trip preparations

Harry walks him to his room, stands with him in the hallway outside of Louis’ door, and Louis can’t help but thinking that this is the first time in months he’s felt genuinely safe, happy, not so alone. And that is a massive problem. He’s let down his guard so many times over the past seven days, and he knows it’s his fault, but it’s become too much, so overwhelming he feels like he can’t breathe. In the weeks leading up to the trip, he’d prepared himself to keep his distance, to interact as little as possible, to be ready to go home and face the fact that they were finally over. He wasn’t supposed to be 36 hours away from returning home and feeling like his heart could burst from his time spent with Harry, unable to look away from him at every turn. Goddamnit, he should’ve known that he’d be leaving this island feeling more broken than he had when they’d arrived just one short week ago.

Massive problem, one he’s not sure he can undo. Not sure he wants to.

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A Trying Day

When they’d finally broken the silence it wasn’t done easily, with whispers or even normal tones. Rather, they’d destroyed it with complete and utter chaos.

Pidge was yelling and mashing Black’s controls to look for coordinates or some kind of tracking or any clues whatsoever (to no response), Hunk burst into loud tears, and Coran had started yelling over the comms system, asking what was going on and was Shiro really gone? Within a few dozen ticks it died down again, but the Paladins’ exhaustion from their draining battle had vanished. Everyone looked to the princess.

“Allura,” Lance asked quietly, “what do we do?”

Allura didn’t know the answer. She simply continued to stare at the empty chair, the bayard left in the controls, certain that she had never felt so tired in her life.

After a few moments Lance took pity on her. He pulled the bayard out and handed it to her. When she glanced up at him, surprised, he said, “You should probably hold onto this for now. Keep it safe.”

He didn’t have to say the second part of that sentence – they were all thinking it.

Keep it safe, because Shiro might have died to get it.

She took the bayard and swallowed. “I don’t know what to do. I’ve never heard of…something like this…”

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Field Guide to MRAs: Introduction

I have found, in my journeys through the wilds of the internet, that the population of MRAs is much more diverse and complex than some may realize. I therefore decided, on my last trip, that I would prepare a treatise for the edification of my fellow feminists, as well as modestly suggest some best practices for dealing with MRAs encountered on the world wide web, as well as for those encountered in real life. I hope this can in some small way contribute to the knowledge of all who seek to bring reason, justice, and equality to the world.

A Field Guide For the Identification of MRAs and Anti-Feminists, Including Level of Severity, Recommended Response Tactics, and Safety Tips

Disclaimer: Some higher level MRAs will initially present at lower levels, so proceed with caution and revise tactics or disengage if a higher level belief rears its head. Levels are also often cumulative—a level 4 may open with a level 2 argument and proceed to a level 3 argument. All recommended tactics are based on actual beliefs; beliefs stated by MRAs in the wild may not be accurate or complete.


For each classification I will provide:

Level of Severity and Name:Level number denotes how far the MRA has bought into sexist ideology. As shorthand I have also provided a colloquial species name.

Basic Beliefs: What it says on the tin. The general belief system and common arguments made by each level.

Recommended Tactics: The response or responses that seem to be most effective at either changing the MRA’s mind or discrediting their argument with others. This is based purely on what I’ve seen and heard and is not necessarily complete. Please reblog with suggested tactics of your own!

In addition, I will also sometimes provide the following:

Safety Tip: Tips for interacting with the MRA without risk to body or mind, as well as common pitfalls of arguing with the type.

Demographics: Any interesting trends in the type population.

Identification Aid: Insistent terminology, odd focuses, or little quirks of a type that can aid in swift identification.

Descriptions of each level to follow. 

Tea Party

Originally posted by peakyblindersbbc

“I’m bored!” Madeline whined as she sat on your bed, her sister Lillian laying on her stomach reading a book while you packed.

“Do you have to go?” Lily asked as you placed some clothes in your suitcase.

“It’s not going to be very long, plus you guys get to spend the weekend with Daddy, that’ll be fun, right?” You beamed, the looks on their littles faces making you want to stay. You and your best friend had been preparing this trip for nearly 6 years, before Lillian was born, you couldn’t ditch her now just because your girls wanted you, something you’d never thought could happen before.

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Stolen II - Tommy Shelby

Stolen pt.1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | pt. 4 - Tommy Shelby

Dear Sir!
Have 50.000$ redy 25 000$ in
20$ bills 15000$ in 10$ bills and
10000$ in 5$ bills After 2–4 days
we will inform you were to deliver
the mony.

We warn you for making
anyding public or for notify the Police
The child is in gut care.

The first letter that was received didn’t come through the post. Mary found it a week after Teddy’s disappearance, nailed to the kitchen door. It had been written in hast but the author’s demands of money were still legible. The police intercepted the letter before you could read it, choosing only to share it with Tommy, claiming it was addressed solely to him.

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Could I request headcanons for Dazai and Chuuya where they basically learn that their s/o is very bored in life due to her life being controlled by her parents. So she always had to do what others expected her to do. And whenever she tried to go out and "live life", the lessons enforced by her parents would plague her mind and stop her from doing anything.

Dazai Osamu

  • If anyone knows what growing bored with life is like, it’s Dazai. Even if you try to cover up your feelings, your boyfriend picks up what’s going on inside your head in no time. While Dazai doesn’t pressure you to talk about it with him—he doesn’t want you discussing something if you’re not ready—he makes it clear you can trust him with anything.
  • Your parents immediately take the top slot on Dazai’s hit list when he finds out. Naturally, he doesn’t show up at their house looking for a fight; he doesn’t want to upset you anymore than their lessons already have. No, his warfare is much more subtle. Whenever the two of you do something Dazai knows goes directly against what your parents want, he subtly snaps a picture. Somehow, those pictures just happens to find their way into your parents’ mailbox. (The most jarring photo was the one of you two skinny dipping; obviously, that didn’t go over too well.)
  • The middle of the night suddenly morphs into Dazai’s favorite time for dates. Don’t be surprised if he shakes you awake around one, mischief in his eyes and a plastic bag full of things he won’t let you peek at. Dazai drags you all over Yokohama, indulging in every kind of mischief he knows you’d never be able to do on your own. Expect anything from sneaking into filthy rich peoples’ backyard pools for midnight skinny dipping to barhopping on a Tuesday night. Dazai won’t rest until you’ve tasted every bit of life’s spice with him, and since he’s not exactly a tame person, that sparks some wild adventures.
  • Even though he hates making you uncomfortable, Dazai knows you’ll never reach out and grasp at the liberated life you deserve without a lot of pushing.The lessons you’ve had hammered in you run deep, and coaxing them out is going to take a lot. Dazai’s willing to put that effort in, though. No one’s going to push you to break free of your comfort zone harder than Dazai.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • Chuuya’s got a practically endless list of qualities, but unfortunately, seeing through people isn’t at the top of that list. He certainly notices something’s off, but connecting the dots is just a bit out of reach. Eventually, Chuuya confronts you about it; he doesn’t want to pry if you’re not ready to talk about your issues, but he points out that keeping secrets is just going to hurt both of you. 
  • If you’re still in contact with your parents, it’s going to take everything you have to convince Chuuya not to go and rough them up a bit, or at the very least, start a shouting match. He doesn’t care who it is, if they hurt you, they’re enemies in his book. The only way your parents escape punishment is if you tell Chuuya to cool it.
  • If Chuuya notices you seem frustrated, thinking that you can’t break out of the routines your parents drilled into you, he points out that you already are. After all, dating a remarkably dangerous, top-ranking Port Mafia executive is decidedly not what other people would expect you to do.
  • As soon as Mori lets him have a few days off, Chuuya’s plotting a spontaneous vacation for you two. Ditching school or work to picnic on the beaches of Spain or rent out the Eiffel tower’s restaurant for an evening is a fantastic way to break you out of your tight little mold, Chuuya figures. Be prepared for trips all across the map as your boyfriend trains you to live life in the moment in the best way possible. 
  • Whenever he senses you’re bored with your life, Chuuya’s heart breaks a bit. You put so much color into his days, and he can’t bear the idea that your life is any less bright than his. Chuuya will do anything for you; whether this entails lending you his credit card, taking you on adventures around Yokohama’s hidden gems, or even joining a couple’s cooking class, it doesn’t matter. If it adds some spice to your life, he’s immediately down for it.

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Nordic 5 reacting to falling in love at first sight please? ♡

Tino (Finland)- Tino would be idly searching through the grocery store he visits pretty often when someone at the end of an aisle made him stop almost completely. To him, they must have been the loveliest person on Earth, and he couldn’t help but stare. He’d catch himself pretty quickly though and he’d look away, blushing furiously. He wouldn’t know quite how to approach them, and he’d be pretty adamant not to because he wouldn’t want to bother them. He might relent eventually and try and exchange really polite small talk with them, but that’d be about as far as he’d go if the other person didn’t reciprocate. He’d be pretty disappointed if they weren’t, but he wouldn’t necessarily do anything to try and change their mind. 

Lukas (Norway)- Lukas always enjoys going out to parks, because he likes to spend a good deal of his time in quiet places. He’d be passing his time there sitting on a bench and reading. He’d be completely absorbed in his book until he looked up and noticed someone sitting on the bench that was across from his. He’d quickly look down as to hide how shocked he was. The most beautiful person he had ever seen was sitting across from him, and he’d be mainly trying not to panic as he tried to figure out how to approach them. He’d definitely try and start up a casual conversation with them if they didn’t look too busy, and he wouldn’t hesitate to tell them how gorgeous he thought they were, in hopes that they would feel the same way about him.

Berwald (Sweden)- As odd as it might sound, Berwald spends a good amount of his time in furniture stores like IKEA, checking out the newly imported furniture. He’d basically just be meandering around when he caught sight of what could possibly be the most loveliest person he’s ever seen. He’d be pretty embarrassed instantly, and wouldn’t immediately want to talk to them in fear of intimidating or creeping them out. He would eventually decide to at least try, because if he made a fool of himself it wasn’t likely he’d see them again anyway. When he tried to casually walk up to them it wouldn’t look like he was nervous,but he’d be a little anxious when he first started talking to them. He might come across as a bit awkward while talking to them, so hopefully whoever it was would make the first move. 

Abel (Denmark)- Abel’s always out and about in popular places with large crowds so he usually spends his time in whatever city he lives closest to. He’d be enjoying the sights and popping into different shops as he went along. Suddenly, just as he’d been peering into a shop window to look at something that caught his eye, he saw someone else who managed to steal his attention. They were gorgeous, and he was instantly interested in them. He’s an extrovert and extremely good at talking to people, so he give himself a little pep talk and then go right up to talk to them. He’d be super cheerful and sweet, and after a few minutes of conversation, he’d shyly tell them how he felt about them, and while mentioning it, he’d also say it would be perfectly understandable if they didn’t feel the same way, as they had literally just met. If they were interested in him, he’d be overjoyed and couldn’t wait to start getting to know them better. 

Emil (Iceland)- Although Emil likes to mostly stay inside, once and awhile he actually enjoys going outside to hike so he can enjoy the quiet and scenery that usually accompanies  a hiking path. As he was walking along, he would notice someone else walking up on the path ahead. He’d be practically enchanted by them, and he’d be in almost a daze for a few seconds before he shook himself out of it. He’d be little confused as to why he was so interested in them, as it usually takes a really long time for him to develope feelings for someone, but he’d eventually just ignore that confusion to come up with a plan to talk to them. He’d speed up a little so he could be a bit closer to them, then would try to politely strike up a conversation on how beautiful the trail was. He’d be a little nervous to make some kind of first move, and he’d be uncommonly blushy, so he’d mostly be hoping whoever it was eventually got the idea and would address his affections. 

Packing For The Road - Priya x Candy

This drabble is a fluff piece for @the-word-of-the-month-is-sin about Priya and Candy going on a road trip.

Clothes were strewn across the room, more were on the floor than in the suitcase that they were supposedly packing. This was going to be the first road trip that Candy was ever going to go on. Not to mention it was going to be the first time that she was going to be spending an extended period time alone with her girlfriend, Priya. And it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Candy was feeling a strong mix of excitement and anxiousness.

The idea for a road trip had been Priya’s idea, and it was a good one. There was no doubt in Candy’s mind about that. But, she didn’t know the first thing about a road trip. How often were they going to be stopping? What weather should she prepare for? Do they need to pack food, or will they buy as they go? What clothes are going to be necessary and what will be just a waste of space? Each question was flying through her mind one after another and she was struggling to keep up.

Candy was so immersed in the various questions that her mind was begging her to answer that she didn’t register the squeaking of her bedroom door opening. “What happened in here?” The familiar voice of her girlfriend cut through Candy’s thoughts like they were nothing.

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