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This Day in 1D History - October 18


  • Harry explores the simple joys in life 



  • Louis keeps cozy for lunch in Sydney :))


  • Harry meets Saint Raymond at Ed Sheeran’s show in Birmingham!
  • “@harrystyles thanks for all the chocolates, nuts, olives, and bananas supply for me… felt like a very looked after pregnant lady!” (via christinamackenzie on Insta :))


  • new promo clips are released of Louis guest judging at Simon’s house!!

One of 2017’s brightest breakout stars: stand-up comedian Tiffany Haddish, recently voted Best Supporting Actress by the New York Film Critics Circle for her scene-stealing turn as raucous party girl Dina in the summer comedy hit Girls Trip (2017, Malcolm D. Lee)


100シーンの恋+ Voltage Inc Rewind 2006~2017
10周年メモリアルMovie上映開始 - 10 year Memorial Movie Screening

The movie is currently available in 100シーンの恋+, Love 365 Japanese version. [Voltage Japan took the template of the Rewind movie previously done by Voltage Overseas of Rewind 2012~2015 (x)]

Here I have archived the titles shown in the movie. This seems to be the definitive list, since it includes all the titles never released for overseas. (some of the titles sounds funny!) You can see the humble beginnings of Voltage circa 2006 to today’s titles. Feels like some early titles got the reboot and much improvement in later versions. It is a trip down memory lane, 2010 was a pretty good year!

Titles that have been released overseas are noted in bold. Japanese titles were literally translated, so pardon how odd they sound XD.

恋人はNo. 1ホスト (My boyfriend is Number 1 Host)

禁断放課後の恋人 (Forbidden After School Lover)
キャバ嬢♡秘密の恋 (Miss Cabaret♡Secret Love)
渋谷ラブトリップ (Shibuya Love trip)
ダーリンは芸能人 (Celebrity Darling)

(Complete list under the cut)

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lillian by Sarah McLean

Glitch In The Matrix Stories #27

I Only Bought One

I saw a small blue container at the store. I wanted to buy two of them for my lunch box. I looked at the price and thought it was way too much so I decided to only buy one. 

Last night, I was getting ready to prepare my lunch and was looking for the small container when I came across two of them! I froze. I could not believe it. I felt like someone had thrown cold water on me. I know I only bought one, I even checked my receipt. 

I spent 15 minutes staring at both of them. I was looking for a slight difference in the design for some reason. They are both identical. I am still trying to find a reason for it just “appearing” there so I have asked my mom, my husband, and my sister if they bought me another one. None of them know what I am talking about.

Credits to: Cubster6

Coworker Translocation

So a coworker of mine has been showing up in places he shouldn’t be, and moving around in ways that seem like either teleportation or a serious reality issue in my head. Two separate occasions (both involving the bathroom, strangely).

First time, I left my workstation to go to the restroom. Exchange a few words with him on the way out, no biggie, I see him still working on his station. I take the 30-second walk to the bathroom, and as I am about to push open the door, the same man walks OUT of it. 

There are only two ways you can reach this particular bathroom from where I work. I took the shorter route, which goes through a restricted area (but I have access to it with my ID badge, and he does not). The other route is double the walk time. Note: this restricted area is highly trafficked, and it would have been noticed if I simply dawdled or daydreamed and stood around there for longer than usual. I walked directly there. I’m dumbfounded when it happens, so I simply nod at him and use the bathroom as I needed. We talk afterward, but I can’t come up with a good way of asking him, so I don’t. Also, I was freaked and kinda didn’t want to think about it any more.

Second instance, about a week later. I had just gotten done in the restroom, in the middle of washing my hands, when he walks in to wash his hands as well. I look him directly in the eye, exchange small talk (actual conversation, two-way) and I even pat his shoulder as I’m headed out. As I’m leaving, another coworker sees me and starts to talk. I stop directly in the doorway, and get engrossed in the conversation. Over five minutes goes by, before I explicitly think to myself “Hey, L****** hasn’t come out of there yet. That’s odd”, but then go back to the conversation. 

After another few minutes, conversation ends, and as I’m walking past the break room, I look in and there is L******, sitting down and eating a bowl of soup (that it looks like he’s mostly through with). I literally did a double take. Asked him (casually as possible) “Wait, weren’t you just in the bathroom?”, and he just looks at me, slightly confused, slightly amused, and said, “Nope, been eating my lunch”. So I just walked on, wide-eyed.

Background details. I work at an Aircraft Parts Distributor, which is certified as a Foreign Trade Zone. This is a high-security place, not open to the public, so there couldn’t be anyone resembling him walking in off the street. Vendors/Contractors are possible, but remember that I spoke to him on the second occasion, even touched him, and I stood directly in the doorway so he could not have passed without me knowing.

Credits to: Capture_the_Steve

Bizarre Phone Glitch

I do customer service over the phone for a large company, and every now and then, when you are talking to someone, you can hear your voice echo. I don’t know if this is due to the server connection or if the person on the other end is on speaker phone, but it can be pretty hard to follow. 

So today on the phone I answered the way I normally do: “Hello my name is ——, can I have your SHOP number please?” But today, I heard the phone echo back, in my voice: “Hello my name is —– can I have your -ACCOUNT- number please?”

I don’t even know what to make of that. Really weirded me out.

Credits to: LoCalrissian

Dates Changing

For the past few months, birthdays, anniversaries, and etc have been changing for me I’ve always been able to know when someone’s birthday is, but now everyone I know has a different birthday.

Even my own birthday changed! I swear my birthday was March 15th but now is March 9th. 

Usually every date that’s different is off by only a few days, but then I found out that apparently my little cousin was born in 2009- when she should have been born in 2010. I remember going on a trip in 2010 with my aunt while she was still pregnant, but when I tried finding photos from this trip, my little cousin was in them. My aunt lived with us too, in 2009 and didn’t have kids until she moved out. She moved out around October/November 2009 but my cousin was apparently born in September 2009. 

If it was only a few days that were different I would think I was just remembering it wrong, but my own birthday? And the fact that there’s no way my cousin could have been born in 2009 makes this whole thing even weirder.

Credits to: ghosthell

Fic: We Are Young

Summary: Dan and Phil go skinny dipping in Jamaica in 2010
Word Count: 1,349
Rating: Teen
Tags: Established Relationship, Skinny Dipping, Sexy Fluff
Author’s Note: This is for @alittledizzy, because she chatted with me for ages this morning when I had a terrible headache, and she thoroughly distracted me with phan love. The story is partially inspired by Pentatonix’s cover of fun’s song “We Are Young,” which has a definite reggae beat during one section that got me thinking about Jamaica. This fic is set during the 2010 YouTuber trip to Jamaica sponsored by Sony to advertise their waterproof video camera.

We Are Young

Tonight we are young (we are young)
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
Than the sun
- “We Are Young” by fun. (covered beautifully by Pentatonix)

Phil was lying on the hotel bed, his body exhausted by all the activities of the past few days. He was more used to playing video games and watching television than all this constant swimming and cliff diving and running around! He wasn’t sleepy, just pleasantly aware of the tiredness in his muscles as he sank into a state of complete relaxation on the soft mattress.

Dan was standing by the sliding glass doors, looking out through the curtains into the darkness that hid the ocean waves they could still hear breaking softly against the beach. As happened so often, Phil felt his breath catch at the sight of Dan standing there lost in thought, so young and lovely with his hair curling out of control and his bare chest bronzed by all the sun they’d been getting on this trip. He always felt wonder in quiet moments like this, as if he’d caught a butterfly in his hands, having this beautiful boy in love with him.

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anonymous asked:

Would you like to take a trip back to 2010? >:3 If so, how about doing a Hunger Games Mysme au?

Ooohhh my gooooddd Hunger Games. This AU I made here is such bull s hit because I have no idea what I’m DOING I know nothing about the Hunger Games doenbdbdidjd -Green


-okay I’m sorry y'all but he would be the first to like. Die.

-he’s hard headed, that’s for sure. But he doesn’t have a lot of knowledge on survival and would probably be way too trusting and be killed fairly easily?

-he’d last a day. He can’t bring it in him to kill anyone else.


-the sadistic fucker that plants traps all over the arena

-this guy isn’t afraid to kill a fucker. He’s determined to win and make it home to his brother.

-works completely alone, no teammates for him.

-Saeyoung is almost too good at this

-he’s quick on his feet too. Once resources are dropped in he takes all he needs and more.

-very smart too so no poisonous berries for him.


-how the hell did he get in this

-he’s got lots of knowledge on how to survive but no experience

-most likely makes his camp in plain god damn sight

-will get offended if you try to kill him?

-but he can’t threaten you with his army back at home

-so this guy pretty much runs from all danger.

-he probably dies too,,,, just saying


-very skilled at this

-isn’t very interested in killing others and just waits for them to kill themselves. But will do it if she has to

-she mostly stays in camp the whole time hunting for food and resources and if someone comes in her camp she’ll just kick their ass and kill them

-can’t risk having word spread where she’s sleeping ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


-he is a maniac with guns

-if he has a sniper everyone is dead. So secretly everyone is just like okay we can’t let him have guns guys

-though if anything this guy is fast; like Saeyoung. He’ll get those drop ins pretty fast and take what he can get

-like Saeyoung he isn’t afraid to kill someone but he will regret it. He doesn’t like it but still shows no mercy

-he has a team of one or two people that he knows he can kill in an instant and they know it too

Phanfic Awards 2017

Just a cheeky reminder in case anyone wants to nominate me for anything in the Phanfic Awards 2017. Here are my favorite fics I wrote that would be eligible for nomination this year (I also wrote a lot of other stuff—mostly fluffy ficlets—which you can find on my complete list here on AO3 and here on Tumblr, but these are my favorites of what I wrote in 2017 thus far):

The Creeper Universe: A series of very reality-based fics about Dan and Phil in 2009, based on their videos, other people’s vlogs, and their social media posts. The whole series is listed here on AO3 and here on Tumblr, but the most popular story in the series is “Creeper” (about DnP’s first meeting) which is located here on AO3 and here on Tumblr.

Glimpses of Portugal: Dan and Phil went to Portugal together May 27-June 3, 2010, but very little is known about the trip. This is a random collection of ficlets that take place during that trip, occasionally incorporating some of the few actual tweets and photos from the trip. They aren’t in any particular order, but they all take place during that holiday in Portugal. (here on AO3, here on Tumblr)

Happily Ever After: Angsty angst mcAngstiness. Dan proposes marriage, but it turns out Phil is biphobic without previously realizing it, so he says no. Since he and Dan are committed to their relationship, they slowly and painfully work through Phil’s emotional crapola. (here on AO3, here on Tumblr)

Imaginary Friends: Nothing’s AU … except that Dan and Phil have been appearing in each other’s dreams since childhood without realizing it because they’re soulmates. Lots of fantasy elements, as about half the story is set during their dreams. Set during TATINOF. Friends-to-lovers … um, is that a spoiler? (here on AO3, here on Tumblr)

Just An Ordinary Day [or not]: Dan and Phil are just going about their daily life together, nothing special … or so it seems. This story is written in experimental style using hover boxes to reveal important plot elements. Established relationship. (here on AO3, not on Tumblr because of the hover boxes)

Just Once: Angsty pining smut. Pining!Dan wants to have sex with Promiscuous!Phil … at least just this once. (here on AO3, here on Tumblr)

Listen: Phil is Deaf. Dan is mute. They meet online in 2009 just like in reality and both become YouTubers, but their relationship develops very differently from reality as Phil helps a very vulnerable Dan work through his emotional issues. (here on AO3, here on Tumblr)

Love You More: Angsty angst McAngstiness. Established relationship with mutual pining. Phil has always known he loves Dan more than Dan loves him. (here on AO3, here on Tumblr)

Squish: Dan gains some weight, but Phil doesn’t care. Friends-to-lovers emotional smut. (here on AO3, here on Tumblr)

Truly Madly Deeply: Fluffy McFluffiness. Hurt/comfort friends-to-lovers. Dan gets upset by watching a movie, and Phil comforts him. (here on AO3, here on Tumblr)

The Truth Is Out There: Just a short little fluff ficlet written after Dan finished his 1/24/17 live show, in which people asked him about “Phangate” (when half the phandom for some reason got all convinced that Phil was actually married). This was me imagining DnP’s conversation about it afterward. (here on AO3, here on Tumblr)

We Are Young: Fuffy and flirty reality-based one-shot in which Dan and Phil go skinny dipping on the 2010 YouTuber trip to Jamaica (here on AO3, here on Tumblr)

Nominations are HERE!

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