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Another part that I enjoy about festivals is when you camp and you get to decorate your camping area! 

These would be a great addition to any campsite!

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The Legend of Bread

whiskeredwolf submitted:

A long time ago, two races ruled over Earth.

And Monsters.

(The screen pans out, showing a human with a rolling pin and a goat-shaped Monster with a baguette.)

One day, the Humans declared war on the Monsters.

(A human with a sharpened pizza pin and

“Baguettes have no place on the Surface!” The Humans decided. “Pizza is the way!”

After a long battle, the Humans won, and sealed the Monsters underground with pizza magic.

Many years later…

(A child with a roller pin is shown tripping down a hole.)

Legends say that those who climb Mt.Bread never return…



From a day in Jackson, Wyoming.

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Okay, so I have decided to start watching Supernatural, because none of you have stopped me. You are bad people. Enjoy my trip through the rabbit hole and straight to hell.

Here’s what I know about it without having ever seen it.

-There are two brothers and their trusty sidekick, a gay angel, who hunt demons. One has nice hair and is a moose (?!), one has green eyes and loves pie.
-One of the actors is Jensen Ackles, whose ass I’ve seen many a time here on Tumblr, and whose name, apparently, is Jensen Ackles.
-The other one is Jared Pajdhdmdodjbrnrjdjdiwolsnb'dj&3)3. I’m not sure how many times I’m supposed to punch the keyboard to spell his name. I hope 4 will suffice.
-The gay angel is played by Tumblr’s boyfriend Misha Collins. I’ve heard legends of this man. I’m not sure what the Mishapocalypse was, but I don’t believe Tumblr has ever recovered from it. From what I gather, he’s a wacky, philanthropic sociopath with a perfect face. He is 98% of why I decided to throw my life away and watch this show.
-“Saving people, hunting things, the family business.”
-“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole”
-Their mother burned to death, but on the ceiling, which is a thing that happens.
-Their father is the absolute fucking worst.
-Everyone who touches Sam’s penis dies.
-In fact, all the women die.
-I mean, apparently everyone dies, but it seems like the men usually come back more often.
-So I guess the moral of the story is, if you are a woman on Supernatural, you might as well fuck Sam, because you are doomed to ceiling immolation anyway.
-Carry On My Wayward Son will one day make me cry in a dejected pile on my kitchen floor.
-Lucifer is the bad guy, except not really because everyone seems to miss him?
-Crowley is the bad guy, except not really because everyone seems to talk of him like he’s a sad little teddy bear?
-Metatron is the bad guy, except nothing, because everyone hates him.
-Whoever names these characters has an unresolved drug problem.
-Charlie is the best.
-Charlie probably dies.
-I mean, honestly, why am I watching this show? Why am I signing up for this heartbreak? Why have none of you stopped me? Why?
-Everyone always forgets about Adam.


Spring Break: Afternoon Day 2         Jumping in the Blue Hole This afternoon we drove to Santa Rosa, New Mexico to the Blue Hole. In case you haven’t heard of the Blue Hole before, it’s basically an 81ft deep natural hole in the ground. They offer scuba diving lessons and tours and there were several scuba divers today exploring the hole and all of its natural wonder. Becca and Kathryn decided to jump in but Eden and I chose to sit it out and stay warm. Jumping in water that is a constant 61 degrees didn’t sound appealing when it was just a tad warmer outside. It was still a nice day to watch the divers and enjoy the New Mexico sun. The majority of the time after we left was spent parked on the highway in stand still traffic. It was boring at first and a little aggravating but we made the most of by eating half the snacks in the car, playing heads up, and taking micro pictures of each other’s eyes. When traffic finally let up we stopped at the cutest souvenir shop to use the bathroom and stretch our legs before heading the rest of the way to Arizona! We care currently loving the mountain views though the rest of New Mexico! This will more than likely be the last post for the day considering we won’t be doing anything besides driving the rest of the night! Look for another post tomorrow from the Grand Canyon!