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Song - Runaway by Aurora 

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Blurry images of green rush past your eyes. You run, wishing time on Earth went a little slower. Right now everything seems to be going at an incredibly fast pace and you’re not sure if it’s something you can handle. On the Ark, everything had stopped when your father was floated. A funeral was held. You had stayed in your room for months. People around you felt the affect of his passing. 

But down here, the world is the same. It spins, even now. Everyone is reeling from what happened but everyday chores are taking place. The birds still woke up at 6am to sing. The hunting group still came back with game. The world is still turning. And the sun is still beating down on your back - the weight closes to unbearable now. 
All this happens even though your mother is gone. So if time went even just a little bit slower, it would make more sense. 

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Jasper Jordan and Friendships: Octavia Blake

Whoa, Welcome back!  This is the second part of my Jasper series and since the first one was actually perceived well I decided to keep going. I’m so happy with the positive feedback I’ve been getting and that new people want to be included in this series. No need for introduction, let’s go!  

I can’t believe new people actually want to read this:

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This is very long, so take a break or two while reading :-)

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Unity Days

“Surely you can think of more fun activities we can do tonight,” Bellamy slurred, smiling as Clarke turned to face him and snake her arms around his waist, pulling back to grin at him.

“Yeah…surely,” she drawled, knowing exactly what activities he had in mind, and helpless to teasing him about it.

Her smirk turned into a wide grin after a while. She leaned up and placed her lips to his ear. “Last one to the tent gets to go on top?” she whispered into Bellamy’s ear, and he could have almost groaned at the contact, but he didn’t have a chance.

Bellamy was holding empty air then, because Clarke was already a yard ahead, looking back, tongue out and grinning wildly, and Bellamy grinned back, bolting to catch up to her within a second.

Words: 2750
Rating: E

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based on this from @junkpilestuff

Doodle that went too far again i need to stop procastinating and work on MBTI. New style sans worked far better. Will draw him in this style from now on

P.S sans use a proper bag don’t be so fucking lazy to just cram your belongings in cloth

Also in case anyone wonders why Asgore isn’t covered in bird shit, birds don’t poop all over the place if they’re happy/calm. (DON’T JUDGE ME)

Story from the original OP

Asgore and sans went on a vacation !they were buying gifts n toys for xmas together cos they both are santas, but their purchase ended up getting a lucky draw- a free vacation to bali for two! others are unable/not willing to go, and they couldn’t transfer the names to other ppl anywayso why not?