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Disneyland Date w/ Nct Dream

Nct Dream Scenario

Prompt: Could you pls do nct dream on an amusement park date with reader? I feel like that would be so cute :))

Genre: fluff; bullet point scenario

a/n: Sorry I haven’t been posting often, school has got me like 😵. I decided to do this about Disneyland instead of just an amusement park because I felt like I could right more about Disneyland. I also love Disneyland so ya know that was a bonus. Anyway, I hope you like it!


  • y’all arrive right when the park opens
  • determined to make the most out of you day since Mark is literally always busy and you won’t get a chance to do something like this again
  • y’all are pros at maneuvering around people because ain’t no one going to get in your way
  • ya gotta get to the rides before the lines get ridiculously long
  • but y’all are not just here for the rides y’all are here for the whole Disneyland experience
  • meaning you are here for the merch, the food, the characters, and the parades
  • speaking of characters the two of you stop Mickey while you are walking through the park and you are like we have to take a pic with Mickey because it’s Mickey, He is ICONIC
  • but you also have to keep your momentum going because y’all have places to be, things to see
  • so you quickly ask for a picture and once you have it y’all are like thx and quickly rush away leaving Mickey standing there like where is the love
  • Pictures! lots of pictures
  • gotta have them for your memory box
  • also dole whip 
  • y’all waited in a extremely long line to get dole whip because you were not leaving with out it
  • y’all watch the parade and fireworks and by the end of the day the two of you are dead
  • but all of it was worth it cause it was really fun


  • y’all’s mission is to get a picture with as many characters as you can
  • you guys still go on rides and all that Jazz but if you happen to see for instance goofy y’all are getting a picture with goofy
  • you made a list of all the possible characters you might see
  • and you checked off the list as you go
  • while you are walking  you see a booth that draws people as Disney princesses and princes
  • so y’all get a portrait of the two of you together and it is so adorable
  • you plan to frame it when you get back home
  • y’all decide to go on the Ferris wheel in one of the swinging gondolas 
  • and from the outside it didn’t look that bad
  • but inside of it was a different story
  • once you experienced the first swing you guys were freaking out
  • like y’all were clinging to each other like there was no tomorrow
  • and when the ride got stuck and you were stuck swinging back and fourth on the gondola you were like this is it, this is the end
  • you guys made it out alive and the whole experience gave you motivation to finish your goal
  • you and Renjun were determined to get at least 75% of the characters on your list
  • y’all achieved this goal and you were happy and proud


  • y’all arrive at Disneyland ready for a fun day
  • and that is what you are going to get
  • so you guys go on some rides and you are shook because Jeno is looking good in all of the photos from the ride
  • you know how on rides they always take photos of you out of no where and you either are unprepared or have this awkward smile because you had been smiling the whole ride because you didn’t know where the heck the camera was
  • well Jeno looked good in every single photo and you’re like wtf
  • but also impressed
  • anyways lets continue
  • so while you were walking you and Jeno decide to stop at the gift store
  • and you end up finding these really cute plushies of the little alien dudes of toy story
  • and you get it because Jeno likes it and it makes him happy
  • and a happy Jeno = a happy you
  • so you decide to collect more plushies
  • while you are walking around the park you occasionally take pictures of jeno at random times to see if he is always ready for photos
  • and he’s like what are you doing
  • and you’re like testing a theory
  • and he’s like okay then you do you
  • anyway by the end of the day y’all had a really fun time and now own a lot more plushies


  • fun! fun! fun!
  • get ready for a lot of fun because today is going to be amazing
  • Haechan will make you take his aesthetic photos
  • especially one where he is in front of the castle
  • that is a must
  • you will occasionally be in there too
  • long story short BE PREPARED TO TAKE A LOT OF PHOTOS
  • and you will probably have to take multiple pictures of the same place because you have to get the perfect one
  • anyways
  • y’all plan out different poses for the pictures during the rides
  • like y’all be coordinating
  • and the photos are turning out fabulously 
  • Haechan will also take a lot of pictures of you
  • when you are not looking of course
  • like he’ll take pictures of you when you are in Lin for a ride
  • or you are watching the parade or fireworks 
  • let’s just say by the end of the trip he has a lot more cute picture of you 
  • but honestly the whole day will be a lot of from
  • from picking different poses to do on the ride to all the photos you’ll take the day will be amazing


  • You and Jaemin wear matching outfits
  • you say it is so you can easily find each other but honestly y’all just wanted to be cute
  • and it’s working
  • you are wearing your Minnie Mouse ears and he is wearing his Mickey ears and matching t-shirts
  • it is adorable!
  • #relationship goals
  • so y’all decide to have a competition on who could win and get more points  on the shooting rides
  • like the rides that move and you have to shoot the targets that go by 
  • and what was a friendly competition turns into a war
  • like y’all are COMPETITIVE
  • you’re holding his arm to make it harder for him to shoot
  • and he steals your laser gun so you can’t shoot
  • and y’all are fighting in your little car thing and the people behind you don’t know whether to find it cut or to be concerned
  • but even with the competitiveness it was really fun


  • at the start of the day the two of you get hyped on sugar
  • and now both of you have a lot of energy
  • and you spend that energy running around the park going from ride to ride
  • you guys end up going to the Tomorrowland and end up making your own lightsabers
  •  then you guys make up a mini movie with a battle and y’all act it out
  • and in your opinion the movie was Oscar worthy 
  • like you are ready to film Star Wars 8 
  • LET’S GO!!!
  • whenever the sugar starts to where off you cure it with more sugar
  • you guys go on like every rollercoaster 
  • and the dolphin screams are present and it is adorable and you love it
  • but unfortunately by the end of the day the sugar is all worn out and no amount more sugar could cure your tiredness
  • but the rest of the day was awesome so it’s all good


  • There is no adult supervision so you and Jisung are ready to turn up
  • Churros for breakfast, cotton candy and ice cream for lunch and no one to stop you
  • y’all plan to go on as many rides as possible
  • so you will be doing a lot of walking
  • you get one of those bubble guns that you can use while walking because bubbles
  • BUBBLES sorry I really like bubbles I’m like a child I know but bubbles are amazing and I love them 
  • anyways
  • when you are in line for all the rides y’all play a lot of phone games and try to out do each other
  • and you also each a lot of sweets and all that jazz cause once again there ain’t no adults up in this vicinity 
  • so y’all snack while you’re walking from ride to ride
  • living the life of freedom
  • y’all get your drivers licenses at autotopia and you feel so accomplished
  • and the whole day was super fun.


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Yuri!!! On Ice Season 2 - Possible Release Date Being Announced This Weekend

For those of you who don’t know, this weekend Mitsurou Kubo, aka creator of Yuri!!! On Ice, and the directors, artists and voice actors of the show will be hosting an event known as Yuri!!! On Stage. Usually at events these kinds of events, big information is revealed, and that could mean we could be getting some information of the highly anticipated season 2.

Season 2 is already in the works, as animators have already begun working. News has revealed that Kubo should have the script for the next season before the end of this year. Staff members have also been making trips around the world, visiting St. Petersburg and Moscow on more than one occasion. So, this can confirm that season 2 will be taking place in Russia, with Yuuri training with Viktor for the upcoming FS season. (where season 1 left off)

Will we get a trailer this weekend? Who knows if we will. Fans who have been following the writers and staff of the show are highly anticipating one. And the staff is very aware of how badly the fans want their second season. Director Yamamoto stated in an interview that she has plenty of ideas that she wants to put into the next installment, and she came up with these brilliant ideas when she was editing episode 10 of season 1. (When Yuuri and Viktor exchanged rings).

This may hint to something happening between Viktor and Yuuri (wedding), but then again, I’m just assuming things and jumping straight to conclusions. Will we get a wedding in the second season? Again, it is unclear as to right now, but I would keep it in mind. (I sure hope we get it, tbh)

I will be keeping you all posted by giving you updates. If any of you have any questions, please feel free to leave one in my asks box and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.