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Okay so another photo was just released of Elio and Oliver at Monets Berm which is just ☠️☠️☠️ It looks like the first kiss a scene. Do you recall what moment this is and what happens before/after??

Yup, this is the scene where they kiss for the first time. After talking about the German fairy tale and asking whether it’s better to speak or die, they go into town and Elio tells Oliver that he has feelings for him (”You know what things”) as they’re walking around the war memorial. When biking back to the house, they stop at Monet’s berm. Elio tells Oliver that this is his own secret place, and he’s read so many books here. They go for a swim and when they’re lying on the grass afterwards, Elio kisses him, but Oliver says they should stop, that they haven’t done anything to be ashamed of yet. Then Elio puts his hand on Oliver’s crotch and says “Does this offend you?” – I think there’s a sneaky photo of this moment somewhere. When they go back to the house, an old couple is there for dinner and Elio’s nose starts bleeding while they’re loudly talking over each other. Elio goes inside to get some ice and Oliver comes in after him a few minutes later. While sitting on the floor together, Oliver rubs his feet and Elio asks him about his Star of David necklace, saying that he used to wear one himself. They don’t spend as much time together for the next few days, until Elio gives him a note saying he can’t stand the silence, and Oliver replies saying to meet him at midnight.

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“We’ve already played that game, remember? You lost.” w/Steter please

The light is dim and blue, the summer heat barely breaking as the sun sets beyond the columns of trees that fill the Preserve. Stiles’ breath is short, his shirt sticking to his skin, sweat beading down his temple, hair matted.  In his chest, his heart is hammering and tripping over itself. 

He’s just gotta run long enough. Far enough.  Fast enough. 

It’s not enough. 

He’s caught around the waist before he can even make it to the edge of where the park bleeds into Hale property.  He hits the ground hard, grunts on impact, and bares his teeth when he’s twisted over onto his back.  

He pulls a blade, but his wrist is caught as Peter grins down at him. “Ah, ah… easy, Stiles.  We played that game earlier, remember?  You lost.” 

Stiles hisses when Peter’s grip tightens enough for him to loose his hold on the hilt of the knife and it topples to the scatter of leaves and dirt.  “You cheated.” 

“Well,” Peter pauses, cheek dimpling.  “Yes.” 

Stiles’ eyes narrow.  “What’d I do wrong this time?” 

Instead of a verbal reply, Peter leans in and leans down, dragging his nose up and along the delicate line of his throat.  He inhales deep and Stiles shudders beneath him, lips parting. 


A low laugh rumbles up through Peter’s chest.  “Otherwise,” he mutters, lips barely touching Stiles’ pounding pulse.  “Perfect.” 

Stiles perks, eyes widening a bit.  “Yeah?” 

“Yes,” Peter assures.  “Any lesser wolf wouldn’t have made it to you in time.” 

“No excuse.” 

“No,” Peter agrees, releasing his harsh hold around Stiles’ wrist in order to thread his fingers into his hair, tightening and then pulling, angling his head back.  “No excuse.” 

He kisses him hard and licks his way into Stiles’ mouth, and it’s more of a punishment than it is a reward.  Deep and heady; a warning more than it is a promise.  

“Next time,” Peter breathes as he pulls away, Stiles panting beneath him.  “Don’t fuck up.” 

Stiles grins.  “Sir, yes, sir.” 

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I'm still a bit confused on how the second prompt meme works so forgive me if I request wrong XD how about H, modern Sonamy?

You did it right. I’m happy to write one for you! (x) Second prompt meme

Alright, let’s see what we’re working with here.

-Reads ‘H’-


After once again being pulled into another classic adventure, Sonic gets bumped into by Amy while trying to interrogate Eggman for answers on a mysterious catastrophe that’s been reoccurring around the area.

“Found you! Sonic!”

Amy leaped forward the second she was close enough to her true, blue hero!

But what she didn’t see was him speaking to Eggman, and him chuckling while his shoulders bounced in amusement at seeing his ticket out of here.

“A-Amy!” Sonic struggled a second, having her side-hug him. He kept his hands to the side as she brushed herself against his cheek, continuing the motion till Eggman’s boosters on his eggpod blasted to life.

“Ah!” She hugged Sonic tighter, coming in front of him, making him surprised all the more till he looked up and moved her gently to the side.


“Hohoho~ Thanks for the distraction, Toots! Toodles!~” he waved them off in a humorous way, before snickering as he took off, making Sonic clench his jaw and show his teeth.

Stepping to the side of Amy, he held a fist up. “Darn!”

“Oh no…” Amy stepped away a little, hands up as she looked to Eggman, and then Sonic. “Did I.. let him get away?”

Sonic shook his head down, before kindly looking a little defeated towards Amy. “It’s fine. Wasn’t your fault, you didn’t know.” he then took a serious look and was about to run off. “But I better stop him! Who knows what he’s up to, now!”

He got into running stance, but Amy quickly knew that form and reached out, gripping his arm.

“Noo..! Wait!” she held him back, startling him once more as he wobbled back from his leg flinging forward to sprint.

“W-w-wait? Wait for what?”

She lightly kissed his nose, making his eyes widen.

“Heehee!~ For our hellos! Silly!” she covered her face and turned away, freeing him but also confusing him exceedingly.

“W-wha-whaaa?!” he shook himself out of it and stared at her with an absolute perplexed expression…

He leaned forward, “Amy… even for you, that was-”

He placed his hands on his hips, knowing Amy’s tried to kiss him before but…

“I thought you were waiting for the right moment? Cause…” he looked away, “This isn’t exactly romantic, Amy.” he gestured his arms out, looking almost apologetic, but seeing something.. a little off…

She swayed her body back and forth, before blinking her eyes at him. “It’s common curtsy to say ‘Hi’ back, Sonic.” she put her hands behind her back and seemed to duck her head down, but looking cutely up to him.

He leaned back, slowly… turning his head. “…Wh…What are you implying..?” He scanned her eyes for any ‘joking’ that may be had… but she wasn’t breaking her stance.

Hopping up closer, his spines flinched up a moment before settling down, seeing her suddenly draw closer.

“If you don’t say hello back, I’ll be forced to … drastic measures… hehe!” she once again covered some of her face, turning away with an odd blush on her face, before swaying herself again and looking rather jolly…

“Weellll~?” she blinked her eyes some more, before closing them and letting her head hang down. “I’m not getting any younger!”

“You’re not getting any more ‘freebie’s either.” he stepped away, rubbing his nose. “What’s with you, Amy? I mean.. you’re forward, but never this..” he looked her up and down. “…direct.” his eyes straightened into a concerned, straight line.

“Ohh…! You’re making me wait!” she stomped forward, closer to him again, as she put her hands together and up in front of her.

“You know me… I don’t like waiting-!” she leaped forward again, scarying him a moment as he reflexed and dodged, racing around her and sliding to drop to his knee.

“Huh?” she turned around, “Oh you!” she looked a little annoyed, but giggled as she pounced for him again.

“Amy! H-hang on!” he was noticing something off, but couldn’t quite place it. He dashed back, further back, and then began to ran as she kept coming at him.

His eyes narrowed, this wasn’t a typical game.

There was something wrong and he needed to find out what!

“Where are you~? Sonic-ku?” she called, looking around trees and bushes.

The leafs above rustled and suddenly, Sonic jumped down to restrain her.

“A-ah! Hey! No fair!” she struggled in his grasp, both arms around her.

“J-Just hang on! I think you’ve been affected by those toxins!” he tried to reason with her, but just like the accounts said, Amy suddenly seemed to have super strength!

She tightened her arms muscles and threw him off her, making him wobble back as he looked at his hands, then hers.

“Woah.. you’re strong, Amy. But not that strong.” he narrowed his eyes again, wagging his arms off from the small pain they endured.

“Alright, you want a fight. I’ll fight.” he hopped from foot to foot, getting ready. “But just for the record, I don’t want to hurt you.” he got down and shook his head, looking serious.

“Hehe~ Promise to play nice?” she summoned her hammer.

At every dodge, she kept trying to pin him down, restrain him someway, and kept trying to kiss him…

Finally, he figured if he wanted her free of the toxins, she needed fresh air.

“Alright, Amy… you win…” he stepped back, looking up at the tall hills behind him.

He smiled and turned to Amy, gesturing with his hands out and stepping back more. “Come and get me.” he tilted his head to the right slightly. “But…” he turned it then. “Only if you can catch me!” he bolted off towards them.

She gasped, and excitedly ran up the hill.

The toxin’s final stage was loss of control, and worried about what that could do to Amy… he stealthily made sure to keep out of sight, only letting her see her when she seemed to have lost her way.

Making it the hills, he was suddenly tripped up by Amy’s hammer, and fell flat on his face.

“Ouch…” his smushed face tried to get up but he was just knocked down again by Amy landing on him, smothering him with hugs and snuggles.

“Ohhh~ I got you! Hehe! Now to get what I came for!” she turned him around and he panicked, about to kick a leg at her face before stopping at seeing her reflex away from it.

“…Urk…” he realized that probably wasn’t a good idea…

With his hesitation, Amy moved the foot and crawled closer, making him crawl back, deciding to wait it out before fighting her off like before…

“Hehe… you wouldn’t hurt me…” she got so close… so… so..!

He didn’t like the predicament, but as he moved back, he could feel the wind up higher and turned to it.

It ruffled his quills back at it’s strong force.

His eyes shifted along the hill’s bushes and noticed they also swayed harshly more towards the tip…


Amy slammed him back down, forcing him to turn around to her again.

“Don’t ignore me! hehe…”

She was already at the ‘loss of control’ phase, and Sonic could see that in her eyes, she really didn’t know what she was doing.

He gripped the stronger-than-usual hand on his chest with both of his own, and looked up to the spot he wanted her to go.

“You want to kiss me that badly?” he kept his head up, looking at the spot, making split-decision planning before looking back at her.

“Ya got me.”

He suddenly leaned up at lightning speeds, giving her what she came for, and kissing her in a long hold.

Before she could respond, he scooted away, “Come this way…” he breathed out, as she instinctively moved after him and kissed him again.

Although incredibly awkward for Sonic, hearing Amy get into this sort of trap… he continued to kiss her and coax her to the strong wind.

She would let out small moans that would make him nervous.. but as he kept scooting away, she would pull him back and for a second,.. he seemed a bit lost.

The more he pulled her away to move up towards the wind, the more she would passionately come at him.

Holding him down, he realized this wasn’t what he wanted, but most importantly-

He understood why Amy wanted to wait for a perfect moment.

Thinking of her, he suddenly pulled her with him as he moved back, wrapping his arm fully around her and bringing her into deeper, more powerful kisses.

This tactic worked better, because she stayed locked against him while he moved… he realized the more he struggled, the less progress he was making.

But again… in the back of his heart.. he understood why Amy wouldn’t want this either.

It was easy to kiss her though… too easy. too soft.

It was almost as if he was trying to make excuses to keep him strong enough to push her away when he needed too.

And that time was coming.. fast! 

Once to the top of the hill, he finally pulled her away, pushing her torso up a little to get her fully into the breeze.

As her touch slipped, he could feel her realizing she was being lifted, and had to put everything into raising her to the wind.

“Ah..!” Amy threw her arms up over her face, the wind beating down on it.


“Just a little longer… hang on, Amy!”

“Eer…eerrrr…. Haaa…” she took a good long minute to breathe before slowly losing her incredible strength and regaining her senses back.

Like a rag-doll, she slowly fell into his arms, as he held her a minute and waited for her eyes to blink and open again.

“Son… Sonic..?”

“I’m here Amy, but you’re not gonna like what I have to say.” he smiled, shaking his head as he knew there’d be some consequences to this.

She rose her head up, gripping it as a massive headache began.

“Ohh… I think I was dreaming.” she put both her hands on the opposite sides of her face, holding her head down and shaking it out, before looking back at the area around her.

The wind packed another powerful punch at the two, Sonic was forced more forward as he squinted an eye and looked behind him, while Amy ducked down and started moving into the gap of his arms… leaning against his chest so that her hair was okay.

“What happened? Why are we here?”

“Lots to explain, but not enough time too!” he shouted over the wind’s new found pressure and started moving down the hill with her, sliding against the force of the wind every now and then.

Once down, he tried to… ‘delicately’ explain what happened, but she covered her mouth and blushed, looking sorely embarrassed and bowing in humble apologizes as he just sweat-dropped a little and patted his hand out.

Reassuring her he knew it wasn’t her fault, she sighed a heavy breath of relief before summoning her hammer.

“Where’s Eggman!? I’ve got a bone to pick with him…”

“That’s more the Amy I know!” Sonic teased, pleased she was back, before looking up at the direction he saw Eggman run off too.

“…S-so…” while Sonic was talking about a battle plan, Amy moved her hammer down and scooted closer, looking strangely shy for a second.

“D-did… Did you at least like it?”

“-Let’s go!” he seemed to not hear her, but she didn’t know that.

He charged at break-neck speeds down the hills.

“H-hey! Ohhh…! Wait for me!” she was upset he ‘ignored’ her, but continued down the hill, thinking he just didn’t want to talk about it.

Maybe he was shy?


“We have Sheppard’s IDC.” The tech announces shortly after the wormhole engaged.

“Thank God,” Weir says, stepping towards the gate.  The team was due back two hours ago from what was supposed to be a simple trading mission that was meant to help fill their pantries.

But when John, Teyla, Rodney and Aiden step through, they look perfectly fine.

Weir gave him a look.  Sheppard had the sense to look guilty.

“They were very sensitive negotiations,” John defends himself.  Ford and McKay nod behind him.  

“Very sensitive,” Ford mutters.


“And they had a generous harvest of tubers that they can supply to us,” Teyla says.  “Enough to feed us for weeks.”

“Kind of like potatoes,” Rodney says.

“We can go over the things they want,” John says.  “Given our own limited supplies and their demands, it might take a few trips to hammer out a deal, but I think my team can handle it.

“Right,” Elizabeth says, beginning to pace a little.  “Maybe I should go next then.  Seal the deal.”

~Two hours earlier~

“This…This is nice,” Rodney says.  

“Yeah…I wish every planet was like this.”  Ford says next to him.

“The Toliakians are an agreeable people to trade with,” Teyla says and sighs.

John opens his eyes to look at his team.  Like him, they’re all naked, semi-floating and Toliakia’s famous hot water springs.  The salt water adds a level of buoyancy that reminds him of the beach.  Everyone’s relaxed.  He’s never seen Rodney look so at peace, with a dreamy smile on his face.  John quickly looks away, as the nearly clear water will give a bit more away than he’d like.

“We have so many extra tubers,” their host says, “you are welcome to as many as we can spare.”  He’s a middle aged man that floats in the natural pool with them.  “They grow so easily there is little work involved in growing them.”

“Oh, good,” John says, closing his eyes.

“NO.” AR-1 all answer Weir at once.

“I’m not sure-”

“-they don’t like strangers-”

“-if we weren’t consistent-”

“-we can do it.  They know us already.”

“Right,” Weir says, suspiciously.  “Okay then, you’ll go back tomorrow.”

Elizabeth turns, then pauses, “Do I smell sea salt?”

His eyes are dangerous
shadows in the shadows,
they carry machine guns
his face a mask of hatred and greed
he pulls the trigger again and again.

My face disappears
shattered in blood
and white splintered bone.

The machine guns clatter to the floor.

I topple forward.

He holds me,
whispering soothing sounds.

My businesslike fists
slam trip-hammer blows
left, right, left, to the chest
midriff, jaw—

he staggers for a moment
then catches himself,
“You’ve got guts.”

I shake my head, splattering blood,
“That the best you can do?”

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*heavy breathing* Fox!Stiles whose kit keeps sneaking off to Wolf!Derek's yard to play with his cub in their forms and neither one know. FOX AND THE HOUND.



Nate’s first day of kindergarten is, according to him, a complete success.

“It’s not even as boring as you said it would be!” Nate says in an accusing manner from the kitchen table, his small finger extended and his hand raised in the air to emphasize Stiles’ obvious deceit on the matter.

“You just said they have mandatory nap time,” Stiles says in his own defense.

“Yeah, but we’re allowed to set our sleep matts anywhere we want,” Nate explains in a chipper voice, head bowed over his Supergirl coloring book.

“Oh?” Stiles prompts, a tilt to his lips as he drops the chopped hot dogs into the macaroni and cheese.

“Mhmm!” Nate nods his head emphatically, getting up onto his knees on the chair so he can sprawl across the table to reach the orange crayon that rolled almost to the edge.

“Hey,” Stiles gestures to him with the wooden spoon, “Butt back in your seat, mister.”

Nate rolls his eyes heavily. And really, Stiles doesn’t understand why his dad always says Nate is practically a carbon copy of Stiles as a kid. He would never do that to his dad. (He always rolled his eyes behind his dad’s back.)

“Me and Sadie napped under the big window in the back.”

Stiles turns to lean back against the counter as the macaroni and hotdogs cook. “Is Sadie a new friend?”

Nate nods like a spring in his neck has sprung loose. “You’d like her, dad, she loves making plans. We even had one so that we could make it to the back window first! We had to make a run for it and everything! But I’m always faster than other kids, so it wasn’t that hard.”

“Nathan,” Stiles says in a warning voice as he brings his dinner over to the table. “What did we talk about.”

Nate makes grabby hands towards the bowl, but he stops when Stiles lifts it out of reach and raises two expectant eyebrows.

“Hmm? What did I say.”

Nathan makes a put-upon noise. “I know,” he drops his head back on a groan, then recites, “'I can’t go furry unless I’m with you, grandpa, or Scott and Allison.’ Duh, dad, I’m not stupid. I just can’t help that I’m so fast.”

“Right,” Stiles snorts, and places the bowl in front of him. “Put your coloring book away, I bought some apples. They’re on the counter.” As he turns to grab himself some food, Nate jumps down in a flurry of excitement and races over to grab himself one of the green ones. Stiles made sure to buy a whole bunch of them because they’re Nate’s favorite. The fact that he had to pay extra is well worth it when Nate moons about how great of a dad Stiles is for buying them.

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You had found out completely by accident that you could lift Mjolnir. You literally tripped over the hammer and went sprawling. Your friends had moved to help you up when they noticed something- you weren’t the only thing that had fallen. You had knocked Mjolnir right over during your tumble. You hadn’t realized what was wrong and dumbly picked up the hammer and set it back upright without a second thought. Needless to say, it looked like Tony was ready to have an aneurysm.

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VIXX High School AU

Drama Club AU!!!!!!!!

Hakyeon (N) is probably president of the drama club. He gets good roles but they’re not Major roles bc he’s also trying to student direct and oversee like 6 backstage crews.. Everyone in the club adores him. But he’s scary when he’s angry.. Everyone knows not to piss him off during Tech Week especially– one time he yelled down the entire pit band for not being to the pit on time before a run of a show.. No one wants to incur that level of stress and anger in Cha Hakyeon ever again… Not that it’s easy to. He is as helpful and kind as he could possibly be, to explain blocking and give feedback and announcements. How does he hold himself together?? 

 •Taekwoon (Leo) probably gets a lot of main roles. He’s charismatic onstage but really mysterious offstage. probably helps with props when he does backstage work. He’s the one that everyone looks up to/ has a crush on but no one knows that much about him bc he keeps to himself or around a certain group of upperclassmen.. There’s a group of freshmen girls who love to stare at him and giggle and wave whenever he walks by. One time they caught him smiling and they started whispering “I wonder what he’s thinking about, he’s so dreamy” and Jaehwan (who overhears) tells the girls what’s REALLY on Taekwoon’s mind: “I actually just showed him a really important video of a cat playing with a ball of yarn." 

 •Jaehwan (Ken) always gets main roles (The Lead or a wacky sidekick character) and everyone loves him because he’s always involved in everything. He smiles at everyone and helps run improv exercises with the ensemble– always encouraging shy kids to try things out but careful not to pressure anyone into things that make them uncomfortable. He helps keep up everyone’s morale during Hell Tech Week before the show. He’s always singing whatever he does, sometimes songs from the show, sometimes he just makes them up on the spot whenever he’s painting (he’s probably head of the scenic paint crew). 

 •Wonsik (Ravi) is not really an actor, he knows he’s not great and he’s not as interested in it as much. But he discovered a passion for running sound and light cues. In the beginning he was always talking to the director and stage manager and taking copious notes, but he relaxed a LOT after his freshman year. He learned the sound board like the back of his hand, and gets people through mic checks ridiculously quickly. A lot of freshmen are intimidated by Wonsik& his brisk "professional” style. but once during a tech day he and Jaehwan started singing Defying Gravity and bursting into laughter whenever Wonsik TOTALLY screwed up a high note & they realized he’s actually really chill. He always lets underclassmen go in front of him in the dinner line during tech week too. A big softie.

•Hongbin was always doing tech, helping costumes and scenic paints and assisting Wonsik with sound and lights bc he was really too nervous to act on stage at all. One day Binnie’s singing quietly while working on a group project in history, and his partner Hakyeon turns around to face him and says “You should try out for a role in the musical!! You have a sweet singing voice & you always read really well in classes!” And after some polite protesting, Hongbin gives in and decides to audition. To his own surprise, he lands a pretty significant part!! Once rehearsal starts, a lot more people come up to him and say “Hongbin how are u so good at everything???” and he just blushes so much and tries to busy himself with ironing costumes. 

 •Sanghyuk (Hyuk) is the Prodigy, that Asshole who’s gotten major roles since he was a freshman. He’s really funny and flirty. He’s ridiculously charismatic on stage, but gets into intense Smash Bros battles with Wonsik and some underclassmen in the choir room during downtime. Sanghyuk loves set building bc 1. He’s good at it and 2. He loves to show off how strong he is. Sanghyuk carries all this lumber around and people are like “Dude do you need help with that?” And he winks and is like “Nah, I got it” then probably narrowly avoids tripping over some hammer that one of the freshmen abandoned. But the freshmen love him because he tells all these wild stories. Sanghyuk just smirks and goes "Yeah, actually, I did once Save the Show by stepping in and playing the female lead” and Hakyeon comes up to him and goes “Hey, Stop deceiving Children, Sanghyuk. We need to talk about how soon we can have the hotel set finished.” As he walks away, following Hakyeon, he whispers to the freshmen “it’s legend… Don’t stop believing, kids.”