I love God, and I am truly unashamed of my love for Him. I love God because God loves me and shows mercy and grace towards me daily. On top of that, God rewards my obedience and dedication to him by blessing me. This past week has been transformative in my life. It was the best week after one of the worst weeks. I told God, begged him rather, to change my life, change my ways, to consume me, to take the reigns on what seemed to be a dangerous and emotionally tiring life. The moment I dedicated my thoughts, my dreams, my goals, my daily activities, my problems to him, I felt an instant peace- a peace that transcends understanding, a peace that has carried me up until this moment. Since then, I have had revelation after revelation. I want to share some of my revelations with you. Shall we begin?

  • God above everything, even myself.
  • God does not need me to fulfill the plan of salvation, but I need him to get salvation.
  • I don’t need fake people or people who have negative energy in my life.
  • Your education and job don’t take care of you, God does.
  • You really don’t need that many friends.
  • Don’t confuse your ambition with God’s plans for you. 
  • God is really practical and even more forgiving.
  • No one outside of your circle needs to know your business.
  • If you care about being validated by people, you’ve got an identity crisis.
  • Take everything to God in prayer, but do not be idle.
  • Humility brings you closer to God. Pride pushes you away from God.
  • Jesus is the Word of God.
  • God’s power, grace, love, and mercy is far greater than your sin.
  • God doesn’t put you in trials of pain to vindicate his glory. He’s already glorious.
  • God can use what was once evil and make it good. 
  • God’s will > Everything else
  • What you put into your mind and heart will be reaped later on.
  • You cannot be of the world and claim God’s name.
  • Never pass up an opportunity to fellowship with other Christians.

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