool in my self-discovery in the last four years. My sister and I share another camera, but I still lost one of monetary and EXTREME sentimental value. without video evidence, making a police report is futile.

You might understand how betrayed, hurt and helpless we feel. These types of the things are the very reason I became severely depressed and suicidal, and now that I’m receiving medical help, the outside factors are only getting worse.** I’m at my wit’s end and I don’t know what else to do. I want to give up, but it’s not even an option. I am exhausted and my life is a spiraling crock of shit and I have nothing else but this blog and the nerve to ask the people following it for help.

Please. I don’t know what else to do. I could easily use $20,000 but for the sake of being realistic, my goal here is at least $350. I can take donations thru PayPal.

Bonus points: I am available to sell my writing services for people during research/reflective paper season, though it’s early for that. Ask me about it.

My email is

Thanks for reading/reblogging/helping.
Help me go on a trip of a lifetime!!

Hey guys! I know it may seem weird but I’d really appreciate it if anyone was willing to help fund my school trip to Europe for my senior year.

The foreign language department at my school is holding a trip to Europe next year to go to France, Spain, and Italy, and it’ll be such a fun and educational trip.

My parents already agreed i could go but i’d have to raise the bulk of the money to go. And the company that organizes the trip had a donation page so it’s easier for people to support me!

You don’t have to but i’d really appreciate it if anyone donated or even pass along the message. Thanks so much guys!

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Where to go in Europe? Devils Window, Serrania de Cuenca, Spain

Took a mini road trip from Madrid up unto the beautiful mountains of Cuenca. If you live in Madrid I highly suggest going here. It´s not far and absolutely beautiful. It reminds me a tad of the west coast of Canada. I miss living in the mountains that´s why I loved it so much!

Iggy x


160208 Lee Jonghyun Instagram & Weibo Updates in Switzerland (Part 1)
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1) Alley #Lucerne #Noir
2) Just when we got off the plane, my credit card did not seem to work and the wine bottle broke… it was chaotic. But that’s what traveling is all about, right? kk Exciting kkkk
3) Bridge #Lucerne
4) Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) #Lucerne
5 & 6) Night view #Lucerne
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[Spanish] @cnbluegt:
1) Callejón #Lucerna #Oscuro
2) Justo cuando nos bajamos del avión, mi tarjeta de crédito parecía no funcionar y la botella de vino se rompió … fue caótico. Pero de eso se trata viajar, ¿cierto? jaja emocionante jaja
3) Puente #Lucerna
4) Kapellbrücke (Puente de la capilla) #Lucerna
5 & 6) Vista de Noche #Lucerna  
7) No hay ninguna vista mejor que esta #Lucerne.
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